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Reviews Categories | Transceivers: HF Amateur HF+6M+VHF+UHF models - not QRP <5W | ICOM IC-7700 Help

Reviews Summary for ICOM IC-7700
ICOM IC-7700 Reviews: 129 Average rating: 4.5/5 MSRP: $6999.95
Description: Description: The ICOM 7700 200W HF/6M has been introduced at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention. ICOM has followed all the success of the beautiful IC-7800 with the smaller, single receiver IC-7700. It utilizes two separate 32-bit floating point TI DSP chips, has a 7-inch wide TFT display, built in RTTY/PSK31 receive and transmit using a USB Keyboard interface, external video connection, high res spectrum scope, plus high voltage MOSFET 200 Watt PA.
Product is in production.
More info: http://
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You can write your own review of the ICOM IC-7700.

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IK1VQY Rating: 5/5 Feb 5, 2018 05:43 Send this review to a friend
Great Rig   Time owned: 0 to 3 months
In the past I owned TS-850, then Ft-1000MP, then Ft-2000 and lastly FTdx5000MP. Two months ago I bought a beautiful ICOM IC-7700, used but checked and revised completely by the retailer and with a one-year warranty.
I had never used ICF HF devices but I have to say that there are no comparisons. Excellent receiver, excellent sensitivity and selectivity, NB and NR extremely effective, much more than the other devices I had, even the FTd5000MP which is still an excellent radio. Extremely intuitive in use and settings. Excellent sound from the internal speaker, excellent control of headphones even at high impedance.
Truly a great radio

In passato ho posseduto TS-850, poi Ft-1000MP, poi Ft-2000 e per ultimo FTdx5000MP. Due mesi fa ho acquistato uno splendido ICOM IC-7700, usato ma controllato e revisionato completamente dal rivenditore e con garanzia di un anno.
Non avevo mai usato apparati HF della ICOM ma devo proprio affermare che non ci sono paragoni. Ottimo ricevitore, ottima la sensibilità e la selettività, NB e NR estremamante efficaci, molto di più degli altri apparati che avevo avuto, anche dell'FTdx5000MP che è comunque un ottima radio. Estremamente intuitivo nell'uso e nelle impostazioni. Ottimo audio dall'altoparlante interno, ottimo pilotaggio di cuffie anche ad alta impedenza.
Veramente un'ottima radio

