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5Easy to use, educational & nice!
5All I can say is WOW!
1Quite honestly one of the very worst ham sites on the web! Also..this site is not viewable to 80% of those who surf the net,I consider this to be a BLESSING!
5No Comment
5Great site, thanks
5very nice real time data
5No Comment
1boring and worthless
5A fantastic educational tool! Thanks!
5Great website, well designed, lot of info!!
5No Comment
5Good link to bookmark for RACES HF operators!
5Nice...everything is all on one web page! Thanks!
5Creo que es lo que básicamente deseábamos todos. Un sistma fácil y prático para predecir la propagación. Gratulon!. EA8EX
3No Comment
5No Comment
5WB8JDX rating this site as outstanding
5No Comment
5No Comment
2Pse skip annoying music ...

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