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Reviews Categories | Receive Accessories | Timewave ANC-4 Help

Reviews Summary for Timewave ANC-4
Timewave ANC-4 Reviews: 73 Average rating: 4.3/5 MSRP: $199
Description: Antenna Noise Canceller
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Timewave ANC-4.

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K5EY Rating: 5/5 Aug 3, 2019 22:31 Send this review to a friend
Operates as expected  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
My line noise averages S5-7 across the bands during the daytime, and 20 meters is almost unusable. Out of desperation I ordered the Timewave ANC-4 and believe you me, my life has changed. I have read reviews that say the device is kind of tricky to tune, and some folks say they couldn't get a good noise null. Well, I had absolutely no problem taking my line noise down to S0-1. I did have to experiment with different noise antennas and found that the one that worked best for me was a simple 20 ft. piece of wire strung in the bushes outside the shack window. This antenna gave me a good sharp noise null just as the manual described. I also tried using a dipole cut for 30 meters, and this worked fine as a noise antenna, but I think it was a little too much for the ANC-4. The short wire supplied with the ANC-4 was not enough, although when I added 5 feet it worked -- I got a noise null, but not nearly as sharp as my 20 ft. in the bushes. The ANC-4 is built like a brick! Literally... The thing must weigh 2 lbs., and the enclosure is very heavy gauge aluminum. I would highly recommend this device to anyone who is having line noise problems. I don't know how it works on other types of interference. The only thing I don't like is the use of an RCA phono plug for the noise antenna. It would be nice to have a coax connector in the event the user wanted to use a short non-resonant dipole in the bushes.
W6LBV Rating: 5/5 Jul 30, 2019 17:29 Send this review to a friend
Bringing   Time owned: more than 12 months
In April, 2014 I filed an E-ham review on the ANC-4. At that time the product did not solve my external HF noise problem, but that was not the fault of the ANC-4's design or construction. Rather, in my particular case the ANC-4 main antenna input channel was highly overloaded by the arcing from 12 kV aerial power distribution lines located very close to the station’s main HF Yagi. The noise into the main receive channel from the power lines was so overwhelming that nothing I could do with the separate noise antenna channel could equal the noise signal level from the Yagi. And without “equal but opposite” noise in both channels, the phasing scheme won’t work.

Years have passed, and there has been a major change in the environment in my neighborhood. The overhead utility power distribution network finally has been removed and rebuilt into underground conduits, and the old, weathered overhead lines and utility poles are gone. I and my home station have emerged into the sunlight of the broad, golden headlands!

As soon as the power distribution change was completed and before the ANC was put into use, the environmental noise levels on 20 meters dropped from a typical daily level of about S-7 to a new daily average of about S-1. Some days the effective noise level is S-0, and on “bad days” it might rise to S-2. All this with no changes in antennas, locations, feedlines, etc.

But there is stll some remaining environmental noise from galactic sources and/or from human activity in the neighborhood. And that noise still needs to be dealt with. So the ANC-4 came out of retirement.

Now, with today’s “reasonable” environmental noise levels it performs exactly as described in the instruction manual. In most cases a sharp null in the noise level can be achieved with careful tuning of the noise gain and noise phase controls. In many cases, especially on the lower HF bands where noise always dwells, by using the ANC-4 I can drive the background noise level down to S-0 and watch it disappear entirely from the waterfall. I now enjoy 5 to 6 S-units of noise reduction from the ANC-4, without taking any additional steps.

I think there are two “take home” messages here. First, when setting up the ANC-4 in a new location, one should use an O-scope or spectrum analyzer to check both signal channels (main antenna and noise pickup antenna) and determine whether the background RF noise levels are roughly equivalent in each channel. If they cannot be brought to rough equivalence, there is no point in continuing with the device.

Second, if the local power line noise is indeed overwhelming the station and the external utility hardware is already old (in my case the utility network had been in service for about sixty years), the situation probably cannot be corrected without installing new power equipment as replacements. The passage of time will eventually decompose anything standing continuously in the weather. Removal of the old and replacement by the new power distribution equipment is almost the only solution; it certainly was in my case. And good luck in trying to convince your power company to do that!

And then sit back and enjoy what the ANC-4 can do. (Reminder: set the broadcast AM band traps in the ANC-4 as needed.)

