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Reviews Summary for Sangean PR-D5
Sangean PR-D5 Reviews: 13 Average rating: 4.5/5 MSRP: $99
Description: AM/FM RDS Portable radio. 6 "C" Batteries. AC adapter. "Humane" alarm wakeup. 5 am, 5 fm presets.
10.75" x 5.33" x 2.67" in size
Product is in production.
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SWMAN Rating: 5/5 Apr 2, 2019 15:51 Send this review to a friend
Really Good  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
Just bought one of these recently and I really like it. Was only 74 dollars at Universal Radio. Reception is very good and very selective. Real easy to use and program. Makes a good alarm clock radio also. The audio sounds great with the small stereo speakers. Good for AM DXing at night also.
RENTON481 Rating: 5/5 Feb 5, 2015 09:34 Send this review to a friend
Great all around AMDX & FM radio with AUX  Time owned: 6 to 12 months
Like many others, I heard about the PR-D5 on various radio forums, particularly AM DX forums.

I saw the radio in a local box store, and decided to buy one. I'm impressed.

To start with, the PR-D5 is probably the most sensitive and selective AM radio I have. I'd really like to give it a 4.5 rating, because it's tight selectivity cuts a little of the fidelity on AM. Aside from that, it's an excellent all around radio.

On FM, you get decent performance. I am not an FM DXer, just a casual listener. But it pulls in the same number of stations my other FM radios do.

On AM, it's terrific. The radio's twin coil 200mm loopstick and SiLab 4731 digital IF chip work together to pull in stations. The SiLabs chip itself has adjustable bandwidth, but the PR-D5 doesn't offer that option, and the bandwidth seems to be pre-set on the PR-D5 at 4 khz -- which is terrific for DXing adjacent channels, but the trade off is you lose some treble response. You don't notice it quite as much over the speakers as you will on headphones.

You can DX using the PR-D5 with an external loop, inductively coupled. However, the radio works best if it's placed at least 6 inches or more from the external loop. There seems to be a soft mute function built into either the DSP chip or the AF chip that mutes slightly and then fades up to full strength when peaking a signal. This can be frustrating until you place the radio 6 or more inches away, and peak the external that way. For some reason, having the radio closer to the loop makes it more difficult to peak the signal.

I notice maybe 1-2 DB boost from an external loop, so it will work. It's just not as quick a process as using a loop with a Superadio or other portable. Keep the PR-D5 further away than usual, and you can use an external loop with it O.K.

The headphone jack is the radio's chief weakness. It has dropping resistors on each channel. This means that when using headphones and DXing a weak signal, you don't hear enough signal, even with the volume cranked all the way. The simplest solution is to wire a mono jack in parallel with one of the speakers. I used the right speaker, as it has the most room near it for putting a jack into the back of the radio. As soon as I did that modification, it was like night and day.

As the AF chip has thermal protection built in, you don't have to worry about the chip being damaged by this mod -- and I've never had to drive the radio very loud while using headphones. The speakers are on, but very low volume. The AF chip is a 1 Watt chip (it puts out roughly 600mw normally through the speakers) -- and it has more than enough power to drive the headphones this way without damage to the chip.

The clock function is handy, I use it frequently while DXing. The radio is adjustable between 9 khz and 10 khz steps on the AM band. It has five memories on each band, which are handy to use as on the fly, scratch memories.

The AUX IN function is really useful, especially for people like myself who have a tablet with internet radio streaming capabilities. The PR-D5 has plenty of volume, and the two 2.5 inch, 3 Watt speakers together put out a lot of sound.

Battery life is fair to good -- If I DX with the radio on batteries every night I get maybe two weeks from a set of heavy duty C cells. The AC adaptor that comes with the radio seems to be the non-switching variety, and puts no noise into the radio.

So far I haven't had any issues with build quality. If one needs to take the back off the radio it comes off very easily, and easy to put back together. It seems to be designed really well.
SM4KAS Rating: 5/5 Dec 29, 2014 14:21 Send this review to a friend
Outstanding AM-receiver  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I got the PR-D5 as a Christmasgift from my wife and all I can say is that I am very impressed by this little radio. I run it with an AN-200 from Tecsun. Who would have thought this equipment could be used for advanced DX-ing on AM?
N1KW Rating: 5/5 Jul 17, 2014 13:38 Send this review to a friend
Better than a 5  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
My PR-D5 is without a doubt the very best portable (if not the best in general) MW broadcast receiver I have ever used, period! The sensitivity is better than the best of the high end portables in my collection. It actually outperforms all my communications receivers connected to good wire antennas on the MW band. The RF circuits appear to track the receiver frequency very well as the sensitivity is consistently good over the entire band. Just as important is the selectivity which is also outstanding. They probably have a very respectable filter in the IF section. Not a single "birdie" was heard anywhere on the band, either.

FM performance is as good as any other high quality portable. Then again, who cares about the FM broadcast band anyway?

My only complaint is that the display backlight can not be switched on continuously when running on auxiliary power for night time/bed side operation.

