Deleting meories from a VX-150

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Matt Merkey:
Seems perfectly simple, but I haven't been able to figure it out. How do I remove a memory channel from my VX-150 without resetting the entire thing? Masking the channel seems to be the only solution at the moment.

I'm a pretty new ham (been licensed for two weeks now), and this is my first radio.

Scott K. Ellis:
Other that obtaining the programming software, memories can only ba "masked" in most Yaesu FM rigs.  It's almost as good as deleting, the only thing you don't get is that memory in the "first unused memory" channel write.

Matt Merkey:
I was afraid of that. Oh well, I was thinking of getting the programming software anyhow.

fred watkins:
It's not in the book, but one of my Einstein type friends figured it out. First, get into memory mode and display the memory channel you want to delete. Second, from the keypad enter a zero then press and hold the F key until you hear a beep, be sure the volumn is up enough to hear the beep, then press the MR key. The display will then show memory channel 1 and the deleted memory channel will be gone.


Matt Merkey:
Ah! Such a useful feature, it really should be in the manual. Thanks.


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