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Reviews Categories | Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop | Comet CHA250B Help

Reviews Summary for Comet CHA250B
Comet CHA250B Reviews: 131 Average rating: 3.7/5 MSRP: $449.
Description: The Comet CHA250B broadband vertical antenna will amazingly cover 75/80 meters through 6 meters with no gaps! Transmit range is 3.5-57 MHz and receive range is 2-90 MHz. SWR <1.5:1. This 23.5 foot vertical requires no radials and weighs only 7.1 lbs. The antenna consists of five sections of aluminum tubing that slide into each other. The bottom section has the matching network built-in. Only two simple measurements are required during the easy assembly. It can handle 250 watts SSB and 125 watts FM. SO-239 input. Mounts on a 1 to 2 inch mast (not supplied). Rated for 67 MPH wind survival.

Product is in production.
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W6ZSL Rating: 1/5 Aug 23, 2019 22:43 Send this review to a friend
good for receiving  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
got one for use field day. It works well on receive as it is very quiet. Background noise is almost non-existent. Much like a terminated beverage or mag loop. Signals that barley move the S meter are quite readable. The bad news is that ALL signals barley move the S meter. I did get only 1 contact: he was a local station S9+20 on a random untuned wire. received a signal report of readability 3 and strength 3. 100 watts of transmitter power causes significant heating of the matching transformer in a very short time. Keep your transmissions short and use very low duty cycle modes. Limit your power to about 10 watts for digital modes. It would work better if the matching transformer is by passed and the high swr is addressed with a good tuner. Might be useful for WSPR - maybe. You'll certainly qualify as a "weak signal".
W4AFJ Rating: 3/5 Nov 2, 2018 13:36 Send this review to a friend
Fair  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have had my Comet CHA250B for about 2 months. I also installed a Carolina Windom 40 Compact Dipole around the same time. The Comet is at a respectable 42ft. The dipole is about 40 ft high between 2 trees. I have an Icom-7300 with an antenna switch. When switching between the two, there is absolutely no comparison. The $169.00 dipole outperforms the Comet by a wide, major, margin. The $400 Comet lags in both the transmit and receive category. The dipole only requires 34ft horizontal width, and works on all HF receive frequencies extremely well. On transmit it is very, very, good, on 6m-40m bands. If you have 34ft between two trees or structures, buy the dipole. Half the price and 2-3 times the performance.
K6GBW Rating: 4/5 Oct 30, 2018 00:01 Send this review to a friend
Solid  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I realize this antenna is a compromise. But I have a limited amount of space and some nosy neighbors. That required that I keep the overall impact to a minimum. I dug a three foot hole in the backyard near a tree and cemented in a ten foot water pipe to use as a mast. I mounted the antenna on the pipe about seven feet off the ground. No radials or anything else. Then I ran 75 feet of RG8X and right to my Yaesu FT991A. The on-board tuner makes short work of tuning it up on everything from 80 meters to 10 meters. The antenna works fairly well on 40 and 20 meters. I'm able to check into nets all along the west coast from Los Angeles and I routinely talk up into Vancouver.

