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VE6KD Received 90th Birthday Wishes from Across Canada:

by AB7RG  2019-11-06
A Birthday cake with icing decor in Morse Code and a replica antenna tower was a conversation piece at the 90th Birthday Party for David Gervais. Gervais (VE6KD) has been an active member of the North Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club (NCAARC) for over 35 years, having received his license in the 1980s. Family members from across the province, San Francisco and Winnipeg attended the event.

Ham Radio Operators Power Up for Gathering:

by AB7RG  2019-11-05
LANCASTER, Pa. (AP) -- connects to satellites using an antenna he made from coat hangers, leftover screws, a furring strip and a camera tripod he found in the trash. Now, the 46-year-old man uses the handmade contraption – and a handheld radio that cost nearly 500 dollars -- to talk to people around the world. He and other members of the Red Rose Repeater Association – call sign W3RRR – set up their gear and opened communications Saturday afternoon for a 24-hour Field Day showcasing their craft on the grounds of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. “Primarily, it’s for us to come out and show off our emergency preparedness,” said , 46, of Mount Joy. If the wireless network goes down or power is interrupted, ham radios still work, she said. “A ham radio relies on no infrastructure whatsoever,” agreed. “You don’t need internet access. You don’t need the power grid. And we can deploy radios like this anywhere.”

Voyager 2 Spacecraft Goes Interstellar as it Leaves the Solar Bubble:

by AB7RG  2019-11-05
The spacecraft Voyager 2 left the heliosphere and travelled into interstellar space over the course of a day in November 2018, according to a suite of papers published today by scientists working on the mission. The spacecraft was launched in 1977 along with its twin Voyager 1, which crossed-over into interstellar space seven years ago. Scientists analysing data from Voyager 2 have found both similarities and differences to the crossing of Voyager 1. The Sun is surrounded by a huge bubble called the heliosphere that is inflated by the supersonic solar wind of charged particles emitted by the Sun. The edge of this bubble is called the heliopause, which is where the outgoing solar wind is halted by the interstellar wind of charged particles. One big difference between the two spacecraft is that all five instruments onboard Voyager 2 are still functioning, whereas the plasma instrument that measures the solar (and then interstellar) wind was damaged on Voyager 1 in 1980. This meant that Voyager 1 was unable to measure the transition from the hot, low-density solar wind to the cold, high-density interstellar wind.

RAC: IARU Overview of Week 1 of WRC-19:

by AB7RG  2019-11-04
Week 1 of the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19) saw agreement reached on several issues on which discussions prior to the conference had revealed consensus. Those were the easy ones; the rest will be more difficult. The early decisions here in Sharm El-Sheikh were only possible because of countless hours of work conducted within the ITU Radiocommunication Sector and the six regional telecommunications organizations (RTOs) since the previous WRC in 2015.

W1AW 2019/2020 Winter Operating Schedule:

by AB7RG  2019-11-05
W1AW 2019/2020 Winter Operating Schedule:

Who Wrote this Message In a Bottle?

by AB7RG  2019-11-05
Mostly illegible missive claims to come from tiny uninhabited island with its own TLD. An Antarctic research station is asking for help after finding a message in a bottle with an indecipherable email address. The researchers are part of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition based at the country's longest-running research station on Macquarie Island. Back in the summer, three staff were walking one of the island's beaches when they found a bottle containing a faded message. Assuming the bottle-chucker is not a weather or penguin researcher, we reckon there might be a ham radio link to this tale. DX-peditions are run by borderline-insane radio hams who collect the rare honour of running their kit in territory where no one has ever broadcast before. But a brief search has failed to turn up anything obvious. We know there are a fair few Reg readers who dabble in a bit of radio hamming so we're hoping you can help track down the elusive bottle-chucking Pole.

New ultra-light portable mast

by G3CWI  2019-11-04
A class-leading lightweight carbon-fibre mast from SOTABEAMS: Portable specialist SOTABEAMS has launched a new carbon-fibre portable telescopic mast. The Carbon-6 has an extended length of 6 metres (19.6 ft) but weights just 300 grams (10.6 ounces). Its packed length is only 43 cm (17 inches) making it a mast that can be taken pretty much anywhere.

Aquidneck Island Emergency Preparedness Fair Happening Saturday:

by AB7RG  2019-11-04
On Saturday, Nov. 9, the Aquidneck Island Emergency Volunteer Alliance in collaboration with the town of Middletown, city of Newport and town of Portsmouth will be conducting it first ever Emergency Preparedness Fair at the Gaudet Middle School Gymnasium on Turner Road in Middletown from 9 a.m. to noon. The event will be headlined by WJAR Channel 10 Chief Meteorologist Mark Searles who will provide important local and state weather information throughout the morning. Also joining us will be representatives from the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency,the Rhode Island Special Needs Registry from the Rhode Island Department of Health, the American Red Cross, National Grid, the Newport Ham Radio Club and Police and fire departments from Middletown, Newport and Portsmouth. As a special added feature, emergency vehicles from the around the state will be available for public viewing in the parking lot by the gymnasium entrance.