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4decent site with pictures of accessories too.
5My all time favorite radio site. The best. I have looked at them all and none come close.
5Yep! This site's my standard reference point for most ham equipment.
5Best ham equipment site.
5Great place to shop for ham gear... however, they can do away with the ' cat ' announcements.
5I like cats...but we are rating the website not the cats.
1Return some defective junk - Get put on their blacklist
5Superb navigation; design and ease of use outstrips all other ham equipment sites.
3good selection, good website, good prices, poor communication, slow shipping
5No Comment
5Super site and vendor!
5Great site. Great company.
5They processed my order quickly and saved my bacon in time for Filed Day. Thanks again guys!
1Store shut down
5One of the best sites for HAM radio equipment and very informative. Also the page about the cats is great :-)

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