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W1AW To Commemorate First Amateur Radio Signals to Span the Atlantic:

by AB7RG  2019-11-08
December 11 marks the 98th anniversary of the success of ARRL's Transatlantic Tests in 1921, organized to see if low-power amateur radio stations could be heard across the Atlantic using shortwave frequencies (i.e., above 200 meters). On that day, a message transmitted by a group of Radio Club of America members at 1BCG in Greenwich, Connecticut, was copied by Paul Godley, 2ZE, in Scotland.

Preparations Resume for 3Y0I Bouvet Island DXpedition:

by AB7RG  2019-11-08
Another attempt to activate Bouvet Island is in the planning stages, according to the 3Y0I website. Efforts are under way to secure the necessary funds.

In Brief...

by AB7RG  2019-11-08
In Brief...

Ham Radio Presentation This Weekend at Dubois County Museum:

by AB7RG  2019-11-06
The Dubois County Museum will welcome the Patoka Valley Amateur Radio Club to the museum at 2704 N. Newton Street in Jasper on Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST for information and demonstrations of their club. The public is invited to attend and learn about ham radio shortwave stations and about the Patoka Valley Amateur Radio Club. Club members will be setting up two to four ham radio short wave stations and will make radio contact with other hams across the USA and possibly other countries. They also will be setting up a Special Event Station (SES) that allows hams worldwide to contact the museum.

SKYWARN Recognition Day Celebrates 20 Years on December 7:

by AB7RG  2019-11-08
SKYWARN Recognition Day (SRD) will mark its 20th anniversary on December 7, 0000 to 2400 UTC. This is the day each year when radio amateurs operate from National Weather Service (NWS) forecast offices across the country, celebrating the long relationship between the amateur radio community and the National Weather Service SKYWARN program. The purpose of the event is to recognize amateur radio operators for the vital public service they perform during times of severe weather and to strengthen the bond between radio amateurs and their local NWS offices.

France Gives Highest Honor to Secret Wireless War Author Geoffrey Pidgeon:

by AB7RG  2019-11-08
The author of The Secret Wireless War, Geoffrey Pidgeon, recently became the 6,000th veteran to receive the French Legion of Honor (Legion d'Honneur). Through his undercover work in British intelligence, Pidgeon, now 93, played a pivotal role in the D-Day landings. His book, which recounts the important role of the Communications Division of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) during World War II, has long been a favorite among hams.

Ham Talk Live! Episode 189 - NTS Message Handling:

by WB9VPG  2019-11-07
Thursday night (Nov 7) on Ham Talk Live!, Marcia Forde, KW1U will be here to talk about NTS message handling! Never passed a formal message before? Marcia will be here to tell you how, and to answer your questions!

Ham Radio Club Contacts, Speaks to Morgan Aboard ISS:

by AB7RG  2019-11-06
“Whiskey Two Kilo Golf Yankee this is November Alpha One Sierra Sierra.” More than 250 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station, Col. Drew Morgan, U.S. Military Academy Class of 1998, worked to make contact with his alma mater. “Whiskey Two Kilo Golf Yankee this is November Alpha One Sierra Sierra.” On the receiving end of Morgan’s message from space were members of the Ham Radio Club at the U.S. Military Academy. A radio antenna atop Bartlett Hall worked to track the International Space Station as it passed overhead while members of the club programmed their Ham Radio in order to answer the call from space. “November Alpha One Sierra Sierra this is Whiskey Two Kilo Golf Yankee.” After adjusting their frequencies and getting the device programmed correctly, the Ham Radio Club was able to talk with Morgan during a brief window of availability on Saturday morning. “Welcome on board the International Space Station and before we lose signal, I’ve got to say Beat Navy,” Morgan said once West Point was able to successfully answer his call. The conversation marked the second time West Point has made contact with the International Space Station with the first coming in 2007, Col. Stephen Hamilton, the officer in charge of the Ham Radio Club, said, but it was the first time the connection was made using West Point equipment.