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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: VHF/UHF+ Amateur Base/Mobile (non hand-held) | Wouxun KG-UV950P Help

Reviews Summary for Wouxun KG-UV950P
Wouxun KG-UV950P Reviews: 7 Average rating: 3.6/5 MSRP: $369
Description: The Wouxun KG-UV950P is a new Quad Band base/mobile two way radio packed with a plethora of features at an unbelievably affordable price. With four band transmission and eight band reception, this powerful radio delivers up to 40 watts UHF and 50 watts VHF for maximum range and power at extremely low cost!
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Wouxun KG-UV950P.

W1BZZ Rating: 4/5 Aug 10, 2016 12:04 Send this review to a friend
After a year, it still is kickin'!  Time owned: more than 12 months
So, I've had the KG-UV950P for over a year now. I get good reports on 2m, 70cm, and 10m FM ...I haven't tried 6m yet.

I've tried the cross band repeater from 10m to 70cm and that worked well. Allowed me to use my 2m/70cm HT to talk on 10m around my property.

I've hit the New York 10m repeaters and talked to Alaska all the way down to Arizona with a homebrewed inverted dipole.

Now I've moved it to my vehicle for 2m/70cm use ...I'll need a new antenna to try the other bands mobile.

I give it 4 stars. Easy of use, easy to program by hand (I no longer use Windows, only Linux for which there is no programming software that supports the KG-UV950P, so I have to do everything manually).
VA6TDG Rating: 5/5 Mar 1, 2016 11:54 Send this review to a friend
A follow up re: DTMF  Time owned: more than 12 months
As it turns out, the cable that runs from the faceplate to the radio itself is directional, and I had inadvertently installed the cable backwards while installing the radio in my truck. Flipped the cable around and DTMF was now working as expected. After having this radio for over a year now, I'm quite happy with it. I get really good signal quality reports from other HAMs when working VHF/UHF contests. The radio does everything I would expect it to, and has been a flawless performer. Great value for the money.
N2MAC Rating: 2/5 Jul 18, 2015 15:38 Send this review to a friend
Returned for Refund  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I bought a Wouxun KG-UV950p quad bander and returned it for a Yaesu Ft8900r and here is why.
(I was stuck with the program cable - oh well). Output on the uv950p is only 9.5 watts max !!! on 10meter , 32watts on 6meter, and 43watts on 2 meter and 31 watts on 70cm. Yaesu is 50watts out on 10m,6m,2m and 35 watts on 70cm. I verified all of these. And so have many others. See

The Wouxon uv950p transmits and receives in CB band Yaesu FT8900r does not. How is that legal with 9.5 W out?
The uv950p 30% larger than Yaesu FT8900R. Display is slick with different color led's. Nice speakers. But harder to find room in the car. The uv950p a lot of fun to play with at first but closer examination yielded flaws I can not live with.
My Wouxon uv950p is off frequency. I programmed the radio to receive the motorola smartnet trunking band Suffolk county NY. Frequencies around 850mhz area. Frequency off by 3khz.
On 11 meters was off around 1khz when receiving low signals becomes difficult to hear. My 4 watt cobra works better. Receiver broke out into oscillations a few time on 11 meter band. Strange that wouxun uv950p ran hotter even with bigger heat sink. Suspect internal impedance is off a bit from 50 ohms. For me 9.5 Watts on 10 meters doesn't cut it. Don't want a want to be CB Radio.
Talked to China direct they admitted there was a known problem with the Master Time Base and said to return unit. They can not fix it with firmware. - need to have a board replaced oopps. That still would not fix the 10 meter power out issue. I returned to the vendor and gave me a full refund. The difference in price is now only $89 more for the FT8900r. There are alot of uv950p out there with this problem. I really liked the uv950p - had it for 3 weeks, broke my little heart to have to return it. It was a fun radio. Yeasu only has excellent audio with external speaker. Yeasu has been making the ft8900r for many yrs. Most if not all the bugs are worked out. I had become attached to the uv950p. I admit that I don't know the internal workings of these radios. But the Yeasu behaves like it is using a single IF strip and internal duplexors. Also has first IF Shift built in for helping against internal imaging problems. Wouxun behaves as if there were two separate radios inside. Yeasu's internal processors runs smoother and faster with no hiccups. Seems to scan 2 to 3x as faster. Yeasu has no multiple configuration options for one way crossband repeat like Wouxun But using ctcss programming does the same thing! Wouxun cross band option meaningless. Yeasu crossband is also flawless and faster While the Wouxun has significant delays in crossbanding that get longer as you go lower in PL tones.
The UV950p has excellent ergonomics but is electronically flawed. Maybe good in the future. Baby went to the market too quick.