W5KG Rating: 5/5 Jul 23, 2017 08:27 Send this review to a friend
Great So For  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have had the 7700 but about a month and a half, but have I have enjoyed the big rig. I had an IC-7600 and I had trouble seeing the screen and adjustments on the face. So I sold it and bought an IC 7700 from a one owner for $2800 shipped. He also sent the invoice and warranty repair slip. In talking with about problems, he told me he bought it HRO in 2009 and had to send it to replace the finals under warranty and had not had any trouble with sense.
He ran it a max 200w with no problems.
So I tuck a chance. Now, with the use of the monitor I can see the screen very well and due to the size see most of the controls.
To sum up , very nice receiver with plenty of noise reduction.
Great transmit audio too.
I have used TT Orion, FTDX 3000, FT 2000, and the IC 7600. Better than them all!
Don, W5kg
G3OZN Rating: 5/5 Feb 17, 2017 06:04 Send this review to a friend
A great rig  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Two recent rigs were Kenwood TS940S and Yaesu FT1000MP MK V field, both very good in their time. The IC 7700 is a totally different rig, the 200 watts and internal PS with RTTY & PSK inbuilt is great, I am hearing stations on 160m (same antenna) and working them that I have never heard or worked before. The filtering on receive is excellent allowing me to dig them out of local band noise, and with the Icom desk mic I am getting some wonderful audio reports. Will report back in a few months time.
N0UY Rating: 5/5 Feb 4, 2017 18:53 Send this review to a friend
Well Worth the Wait  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have been wanting one for about 5 years now. I owned the IC-781 in the past and have always missed that large radio with knobs and buttons for the common items you adjust during a qso. I bought a nice used 7700 from a fellow who told me everything about it's service record and the upgrades that have been done. I operate CW most of the time but have found it to be a very nice rig on the phone band also. The firmware was several upgrades behind so I brought it up to the current version 2.1. Now it's like a whole new radio with additional features easily accessed. Many people have told me that since it doesn't have dual watch feature it won't be a good DX chaser. Well I spent some time using another model of radio with the same XFC button feature and find it very useful and less confusing during those undisciplined pile-ups. It is a real plus for me and I wouldn't change a thing. I think I have found an exceptional radio for all of my operating needs. Highly recommended. BTW, as for all of you guys that need to have the latest and greatest, Thank You. Your desires for everything new has helped to bring the cost for a used rig such as this down to a level where guys like me can muster up enough cash to pull it off. Finally. Best Regards, Ray
W8NIC Rating: 5/5 Dec 27, 2016 14:39 Send this review to a friend
THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!  Time owned: 3 to 6 months
After owning several different radios of different brands I find this ic-7700 to be the best in it's class and this is comparing to the top radios out in the market. Size, rx performance, a beefy 200x output, and good looks, what more can one ask for. The only down side to most is the price. Then again, you get what you pay for. I haven't owned an ic-7851 but I prolly will stick with the ic-7700 for a while.
W5API Rating: 2/5 Jun 4, 2016 16:59 Send this review to a friend
Way too many problems and HIGH REPAIR COSTS.  Time owned: more than 12 months
First I would like to say there are some amazing features and functions built into this radio for a 10 year old design. I bought my IC-7700 from a local dealer new and was very pleased until I was 3 months out of warranty and the PA Finals died. I sent it to Icom at my expense which was hundreds of dollars insured via FEDEX. Then I had to pay many hundreds of dollars for the repair, remember 3 months out of repair. Got it back after my wallet started limping and it worked correctly for about 6 months at which time the powersupply died. Went through the same process again. This time I decided I was not going to be a victim any longer!!!! When I got it back, I sold it immediately in working condition for a significant loss. I was a 25 year customer of ICOM but no more. What Icom should have done was offer an extended warranty contract for say $250 per year and I would have gladly paid it. There is definitely too much risk associated with this radio.
M1WML Rating: 5/5 Mar 31, 2016 12:59 Send this review to a friend
great radio..  Time owned: more than 12 months
what else can I say....
great radio. well done icom...
ZS5WC Rating: 5/5 Jul 24, 2015 03:59 Send this review to a friend
Bold and Beautiful!.  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Placing an Icom IC-756 next to the IC-7700,is like parking a Japanese compact next to an F650!.
The sheer size of this rig -(and weight) kind of caught me by surprise-but then, I like them big and bulky!.

AS a norm, I would normally equate good performance to size, having collected and restored many older rigs and the bigger units normally don't disappoint!. Cooling certainly won't be an issue if you look at the size of the Chassis / heatsink.
Plenty "horsepower" under the hood with the 200w out,and the processor audio with the Heil PR-781 on Transmit does not disappoint!.
Having a HV PA also helps as the IMD levels on transmit are very low-and you can hear this on the air.

The receiver is super smooth sounding, does not irritate the eardrums like some of the other receivers out there, and the audio reproduces well on the external loud speaker.

The Close in IMD on Receive is better than I need, selectivity is good, and the white noise levels in the receive audio is very low. (Could be a bit lower-but then I am picky..)

The NOISE BLANKER has me confused, sometimes it works as described in the manual, sometimes I get a large POP! in the RX audio when a light switch gets turned on or off-and my other rigs don't do this--So will keep on fiddling until I get it better or working well. Just irritates me like a dashboard rattle-sometimes it's ok, sometimes not.

DSP works fine-I normally don't require or like to use DSP, but when needed it certainly makes a difference.
The Internal tuner works great as well.

I would have liked a POWER adjustment in the MENU, because when you excite a modern Solid State amp, you have to twiddle the power and drive knobs to reduce the drive level. For instance, on the TS-590s you would have pressed the menu button, scrolling to "power", turning the selector knob to right level, and exiting the menu. Very quick operation.
Also would have been nice to record a received signal on air and be able to play it back to another station, whilst someone is setting up his station.