NG5O Rating: 0/5 Apr 17, 2019 23:49 Send this review to a friend
Did Nothing About My Noise Problem  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Installed PRECISELY in accordance with provided instructions. Good reviews must be for locations where noise sources were very different from mine.

I see heavy and continuous S5-S9 noise every day on 40 and 20, and, for the prima donnas who imply that it must be something in my house, IT'S NOT. I switched off all power at the outside breaker, and it didn't make any difference. Outside power line noise? Possibly. But this thing had no effect on it.

Bottom line, this device must be a crap-shoot - another "you pays your money, and you takes your chances".

Might work in specific circumstances, but my impression is that it WILL NOT work in a lot of others, mine included. $200+ down the drain here.

KC0KBC Rating: 5/5 Mar 30, 2019 09:14 Send this review to a friend
Shocked at how well it works  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I’m just getting out of the gate with this but wanted to get a first impression out.

My antennae are all in the attic of a 2-story home and my shack is all the way down in the basement, so noise is a big problem. I bought the ANC-4 after much hesitation because I really didn’t have much confidence that it would work with my situation or that I’d be able to build an effective noise antenna that I could find a suitable location for.

When it arrived we also were in the middle of three days of non-stop rain so working outside needed to wait. Just for grins I set up the ANC-4 and attached the little wire included, hanging the other end over a hook on the wall. Again, this is in a fully-underground basement.

I turned on the radio and tuned up on 40 meters. Noise was a steady S6-7. Then I turned on the ANC-4. Noise dropped to under S1! I hadn’t even made any adjustments and already I was hearing signals I wouldn’t have heard previously.

This doesn’t mean I have no noise, but it does give me confidence that once I can start experimenting with proper noise antennae, I’ll be able to really change my whole operating experience. In the meantime, Just using a 4’ piece of wire is a huge improvement!
VK2LEE Rating: 5/5 Apr 29, 2018 00:23 Send this review to a friend
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I couldn't find a new Timewave ANC-4 in Australia but I found a used JPS ANC-4 noise eliminator. I have had it for a few months but have only just plugged it in.. I was surprised to hear how well it worked with a piece of wire attached to it. It really works.. NOISE JUST DISAPPEARED on 40 & 20m
I am still experimenting on other bands but I would Recommend the ANC-4 NOISE ELIMINATOR to any Ham with Noise... It is unbelievable how the noise just disappears... well worth every cent...VK2LEE LEE
SWLCHRIS Rating: 4/5 Apr 21, 2018 22:24 Send this review to a friend
It gets rid of a lot of noise  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
First time I saw these was when JPS was making them back in the 90's. I never got a chance back then to buy one as it was out of my budget.
Now in 2018 they are actually less than what they were if I remember right.I got mine this week.
Big and heavy construction of the unit makes me think it won't fall apart anytime soon.
Two knobs and three buttons makes it simple to look at and to operate.
The real trick is to get an antenna that brings in the noise that you want to get rid of vs the signal you want.
It took me a couple of days of playing with the controls and making a couple of different antennas to make this work in my favor. I can have s-9 + noise and when properly tuned the anc-4 can knock that noise down to s 4 maybe an s 3 on the TS-430.
That difference allowed me to work HB9EYP, CO3OPG, and ZS3D tonight.Now I have to work out an antenna for 80 meter operations but on 40 meters and above it works great as it is now with my setup.
If you can't hear them you can't work them.Being able to work stations that are 5 by 2 to 5 by 3 is a new experience for me. It definitely won't be leaving my desk anytime soon.
WD9GNG Rating: 5/5 Feb 16, 2018 19:12 Send this review to a friend
Great Product for Reducing Noise  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have had my Timewave ANC-4 for about a month now. I have been very impressed with how well it reduces noise using different antennas. Initially I used it with my Carolina Windom with the short provided wire. It worked OK against electrical noise in the house but didn't help that much with the power line noise. I put in a decent 12 ft noise dipole antenna at about 3 ft above the ground directly beneath the power lines and that made all the difference in the world. Major reduction in noise!

Next I bought a W6LVP Magnetic Loop antenna and put it up at 20 ft and it alone has done an incredible job nulling noise with a tight null of only a few degrees. Interesting that the noise null direction is different at different frequencies.

Those times that I want to pick up different hams, BCB stations, and beacons on the same frequency I will point the loop directly toward the station I want to hear and then allow the Timewave ANC-4 get rid of the noise that creeps in when I am not at a noise null with the loop.