As a side note. Most of the radio I've kept over the last 30 years turned out to be Yaesu. I did not realize this until recently. They made some clunkers too but their winners are terrific. I am in no way bashing Chinese. I bought a Boafeng hand held and for $50 it is terrific - flawless.
Sales as far as numbers go are over whelming for the Yaesu FT8900r. Looks like it has been around for 12 years. If you see a review complaint about this radio pay close attention to the date of that review. You would be hard pressed to find a negative review dated 2015. So far could not find a defect in FT8900R- But WARNING WARNING. The FT8900r is aligned and calibrated using internal software. External calibration signal sources and precision measuring instrument are required.
If you should enter into the calibration mode and accidently store data incorrect you can cause the radio to stop working resulting in a trip back to the factory. Reseting the radio will not restore it. Best to download the maintenance manual available on the internet and observe how to enter the cal mode so you can avoid it. And if you do accidentally you can exit with no damage done. You will be impressed by the extent of the alignments done at the factory.
Crazy as it sounds the FT8900R is cold hearted - hard to get attached too. All business precision cold flawless operation.
No toy like qualities. Will continue to work and will be ignored. Like the annoying straight A student who really never gets noticed.

LISTENER007 Rating: 3/5 Feb 28, 2015 15:14 Send this review to a friend
Initial vs Final. Things change...  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Here's my first review shortly after I bought it - just in case the moderators delete it (as I suspect they will) in favour of this "final" one... If you've already seen it or it's still there, just skip down to "The Final Sum Up" below....

I've had a Wouxun KG-UV8D hand held dual bander now for a handful of months and mostly it has been a good little radio, but I was also on the market for a newer base/mobile dual bander as well, so I decided to put a bit of extended trust into the new KG-UV950P. Programming was a bit easier than the UV8D, especially with the memory channels, not only because of the difference styles of programming methods but also because of the 950's mic with all the buttons needed to run this radio from a small distance. I was a bit stumped at why the 950 has so many internal speakers (3 all up including the mic speaker) but getting externally attached speakers to fire up was a bit of a tiny mission on its own, all controlled through menu option 24. I had to have two external speakers plugged in to stop the internal ones from radiating sound - hmmmmm...!!

After that though, programming memory channels was quite a breeze and the only chore was deciding the default settings for your own preferences, and that was of minor consequence. In short, the 950P is quite easily set up and within a couple of hours of mixing and trying some of the options and with a handful of memory channels programmed in, you should have it ready to fire up for the first time. I've heard my own 950P from the receive end, via a repeater and I have to say it sounds as good as any other of the multitude of radios out there but then again, most radios sound different on every repeater.

One thing that I have to say is that I don't quite know why Wouxun decided to clutter up the display by having all those decimal places and zeroes to the max. It just looks a bit cluttered an unnecessary. I know it's because of the repeater offset option but they could have stopped so many zeroes from showing up during normal use. It looks like one large string of numbers from one side of the display to the other. Instead, they could have had the memory channel numbers a little larger. They're like fine little hairs and one has to be quite close to see them. Mind you the colour blue is not that hot for daytime use (pretty though), nor is green and white looks to sterile, so the choice of LED colours is a little limited by choice. The standard yellow or even a less bolder green would have been very welcome. Still though, these are just my own gripes and anyone else might see them "in a different light" - d'ya get it (joke)..!!! Well I thought it was funny...

Actual usage and ease of use, once programmed, is as good and friendly as any other V/UHF radio I have ever owned or used. Absolutely no complaints here at all. I like it in this respect. I also like the layout of the buttons across the front panel, with all the more needed adjustments at hand - well done Wouxun. In my humble opinion, the most applaudable feature of normal use is the microphone. It has basically everything on hand to operate the radio without having to reach over and stumble about at arms length. I really like this set up...

Well, it's early days yet and there's a lot of testing to do over the coming weeks an months so I am hoping for a clean burning on air performance from my 950P. It sure gives me the impression it is capable of it. I'll try to blow out any cobwebs it had prior to shipping. This one came directly from the China factory, so there shouldn't be any/many at all.. Here's hoping..!!

The Final Sum Up...

Things change, and this time they did...

