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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF Mobile & Accessories | Hi-Q-Antennas-4 (dash 4) Help

Reviews Summary for Hi-Q-Antennas-4 (dash 4)
Hi-Q-Antennas-4 (dash 4) Reviews: 30 Average rating: 4.9/5 MSRP: $425
Description: The most EFFICIENT HF TUNABLE Mobile antenna is the Hi-Q DASH 4.
Based on these parameters:Frequency= 3.8Mhz,
Base length= 3 feet, base av. diameter= 1.5"' top section (whip)=6.5'with a small corona discharge loop on it's top.
Radiation resistance= .8 ohms, Electrical length=14 degrees, Degree-ampere area=8.9,Overall lenght=13'6" (frpm the groung up).
Ground loss=4.1 ohm, overall antenna 'Q' 92, Shunt needed for 'L' match to 52 ohms=1594 pF.
Coil data: Inductance=77.8 uH, Reactance 1858 ohms, wire size=12 AWG,diameter=4", usable legth=6.4", 40 turns, coil 'Q'=450, Loss resistance 5.7 ohms, RADIATION EFFICIENCY= 7.2% Realtive radiated power -11.1dB, Feed point impedance 11 ohms, Bandwidth for 2:1 SWR= 31 kc.
Since it is tunable the bandwidth can be moved to the desired frequency.
NOTE: These calculation where substantiated by many users of the Hi-Q Dash 4 users.
In our opinion only a 4" diameter MONO Coil will do as well.
Product is in production.
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K6TTD Rating: 5/5 May 21, 2014 16:03 Send this review to a friend
A Superb Choice for Fixed & Portable Use  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have owned both the 5-160 and 5-180 "TAD" models, for use at my home QTH. I live on a very small urban lot, surrounded by a dense tree canopy, with very, very limited space for antennas. My 'antenna farm' is restricted to a 45' long x 6' wide strip of dirt sandwiched between my home and my neighbors' garage. A vertical would have been problematic due to high local high power transformer & other noise issues. Scoured reviews, antenna handbooks and other sources. Finally settled on the Hi-Q 5" diameter, 80 meter Tune-a-Dipole system.

Soon after it arrived, my 5/80 TAD, mounted on top of a 30' push-up mast, and on the air. Its performance was WAY beyond what I had expected - especially for an electrically shortened dipole, at low elevation, surrounded by 75' + camphor and oak trees.

I was able to work DX in Asia, South Pacific and South America as well as multiple stateside contacts, on 20 within the first few hours on the air, consistently getting solid reports. This was despite being at a painfully low point in Cycle 23.

It was a solid performer until it came down to make room for the 5/160 over two years later (wanted to play on 160 ...) NEVER a complaint from either neighbors or spouse.

The 5/160 went gangbusters for for another three years with no problems, til I was able to make room for a 2-element STEPPIR.

Mine was not a stealth setup by any stretch but it was a very effective, low profile antenna solution in a VERY tight spot. Highly frequency agile (no worse than a 1.3:1 match on any frequency I parked it on) with the capacity to take far more power than my SPE Expert 1K could dish out. It also gave me the ability to null out a big chunk of my local noise problem.

Only "cons" to this system would be:

1) Cost - it is not the cheapest solution, but you get what you pay for in terms of performance & durability, and ...

2) Setup - the TAD dipole system wasn't an easy unit to set up the first time through. Took some customization, and a bunch of trial-and-error to get the SWR just right, especially given the abundance of nearby trees and other objects close to the antenna, but Charlie was extremely helpful getting it to fly right.

Finally, I've read a couple of snarky comment regarding Charlie Guynes (the owner of Hi-Q). I have to say that I found Charlie to be extremely helpful. He seemed very responsive and focused on helping me get my system to work the way I wanted it to. Granted, this may have been before Hi-Q became a major DOD contractor - but it was my experience.