On 80 meter I can get in "okay" to a local net that covers CA, AZ, NV and OR. The noise is pretty low and I have power lines nearby. It may not be the best antenna in the world, but if you don't have space or supports for big wires then this will work.
KE0RYF Rating: 5/5 Oct 27, 2018 03:29 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding Antenna  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Bought this antenna from another ham, though it had never been set up. Incredibly simple to set up. Took me less than 20 mins. Hooked it up, only about 3 off the ground, came back inside, and made an immediate contact 535 miles away. Got a 599 report. Ive checked SWR on all bands from 80 m to 6 m, all are 1.1or less!
The plan, taking advantage of promised great Fall weather tomorrow, is to replace my vertical dipole with the Comet. The mast Im going to mount it on is 20 tall, so I may figure out a way to shorten it to 15, to keep the top of this antenna just a bit lower than the clouds!
Granted, my time with this antenna is limited, but I am quite impressed with it. Would love to make some overseas DX contacts!
KB6HRT Rating: 5/5 Jul 4, 2018 17:35 Send this review to a friend
It is what it is.  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Don't drive to HRO anymore, so have to get things delivered an think about what I want a lot more, less imposes buying, anyway Installed my CHA250B it replaced an A99 that had been up 25' to its base, very easley, used a 100' of RG8X and my ham friend made a coil out of about 25' of the excessed RG8X at the base of the mast, no CMC needed so far. A quick an early morning an we were finished an Gray Line was still happening on 40m an i could test the CHA250 against 3 different 40m antennas on receive in Gray Line, all four antennas were within an S unit or 2 from each other. A 102' G5RV an two resonant dipoles one N to S the other E to W . The CHA250 is a viable antenna for use on 40m for my little antenna farm, 75m its about 3+ S units from a resonant dipole, an other wire antennas I have up. still could hear lots of stations. On 20m it down about the same as 75m but again some station came in very strong and it was the same as the G5RV an my MQ26 mini beam, for what I was looking for it covers all bands, an makes the grade an will fit in well at this QTH. Happy 4th of JULY 2018 to all my HAM brothers and sisters in the good old USA
an 73s..................kb6hrt
KB5FLF Rating: 5/5 Jun 27, 2018 19:51 Send this review to a friend
Great Antenna  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I usually don't write reviews but this was an amazing experience. My HF loop antenna needed to be replaced as I lost one of my antenna supports.(See review on Red Bud trees) There is not a lot of room at my home and I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I chose the CHA 250B after researching all possibilities.

I purchased this antenna from Associated Radio in Overland Park, KS. Great people! It took less than 30 minutes for me to assemble and erect the antenna.

My first contacts were made on 20 meters with a station in Alberta, CA and a station in Connecticut. All 59 reports. The next day I made contacts with a station in Portugal and several stations in the U.S. I have worked several stations on a net on 40 meters with similar results. I am using an ICOM 706, at 100 watts, and all contacts were made without a tuner. My meter shows SWR of 1:1 up to a max of 1:1.5. Truly amazing. I can switch frequencies or bands without having to use a tuner. (My Palstar looks lonely.)

So far my experience with this antenna has been amazing. It is economical, simple, and works! I would highly recommend this antenna for a newly licensed amateur or an old veteran who needs a simple replacement antenna.

AC8JU Rating: 3/5 May 19, 2018 23:23 Send this review to a friend
Better than expected.  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I used the Comet for two months, twice as long as planned. As preface, I've been buying, building and using antennas for 50 years. I took down a Butternut to make room for this, and have now put it back up.
I bought it to test it. On face, it seemed the Comet must be pie in the sky, but there was still something about it. I just waited until one came along cheaply enough to consider it expendable. As it turns out I'll be keeping it, but will not be using it right away.
I'm getting older, and must be realistic. Already my Doctor is telling me to stay off ladders. I do hope to get a few more years out of the Butternut before I have to stop going outside to adjust it in the middle of winter nights, and I'd really like to use my tribander for the peak of cycle 25, but after that I'll be over 80. The idea of a no-tune HF antenna has become irresistable.
At first I used it for SWLing. It was great, nearly as effective as my low 100 foot wire. Very encouraging.
It seems to be an OK receive antenna. Not a Butternut, not even a Hustler, but OK. It's fairly sensitive, and quiet for a vertical. Almost loop-like. Yeah, I know a compromise antenna will just lower the noise along with the signal, but there is more going on here. Transmit function is not as good but still useful. A 100 Watt station that I give a 5x9+ to will return a 5x7 or so. Folks who know me don't seem to notice the difference. One asked "You running barefoot again?"
I have not worked any DX. It sorta feels like working 40 with a conventional multiband vertical, tuned for mid-band, but operated out at the band edge with 60 feet of RG-58 and a sweaty autotuner. But it does so all the way from the top of ten to the bottom of 80 without complaint, attention or a tuner. I can't test it on six.
One technical surprise: Remember the Butternut that stepped aside to allow my test? It's domain is a ground mount over 36 radials, all 34 feet long. A forty meter field. The Comet doesn't like that. It gives me a 3:1 SWR on 40 until I disconnect the radials leaving only the ground rod. Go figure. Installed that way all the other bands suffer. The Comet likes radials but does not want them resonant. Next test I'll try it up higher on a mast without any radials - like the instructions say.
Conclusions so far? It's way better than I expected, and seems well suited to my intended future use. Looking forward to trying it at QRP where it's big unun won't be running at saturation.
One thing to avoid: Never use it to check into your low band WAS net. Not unless you really enjoy being laughed at.
KK6YO Rating: 5/5 Apr 9, 2018 10:28 Send this review to a friend
Great antenna  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Ok, I have read all the reviews and searched for all information regarding the Comet CHA250B antenna.
Amateur radio operator for 40+ years (still learning) I received the antenna this past weekend and installed it on my roof on a professional vent mount. 3 5' poles in which I installed the CHA250B on to. Attached 100 foot RRG8x and ran the coax into my shack. After reading all the reviews that were pretty evenly rated the antenna from "POS" to "Dummy load" to "My inverted "V" works better than this horrible antenna.
You can stop here because I am going to give it straight and honest:
After I put up my antenna I tuned to 60 meter band (CH1) and it was about 6PM this last weekend. I immediately heard guys talking at a +9 signal and immediately gave a call. My reports were 59+ in San Francisco and the same in Arizona. I Live in the greater Los Angeles area. So that is one band down: Fast forward to this morning 4.09.18. I am on 40 meter most mornings on 7.155 morning group. My reports were 599 all the way down to 51. Some were better on my Bazooka and some better on the vertical. My first contact this morning was to my friend VE7LX who could not tell the difference between the Comet Vertical and my bazooka (599). All this was on 100 watts. (i usually use my SB-200 on the Bazooka) So sorry for the long report but I feel that a honest approach to this antenna is best.
40 meter - great
75 - meter great
60 - meter was great.
Remember this antenna is rated for 250 watts so don't push your luck.
Finally, when the sun cycle comes back, I honest feel that you will not need any other antenna if you are a casual "AMATEUR" like me . Great antenna.
73 to all
Jerry - KK6YO
W6KMG Rating: 4/5 Mar 8, 2018 00:06 Send this review to a friend
It works  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
I acquired the CHA250b some months ago. I was looking for a vertical to mount on a 10' mast bolted to the side of my garage. The mast was already supporting another (wire) antenna, and looked like a great place to mount a vertical.

