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Author Topic: 30 Meter Digital Group  (Read 41793 times)

Posts: 430


« on: October 14, 2012, 08:54:08 AM »

30 Meter Digital Group

Group/Club created in November 2007 (now celebrating 5 yrs - Oct 27/28 2012 -30m Multi Mode Weekend)

Group/Club membership: 6,000 members (118 DXCC)

30 Meter Awards Program - as of November 2012 over 32,000 Award Certificates issues - 30MDG Award Program is FREE, 30MDG Award Program uses a FREE software program to make this process easy to load your log/contacts on 30m and have fun working the band - software is Ultimate 30 (U30)

For information on what and where on the 30 Meter Band please review the 30 Meter Band Utilization Chart (Courtesy of Ian G3NRW):

General Information and Purpose:

Our goal is to promote the use of digital modes on the 30 meter band and awareness on how great this band is - plus
provide place for like minded operators with the same interests. 

We will promote awareness of this unique HF band where many have called 'the best kept secret' in Ham Radio and encourage good
digital operating practices, the use of different digital modes, experimenting, known weekly or monthly activities, skeds/spots,
antennas, propagation for 30 meters. 

There is no HF band  in our minds, better to support and promote, than 30 meters - which in the U.S. is the only LOW POWER,
Digital ONLY, and NO CONTEST band. (note: this is a WARC band so we do not promote contests on 30 meters - this
group/members would NOT participate if this idea is ever suggested - again NO CONTESTS but we will promote activity)

Why Join ?

Why not join?  If you have never used 30 meters or digital modes you are in for a lot of fun with some great ops on this band. 
Oh yes, it's also FREE to join 30MDG! 

If you have and do use 30 meters and digital modes, then this can only add to a band you already know is a great band to work plus
have an added advantage of participating with others of like interests. 

Some other reasons to join this Group:
It is FREE! This site is supported by donations only, no Group fees, no hoops to jump - join and have fun on the band.

If you have never explored or used 30 Meters then there is no better time than now to explore - this group is dedicated to the
30 Meter Digital band.

If you are a seasoned Digital Mode Operator using other bands like 20 or 40 meters and are looking for a virtually under used band
that has unique propagation qualities similar to  both 20 and 40 Meters, then don't skip over 30 meters!  You get the best of both
bands here on 30 Meters, be it local propagation to World-Wide DX (it is open somewhere 24/7)

New to digital modes?  We are  dedicated Digital Operators, so  join, look around and ask questions- then get on the band!

Not sure where to find 30 Meter Digital activity?  This Group is dedicated to promoting and increasing digital activity on our digital
only HF band ( U.S).  There will be postings of known 30 Meter activities and events so please join in (if you tried in the past on 30
Meters with little results on digital modes then please note, the band has increased in activity since 2007!)

Don't like Contest Weekends, then join in on this NO CONTEST 30 Meter WARC band as there is plenty of room to have some
very nice qso's/ragchews or work some DX while others are scrambling for a clear spot on other crowded bands with sometimes, poor
operating practices.

30 Meters ( in the U.S. and in some other Countries) is the only HF Digital ONLY band, so it certainly makes sense to use and promote
digital activity on this Digital ONLY band.

'30 Meters is the Energizer Bunny Band' - join in because this band just keeps going and going!  30 Meters is open somewhere
and has propagation from local to World Wide DX - ALL stations are welcome.

** Please remember, we are secondary users of the 30 Meter Band **

We also support HamSpots(Courtesy of Laurie VK3AMA:

Posts: 2

« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2012, 06:39:17 AM »

How do you apply for awards if you don't use Windows and can't run the Ultimate30 logging software?