The combination of the Timewave ANC-4 and the W6LVP Magnetic Loop antenna has eliminated all my electrical noise I was experiencing. It reminds me of SWLing back in the 50's and 60's before I became a Ham when there was relatively little electrical noise in the environment.

The key to good performance with the ANC-4 is the noise antenna being installed in an area and fashion to pick up maximum noise and as little of the signal you want to pull out of the noise.

The nice thing with the ANC-4 is that it automatically switches off to protect itself when you transmit with a 100 watt rig without any special connection needed to flip it off.

The W6LVP Magnetic Loop has a connection point to switch it off from a keying relay point on your rig with an interface cable.

I recommend you go to YouTube to listen to demonstrations of how well the Timewave ANC-4 virtually eliminates all electrical noise with an appropriate noise antenna.

The ANC-4 can also be used as an active antenna or diversity combiner! Pretty cool what all it can do for you in your shack! I had considered the MFJ version but was concerned about its quality based on reviews of MFJ products. I liked the technical specs on the DX Engineering version but is much much more expensive although has great capabilities based upon its reviews.

All in all, the Timewave ANC-4 is a great product and does exactly what I wanted and needed it to do when I purchased it!
N8OPS Rating: 5/5 Dec 30, 2017 11:58 Send this review to a friend
OH. MY. GOSH.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've been struggling with noise since I put up a Hustler 4BTV in the back yard and got back on the HF bands with an Icom 7410. My issues are now resolved.

I guess flabbergasted would be the right word- this thing works so incredibly well. I have a 40 meter NVIS antenna low to the ground along the side of the house, and I plugged the stock short black wire antenna that comes with the unit into the noise antenna socket. Then I took the end of that antenna and stripped the wire a bit, dabbled some copper grease on it, and put a short piece of shrink-wrap over the center conductor of the PL259 that goes to the 40 meter dipole. I slid the greased noise antenna wire into the space between the shrink-wrap and the center pin and blew on it with my heat gun. It shrunk down and held the exposed end of the wire antenna tightly to the center conductor. I folded a few inches of the noise antenna back over the coax and zip-tied it together.

I figured that this would give me the best of both worlds- I would have an antenna wire in the shack, and I would have the dipole working outside for noise there.

The net result is hard to believe- 3.5 S-units reduction in noise instantly. I haven't tried other bands but on 40 meters where I am most of the time this thing is just a dream. I can't recommend it enough. Also, the tiny little thing is HEAVY. It is so refreshing to see over-engineered equipment of obvious quality in our throwaway world.

Timewave you have completely transformed my enjoyment of ham radio. Frankly this thing is just too cheap. When MFJ units cost $170-$200 this unit would be a steal at $299. I paid $189 at HRO for a brand new ANC-4.
K1FT Rating: 5/5 Oct 26, 2017 12:09 Send this review to a friend
Works for me  Time owned: more than 12 months
About 15 years ago I suddenly had S9+10 noise that I could not locate. After 2 years of fruitless search, I bought and hooked up a used ANC-4 and bingo, almost no noise, and me back on the air having missed a few dx-peditions for countries I needed. A few years later, Cox, one of two ISP's in this area replaced an amplifier one house away, and the noise disappeared, so I sold the ANC-4. Fast forward 10 years and the noise is back. After a week of checking my house, I bought another ANC-4, and the S9+10 hash is down in the
W7VO Rating: 5/5 Jun 10, 2017 19:48 Send this review to a friend
Works here!   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I borrowed a Timewave ANC-4 to get rid of some persistent low band noise from the neighborhood (S9+), and I will say that IT WORKS! I worked a record (for me) number of stations in the WPX contest because I could now hear them on 40 and 80 meters. The noise antenna is a Hygain 14AVQ vertical mounted on a fencepost, nearest the local power lines. 100 feet of RG-58 into the shack (to lose some signal), and no radials used.
I recently purchased a used MFJ-1026, and while it also seems to do its job, it requires a better (higher gain) noise antenna to be effective, and is more "fiddly".
I had to give the Timewave unit back so I also purchased an older JPS ANC-4 (pre-Timewave), and the MFJ units. I'll say for now that the ANC-4 unit has my vote. Easier to use, and can make better use of a lower gain noise antenna. Maybe more later when I do a review of the MFJ noise unit.
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