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IARU Region 1: Russian OTH Radar Contayner Now Everywhere:

by AB7RG  2019-11-13
We found the Russian OTH radar Contayner on 7, 10, 14 and 18 MHz with 40 sps, FMOP and 12 kHz wide. Below the radar on 10100 kHz (center) disturbing the German Weather service “DDK9” on 10100.8 kHz. It was not possible to decode the F1B transmissions. Screenshot: 27 Oct. 0906 utc

Isle of Wight Community Arts Radio Station Launches Crowdfunder:

by AB7RG  2019-11-13
The Wolverton FM team are setting up a series of regular Radio Clubs around the Island, where the public will be able to join in high-quality workshops of experimental approaches to making radio, in collaboration with local artists and visiting practitioners. The team are hoping to raise funds to help with running costs, insurance, data storage, as well as venue costs, marketing and travel. What is the plan? Lottie Bowater from Wolverton FM explains:

WRC-19 Day-9-10: Halfway There?

by AB7RG  2019-11-12
Thursday and Friday saw the halfway point reached at WRC-19 but this has led to some agenda items being continued into the weekend ahead of key deadlines on Monday. Meanwhile the amateur satellite service itself has also had to work to prevent the abrogation (deletion) of ITU-R Resolution 642 regarding its filing process. This dates back many years and had been barely used (as opposed to alternate routes), thus leading to it being proposed for the chopping block. IARU specialists successfully lobbied for ‘No Change’ now that processes have improved and increasing amateur satellite demand needs such flexibility and recognition.

Florida Poly Students Make Connections Through Radio:

by AB7RG  2019-11-11
From the lawn outside the Innovation, Science, and Technology Building, a group of Florida Polytechnic University students make contact and build connections with people across town, across the country, and around the world. Radio Frequency (RF), a committee of the Florida Poly chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), is dedicated to bringing as many students as possible into the world of amateur radio. “Radio takes everything you ever learned or will learn in electrical engineering and applies it to the maximum,” said electrical engineering senior Vlad Fomitchev, chair of RF. “It really requires you to push the limits of what can be done.”

Keep an Eye on the Neighborhood with this Passive Radar:

by AB7RG  2019-11-13
If your neighborhood is anything like ours, walking across the street is like taking your life in your own hands. Drivers are increasingly unconcerned by such trivialities as speed limits or staying under control, and anything goes when they need to connect Point A to Point B in the least amount of time possible. Monitoring traffic with this passive radar will not do a thing to slow drivers down, but it’s a pretty cool hack that will at least yield some insights into traffic patterns.

Ham Talk Live! Episode 190 - What Goes Into Making QST and On the Air:

by WB9VPG  2019-11-12
Becky Schoenfeld, W1BXY, the managing editor of QST magazine, will be here Thursday (11/14) at 9 pm EST to talk about what goes into making an edition of QST, and details about the new magazine coming in January, entitled On the Air.

Which Bike is Best for the Ham Radio Portable Operator?

by G3CWI  2019-11-11
Richard G3CWI investigates in the second of his "Radio Adventures" videos.

Convert Radio Waves to Alerts Using SDR, AWS Lambda and Amazon Transcribe:

by AB7RG  2019-11-11
Ham radio (Amateur radio) allows people to communicate using legal frequency ranges by personal devices that you can easily buy from the market. They are mostly used by amateur radio enthusiasts, and they can be used to communicate freely like a cell phone. Their transmit power varies depending on hardware, limited by legal limitations. They can be used from miles away, or they can be deployed in a single building. There are even amateur radio satellites in space which are used for weather forecasting, downloading space photos, or very long-range communications. In this blog post, we will show you how you can receive a radio signal from ham radio, using a USB RTL-SDR Dongle and convert it to an Opsgenie Alert using AWS Lambda and AWS Transcribe.