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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | ICOM IC-7000 Help

Reviews Summary for ICOM IC-7000
ICOM IC-7000 Reviews: 352 Average rating: 4.2/5 MSRP: $TBA
Description: HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver.
2 × DSP
Digital voice recorder (DVR)
Improved AGC loop performance
2 × MNF (Manual Notch Filter)
2-mode band scope
2.5-inch color TFT display with TV screen receive capability
Remote control Microphone
Digital IF filters

Available mid 2006
Product is not in production.
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VK2CRB Rating: 2/5 Jul 31, 2016 01:02 Send this review to a friend
Heavy EMI in 144 Mhz  Time owned: more than 12 months
I always been a Yaesu man, no matter what. But this was June 2006 in Singapore and the Yaesu box was heavy and big to bring back to Australia. Hence I decided to buy Icom for my very first time in my life. First I had to do a microphone mod. Second every time I TX on 2 metres a great TVI is produced. Never knew why. This is now 2016 and the rig is in the box. Never to be touched again.
I have an FT8900R, that bought in Singapore as they are B3 and already that. To prove the point I TX in 2 metres at full power, with the same antenna, same cable,etc,etc, that I used to use with the IC7000 and no problems of any kind. Ok, the FT8900R has got a proper N connector and not a PL259 as the ICOM but I use an adapter PL to N since as I said, I used the same set up.
It is a mystery as to why the problems happens in 144 Mhz with the Icom. No dramas in 54 or 440 (have a Diamond Tri Bander antenna). So this will be the last time I buy Icom.
KE4AMQ Rating: 1/5 Jun 29, 2016 08:39 Send this review to a friend
tx stuck  Time owned: more than 12 months
I haven't used the rig in a while turned it on tx rx works fine on vhf and uhf but hf is stuck in tx mode no more icoms for me the are junk
G4CIB Rating: 4/5 Feb 27, 2016 08:59 Send this review to a friend
A Bit Like The Curate's Egg  Time owned: more than 12 months
A few years ago I was asked to dispose of the station of a deceased amateur and the only item I did not sell was the IC7000 - so I bought it just to "clear the decks" but well aware of some of the problems as reported in other reviews on eHam. It came with the 70cm band showing low power - about 4 watts. My local amateur "Mr Fixit" confirmed that the pa devices needed to be replaced, although DC junction checks showed they were still transistors he suspected they were multi-junction devices with some junctions open-circuit. He also reported that virtually no heat-sink compound was evident when the defective transistors were removed. Fast forward to a few months ago and the HF output dropped dramatically and once again my local "Mr Fixit" came to the rescue and replaced the HF PA transistors with the following comment "very little heatsink compound was used (as Gordon Ramsay would say “walked it through a room with a pot of heatsink compound in it”) also the screws holding down the transistors weren’t very tight." All is well now and the rig runs noticeably cooler. I'm beginning to suspect that this lack of heat-sink compound and poor mechanical assembly during manufacture was common. Also I concur with comments re the ghastly in-line fuse holders. A week or so after getting the rig back from the latest repair I noticed that the 50MHz output had dropped by about 20 watts but 160-10 was a full 100 watts. I checked that the blade fuse contacts were bright - they were - but one of the fuse holders felt warm. As an experiment I chopped out the fuse-holders (yes - I know - very dangerous) - and lo - full output. The slightest drop from 13.8 volts and the power drops. I will in due course replace with full-whack automotive fuse holders/fuses. Other than that (!!!!!!!) the rig has been fine and a joy to use.
KA1KLO Rating: 5/5 Feb 6, 2016 07:14 Send this review to a friend
INCREDIBLE  Time owned: more than 12 months
In 8 yrs. Having owned 5 see Utube, in Van, Boat, Golf Cart, Go Boxes and never without one in my Coal Bin amongst 22 pieces of Icom rigs & access. The Icom ic 7000 is incredible and will never be replaced, The technology, quality construction, versatility, reliability, flawless displays and ease of operation with 26 buttons that create over 80 commands is the only rig with band stacking of 3 favorite frequencies, each including mode,pl/ctss/ preamp/nb/Duplex. I have the 7600 with band stacking and cannot even put 2 frequencies into one memory. 10 and 6 meter FM repeaters you have to work in the Split Mode a real Pain. I have one 7000 moded for WFM, NFM, TV, Mars and more. The 7000 is what keeps an old fart like me up with this digital world. Thanks Icom. Please manufacture the IC 7000. Thanks for reading healthy 2016 Hams
Sincerely, John
ZL3SV Rating: 0/5 Sep 14, 2015 18:10 Send this review to a friend
Great at blowing finals - Kenwoods on same Antennas no problems  Time owned: more than 12 months
I bought a new Icom 7000 and its blown the finals twice. By Contrast my Kenwood TS 2000 and TS 480 on the same antenna work fine. I have LDG 200 watt ATU tuner but the Icom blows up on tune so since the last lot of new finals were installed its power level sits at 50 watts.
K6MTS Rating: 5/5 Aug 7, 2015 23:03 Send this review to a friend
Great Rig, I have TWO!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I love everything about this radio. Still running my first one mobile with ldg tuner. Every time I see that display or filter out some yahoo tuning up it brings a smile to my face.