My initial review was one I guess, typical of a new toy. You usually just want to tell the whole world about it, like I did in my previous initial review (if the moderators have not deleted it in favour of THIS one), however things change. The KG-UV950P has actually turned out to be quite a disappointment on the whole, spoiled mainly by niggles, lots of them, nothing quite so major that you just want to throw it in the trash, but just more "poor manners at the dinner table" types of issues. I've made this list of the most annoying things and here they are...

First of all.. I have to say that this is strictly for information of what I term - "knowing in advance" or "even knowing of existing" issues with the Wouxun KG-UV950P. This would have been nice to see before I bought mine, so maybe someone can make use of this. I did see occasional reviews or tests which mentioned a few here and there, but not all of them at one time...

Second.. To date I have not actually encountered any "problems" that appear to be on a collision course with radio destiny. In other words, they do appear to be annoyances, not problems, and have annoyed me rather than had me wondering when the final day would be... Here they are...

1. Noise handling - The 950P has quite a poor noise handling ability. No matter what type of noise you categorize it as, the 950P seems to fail on most or all of them - overloading, adjacent channel, inter-mod, other internal noise, you name it, the 950 lets it through. The result is sometimes more noise coming through to your ears than the signal on the desired frequency. I have compared the 950P side by side with other radios and it's not a problem with those others,, but it IS with the 950P...

2. Volume issues.
a) Left and right volume controls quite clearly interfere with each other. Turning the volume up or down on either side usually drags the other side along with it. I don't know if this is the two concentric volume knobs rubbing against each other, or if it's software doing it. Whichever, it's just quite annoying.

b) The left and right sides have different levels of volume at any set value - eg,, VOL:01 on the left side is approximately equal to VOL:02, maybe even slightly more than, on the right.

c) Even VOL:01 is too high. It is VERY high in actual volume, where it should be VERY low in volume on either side. It's far too high to listen to first thing in the morning with a house full of others who don't get into radio. At 6 am, they'll soon tell you to "turn that noise down". Using FM 'Wide' as opposed to 'Narrow' via the menu setup, can slightly alter these volume levels, but not enough.

3. Strange Goings On - Sometimes just after power up or other times after changing volume and yet further times right out of the blue, when the 950 gets an incoming signal on either side, you see the frequency or the channel number disappear and the volume level again indicated for a second or two and it flickers a handful of times. This may happen just once on an incoming signal, or it may happen on multiple occasions for about 10 seconds or more, then it's back to normal operation. Yet, at other times everything is completely normal all day long but that's rare.

4. VHF/UHF, choice of sides - I have found the having VHF repeater memories on the left, while having UHF on the right, yields poor reception of the VHF memory channels. I cannot figure this one out, eg,, Mem 001 -147.325Mhz on the left with Mem 999 - 439.875Mhz on the right, interferes somehow with 147.325 and I pick it up at no more than about half strength and very noisy at that. Reverse them though and all is well.. I always like VHF on the left and UHF on the right sides of any dual band radio. Since owning the 950P, I have learned to live with the opposite.

5. Tuning Knob - the knob on the left side has "Runaway" syndrome. Turning this knob to adjust memory channels or frequency, either makes the channels or steps shoot past the next step, maybe 3 or 4 more channels or steps ahead, or, it fails to adjust at all first time or two. This is a common thing with these types of adjusters and is annoying, especially if it's like this from BRAND NEW, as with the 950P...

6. Turn OFF / Turn ON - The KG-UV950P sometimes likes to turn itself back on when you turn it off. Pressing on the power On/Off button to turn the 950 off is mostly a trouble free operation. Other times, if you are heading out the door, it pays you to turn around and take another look. You may find that the 950P has rebooted itself and is now On again. It has happened many times, I reckon it happens about once every 15 times (I am being generous but fair here) on average. Some times it happens as soon as the radio is Off and other times it waits a second or so then boots up again, even after your finger is no longer touching that button. Bad switching or software.? Who knows...!!! I have tried all sorts of pressures on the power button, and different durations of push time and it makes no difference at all. Would you believe it..?? I just tried it this very instant and that 1 in 15 times came around again,, YES,, it did it again...

These are just the larger areas of concern to me. They have been there virtually since day one of my ownership of the 950P, which is about 6+ months now, and don't appear to have gotten any worse (or better for that matter) so although I am not overly worried or distressed by their presence, it has to be said that if these niggles were either non existent or far lesser in degree of severity, I would have lots more good things to say about the 950P. There are other niggles that I could mention but they are more based on my personal preference rather than genuine areas of mystery, so I wont mention them here...

