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Reviews Categories | Receivers: General Coverage | Grundig YB-550PE Help

Reviews Summary for Grundig YB-550PE
Grundig YB-550PE Reviews: 8 Average rating: 3.9/5 MSRP: $99.00
Description: Grundig's newest AM/FM/SW portable digital receiver
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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You can write your own review of the Grundig YB-550PE.

K6ZZZ Rating: 4/5 Apr 1, 2009 04:35 Send this review to a friend
Did I get lucky??  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've had this radio about a week, but that's enough for me to give a brief review.

My 550 is a reconditioned unit from Universal Radio. I paid about $45+s/h for it.

The Bad Part first...
The telescopic antenna is VERY flimsy, in fact UR had to send me a replacement radio due to this. Universal Radio has EXCELLENT customer service. Also the little prop-up stand that snaps onto the back is flimsy...but its annoying to know that it will never last the life of the radio. No big deal tho!!

Now for the GOOD part...
This radio is an awesome buy for $45, hands down! My unit receives great on all 3 bands (AM/FM/SW). I'm in central Iowa and (on AM) I'm listening to stations in Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, several in Texas, Oklahoma, Winnepeg, Toronto...and the list goes on!!

On FM I hear new stations that I won't normally hear in my truck...that's kinda fun to hear.

On SW, the big guns are always there...WWCR, WBCQ, RCI, RHC, too much to post here.

All in all....I got a whole lotta bang for my buck!!

I'm very happy with this little radio!!
MARTESQUE Rating: 4/5 Sep 30, 2006 18:17 Send this review to a friend
One year later...  Time owned: more than 12 months
With satellite and HD radio moving in on terrestrial radio’s stage, I thought I would update the previous review of this particular Grundig (Eton) offering before it permanently fades from the market. As of this date, both Universal Radio and Amazon still offer the YB-550PE at a nice price and if you’re looking to add another radio to your collection, this one is very worthy of consideration.

One year after the review below, I've found that this is the portable radio I’ve used the most. (YB-400PE and Sangean ATS-606AP the others) Although I still prefer the other portables for specific usage, the YB-550PE has become the all-around favorite for a couple of reasons. The love-hate thing still appears on occasion, but as I’ve grown more tolerant of this radio's weaknesses, I've come to really appreciate this radio’s strengths.

The biggest strength of the YB-550PE is performance on the short wave band. Excellent capture day and night with 200 memories to keep track for those of us who don’t keep Passport on the bedside table. Most importantly, the speaker’s tonal quality is the best for the human voice, even from those muddy signals coming from rogue broadcasters. (more on the speaker later) The YB-400’s full audio gives some signals “all bass” and I can’t understand what they’re saying. Over the years, I’ve found that the ATS-606’s antenna connection becomes ‘loose’ within the unit, causing fringe signals to jump in and out. (I own three and it’s the same across the board).

A year ago, my first complaint was with the sound from the speaker. At half the size of the YB-400, one can’t expect that full audio sound. But the amp to speaker ratio is well matched and provides plenty of volume indoors and out. As long as you’re not listening to an over-processed FM signal, this radio can be very pleasant to listen to.

I won’t re-review what I wrote below, because most of it remains fairly accurate, but to my somewhat surprise, this radio always seems to be first in line when I’m looking for a portable to play with. And with three AA lithium batteries, it keeps playing for 6 months of almost daily use!

So if you’re looking to drop under $100 for another portable, the YB-550PE will make a nice addition to the collection.
MARTESQUE Rating: 3/5 Sep 24, 2005 14:29 Send this review to a friend
I like it, I like it not  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I’ve had this radio for well over three months, two and a half months longer than it would normally take for me to assess any radio. At this point, I have come to the conclusion that I am in the middle of a love-hate relationship with the YB-550PE.

Right out of the box I liked the look of the YB-550. The horizontal shape and large display make for a handsome layout. But almost immediately the pluses and minuses added up quickly. It fit nicely in my hand, but the volume control was too low to operate by thumb or finger. I love the layout of the buttons, but they are a little stiff and some are quite small. The radio easily sits on a window sill or an outside table, but it’s just a little too big for any pocket.

