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4No Comment
2Why does it stop updating so often? It's rarely useful to have spots that are five hours old.
1Most of the time the "502 Connection" comes up that it is time to Reload the page. Even that doesn't help. This is a real sad excuse for a DX Spotter!
1No Comment
1Low never up to date
1Sie is down. I would rate this a ZERO
0No Comment
4Very useful tool; would like to see reliability improved though.
5No Comment
1Site down 60% of the time.
5No Comment
3join eham and use the dx spotting here!
5No Comment
2Unrealiable, spots dont always appear, often down as is right now, must be contest on the way !
5No Comment
2WWV info often days old yet their home page WWV is almost current - broken
4No Comment
5It works great for me. Use it all the time.
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5No Comment

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