For the MW band performance alone, this radio deserves more than a "5" rating!
VK2GJF Rating: 5/5 Apr 16, 2012 21:35 Send this review to a friend
Excellent AM radio  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I recently bought this radio after reading many reports of its AM performance despite it being primarilly a domestic AM/FM receiver with no pretenses for DX. Can I say that I totally agree with whats been written on its AM performance! I am a collector of radio, have been for years, am a member of both the HRSA and ARDXC and have owned many radios so I know radio. I have been astonished by its ability to receive AM stations on its built in ferrite rod antenna and for readers from Australia, from my location in a Central West NSW Regional City, I can hear 2WEB Bourke and ABC Western Victoria in Horsham both over 600kms distance in daylight! The usual "marker stations" used to determine how good a radio performs are 2DU Dubbo and 2CH Sydney and both these stations are received with no problem! Of a night, I have heard China on 606khz with good audio! The selectivity is good for a domestic radio, could be tighter but then again, it wasnt designed for DX. Audio is average, a bit muddy but you cant expect too much from the speakers. FM is, at best, average. The filtering is way too wide for any DX capabilities, a bit of a disappointment here, but for listening, it does the job ok. There are many radios capable of better FMDX than this one, so if thats your primary interest, look elswhere, however for AM DX, you cant beat it! Except a communications receiver and a good extenal antenna of course. Although I pitted it against a Lowe HF225 connected to a G5RV dipole and it matched receiving 2WEB Bourke! In summary, if you want a high performing AM radio, you cant beat this one!
SCANNUT99 Rating: 0/5 Mar 4, 2012 21:50 Send this review to a friend
Very dissapointing  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I am a radio buff and had high hopes after reading all these reviews. This is a poor radio. Maybe a cheepo office radio or alarm clock at best. The tuning steps on am are 10 and there is no fine tuning or external antenna input. The FM sound is iffy and the RDS is useless because it goes in and out and even when it is on, the light goes out before you can read the slowly moving text. A dx radio? Not at all. Even local stations that are powerful on my other radios come in scratchy. The radio has no tonal ability so you can not modify the sound. (Bass and Treble) FM has 1 frequency tuning steps but am goes from 710 to 720 and again, there is no fine tuning. The built in Ferrite needs a loop such as the Terk but there is no external antenna options. It is easy to use, but so what? What good is an $80 radio if it is no better than a $14.00 radio? I returned mine the next day.

I should have known when reading one review that compared this radio to the Grundig 350dl. Raise the bar folks, that radio was laughably bad.
KB0GXM Rating: 4/5 Jan 31, 2012 07:43 Send this review to a friend
Updated Review  Time owned: more than 12 months
My earlier review stated the radio went dead. Well, it came back to life after a few weeks. beats the heck out of me, but I think it is only fair I update my review because the PR-D5 has been used quite often, and is a very hot AM DX portable.
FM is not as hot, but i like the fact that it has RDS, and can update the clock on the radio.
Yes, it uses batteries very hungrily, but If mine broke tomorrow, I would buy another.
I just wish Sangean had a little bettr customer service.
W2SNJ Rating: 5/5 Dec 9, 2011 23:56 Send this review to a friend
Nice  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I have owned this radio for less than a week and am very impressed with it. The sound quality is phenomenal, on both AM & FM. Even though this radio is sold as a portable, I feel it's more geared as a table top radio, reason being, it's kind of heavy, to be carrying around, and 2, there's no strap or handle to carry it about. I feel that this is the best substitute for not having to spend $500 on a Bose.
SAILCAT Rating: 5/5 Mar 31, 2011 20:20 Send this review to a friend
Well Done!  Time owned: 0 to 3 months
I recently purchased a Sangean PR-D5 with the expectation that its AM reception would be, excellent...based upon the many positive reports and reviews I've read on the internet. I am happy to report I was not disappointed. Thanks to its 200mm ferrite antenna, this little powerhouse is able to pick up distant AM stations with no detectable noise or distractions and without interference from other signals. It may be worth noting that I live in rural area and reception can be an iffy proposition for many radios, but the PR-D5 makes it look easy. FM reception is also very good and I can easily pick up all of the stations to which I enjoy listening. The controls are blessedly simple and intelligently laid out. The display is large, easy to read, and thankfully clear of the annoying clutter that takes up unnecessary space on the displays of so many radios these days. Sound quality is very nice for a radio of this size, as well, making the listening experience quite pleasant. Construction quality seems to be good with no loose bits, mystery rattles, or unexplainable hitches in its operation. To sum up, this radio does exactly what I want from a portable radio, with no bad habits, and at a very fair price.

I recommend the Sangean PR-D5 very highly.
TUBESAREKING Rating: 5/5 Oct 7, 2010 08:43 Send this review to a friend
Superb AM DX portable  Time owned: more than 12 months
I have one that I bought a couple years ago, and I liked it so much I bought a second. Very sensitive on AM - much more so than a Sony 2010 on AM, a GE SR II or III, etc. The equal of my freshly de-oxited Panasonic RF-2200. This thing is brutally sensitive: 500 watt CFSX 300 miles away at noon during mid summer. Disclaimer - many of the 300 miles are over salt water, but still.

I do sympathize with the reviewer who had his lock up. These things are made in China and QC is not exactly a priority, IMHO. So, do pay heed to his opinion. I have a poorly performing C Crane Radio 2 to prove that Sangean can let junk move out the factory door.

So, like any modern made in China wonder, you gamble. Get a good one and you have an awesome AM DX portable. Get a turkey and hope you can get a refund.

PS - I'm burning in the second one so I'll be pretty sure tht its ok before giving it for Christmas! An extensive burn in during the warranty period is a good idea.

Phil VY2PR
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