When I first turned it on, I was definitely expecting a fuller sound. The few reviews I read spoke of a good speaker, but to my taste the sound is all mid-range. Because of this most AM and shortwave broadcasts sound very clear, but on FM music stations, I find the sound incredibly harsh and fatiguing. I realize audio preference is completely objective and if this radio is placed in certain parts of a room or outside, the sound can be quite acceptable. There’s no comparison with the YB-400 or even the Sangean ATS-606 with FM, but on shortwave the YB-550 has an edge because the grating signal fading is downplayed from the lack of high frequencies. I also think it makes a better bedside radio than the 400. The YB-550 offers a high-low tone switch, but instead of labeling the choices “news” and “music,” “muddy” and “shrill” might have been more accurate. A good pair of headphones produce far better audio (stereo too) when using the FM band.

For performance, the weakest band is AM and that’s too bad. This radio begs to be an AM dynamo. What the YB-400 is to smooth FM audio, on AM the YB-550 delivers solid clear voice. Even on FM talk stations, the sound is decent. Reception on shortwave is excellent and FM is superb. Yet the external jack only works for FM and shortwave! I live in an area of horrible ground wave conductivity so AM is poor on average but compared with the YB-400 and ATS-606, many signals just aren’t there. It’s not as bad as the Grundig Mini World 100pe which was completely deaf on the AM/MW band.

The love-hate relationship is exasperated with the FM band. The YB-550 features incredible selectivity between adjacent channels and is very sensitive for its size. There are some adjacent channels that come in clearly on frequency that not even the YB-400 can handle with fine tuning +/- .05. But the YB-550 is unacceptably susceptible to interference from VHF aircraft signals, at times completely knocking out the local FM signal! I haven’t experienced this problem since my old Panasonic in the seventies and that had the VHF band for aircraft in the receiver. I love the fine-tune wheel, but it moves too freely, especially when located in a spot where your fingers will bump into it often.

More pluses; 200 memories, large display, easy in-band direct tuning, signal meter when the radio is on and a battery strength meter that displays when the radio is off. (Shamefully, the YB 400pe has NO battery indicator). You can keep the backlight on constantly and it illuminates briefly every time you power up. You can set the radio to sleep with one station then wake to another! You can program the radio for the expanded Japan FM band. I’m probably the only one who does, but I do like the fact that the clock can be set to the 12 hour format.

More minuses; the radio starts in sleep mode and takes a good 5 seconds to power up. For constant play, you have to hold the button down longer. You can set the sleep mode as high as 120 minutes, so I guess this is a minor annoyance. Using the memory and pages requires frequent trips to the manual. Scanning through the memory pages requires a few extra steps. The detachable tilt stand needs to be detached prior to battery replacement. Completely opposite of the slow volume control of the YB-400, the YB-550 goes from 0 to ear-splitting in an eighth of a turn. At least up is up and not backwards like the 400.

I do like this radio and am using it often. Overall the feel is solid and battery life is good, but in this price range I expect a certain level of performance. The YB-550PE either exceeds handsomely or falls quite short.
BINGO142 Rating: 4/5 Dec 22, 2004 14:44 Send this review to a friend
Good reception, easy to use functions  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
These are a few remarks about this radio:
most of the functions like saving, scanning, alarm, etc, are very easy to set up and use. For example, to save a frequency to memory, just press twice the MEM button. To scan trough the saved frequencies, press MSCAN button once and then one can scroll trough all the stored frequencies. The automatic shut down function is enabled or disabled everytime at startup, which is also very convenient.
The wake up alarm couldn't be easier to set up, press one single button and the alarm is on.

Maybe it looks too easy to me because of the fact that I own a AOR 8200 scanner which is trickier to program, however, I think, one can get used to this radio in no time.
KF4WDZ Rating: 4/5 Mar 5, 2004 22:36 Send this review to a friend
good coat pocket radio  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
sw dx: 6/10
mw dx: 4/10
fm dx: 6/10
mw step:10 or 9 KC...1 KC thumbweel
sw step:5 KC...1 KC thumbweel
fm stereo (w/ phones)
mw sound: phones 8/10 sp 5/10
sw sound: phones 5/10 sp 5/10
fm sound: phones 10/10 sp 5/10