Love it so much I purchased a second one on Ebay, UHF was not working (thanks jackhole seller) so I sent it to MTS in WA to correct and check over. So far works great.

If you are looking at a used 857d vs the 7000,(I also have an 857d), imho it is very much worth the extra $ for the 7000. If you have a chance to pick one up, go for it. Highly recommended!
NS3L Rating: 5/5 Aug 6, 2015 06:53 Send this review to a friend
Great all band all mode rig.. Very Versatile...!!  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've owned two IC-7000's and recently sold one to a local ham who needed a great startup rig..

As a contester, the IC-7000 is now working my second position powered by a Samlex 1235M and linked together with a microKeyer II. I now have at my disposal a very advanced system for any mode or band I want...

I can't say enough about the ability of this rig.. It's very versatile in capable hands.. One just needs to become efficient with it as it's a mobile rig with many menu options and operational settings.. You just can't expect to learn this radio in 24 hours.. There's a learning curve but once you get acclimated, it's a breeze to operate and it performs...

Having 100 watts on HF, and 50/35 watts on 2m/70cm in both mobile and shack operation is a proven strength as the number of additional DXCC's I worked alone using the 7000 both in the car and in the shack stands for it self... Properly set up this rig produces great results.. I've never had a problem with either 7000 failing for any reason and I've owned them for over 8 years..

It's a well known fact that the stock HM-151 unmodified mic is not great.. I urge anyone considering using the stock mic have it modified and get the AB5N mod done.. It makes a ton of difference..!!!

Plenty of power on all bands and modes.. I especially like the fact that the 7000 can work both 2m and 70cm all mode... That has afforded me the ability to work VHF/UHF contests and along with my IC-7600 at location 1 gives me full rounded out capability.

In my car I use a TurboTuner 7000 and either a Little Tarheel II or a Tarheel 75 and the unit produces full power without having to modify the car with a massive alternator and extra oversize batteries in the case of some who wish for 200+ watts.. If you need that capability then pull over and deploy a generator to run that much power...No need to over burden the car alternator and drain the battery.

Would I buy another... Yes.. It's sad that Icom discontinued the 7000, but one important thing to remember to those who think to bash the rig for one reason or another.. Consider this...

The average resale prices of used 7000's have held steadily over time.. Running at around $1K... That tells you something about the 7000. When they're for sale, they continue to command a high price.. That's because they aren't all that bad after all and continue to be a well liked performer...

I speak from experience..

Steve NS3L
KC6RCM Rating: 4/5 Aug 5, 2015 11:15 Send this review to a friend
Pleased.  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have owned my IC-7000 for over 5 years and have not experienced any mechanical issues to date. It is used primarily for VHF weak signal work and performs well for that purpose. The unit will run warm, but a small fan helps to keep it cool. Like other owners, I had the stock microphone reworked by AB5N.

I'm sure most agree that to give an honest review requires ownership, not hearsay.
KQ4KK Rating: 4/5 Aug 4, 2015 16:50 Send this review to a friend
OK, in its time  Time owned: more than 12 months
I've had all the 706 series ICOMs. When the 7000 came out, years ago, I bought one. It was much better than any of the 706 radios. At the time it could pick up the US TV stations. Wife liked that to watch the Washington Redskins. That of course all went away with Digital TV.
It was great at the time. The 7100 replaced it. The 7100 has a MUCH better receiver than the 7000, tho it does not have the great color screen. The 7100 with a SD slot, touch screen and better receiver is a worthy replacement for the 7000. NEITHER are "contest" grade radios for HF or VHF/UHF. That's what ICOM sells the 7600/7700/9100 for.
M0SDB Rating: 4/5 Aug 4, 2015 13:14 Send this review to a friend
A flawed gem  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
I bought the IC7000 predominantly as I wanted to contest on VHF / UHF. So, I traded in my Kenwood TS590S (which I was pretty disappointed with) and came home with a sparkly second hand 7K.

I used it a lot and liked it a lot. I made my first proper DX QSO's on it and there is an awful lot to like.

The filtering is effective; particularly the dual notch (name me another non-SDR radio for sensible money that has dual notch) and when used with the dual PBF allows you to dig signals out of the dirt.

OK, its not the world's quietest or most sensitive receiver but with the filters used sensibly and sympathetically it does a fine job.

Whilst I was not inundated with complimentary audio reports I was never given poor reports either, even with the much maligned stock mic.

So, to the flaws. This was always going to be a desk based radio for me so I knew I would have to rummage around the menus a bit and to be fair to Icom they have done a really superb job of structuring them so they make sense and have used what little real estate there is for buttons to very well indeed.

It is relatively quick and easy to change the major settings *but* it is not as quick as having proper knows and dials which does become tiresome.

However, this is meant to be a mobile rig so fair enough to a point but the major flaw is that the rig just isn't very good mobile or /p.

Its too power hungry and runs too hot in confined spaces.

So Icom have ultimately made a very fine desk based radio with plenty of really good features then hobbled it by putting it in a mobile chassis.

Or, they have tried to make the mobile rig to end all mobile rigs but in the process have made it too complicated and too power hungry for its intended purpose.

All in all I did enjoy my time with the 7K and it you are in the market for a small desk based radio then I would highly recommend giving it a go.

But for me the menus were just too much work for prolonged base use however well thought out they were.
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