160 Meter Dipole


Thomas Tretheway:
I have a dipole cut to the 80 meter band, what I want to do is extend the wire length to tune to 160 meters.

My idea is to add the extra length and wrap it around the tree and run each end at a right angle. Or should the wire remain straight as it is now.

Due to limited space this is about my only option.

Thanks in advance.

John Pfeifer:
If you ensure that the wire is insulated when contacting the tree (you might consider wrapping a rope/wire around the tree and attach an insulator to the rope - then run the antenna through the open end of the insulator), the "bend" shouldn't reduce the efficiency of the antenna too much.  You'd be surprised what will actually radiate.  A tuner can take care of the potential mismatch.  Good luck and I'll see you on 160 this winter!

Fritz Creek, Alaska

Don Tyrrell:
Running the ends at a right angle has not been a problem here. However, don't bend the extensions back more than 90 degrees from the original straight line. Also, note that the 160 meter extensions will be fairly close to the ground. It will work OK but the length formula wil not be accurate. Just start with proper length and trim back. Use an SWR meter or antenna analyzer. Performance here has been excellent, but keep those extensions as high as possible. Good luck and enjoy 160.
73,  Don,  W8AD

Denny Hilbert:
you could also add a pair of 75m traps at the ends of the 75m dipole as it is, add the extra 45 to 50 feet of wire on the other side of the trap. I do this and work 75m and 160m with one antenna.

 You could also feed the 160m bent dipole with 450 ohm balanced line and use this antenna all bands 160m thru 10m
with a balanced tuner.

I have found little effect bending the last 30 or 40% of a dipole leg 90 degs.


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