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Links Rating - ON4AA On-Line HF Propagation Prediction

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1half of the images don't load in Firefox--yellow highlighting is obnoxious and distracting
1Terrible website design!!!!!
1Quite honestly one of the very worst ham sites on the web! Also..this site is not viewable to 80% of those who surf the net,I consider this to be a BLESSING!
1steals content from other sites. poor form
1Does not support Internet explorer thus I can not use it!
1No Comment
1No Comment
1boring and worthless
2ghastly design
2Pse skip annoying music ...
2Too much on one page, even for high-speed connection.
2who uses a highlighter on a website?
2No Comment
3No Comment
3killthe music
3No Comment
4Great site, but dead links and no way to notify webmaster of it.
4Wish it were updated, but it's a very useful site with some good links (though some are dead.)
4Excellent material; too much info on one page
5A must read for any ham !! Really effective ! Congratulations.

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