Posts: 430


« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2012, 07:10:40 AM »

Hi Stephen K0STK,

Thank you for the reply.  There are a couple options for applying for 30MDG Awards:

1)   The best way to participate and apply for 30MDG Awards is to use the FREE Ultimate 30 (U30) program (yes it is Windows based since the majority of members are using Windows)
2)   Join in and if you don't use Ultimate 30 (U30) for 30MDG Awards you can always email your manual applications to the appropriate Award Manager - Keep in mind doing these manually is very time consuming thus the U30 such a great time saver.
3)   You could try to use Wine and CQRLog for the .ADI file – please see below message from David VK4BDJ  30MDG#0034
4)   Seems these days software and old computers are so plentiful you can get an extra pc running Windows for little or nothing and would be good to have just for the U30 program alone (I have given away many pc’s to Good Will or local Church because can’t even give them away for free to local Hams)

Thanks again for the reply and hope you join in with us on the 30 Meter Band – the 30MDG Award Program is fun and very relaxed.  Compared to other digital mode Clubs/Groups (i.e. 070, FH, DMC) the ease of use with U30 and our automated process has allowed 30MDG to issue over 32,000 Awards to the many that participate on the 30 Meter Band and 30MDG.  The Ultimate 30 (U30) program is FREE, easy to use, and makes it easy to apply or track 30MDG Awards (we really appreciate John OE3JPK for spending hundreds of hours for others to enjoy).   


Hi Don....have put all my 30m QSO's into CQRLog and come out with a .ADI
file and put it into U30 and find I can apply for about 3-4
awards...much to my surprise....
the program is working 100% on Linux/Wine

73 David VK4BDJ

Hi all. just d/l U30 and tried to use it on Ubuntu 11.10 with Wine
can get it to run but when i try to add a .ADI file I get a crash repot
has anyone got U30 working on Linux with Wine

73 VK4BDJ David
Member 0034

Instruction Manual of U30 V 3.0
(U30 is a Freeware program designed by John, OE3JPK)

U30 (Ultimate30MDG) is a software program designed specifically to be used for applications of 30MDG Awards.

1: Windows OS - Windows XP, SP2 or SP3; Windows VISTA; Windows 7
   Under VISTA and W7 administrator rights are required - for installation and program-start!
2: an Internet Connection.
3: Your electronic Log in ADIF format (all log-progs are supported).

Thanks again and have fun
Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001

Posts: 430


« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2013, 03:37:03 PM »

Happy New Year 2014 to all and thanks to those that participate on the 30 Meter band and with 30MDG.

Over 6,600 members and over 34,000 30MDG Awards issued...30m band a great band a great bunch of casual ops working the band.

Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001

Posts: 430


« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2014, 05:33:25 AM »

FYI....our 30mdg address has changed so for those interested please use www.30mdg.ORG and update your browser or if promoting 30mdg on your website (our 30mdg.NET no longer is working so please use the 30mdg.ORG one)

Digital Ops please participate in our survey/poll for software, power and antennas used:

Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001


Posts: 574

« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2014, 06:29:23 AM »

I have already joined 30MDG; interested in operating CW, PSK, Olivia & RTTY.

Hope to be on 30-meters by fall-2014.

Membership #3212

Ken KC8Y

Posts: 430


« Reply #6 on: December 29, 2016, 06:14:48 PM »

Thanks to all those that have joined 30MDG <30 Meter Digital Group> and those Ops that work the 30m band, great band and great Ops!  Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2017!

Just a few updates about 30MDG...please use our 30mdg.ORG or
also 30MDG has teamed up with 30MDG is using the Ultimate Award Application Center (UAAC) software for our 30 Meter 30MDG Awards (over 100 Awards). 

