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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop | Alpha Delta DX-EE Help

Reviews Summary for Alpha Delta DX-EE
Alpha Delta DX-EE Reviews: 81 Average rating: 4.7/5 MSRP: $100
Description: Multi-band dipole, 10-40 meters, shortened for 40 meters.
Product is in production.
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You can write your own review of the Alpha Delta DX-EE.

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KB1ZA Rating: 5/5 Feb 18, 2019 16:31 Send this review to a friend
wont tune 40  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
My ALPHA DELTA DX EE is abt 25 ft up problem is it WONT tune 40M ? Im using a YAESU FT DX-1200 and the tuner wont even try to tune 40? It tunes everything else but not 40M Any help would be APPRECIATED! Tnx 73 KB1ZA JOE
G8VVY Rating: 5/5 Apr 24, 2018 06:08 Send this review to a friend
Good multiband antenna for restricted space installation  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
My location - at 300' ASL and on a housing estate with higher ground to all compass points - is far from ideal and a far cry from previous locations which were roughly 3 times the elevation!

After a 22 year break from the hobby, and realising that my 'B' Class licence allowed me now to operate on HF, I decided to set about getting back on the air. Current living circumstances don't allow for external mounting and so I was faced with a loft/attic install.

Doing some research came up with the DX-EE as being an ideal way to get on as many bands as space would allow.

My attic is a somewhat miserable place to work. You can't stand fully upright and there are diagonal joists to avoid at shoulder height and more at knee height! Just getting from one end to the other was a nightmare :-)

You soon get to grips with the fact that the 20m sections - if you don't want to to cut anything -a need to 'z-folds' in the wire. Make sure you don't fold them too tightly until you've achieved your best SWR and the I finalised using small cable ties. This needs to be done before you tackle the 'short' 40m elements. The tiniest of changes here have a large effect, especially as the bandwidth is so small.

So; after more hours than I care to remember, and with the aid of the invaluable network analyser that I invested in, I achieved:

40m best SWR of 1.70:1 and a usable range of about 40KHz
20m best SWR of 1.13:1 and the full sideband allocation
15m best SWR of 1.06:1 and the full sideband allocation
10m best SWR of 1.08:1 and and usable range of about 220KHz

I was more than impressed with these results and really pleased how things have worked out. I knew I couldn't expect miracles though and with the combination of low power (5W), the location and the current poor band conditions; I do struggle to get contacts.

But ... I don't need an antenna tuner and I'm 100% stealthy across 4 bands. I think, in order to lower the frustration level, I am going to have to run some more power but even a 20-fold increase won't stress this antenna!

Best 73 de G8VVY.
W6ORV Rating: 4/5 Jan 17, 2018 20:54 Send this review to a friend
Great Antenna   Time owned: 3 to 6 months
First HF antenna. Installed as an inverted V. Have worked DX on voice, CW, FT8, and PSK. I use a tuner, your results may vary. It's not hung in the best of antenna settings (trees, chicken coop, house). I am very happy with the performance of his antenna. Would buy again.

FT450D & MFJ Tuner
W6NIK Rating: 4/5 Sep 17, 2017 12:24 Send this review to a friend
Good, But Very Limited on 40m  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
When it comes to 20m, I am very happy with this antenna. I have not been able to work much 10m or 15m, not much band openings when I have been on air. I can even get a useful tune on it for for 17m & 30m.

But.... 40m is the deal breaker that may make me go find another antenna. The bandwidth is just to narrow. For FT8 I can get a great SWR on 7.074, and as long I stay in the digital range, I am good to go. But, if for some silly reason I want to switch to phone? Nope. I need to go adjust the length of the antenna. The instructions say I can just use a tuner to tune other parts of the band, but my LDG AT-100ProII tuner can't tune it (it works fine). The reason I have a dipole is so that I don't have to use a tuner and have the feed line loss, etc.

I give it a 5 for 20m, 15m, 10m, and it was pretty easy to get up in the air (although I am not a fan of the solid core wire)
I give it a 3 on 40m because although it works great for a set frequency, it has no flexibility in the same band.
KD0CQG Rating: 5/5 Dec 9, 2016 15:39 Send this review to a friend
Good Antenna for HOAs  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have had this antenna for about 8 years. I have talked to Guadalajara, The Queen Mary, Thule Greenland, Slovania, Japan and all across the USA.I ran it without tuning it from its original assembly and it did well. ONce we tuned it which meant about 2 inch trim off each end it ran better. All advertised bands are great to pretty good except 40M. 40M as per our tune has low SWR in the center of the band with pretty sharp rises on either side.

But here is the cool thing. Using the ole calcs on dipole length, I added another set of radials for 6 M. It works great and the swr is very flat and below 1.5. I sent the swr curves to Alpha Delta for their review hoping they would add 6M radials for their customers to make this a 6 band antenna. But it didn't catch on with them even though they loved the plots.

