Please Remind Me Again -- Why Dayton?

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W. Lee McVey:
Quote from: W2RWJ on November 12, 2013, 03:46:54 PM

Quote from: W9IQ on June 25, 2013, 08:18:18 AM

The DARA folks run an event that grosses north of $500,000 annually. I would hope that they want to hear from their customers, like me, regarding their satisfaction with the event.

Not sure if the link will work correctly, however you can find the 990 returns for DARA here: 

It should show the exact amount that was made by DARA by the hamvention.

Martin Flynn

DARA EIN 31-0686486
FY2010 Abbreviated Financials from Form 990:

Revenue $333,211
Expenses $151,103

Profit = Revenue – Expenses.  And, it’s a non-profit 501.c.3?  Hmmmmm.  Wonder where the extra money went?

Maybe they amended their return.......

NFPs don't have to have zero income over expenses. If you think the average 501(c)(3) normally shows zero "profit", you need to do some more research.

Kenneth Stovesand:
DARA EIN 31-0686486
FY2010 Abbreviated Financials from Form 990:

Revenue $333,211
Expenses $151,103


If that is all this event nets DARA, my hat is off to them… (no one is getting rich!)  Those folks seem to be doing the best with the facility they have to work from…. Truly a labor of service….  THANK YOU DARA!   


Scott Jensen:
If you look at the public record Form 990 it'll show a breakdown of all expenses. The non-profit has to make this available to the public; however there are sites that you can look up the form for free - might not be the most up to date, but the price is right.

Tom Mulvaney:
I used to live in the Dayton area and have been going to the Hamvention since 1975.  Yes, Hara Arena is not the finest convention center I've ever seen, but in the Dayton area, there is NOTHING ELSE THAT WILL WORK for an event which is the size of HAMVENTION! 

Many events are held at Hara year round.  If there was another facility, I am sure it would be used.

A few weeks ago, I drove 150 miles from my present QTH (Lexington, KY) to a model train show at Hara Arena.  Like HAMVENTION, it was a GREAT SHOW and EVERYONE there was having a great time. I did not hear anyone complaining about the facility like so many of the hams do about Hamvention each year.  True, the train show was no where near the size of HAMVENTION, but it still filled two of the larger halls of the facility. 

I think many of us hams will have to honestly admit that we are more concerned with the NEGATIVES about HAMVENTION and the Hara Arena facility.  Instead, why not consider all the MANY POSITIVES that we experience there, each year, attending the greatest (and largest) ham radio event in the world.

Tom, KR4BD
Lexington, KY


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