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Norman Group is Radio-Active:

Norman Group is Radio-Active:

From : on 2023-09-16

Perhaps in your travels about town you have noticed a vehicle with multiple antennas or a special license plate with a "5" in it like W5NOR. If you have then you saw a Ham, an Amateur Radio Operator. Hams make up .02 percent of the population. Maybe you have even worried about if something happens, and cell phones are worthless how are you going to communicate with loved ones or get help. Amateur Radio is the answer and it's nothing like the old Citizens Band radio that so many are familiar with. This year especially the citizens of Norman have observed how valuable those sirens are. One evening of note in March they were sounded nine times to warn citizens of impending danger and to take cover and protect their loved ones. Club members also work with the National Weather Service Severe Storms Center as its eyes around the Norman area to confirm what radar is showing and to report damage to Emergency Management.

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Norman Group is Radio-Active:
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