N9AYH Rating: 5/5 Mar 30, 2013 11:06 Send this review to a friend
What you should know  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've had the HiQ 4/80 mounted on my Ford pickup for about 6 years now....It works great, most stations think I'm a fixed station( please notice I didn't say "base station"). I've worked many "VK" stations on 40M SSB using only 100 watts.
BUT there are few things a new buyer should know about ANY of the HiQ antennas...
#1. If you live in the "North Country" where salt is used on the roads during the winter..DO NOT use the normal, nonstainless steel, ouick disconnect mount from HiQ. The normal mount corrodes so quickly you won't believe it. When that happens it's very, very difficult to remove the antenna off the mount. SPEND THE MONEY, get the stainless steel Quick Disconnect Mount.
#2. The motor leads comming out of the antenna base are very thin wires which will break or become intermitten right where they exit the antenna. It's best to find someway to keep the wire from moving around so this doesn't happen to you. At highway speeds this may not be so easy to do. I'm a bit surprized HiQ used such thin/cheap wire for this considering the rest of the antenna's construction is such outstanding quailty...
N7QY Rating: 5/5 Oct 20, 2012 22:51 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding mobile antenna  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have used my Hi-Q 4/80 for 10 years now, and I will never be without it. I won't even buy a new car because Charlie (mfg) engineered the mount custom for my Sebring convertible. This antenna performs like a 3 el Yagi! "I can't believe you are mobile" is a common comment. I have worked 235 DXCC SSB with it. In 2011 Charlie installed an upgrade for me (controller), so the service is as outstanding as the day I bought it. I strongly recommend this extremely high quality and max performer antenna. It makes mobile exciting.
N5QF Rating: 5/5 May 8, 2011 22:06 Send this review to a friend
Hi-Q-4/80 RT Wow it is Great!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought my Hi-Q 4/80 RT direct from Charlie back in March 2004. Order #1511. I love this antenna. I mainly work 20 and 40 meters. I live in an antenna restricted neighborhood so run mobile only. I have worked JAs, Down under a number of times, and 2 weeks ago talked to Moscow, with a 5x9 signal report. To my delight breaking though pile-ups on the first, or second try (sometimes a little harder) makes it ok that I can only operate mobile. I recently got a new 2011 Lexus RX-350 and waited a month to let the new ware off and yep the 4/80 installed with the addition of a trailer hitch. My 5 rating is based on the talking ability of the antenna, the quality, I have had no issues since my ownership (2004). I am thinking about getting a 5/160- just to try the low band for once, never worked 160 meters. Besides a new car deserves a new antenna. Feel free to call or email for full description of complete mobile set up.
KC4GFW Rating: 5/5 Jul 12, 2009 09:56 Send this review to a friend
Wow!!! Hi-Q 4/80 RT MC-1  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
This is one of the best antennas I have ever owned. I am contastly amazed at all the DX I work with this. Since I live with antenna restrictions I am using this as a base antenna mounted on a tripod with radials. First contact was with a YK on 40 meters, other contacts on 40 were a A7, A6 all with 100 watts. Worked 25 countries on 40 meters during the 2009 IARU HF Championship just casually working some of the contest.
This antenna is very well made and will last a life time.
N6ZOA Rating: 5/5 May 2, 2009 16:54 Send this review to a friend
I can now honestly say there is no better mobile HF antenna  Time owned: more than 12 months
Five years ago I began my search for the best HF mobile antenna I could find. After spending many hours online looking at all the different armature HF mobile antennas, I came to believe that the Hi-Q 4-80 was the very finest money could buy.
I spent a lot of time just comparing all the numbers for the different HF mobile antennas available. I used Microsoft Excel to compare every single HF mobile antenna review online I could find. My research took me 5 months to complete. My wife saw me at the computer every night and said I was out of my mind to spend so much time looking for the perfect HF antenna for a car. I called all the places that built mobile HF antennas. I tried to get as much info I could.
Some builders I called told me that Charlie Gyenes builds the best, but that theirs was cheaper. No thanks I am looking for the best! I settled on the Hi-Q 4-80. It was the Hi-Q 4-80 for me because no other manufacturer even came close to Charlie’s numbers. Five years ago I drove to Charlie’s home and picked up not one but two Hi-Q 4-80’s, one for the wife’s car, she is (W6ZOA) and one for mine.
I am not going to mention any names but last year at field day a friend of mine parked his truck next to my little Subaru. I am running my HiQ 4-80 and he’s using a yeasu ATSA 120 Screwdriver on his truck. We are both running 100 watts. Sitting there next to each other, he is in his truck and me in my little Subaru, I hear a base station back east on 40 meters, his signal was a good 5-9. In the pile up I called the guy and got him on the first try and he gave me a 5-9.
I looked over at my friend and said now you give the guy a call! He grabbed his mike and called and called and called and nothing. All I know is that size doe’s matter, Hi Hi, So much for those cheesy little mobile HF antennas. With only 100 watts out I need all the help I can get. I hear a lot of stations tell me that they didn’t know I was a mobile.
I have spent the last five years using the HiQ 4-80 on my little Subaru then I installed it on my new the Ford Expedition. I waited a long time before I wrote this review. I can now honestly say there is no better mobile HF antenna available anywhere. With the high level of workmanship, premium materials used, superior quality, and a coil design with the utmost in efficiency and performance, I am a very happy Ham. I know it would not have been the case if I had settled for one of those cheaper made antennas.

