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Practice Exam - Technician

T1A11 [97.101 (d)]
1. When is willful interference to other amateur radio stations permitted?
To stop another amateur station which is breaking the FCC rules
At no time
When making short test transmissions
At any time, stations in the Amateur Radio Service are not protected from willful interference

T1B12 [97.313(b)]
2. Except for some specific restrictions, what is the maximum peak envelope power output for Technician class operators using frequencies above 30 MHz?
50 watts
100 watts
500 watts
1500 watts

T1C02 [97.19]
3. Who may select a desired call sign under the vanity call sign rules?
Only a licensed amateur with a General or Amateur Extra class license
Only a licensed amateur with an Amateur Extra class license
Only a licensed amateur who has been licensed continuously for more than 10 years
Any licensed amateur

T1D08 [97.113(a)(3)(iii)]
4. In which of the following circumstances may the control operator of an amateur station receive compensation for operating that station?
When the communication is related to the sale of amateur equipment by the control operator's employer
When the communication is incidental to classroom instruction at an educational institution
When the communication is made to obtain emergency information for a local broadcast station
All of these choices are correct

T1E07 [97.103(a)]
5. When the control operator is not the station licensee, who is responsible for the proper operation of the station?
All licensed amateurs who are present at the operation
Only the station licensee
Only the control operator
The control operator and the station licensee are equally responsible

T1F11 [97.5(b)(2)]
6. Which of the following is a requirement for the issuance of a club station license grant?
The trustee must have an Amateur Extra class operator license grant
The club must have at least four members
The club must be registered with the American Radio Relay League
All of these choices are correct

7. Which of the following is a common repeater frequency offset in the 2 meter band?
Plus or minus 5 MHz
Plus or minus 600 kHz
Plus or minus 500 kHz
Plus or minus 1 MHz

8. Which Q signal indicates that you are receiving interference from other stations?

9. What does the term "traffic" refer to in net operation?
Formal messages exchanged by net stations
The number of stations checking in and out of a net
Operation by mobile or portable stations
Requests to activate the net by a served agency

10. Which of the following results from the fact that skip signals refracted from the ionosphere are elliptically polarized?
Digital modes are unusable
Either vertically or horizontally polarized antennas may be used for transmission or reception
FM voice is unusable
Both the transmitting and receiving antennas must be of the same polarization

11. How fast does a radio wave travel through free space?
At the speed of light
At the speed of sound
Its speed is inversely proportional to its wavelength
Its speed increases as the frequency increases

12. Which of the following bands may provide long distance communications during the peak of the sunspot cycle?
6 or 10 meter band
23 centimeter band
70 centimeters or 1.25 meter band
All of these choices are correct

13. Which of the following could you use to cure distorted audio caused by RF current on the shield of a microphone cable?
Band-pass filter
Low-pass filter
Ferrite choke

14. What is the common meaning of the term "repeater offset"?
The distance between the repeater's transmit and receive antennas
The time delay before the repeater timer resets
The difference between the repeater's transmit and receive frequencies
Matching the antenna impedance to the feed line impedance

15. What is the function of automatic gain control, or AGC?
To keep received audio relatively constant
To protect an antenna from lightning
To eliminate RF on the station cabling
An asymmetric goniometer control used for antenna matching

16. In which type of circuit is voltage the same across all components?

17. What is another way to specify a radio signal frequency of 1,500,000 hertz?
1500 kHz
1500 MHz
15 GHz
150 kHz

18. What is the unit of frequency?

19. What is the resistance of a circuit that draws 4 amperes from a 12-volt source?
3 ohms
16 ohms
48 ohms
8 ohms

20. What electrical component is used to protect other circuit components from current overloads?
All of these choices are correct

21. What is the term that describes a device's ability to amplify a signal?
Forward resistance
Forward voltage drop
On resistance

22. Which of the following is accurately represented in electrical schematics?
Wire lengths
Physical appearance of components
The way components are interconnected
All of these choices are correct

23. Which of the following is commonly used as a visual indicator?
Zener diode
Bipolar transistor

24. Which term describes the ability of a receiver to discriminate between multiple signals?
Discrimination ratio
Harmonic distortion

25. What should you do if something in a neighbor's home is causing harmful interference to your amateur station?
Work with your neighbor to identify the offending device
Politely inform your neighbor about the rules that prohibit the use of devices that cause interference
Check your station and make sure it meets the standards of good amateur practice
All of these choices are correct

26. What reading on an SWR meter indicates a perfect impedance match between the antenna and the feed line?
2 to 1
1 to 3
1 to 1
10 to 1

27. Which of the following measurements are commonly made using a multimeter?
SWR and RF power
Signal strength and noise
Impedance and reactance
Voltage and resistance

28. What is the approximate bandwidth of a VHF repeater FM phone signal?
Less than 500 Hz
About 150 kHz
Between 10 and 15 kHz
Between 50 and 125 kHz

29. What is a satellite beacon?
The primary transmit antenna on the satellite
An indicator light that shows where to point your antenna
A reflective surface on the satellite
A transmission from a satellite that contains status information

30. What is meant by Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as used in amateur radio?
A set of rules specifying how to identify your station when linked over the internet to another station
A set of guidelines for contacting DX stations during contests using internet access
A technique for measuring the modulation quality of a transmitter using remote sites monitored via the internet
A method of delivering voice communications over the internet using digital techniques

31. What type of transmission is indicated by the term "NTSC?"
A Normal Transmission mode in Static Circuit
A special mode for earth satellite uplink
An analog fast scan color TV signal
A frame compression scheme for TV signals

32. What is a disadvantage of the "rubber duck" antenna supplied with most handheld radio transceivers when compared to a full-sized quarter-wave antenna?
It does not transmit or receive as effectively
It transmits only circularly polarized signals
If the rubber end cap is lost, it will unravel very easily
All of these choices are correct

33. Which of the following connectors is most suitable for frequencies above 400 MHz?
A UHF (PL-259/SO-239) connector
A Type N connector
An RS-213 connector
A DB-25 connector

34. What health hazard is presented by electrical current flowing through the body?
It may cause injury by heating tissue
It may disrupt the electrical functions of cells
It may cause involuntary muscle contractions
All of these choices are correct

35. Which of the following is an important safety precaution to observe when putting up an antenna tower?
Wear a ground strap connected to your wrist at all times
Insulate the base of the tower to avoid lightning strikes
Look for and stay clear of any overhead electrical wires
All of these choices are correct

36. Which of the following is an acceptable method to determine that your station complies with FCC RF exposure regulations?
By calculation based on FCC OET Bulletin 65
By calculation based on computer modeling
By measurement of field strength using calibrated equipment
All of these choices are correct