If you have any free time over the New Years weekend please take a moment and take one of our 30MDG 30 Meter Surveys/Polls...go here:

Have fun and GL on the bands in 2017

Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001
(looks like we will hit 8,000 members in 2017)

Posts: 430


« Reply #7 on: February 24, 2019, 06:34:12 AM »

30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) celebrating over 10 years and 10,000 members on the 10mhz 30 Meter Band

30 Meter Multi Mode Weekend
When:  March 16th and 17th 2019
Where: 10 MHz - 30 Meter Band (10.100 – 10.150)
Objective: To promote experimenting and using different digital modes on the unique 30 Meter Band 

Please join in if you have time this weekend.  Those of you who want to participate using the more common modes of CW, FT8, BPSK31, RTTY, we welcome that, but those wanting to try other less used modes please do so and turn your RSID/TXID on to help others know what mode you are transmitting (common modes i.e. BPSK31/RTTY no need for RSID, do use RSID on the less common/exotic modes i.e. QBSK/HELL/MSK/DOMINOEX/THOR/THROB/CONTESTIA/OLIVIA/etc.). 
A number of digital mode groups will be participating this weekend so if you have wanted to try out a new digital mode or make some contacts using less common digital modes this weekend might be of interest to you.  There are a number of multi-mode digital software programs so this is also a chance to get on the 30 Meter Band to try them out.  Most of them have RSID/TXID (Reed Solomon Identifier- automatic mode detection and tuning which will help or aid for the less commonly used digital modes so turn on the RSID/TXID). 
This event is NOT a contest…no set times…no rules…no exchanges…no logs to send in or to winners other than those that participate with casual use of the 30 Meter Band knowing that others with like interests will be on this weekend to experiment, ragchew, DX and have some fun trying different digital modes!

Where on the 30 Meter Band to find different digital mode activity:
(Note: these are suggested only and observations of known digital mode activity....all dial frequencies are USB for digital modes.....below " **** " indicates for the more active or used frequencies/modes)
10.100 - 10.130 CW   ****
10.130 -  FT8Call
10.132 - SSTV-Narrow (MP73-N) Region 2
10.132 - 10.134  ROS Region 1 (Region 2 - note not legal in USA)
10.135 - OPERA
10.136 - FT8 (WSJT)  ****
10.138 - JT65 JT9 (WSJT)
10.1386 - MEPT/WSPR
10.138 - 10.140 - JT65 (WSJT)
10.1405 - PROPNET & PropNet Robots (BPSK31)
10.140 - 10.141 BPSK31 QRP
10.140 - 10.142  BPSK31 - DX Region 1,2,3 (or BPSK/QPSK,31,63,125,etc.)  ****
10.142 -  10.144  RTTY 
10.144 - FeldHELL (10.137 - 10.144)
10.144 - SSTV-Narrow (MP73-N) Region 1
10.142 - 10.144 - ALE-400hz
10.145 - 10.148 - ALE-2khz
10.147 – 10.148 PSKMail/APRS
10.1491 - 10.1495 APRS
For a more detailed 30 Meter Band Utilization Chart our digital friend Ian G3NRW has helped us on that so please go here: 
Operating hints for the weekend:
-   Do use RSID (RXID/TXID) for the less common/exotic modes (i.e. Contestia,Olivia,Domino,etc)
-   Do CQ with RSID for more than just a few of CQ’s, don’t expect to have someone to reply on a less common used mode the first few CQ’s…give it a while for others to find you and the mode being used
-   Do use good operating habits – clean signal, lowest wattage to complete the QSO, QRL in common mode first, if band is busy or crowded spread out or use narrower width modes (i.e. if band is busy don’t use OLIVIA 8/500 in the middle of the 30 Meter PSK 10.141 portion of the Band-not good operating habit if the band is busy and you will not make many friends)
-   Do not let not having a dedicated 30 meter antenna stop you from joining in....load up what antenna you do have and give it a go on 30 meters.
-   Do have fun and compare modes, wattage, antennas, etc with other operators that are interested to do the same..most the 30 Meter Digital Operators are not Call,599,73 most want a QSO (even DX) but also keep in mind that for poor band conditions or weak signal work WSJT modes of FT8 (JT65/9) is hard to beat!
-   Do use for spotting, announcements of mode, etc.

****Please note we are secondary users of the 30 Meter Band and to use good operating procedures

Have fun and hope to see you on the waterfall!

Thanks from the 30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) celebrating over 10 years and 10,000 members on the 10mhz 30 Meter Band!

Don kb9umt 30MDG#00001

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