Got one (Tecson ver))off Ebay for use as a "walkman" w/ an extra (sw) thinking it was a bit smaller..sound on FM very very good through not the best for dx (Sangean DT200V is better) still ok for local and regional..sound is very good through phones...sw is not bad..does the job just fine for what it is.. I use it on 7415 (out of Main) in florida it has no problem with picking the station up with the rod ant..but with no b.f.o. it dosen't get alot of use on sw...if your looking for a radio to keep in your coat (too big for a regular pocket) with sw and don't mind the lack of s.s.b. ,or are looking for a "walkman" type radio with some volume and bass (very very good sound through phones) this is a good radio for you...if your into am/mw make sure you pickup one that is some I've seen online say the specs are 520-1620...(Grundig ver. 520-1710)
JUDAH_SMITH Rating: 5/5 Jan 6, 2004 15:43 Send this review to a friend
It a Grundig YB-400 mini-me  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
TECSUN PL-230 (also called the Grundig YB-550)

Digital PLL Shortwave Receiver

Have you searched endlessly for a review of this radio only to come up empty handed? Perhaps you were up late one night on Ebay, and saw one of these radios staring back at you and were wondering...."Should I buy it? Is it junk? Has anyone else purchased one?" Well I wondered the same thing. And searched the web endlessly only to find a few commercial reviews (which I rarely trust) and the occasion comment in a newsgroup. But in the end the radio was so pleasing to the eyes....I had to have one.

As with most if not all Tecsun brand radios they have to be purchased off of Ebay, as they are generally sent directly from Hong Kong to your front door. Have no fears. The vendor I used...e-mailed me back in excellent english, answered every question I had about the radio, and as promised he sent the radio AIR MAIL directly from Hong Kong to my front door. (He stated that 99 percent of the time the item would arrive within 10 days, and it did...even over the busy Christmas and New Years holidays.)

NOW on to the review. My first concern was that the radio looked similar to the old Grundig YB-500. Trust me. While the exterior may look the same, internally it is quite a different beast; if what I read about the 500 in PASSPORT magazine is true. The Grundig YB-500 was considered a poor performer. So do not confuse the two. In addition there is a Grundig YB-550, which is in fact the same radio as the Tecsun PL-230. Made at the same plant in Hong Kong. I prefer the Tecsun PL-230 version better, and here is why. Whenever you buy a radio from Tecsun directly, your getting the latest version of that radio. So any modifications and upgrades are always included. (Unlike the grundigs which may be bought in big lots and then sit on store shelves for months. This radio had a freshness date (date made) of November 11 2003. Only a month old. (On my Tecsun BCL-2000 there were in fact some modification to the radio...that had not been implemented on any but the latest Grundigs. This included a drift fix, and off button modification) In addition my Tecsun PL-230 comes with rechargeable batteries, that are actually recharged by the radio. (When I read the YB-550 manual it claims you can't charge the batteries in the radio) I quote directly from the document -

"USING RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES: Rechargeable batteries must be charged in their own charger. They will not charge inside the YB-550."

As I said the PL-230 DOES CHARGE your rechargeable batteries inside the radio. So this is definitely an improvement. Granted the radio's AC plug/Charger is designed for the Chinese 220v outlets, but have no fear....both Tecsun radios I purchased were sent to me with a USA 110v converter. *FREE* (a 10-15 dollar value) My third reason for buying Tecsun is price. I have bought two radios new on Ebay from a Tecsun distributor and both were anywhere from 40-60% cheaper than their Grundig doppelganger. (even after you factor in shipping from Hong Kong). So in review....

1) You always get the latest version of the radio (with any upgrades or improvements) Not one that has been sitting on a store shelf for a 6 months- a year.
2) With the PL-230 the rechargeable batteries are recharged inside the radio. (The YB-550 does not have this feature.)
3) Price (Tecsun radios are always cheaper, even after shipping from China.)


The radio comes with one PL-230 PLL dual conversion receiver. (I emailed the seller, who said he believed it to be dual conversion, so if it is single I apologize.) An AC Battery charger (which you can also use to run the radio off AC power. A very nice carrying case. A pair of earbuds (earphones, which I haven't used), 3 rechargeable batteries, a number of manuals (all in Chinese, so download a copy of the YB-550 manual from Grundig, it works exactly the same). A reel external shortwave antenna. And a neat little radio stand, so you can set up your radio on the table at a comfortable angle for viewing. I would rate the amount of extras that come with the radio as -



The quality seems to be at par with most other Grundig products. Comparing it with my Grundig YB-400. (the older pre PE version) the radio seems to be of similar stock. I purchased the black model, and the plastic seems just a little lighter, and slightly thinner than the old YB-400. But not by much. I think the radio will hold up well when traveling the world with you, assuming you don't drop it. The lighter plastic may be due to the fact that the radio seems to be designed to be very lightweight, and travel friendly. But in any case it appears to be a tad less sturdy. As portables go, I would still rate the construction as -