Ok, now that the bad stuff is out of the way, I can still say that the 950P still receives well when the air is quiet and mostly void of other radio transmissions. At night it works very well, nice and quiet. I wish it was like this all the time. Audio sounds nice from a good external speaker, although I've recently found that even though it does sound nice, it suffers from a bit of what sounds like clipping of the output audio wave, and is only really noticeable when compared side by side with another radio on the same frequency. There's plenty of good audio fidelity (voices sound quite natural) but a bit raspy, especially if the volume is turned up.

Despite all the things I have quoted above, I still kind of like the 950P because it does do some things quite nicely and has plenty of features available. I just wish it didn't make me grind my teeth most days. I think this radio just needs time to evolve into something more manageable...

Really, I'd like to give it 5 out of 10 but 3 out of 5 is all that is available. It is a good radio slightly spoiled by bad manners, and all of those good things that it gives to you, are overruled by the not so good, making it in my opinion, very average overall...
K4BWG Rating: 4/5 Jun 5, 2014 11:29 Send this review to a friend
So Far So Good. More to report later  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I recently purchased a new KG-UV950P and have had no issues as of yet. The programming is straight forward both from the front panel as well as using a PC.

The manual as expected is a little lacking on clarity but much better than some others I have seen.

I will bench test in the future and update with results. Mobile so far it's RX sensitivity and TX reports are good.

I am using a ~57" whip on 50/144/440 with SWR <2:1 on all three bands (1/4 wave on 50, 3 1/4waves on 144, and 9 1/4waves on 440). That is the main reason I chose this radio was to use a single mobile whip. It works- it's simple- it's cheaper than the Diamond/Comet variations. Give it a try.

I have little interest using it on 10M FM so I have not tested it on this band at all.

For the price and features I would recommend it and may purchase another in the future along with a Yaesu 8900 for comparison. The main reason I picked the Wouxon over the Yaesu is 1. The single TX/RX connector as opposed to the 8900's 2 (given my antenna setup). 2. My displeasure and issues with Yaesu mobiles (the 8000, 8100, and 2900 in particular). Older one were great. 3. And of course cost. The Wouxon came with the remote kit and software/programming cable for about $80 less than a discounted 8900's price.
W3TWG Rating: 5/5 Mar 10, 2014 20:12 Send this review to a friend
Great offering, and I am sure it will get better!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
"If the software worked, I would have kept it."

Oh please! Everyone is so against manual programming anymore - you know what happens when you let things "do for you" more and more right?

I rated this as a 5 because as far as I know, it is all it says it is out of the box. I have read the reviews, and I see complaints of power - well, if I can get the job done with the power the way it is, I count that a 5.

Programming this radio is probably the easiest that has come across my desk since my old KW TM-631A. The advantage here is everything can be done from the microphone, and that mic is quite hand filling and the right weight, AND... it has a speaker in it that is just about as good as the chassis speaker, and the control roller on the mic is even finer than the head unit control. Seriously, just like any of the simplest HTs, once you have entered in about three repeater pairs, your next 90 will fly right in, it is that easy.

This radio is gonna take it's share of flack, and there will be a lot of whining about what it won't do - well, it's not a FT-8900, and guess what? It doesn't have that price tag either, and last I checked, the 8900 didn't come with a fully controlling speaker mic, out of the box.

I am not sure and have not explored the cross band repeat function, and really don't care that much about it anyway, and there is a bunch of other capabilities I have not gotten around to trying out, but this is only the fourth day with the radio and from the standpoint of getting it out of the box and on the air, this thing rocks!
KC9WXN Rating: 2/5 Feb 18, 2014 08:58 Send this review to a friend
would have kept...  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I was excited to have purchased this radio at first. No doubt that it would transmit and receive to ones pleasure, BUT- it has a programming issue. I purchased the cable along with the software. Communication between radio and computer was established. I inputted a couple of dozen repeaters, wrote to the radio with it, the radio only received like the first two channels. I tried this that, I researched and found it was an issue. No good. There was no report of this on either the dealer or the wouxun site. The volume is annoying as reported even though the knob did not feel like an encoder knob. The manual does not give any examples of programming, just a straight shot at the functions like a flow chart. I had to "you tube" on how to program a frequency into memory. Anyway, I was annoyed by it and returning. There are better choices of radios. If the software worked, I would have kept it.

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