73’s de n6zoa Bernie
KG3V Rating: 5/5 Apr 19, 2009 18:19 Send this review to a friend
Very well made and a great performer  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Ihave the HI-Q 4/80 antenna. I give it a 5. This is very well made in terms of materials and machining. I bought a mounting plate with the antenna, drilled one hole in my bumper and the antenna is now installed on my Ford Ranger pickup.

My first use was for a State QSO party, so I used it mainly on 40 and 80 meters and was not trying for DX. The bands were not good but I got very good signal reports, including a few "great signal for a mobile" comments." I really like the fact that there are no external moving parts to worry about. The large coil is a little narrow-banded, requiring some tweaking as you QSY, but the performance more than makes up for this.

Buying a screwdriver antenna for mobile use is a project, not a simple plug-and-play, but I would highly recommend this antenna for your mobile "project." I think a controller with Presets is a must with this type of antenna.
W6YOO Rating: 5/5 Nov 26, 2008 14:46 Send this review to a friend
Wow! What an Antenna  Time owned: more than 12 months
I am very lucky at the Visalia DX Convention every year and a number of years ago I won a 4-160 that Charlie donated. I already had a High Sierra mounted on my Ranger so I used the HiQ on a tripod at street fairs and the like. The HS went south when I smacked the side of my garage door and a friend N6SD helped me mount the HiQ on the Ranger. As Charlie lives less than 50 miles away I drove up, met Charlie, and purchased a numbeer of accessories to add versatility. Wow! I work DX on any band that's open both CW and SSB. Like TIMEX it has taken a beating but keeps on tiking; however, I recently creamed it and had to send it to Charlie for repair and upgrades. Charlie responded immediately to my emails and I look forward to remounting the antenna and chasing DX while mobile. I like the antenna so much I recently acquired another to use with a tripod mount for special events. 73, Harry, W6YOO
KB2NAT Rating: 5/5 Jul 4, 2008 15:44 Send this review to a friend
Good Effort By Charlie With Me  Time owned: more than 12 months
I actually went through two TAD's (Tune-A-Dipoles) before getting my final addition: the 2.5 TAD. One of the 3-inch pair's moors ran at a different rate than the 2nd; its replacement--a manual 5-inch dipole--grew mold inside; and Charlie replaced that with what ever I wanted (I finally opted for the 2.5-inch TAD. Each one was shipped immediately and each email was answered quickly. It IS true that one needs to know something about mobile antenna systems, but there is an email source that answers questions. I small coil or variable cap helps the SWR at lower freqs, and the biggest issue is generally appropriate grounding. I don't doubt that Charlie gets frustrated, but he overcame it (as well as my ignorance)with a good result. The product is excellent and I use mine for non-mobile use and experimentation.
KC7YRA Rating: 3/5 Jul 4, 2008 12:36 Send this review to a friend
Antenna good, service poor  Time owned: 3 to 6 months

Bought this antenna almost 6mo ago. After many different homebuilt and commercially available HF mobile antennas, I selected this one. I must say that the antenna itself is a marvel. Once installed correctly it performs very well. I get GREAT reports from 500+ miles out on 80 and 40 during the day. Many many people say "are you sure your mobile"

My downsides for the antenna are strictly from the people (charlie) selling it. First DO NOT let the website fool you. This antenna cannot be made PLUG AND PLAY as some of the packages advertise. I expected a pain in mounting and getting it to work right and I was correct. It takes sound understanding of antenna principals and electrical theory to get this to work properly.

If you have a problem getting it to work correctly (or have any question in general like "I ordered this antenna 2 weeks ago and I was wondering when it would ship") be prepared to get a grumpy Charlie. When I called and cracked open my wallet to order it he was happy to serve. When other calls were made that were not making him money he was less than obliging. And if you have any polite suggestions or feedback, Just keep that to yourself as they do not want to improve their product.

In the time that I have had this antenna it has seen from -20F to 110F (this is Wyoming after all). It has been down our interstates at 100MPH and sailed down bumpy dirt roads without even a whimper. It has some VERY minor things I would change around which I feel would make it better but thats all.

Great product but not real happy bout how my communications were received.

P.S. If you have trouble getting the antenna to stop at the resonance point with a 12v switch, Build a voltage step down and put it into the control box on a 2nd switch. I did this with 6v and I am able to get PERFECT SWRs on any band I want. Also recommend a shunt coil. Makes it way better.
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