I buy shortwave radios for shortwave performance. I could care less about FM and AM reception to be honest. But in any case the FM performance is very good. I have heard a few complaints about AM reception, and I'm not sure why. The AM band seemed to be quite satisfactory to me. Not nearly as good as my BCL-2000, but certainly equal to the YB-400 in a side by side comparison. Now for shortwave. I set both radios on the kitchen table, side by side....and started tuning the shortwave bands. The YB-400 has for years been considered an excellent value, for those in bad reception areas, as it is one of the most sensitive portables you can buy in its price range of $149-199 dollars. So I am using it as my benchmark. (NOTE: both radios were being tested off the whip antenna) (IN ADDTION: PASSPORT has always rated the YB-400 very well in sensitivity.)
In my comparison I found that the PL-230 was almost always 1 signal level higher than the YB-400. If I was tuning the BBC at a signal strength of 3-4 on the was always 4-5 on the PL-230. I spent at least two hours comparing the two. And found that in all cases the radios were either at a dead heat. Or the PL-230 would edge out the Yacht Boy just slightly.
So I would rate the sensitivity on this radio as -



Crosstalk is not a problem with this radio. It does an excellent job of tuning in a selected frequency and allowing you to hear even the weakest stations, even if they are sitting next to a more powerful one 3 to 5 kHz away. The default filter is very close to what you get in selectivity when the YB-400 is set to its WIDE filter setting. FM and AM seemed to be at par with the YB-400, and selectivity on SW is rated as -



This radio is small, which already puts it at a disadvantage in the audio department. Small speakers often produce small sound. Happily the radio does provide a HIGH/LOW tone switch. Very much like the YB-400. As stated above the audio is very similar to a YB-400 on the WIDE setting. In fact when I was comparing the two I left the YB-400 set to the WIDE filter. The audio is good for the size of the radio. And very pleasing with a good set of headphones on the LOW setting. It is very close to the YB-400's sound quality, but the speaker size just makes the sound slightly less full, rich and mellow. However, it does have very good volume, and is quite good if your working in the kitchen or garage and need some room filling sound.
There is one additional item that needs mentioned in the sound department. AUDIO HUM. Most digital PLL shortwave receivers have this. And it often makes listening to weak stations very difficult, as their sound is drowned out by the HUMMING of the internal circuitry in the radio. This is not a problem for the PL-230. It is one of the quietest PLL digital radios I have ever tried. There is really no hum at all. (On batteries) Where as the YB-400 always had some audible HUM in my opinion. So for listening quality on weak signals the PL-230 always beats out the YB-400. Now when you use a walwart/AC plug with the PL-230....there is a very slight hum, it helps to move the radio away from where it is plugged in. But the HUM is very slight. And weak signals can still be heard well above it.
While on straight audio comparisons the YB-400 and PL-230 are close. I have to give it to the it has a bigger speaker...and a richer sound. The PL-230 still does quite well for its size. And there is no HUMMING...I rate the audio as -



*TUNES: FM: 76 -108 MHz
MW/AM: 522 -1620 KHz
SW: 1711 – 29999 KHz
*Adjustable Auto off Timer
*Alarm clock function
*Save up to 200 Frequency Memory locations
*Display light
*FM *Fine Tuning knob for tuning 1 kHz at a time
*DX/Local switch
*External antenna jack
*Lock switch to prevent accidental power on's and off's
*Direct frequency input via front keypad
*Can use rechargeable or standard AA batteries


Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches / 145 x 87 x 31 mm.
Battery: Uses 3 AA size 1.5V. Battery.
Weight: approx. : 225 g. / 8 oz. (without battery)

The radio is very light and only uses 3 batteries as opposed to the YB-400's 6.


Obviously from the above information this radio is an excellent receiver for the price. But physically it just looks cool too. The vertical layout of the radio is a very nice change. And the radio is designed in such a way as to be small without looking cheap. It looks like something a secret agent might carry with him as he travels the globe, and the design is very hand-held friendly. In the looks department this radio is one of the nicest looking modern portables I have seen.