Not much room for radials, the way things are laid out, and I wanted a fairly light weight antenna. The CHA250b kept popping up in my searches. It seems like the ham community really has a love hate relationship with this antenna. I was a little hesitant that it can only handle 250w, but until i get an amp it shouldnt be an issue, and I dont work digital modes, so overheat shouldnt be a concern.

Assembled in a snap, hoisted the antenna up to the roof and mounted by myself. I placed a CMC 330 1k rfi choke right between the antenna and 50ft of lmr400 to the radio. Found low swr on every band with no tuner. Mast not grounded, no radials, no ground to antenna, only the coax. I have it guyed at only one point, and it recently survived 40+mph winds for a whole day plus.

I get good signal reports 80-10m. Mind you, my 80m contacts are mostly regional, and I only use 10m for local nets due to current band conditions.

On 40 and 20m, Ive made several DX contacts including Venezuela and Suriname, however the old addage "you can work them if you can hear them" does not apply here. A couple times since installing the antenna I could hear a far off station that could not hear me. Perhaps adding some radials would help, I currently have none.

I recently had a chance to attach a Rig Expert AA54 analyzer to my antennas thru their respective 50ft lmr400 feed lines. I found the CHA250b to be right around 2:1swr on 80m, 40 and 20m bands were under 1.2:1swr, and everything from 7 to 54mhz was under 1.5.

Swr sweep across the 80-6m bands was not anywhere near that good on my "no tune" wire antenna.

So ultimately, this is to me, a solid 4 star performer. Sure, its no woopty 5000 super dx death beam, but you already know that. It is a lightweight, low power handling vertical antenna for compromise installations that will enable you to make contacts with your ham radio transceiver.
KG4RUL Rating: 2/5 Feb 26, 2018 19:19 Send this review to a friend
Maybe  Time owned: more than 12 months
I had the opportunity to do an A-B-C comparison of this antenna with a Diamond BB7V (similar design and construction) and my 24 foot flagpole with 12 short radials. IF this is the only antenna you can have then it is a good antenna and the same goes for the Diamond. Compared to the flagpole, stations that were heard clearly either were barely heard or not heard at all. On the transmit side, while it was able to use the on-board tuner in a TS2000, same with the Diamond, the performance on transmit was nowhere near that of the flagpole which required a wide-range auto-tuner to use at all.
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