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Author Topic: Postage/shipping realities for non USA amateurs.  (Read 1444 times)

Posts: 59

« Reply #15 on: September 10, 2018, 09:05:42 AM »

...I've never had a good experience with eBay's global shipping program.  Actually it has just been horrible.
Hear, hear!

... There is the Global Shipping Program any seller can use. I don't think many sellers know the option exists.
The eBay Global ship program is a farce and a money grab. As mentioned a unnecessary middle man operation which adds 2-3x the cost to shipping which falls to the buyer. As a buyer in their right mind, why submit to such thievery?

As a US based seller, the advantage is only for them. When creating a listing, it is automatically selected. They have the option of NOT using the Global ship program but must deselect the option (if you can find it).


Posts: 298

« Reply #16 on: September 10, 2018, 05:12:37 PM »

KLONDIKE MIKE, N7EKU, AK4YH - There's no doubt E Pay's global shipping program adds considerably to the cost and time!
Often I will contact a seller and ask if they can do better cost postage option and happily some considerate sellers will and often it is a better out come.
However much of the time the larger retailer will just reply that the program is the only option they use.
The cost is often exorbitant and the variation for similar product from close by origins is just weird often a 50% difference in shipping cost.
Sometimes to get something I really need and can't source elsewhere I just have to bite the bullet and get pasted!
There appears to be a high variation in postal costs from different countries postal services worldwide and as VK6IS refers (re purchasing UK) many of us will look for our needs in UK/Europe/Ukraine etc first as the postal costs are often much less, although the distance is considerably more and delivery time is very good.
Interestingly many of our countries have a higher basic wage than USA so the labour component should be competitive.
Having said that I find the small businesses I deal with in the USA very good to deal with and will continue to do so ie K1CRA, DX Engineering, Paul at Palstar who ships directly for very reasonable cost.
There can be no doubt there is a lot of "price gouging" going on with big business, as we in Australia are well aware after a large "Royal Commission" investigation into fraudulent practises in our banks, insurance, and superannuation industries, next the Telco's! Not unique to us though!
Profits for shareholders becomes the primary concern for much of big business and the general public become the losers much of the time.
"Just my take"


Posts: 550

« Reply #17 on: September 10, 2018, 06:16:25 PM »


You'll often find that the Global Shipping Program works best for larger or more expensive items from the US - but only up to a point.  It's hopeless for small boxes or envelopes, despite the relatively high costs of the USPS (etc) competition on those items.  And, for very substantial items, many US suppliers will have freight contracts with particular shipping companies, especially when new and expensive items are involved.  But, like you, I'm astounded by the variation in GSP shipping costs for similar items - and sometimes from the same supplier! When I've occasionally pointed this out, some of the more reputable suppliers have offered to refund any excess over and above actual costs.

One of the best deals around is the iParcel program used by companies like DX Engineering.  I've gotten quite good at maintaining "filler" shopping lists for items needed in the shack, so that I maximize the bang per shipping buck for a particular iParcel shipping threshold. Just keep adding small necessities until you pass the threshold, then back off a bit.

73, Peter.

Posts: 1045

« Reply #18 on: September 10, 2018, 08:59:03 PM »

Hi again,

RE: eBay's Global Shipping program variation.  The seller can add in whatever handling charges they want and those will just be tacked on the the shipping price.  I don't think it shows up as a separate charge, so this can lead to big variations in price.  If you look as eBay's FAQ for the program, they carefully never mention that it's more expensive.  You also sign off power of attorney to Pitney Bowes for shipping so you lose some protections as a seller/buyer.

For country to country variation, that's all set by international postal office agreements.  I have no idea how the costs are decided upon, or how often they are reviewed, but it ends up causing a lot of trouble.  In the US for example, the USPS is losing billions of dollars per year accepting packages from China at a port and shipping them to your door.  There's nothing free in this world, so when you get an item shipped to you from China for super cheap, who is paying for getting it from the port to your door?  Not you, not China, but the US post office and eventually the US tax payer.  So it's basically a program to promote buying from China and not from local retailers.

I haven't looked much into how it affects e.g. EU to US, or US to Australia, but it's something that can cause a lot of variability and unfairness I think.




Mark -- N7EKU/VE3

Posts: 298

« Reply #19 on: September 10, 2018, 09:28:09 PM »

Hi Mark, I hadn't realised that the seller could add in handling charges!
This may go to explain the variation I often observe in pricing for same item.
There are grumble's here also re China post although I'm unsure as to how the system operates.
As in the USA some of the goods are warehoused here then posted from local Chinese distribution agencies, arriving I think in periodically shipped containers of purchased goods then re-posted/freighted, this may explain the 2-3 week delivery period that is clearly specified by Chinese sellers..
We did notice a price rise after 9/11 probably due to the increased scanning and security measures most Western countries undertook.
 73 Ross.

Posts: 1045

« Reply #20 on: September 11, 2018, 08:18:31 AM »


Yes I expect that's how Amazon does it.  Just fill up shipping containers with items for the warehouse and truck them directly to their distribution centers.  If the profit is enough through combined orders etc, they can offer free shipping.  And they can offer lower than normal shipping prices this way too, even if they use USPS/FedEx etc.  You can tell this as most of that only comes as a buyer of Amazon warehoused items and not from independent Amazon sellers.




Mark -- N7EKU/VE3

Posts: 298

« Reply #21 on: September 11, 2018, 04:43:13 PM »

Hi Peter VK6HP - re amassing a list of items for combined is a good idea and I try to do so as it does reduce the overall postage cost, 
At present I am looking for 100 feet of  Ladderline,
 the Ham shop has 50 feet for US$38.00 but the postage is $US 63.00 almost doubling the price,
       Gigaparts has 100 feet for US $41.00 but postage is US $40.00 (double the wire) go figure!

Searching for the wire elsewhere, I've just purchased 328 feet, (100 meters) of JSC 18 Ladderline from  a UK source, just outside London and the postage is US $33.00.

A considerably longer distance from the East Coast of Australia than Tennessee.

N7EKU - Amazon this year has established 2 large distribution centers here in Australia recently in order to do exactly as you suggest, previously they shipped direct from the USA.
If you were to come to Australia, other than the fact that Jeeps, Dodges, F series GMC Chevs Mustangs have a left hand steering wheel, you would feel at home , Costco, K'Mart,  all the usual fast food outlets, Burger King, Mc'Donalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, sometimes feels like the 52nd state.
When I cross the state border to work with my sons on their cattle properties their is a constant flyover of FA-18 Super Hornets and now F-35 Growlers from the nearby Airforce base.
Our location however ties us into Asia and we see ourselves quite differently in the world than Nth Americans to some degree, just my take!
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