Great Big Rig, still learning to "drive" it properly-but very happy with the IC-7700, my only real complaint is the Noise Blanker, but who knows, I might find a way to set it to suit my conditions eventually.
73 de William
NW3Y Rating: 5/5 May 4, 2015 18:16 Send this review to a friend
Great radio !  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I've had Icom's before and because of my happy experience with those, I choose to upgrade my station with the IC-7700 and IC-7600 (see seperate review). The IC-7700 is a "beafy" rig. Nice to have 200W output, a 7.0" screen that is surprisingly helpful, several RS232 ports, 4 SO 239's out for antenna choices, great design and good ergonomics, easy to use menu that can shape stuff going out as well as coming in, good roofing filter options and DVK and CW outputs that record four individual output transmissions. Recordings and playbacks are way too easy with this radio. Coming from an older contest rig, its nice to be able to connect and use the cw keyer, in a contest, in conjunction with the cw programing. There are tremendous options with this radio and I find it very user friendly. The comments on the audio quality and crispness continue to be impressive from other stations. Did I mention it has a super nice binder for the operating instructions which is easy to use and understand? I'm very happy with this radio and look forward to putting it through its paces in a contest.
N7AIG Rating: 5/5 Jan 31, 2015 10:41 Send this review to a friend
Two Thumbs Up!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I'm no stranger to premium radios, and this one reminds me strongly of an R&S SIGINT receiver I used back in the 1980's. This is a big and heavy radio, and exudes professional test equipment quality. And like the old R&S RX this one also allows (but doesn't require) an external frequency reference.

While it may seem like yesterday's technology, the IC-7700 is yesterday's tech pushed to its ultimate in performance. And it has been around for 6 years now, so the bugs have been worked out. This is a good point to dive into the new purchase if you don't want a bleeding-edge tech experience. And for the money this beast cost, I'll stick to tried and true.

I mostly listen to my radios, and I do a lot of precision frequency measurements. So I was curious to see how this radio behaved.

Hooking up my external Rb reference gives the radio instant-on with stability and accuracy limited only by its internal DDS architecture. And that architecture is complex, so no easy formula to figure out what its micro-offset will be for any tuning dial setting. But I measured Rb/GPSDO stability of +/-0.5 mHz (that's 0.0005 Hz !), and tuning accuracy of 0 to -0.06 Hz.

The internal clock does *not* rely on the external reference, as it showed about 0.5 sec gain after 24 hours.

The spectrum display is interesting and probably adequate for its intended purposes. But it does not compare to the kind of display I'm accustomed to with my Funcube Dongle + HDSDR on the computer. (Of course it takes a Pentium class computer to provide such a display, and the IC-7700 only has a high-end Texas Instruments DSP chip. DSP's are terrific for raw signal processing, but not geared to computer displays and GUI's).

The spectrum display is a kind of traditional swept analyzer with adjustable sweep speed and sweep range. The resolution bandwidth is internally kept to its optimum setting in relation to those two parameters.

In contrast, the Funcube HDSDR display is a real-time FFT in high resolution.

So what's the difference? I'm more accustomed to FFT's, but they aren't really better or worse for this purpose. A very short signal burst might be missed by a swept analyzer if it happens at large enough separation from the instantaneous analysis frequency. An FFT would catch it, but if it is very short in duration, the accuracy of the display would be poor. All you'd know is that something happened in some region, but not exactly sure where and how strong. Personally, I do prefer the FFT all-at-once kind of processing, but that probably reflects my upbringing.

And so I do run my Funcube dongle with HDSDR in parallel with the IC-7700. I can click-tune on the HDSDR waterfall and my IC-7700 instantly tunes there too, and vice versa. But in a pinch, you could easily fire up the IC-7700 solo and have a total blast with it.

In comparison to other rigs that I know -- I started with an IC-756, then IC-756 pro III, then IC-7600. The IC-7700 is the professional-grade top of that line, with deference to its big brother, the IC-7800. I haven't used or touched a 7800, but I understand the 7700 is the same radio inside -- just one of them instead of two.

If you have an IC-7600, then you have about 90% of the IC-7700. What's lacking is the 48V finals, 3 dB of extra top power, solid build quality (and heft!), direct Ethernet connectivity for easy remote operation through just a router, external frequency reference, and probably some slight edge in front-end quality. Otherwise, the IC-7600 is very much the same in features. Certainly, the same IF DSP processing, almost to a "T".

For myself, I'm happy that I took the plunge to the IC-7700. But unless you are a techie and devoted scientist and engineer, it probably would pay to stick with the IC-7600. (You could get two of them for the price.) Plus, you get Dual Watch on the IC-7600, which is consciously lacking on the IC-7700.

All in all, two thumbs up.
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