The buttons all seems a little stiff. And the tuning up/down buttons get tedious to push over and over when trying to bandscan. Granted the radio has an auto-scanning feature. But the ear is always superior to electronics when it comes to scanning for weak signals. So bandscanning with this radio is not as pleasurable as say with a TECSUN BCL-2000. What adds to this is the CHUFF CHUFF noise that comes with all PLL digital radios. That little silence when you change the frequency does get annoying. But that is not an issue with just the PL-230....rather with all PLL tuned radios. I find that I use the fine tuning knob to actually bandscan through certain areas I know are full of stations. But it is slow, and still makes the CHUFF CHUFF noise. So if you just like scanning around the dial to see what's out there, you may find this radio rather frustrating. In which case I would strongly suggest the Tecsun BCL-2000. No CHUFF CHUFF, and it is a bandscanners dream.
I should also mention that this radio has NO SSB. No lower or upper side band support at all. Which is disappointing. As I think, since the fine tuning knob is already there, it would have taken very little to add a switch for USB/LSB. So this radio is a broadcast SW radio only. NO HAMS will be heard on this jewel. Just know that going in. I personally find that listening to HAMs occupies only about 10 percent of my overall shortwave listening time. So for me it is no great loss. And of course I have a YB-400 and a DX-394 for that if I get really desperate. If you’re simply into broadcast listening...I.e. BBC, Radio Havana Cuba, Radio Japan, etc....this radio is just what you want. Tecsun seems to really gear their radios to making the broadcast listening experience the best.


For the price this radio is an excellent buy. You won't be disappointed as long as you know what you are getting going in. The radio itself is an attention grabber. And people will ask you "Where did you get that cool looking radio?" The sensitivity in the SW department really impressed me. And I might include the fact that I often use it around a ton of computer equipment (monitors, UPS, CPU towers, printers, etc.) and I get very little interference, if any from those devices. So it is nice if you plan to use it in an office environment. I find it to be ever enjoyable to use, and the sound while not as rich as bigger radios, is quite pleasant for the size, either through the speaker or headphones. Get yourself a good shortwave frequency guide, and this radio is a dream to play with.
So if you want a small, rechargeable GRUNDIG YB-400 at almost half the price, but minus the SSB support, this is it. It’s a Grundig YB-400 mini-me.

PS. I live in a very poor reception zone in the United States. Deep in the Southwest. So for all you people living in bad SW reception locations....I feel your pain. This radio is a good choice.

Lightweight, great for traveling
Very Sensitive
Cool Looking
Nice audio for the size
Rechargeable batteries that recharge in the radio

No SSB support
Bandscanning is a pain
Audio could be a little fuller, but size makes that difficult
Buttons are a little stiff
Manuals are all in Chinese (but English are available for the YB-550)


AUDIO = 8.1
KG4YJR Rating: 4/5 Nov 3, 2003 13:47 Send this review to a friend
A good radio for the price.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
So far I'm pleased with mine. It picks up stations better than my Sangean ATS-818 and is of much higher quality than a new Sangean ATS-909 that I recently purchased and sent back immediately (see my review on that radio on this site). It also receives better than my eTraveller VII and having the keypad is a huge advantage over the eTraveller which sells for the same price but has no keypad. Typical small speaker sound but I was expecting that. I recommend it.

NR3G Rating: 3/5 Oct 14, 2003 22:38 Send this review to a friend
Good FM/SW but VERY POOR AM sensitivity  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
First let me say that I own the following Grundig portable AM/FM/Shortwave receivers in addition to the recently purchased YB-550PE: FR-200, Traveller VII, YB-300, YB-400, S-350. I include this information so as to provide comparison information.

I found that the YB-550PE has good FM and shortwave sensitivity and is comparible to the Traveller VII and YB-300 receivers. Learning how to PROGRAM the receiver memories DOES take a bit of getting used to and I found that I had to refer to the instruction manual over and over again until I became comfortable with the process.

My only major complaint with the receiver is it's VERY POOR AM sensitivity. I find that AM stations that are normally heard by comparable Grundig Receivers (the Traveller VII and YB-300
and YB-400 models)are almost totally INAUDIBLE on the YB-550PE. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the particular receiver that I own or if the problem is pervasive in the Model itself, but one would think that a $99.00 receiver would at least be comparible to its companion receivers in sensitivity.

In short, the Grundig YB-550 has good FM/SW capability, but I would only purchase the radio for these qualities ONLY!


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