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Author Topic: TUTORIAL - Manual programming of the Wouxun KG-UVD1P Handy Talkies  (Read 28727 times)

Posts: 103

« on: December 14, 2010, 05:24:24 AM »

Manual programming of the Wouxun Handy Talkies (HT's) can be confusing. This is a simplified procedure to manually program the HT.

To program the Wouxun HT you must understand that you must program the numerical information (the Channel - Frequency - Freq. Offset & direction - tones) in the Menu 21 "Frequency" mode and then save it, you then change the mode of menu 21 to "name" mode and then enter the (Repeater's Name) and save it.
Notes: when you are programming the HT in menu modes you have approximately a 4 second time window to make a change, if change is not made in that time window, the HT times out and you will have to re-do the entry, usually by pushing the red "menu" button twice takes you back to where you timed out. You may also use the Frequency knob nearest to the antenna, in place of the arrow up/down to change the parameters once in the programming mode.
First thing is to have the programming data avaiable. I would suggest make a programming sheet that has the following programming data.
1. Frequency in 6 digits (XXX.XXX)
2. PL / CTCSS Tone frequencies (if used)
3. Repeater frequency offset and direction (if used).
4. Name of the programmed frequency in 6 characters or less (repeater name etc.)
5. Assignment of the the Wouxun memory position number for the display.
Power on the HT and press the green "TDR" button. Press the red "Menu" button and then the 1 (menu 1), then the red "Menu" button again, using the arrow up/down until “STEP" "5.00" is indicated on display, then press red "menu" button to save it.

Menu 21 (frequency mode) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 1 (menu 21), then the red "Menu" button, press the arrow up/down until "FREQ" is indicated on display, then press red "menu" button to save it and then the "Exit" button (you should have a upper display with a frequency number on it (XXX.XXX). Using the HT's key pad input the desired "repeaters" frequency using all six digits (XXX.XXX) and verify on the display.

Menu 16 (PL Tone mode) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 1 and 6 (menu 16), then the red "Menu" button, using the arrow up or down buttons until "the desired tone freq" is indicated on display, then press red "menu" button to save it.
If you are using CTSS, tone encoded squelch, repeat the tone mode above, using menu 15 in place of menu 16.

Menu 24 (Frequency offset DIRECTION) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 4 (menu 24), then the red "Menu" button, using the HTs key pad to enter the repeaters frequency offset direction "SHF-D"(+ / - / off), then press red "menu" button to save. The display should now display the offset direction.

Menu 23 (Frequency offset) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 3 (menu 23), then the red "Menu" button, using the key pad enter the repeaters frequency offset, then press red "menu" button. The display should now display the offset frequency (XX.XXX).

Menu 27 (Saving (MEM-CH)) This saves your entered data, Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 7 (menu 27), press the red "menu" button, then using the UP/Down arrow buttons select the memory number you would like to save the data in, and once selected push the red "menu" button to save. NOTE: If the numbered memory location is used the "CH-"XX is displayed and if you push the red "menu" button you will over write that channel. If there is only the memory number displayed (NOT the "CH-"), that memory location is unused and available for storage.

Menu 21 (NAME mode) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 1 (menu 21), then the red "Menu" button, press the arrow up or down until "NAME" is indicated on display, then press red "menu" button. After 5 seconds, the display should now display a six digit name (CH-XXX).

Menu 26 (Channel Name) Press the red "Menu" button and then the 2 and 6 (menu 26), then the red "Menu" button, for this function you use the channel/frequency KNOB, nearest the HTs antenna. When the knob is rotated clockwise (CW) the digits advance (A-Z and 0-9) and then repeat, then you rotate the knob counter clockwise (CCW) the "space" advances. If you over advance, it will wrap around. Once you have the name spelled out, you must quickly save it (4 second time out) or you will loose it.
The above is for repeater setup, for simplex operation the menu 24, 16 & 15 ="OFF", Menu 23 = "00.000".

Wayne - KJ6HYC

Posts: 1

« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2011, 11:04:15 AM »

Once you rename a channel, is there anyway to be able to see what Freq it is set at?
For instance, I renamed Freq 146.940 to W5KA.
So if I want to know what freq the channel called W5KA is set to, how would I do that?

Posts: 298

« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2011, 06:50:45 PM »

select the channel


0-2-1 menu

switch to 'freq' mode

look at it..

go back to menu 21 and switch back to name mode.. only way I've figured out.

trust me.. buy the programming cable.. it's worth every penny!

Posts: 41

« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2014, 03:11:49 AM »

 Grin This thread was begun in 2010 and last commented in 2011; if I may be so bold, an addendum in 2014:
My original Wouxun, alas, failed the US Military Standard One Meter Drop Test.
Our chief electrician is prior Navy and told me that the military requires its radio equipment to survive a three foot drop onto a concrete floor and must pass such a test before going into service.
He also told me several other things with full intent to pull my leg but in this instance I believe he was being truthful.
I have yet to run power to my mobile (brand new Jeep Wrangler, antenna is installed and grounded, co-ax is dressed neatly along the roll bar, overhead radio mount installed, mobile in place and connected, all I need do now is run power from the battery to my Power Poles!) -- with my mobile not yet in service, I had the Wouxun with me during a recent severe winter storm; made it to work, the Wouxun obviously read about the upcoming Olympics and tried to impress me with a one-and-a-half gainer with a twist or some fancy dive or another, and fell three feet to the floor below.
It was suddenly as dead as a political promise.
Repair would cost more than replacement, alas; new one on hand and the new programming disc opened the familiar spreadsheet ... which lacked the column I most desired ... the one where you name the channel on your laptop and just transfer the programming en bloc to the talkie.
I met with frustration, failure and a desire to donate this new radio to a nice, friendly well, following the supplied written directions -- even that little wallet sized quick reference -- until I consulted the search function, found this post, and named the installed channels manually.
Many thanks, OM, you just made this greying old granddad's life considerably less frustrating!
Now if you could do something about all that Partly Cloudy that I'll have to shovel off the driveway later this morning, that would be truly grand!  hi hi
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