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070 Club -- PSK31 Awardhttp://www.podxs070.comPAAwards
1 Element Multi Band Vee Beam Antennas
10-6 Club Club
1000D and MP Keyclicks (Radios)
160M Propagation Propagation
17 Meter Coaxial Moxon Rectangle Antennas
17 Meter Hanging Loop Antenna
1721 HF Roundtable Group on 40 Meters
1A0KM DXpedition 2000 Dxpeditions
1A0KM Log Search 2000 Log Searches
1A0KM Log Search Page Log Searches
2 and 6 Meter Reduced Size Antennas by K4MMG Antennas
2 Meter Hentenna Antennas
2 Meter J Beam Antennas
2 Meter J Pole Antenna
2 Meter Slingshot Antenna Antennas
20 Foot Tower Construction Antennas
20 Meter Hamstick Mini Beam Antennas
2001 Pacific Trip by PA3AXU Dxpeditions
2004-2005 Boneyard Radio Price Guide Miscellaneous