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SM5HJZ and 8S5X Individual
QRP Homebuilder Home Page QRP
FM5BH Madinina Contest Club Club (Contest)
N5GE Tom Childershttp://www.n5ge.comTXIndividual
DJ4PI Emil Neurer Individual
DJ8QP Volker Buchwald Individual
DL6ET Mirko Baumgartner Individual
LA7JO Stig Lindblom Individual
S55OO Goran Andric Individual
East Tennessee DX Associationhttp://www.etdxa.orgTNClub (DX)
Hamfind Search Engine Miscellaneous
Hammond Museum of Radiohttp://www.HammondMuseumofRadio.orgONAntique Radios
W6BH The Road to Table Mountain
5T5U Mauritania Dec. 1999 Dxpeditions
9K2HN Hamad Al-Nusif Individual
KB0YKI's Radio Zone
NU0Q Bill Claypool
Milford Amateur Repeater Assocation KB1CBD
KC8HYI Jason Hissong