I recommend this for your HOA homes that have about 45' to 50' of attic space.
KB3RA Rating: 5/5 Jan 30, 2016 10:07 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding Antenna !!  Time owned: more than 12 months
Having moved into my new home in an HOA community about a year ago, I was limited to what antenna I could erect so I chose an Alpha Delta DX-EE. I installed it in my attic and couldn’t be more happy with its performance on all bands. Had to do a little shortening as I operate mostly SSB. My home is 52 feet wide so the antenna fit nicely in that space with room to spare and is up at a height of about 20 feet. As this was a new home under construction at the time, I asked to contractor to install an non metallic ridge vent so as to avoid decoupling issues with the antenna. He gladly agreed to do so and I believe that strongly contributed to the antenna requiring very little tuning to obtain a low swr on all bands and with a usable bandwidth on 40 from 7.125 to 7.300 with the ATU of my Kenwood TS-590S. The performance of this antenna has simply been outstanding and I get consistently great signal reports.
GM1EXK Rating: 4/5 Nov 30, 2015 08:59 Send this review to a friend
Robust multi-dipole antenna with good performance on 40m  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I've been using this antenna for a while now and here are some Pro's and Con's to help you decide if it's right for you.


3 1/2 wave dipoles giving natural resonance on 20M/15M/10M bands and loaded coils for 40m. So tuner not required and line losses very low.

Only 40ft long (And in inverted V configuration will take up even less horizontal space) and probably the most efficient way to work 40M in such a confined space.

Heavy Duty solid core wires will not stretch. Insulators, rope and dipole centre also heavy duty and feel 'home built'

Says it will handle 1KW. I reckon it could handle more!


40M bandwidth is very small (see my SWR points below). You will need a tuner to use the whole band.

When the loaded coils get wet the resonance on 40M drops in frequency about 0.1MHz. With my inbuilt tuner I can only tune up to about 7.1MHz and effectively lose the top of the band until it dries.

To tune the 20M section you need to adjust the length between the dipole centre and the loaded coils. There's no easy way to do this.

The thick wire is near impossible to get kink free. It's good that it's taut because it keeps the dipoles separated. But you'll be there all day trying to straighten them out perfectly.

The dipole centre is simply that. No balun or anything built in. I suggest adding a choke balun. (I used 8 turns around a FT240-43 toroid with RG58 which is about right for the antennas frequency range).

Will tune up on the non resonant bands between 40M-6M but performance is poor with high losses. Something like a G5RV or Windom would work better on those bands, but this antenna works better on the resonant bands -1/2 dipoles are hard to beat!)

Each dipole element is connected to a long bolt on the dipole centre with a nut. I've had these nuts come loose twice now. So I've used locktite and tightened them right up.

All bands have a peak resonance below 1.5:1 except 20M which never gets below 2:1 but still has good bandwith at this point. (I'm in an inverted V config)

3 heavy wires and a heavy duty dipole centre make this heavy and cumbersome compared to a single wire antenna.

MY SWR freqs at 1.5:1 or better in an inverted V config (except 20M where bandwith is for 2:1)

40M = 7.115-7.125 MHz (except when wet and drops 0.1MHz)

20M = 13.785-14.120 MHz (I need to shorten this but can't easily -see above)

15M = 21.131-21.281 MHz

10M = 28.065-28.240 MHz (kept it low to also cover 11m band)

My inbuit tuner (FT-991) will tune 1:1 for the whole bands except when it's wet and it can't match the top half of 40M
SV1EQE Rating: 5/5 Apr 9, 2015 00:04 Send this review to a friend
Great Antenna, requires triming and tuner  Time owned: more than 12 months
This is an update of my recent previous review.
In my case, I used an antenna analyzer from Rig-Pix and I shorten both element for 40/20m (19cm). Now I'm able to tune on 40m but usable frequency is too narrow. SWR is 1:1.5 from 7040kHz till 70140KHz but out of that skyrockets to 1:8 and more.
I also had to trim the elements for 10 and 15m. 9cm and 16cm accordingly.
Now I enjoy less SWR in those bands and my LDG-PROII tunes more efficient.

Overall is a nice antenna, well made to last many years, I guess one of the best choices you have as radio operator for limited space environments.
VA6KOA Rating: 1/5 Dec 13, 2014 11:10 Send this review to a friend
Need help   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I read the reviews befor purchasing this antenna and thought, would be great in my small yard... So far I can't get it to tune... Tried on a 30 foot pole first, could not get 40 to tune and did not like the look of the antenna as it is near impossible to get the kinks out, so I tried the attic. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I can not get resonance anywhere on 40... Contacted Alpha delta and this all they offered

"As the instructions say, shorten each end of the antenna by 3 in. each. That will bring it in to the 40 meter SSB section. Also, note that attics couple to and load the antenna so it is best to use a wide range antenna tuner for attic installs. Again, details are in the instructions."

We'll I tried all that and no good, my next thought is to rebuild the antenna using flexible wire so I can get the kinks out and try it at 30 feet again......
KB6HRT Rating: 5/5 Aug 28, 2014 05:43 Send this review to a friend
My antenna of choice for 40m!  Time owned: more than 12 months
Have used AD antennas for years because they just work for me, the DD is a good example , don't have much room where the antenna is installed, it just fits , wanted it resonant on both 40 & 75m, had to add 30" per leg on the 40m part of the antenna, its now flat SWR 71175-7300 an is 1 to 1 on 3915 3 to 1 at 3875 an 3960 do use a tuner for the rest of 75m. Use a Balun Design 1 to 1 1115u balun, this antenna combination outperforms every 40m dipole antenna I have used in this spot. am very happy with this setup it makes long range connection that you can hear easy with a dipole.
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