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Review Category: Antenna parts, accessories, incl. baluns, hardware, etc.

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
100KHz-1.7GHz Full Band UV HF RTL-SDR USB Tuner Receiver/ R820T+62020-04-1866.99(3.3)
3M Temflex Rubber Splicing tape22022-04-29$2.88(5)
AI4JI Voltage Balun12017-05-02$58.95(5)
AirBoss Antenna Launcher72023-02-28$69.99(4.9)
Alpha Antenna 20-80M Enhancement Kit for the ICOM AL-705 Antenna22022-04-05199(5)
Alpha Antenna SR-705 knob with .25” shaft42023-03-1519.99(5)
Alpha Antenna TM-705 Tripod Mount for the ICOM AL-705 Antenna12020-12-1249.95(5)
Alpine Antenna EZ Lifter RV Mount12016-05-23425.00(5)
Amidon - AB-240-250 Antenna Balun Kit12017-04-2338.95(5)
AMIDON W2FMI Balun Transformer72009-08-2469.95(3.6)
Andy-crimp multi-crimping tool22014-06-13varies by kit(5)
Anli TA-1NMO Antenna Mount12015-07-21(2)
Antennas-Amplifiers Power Divider Combiner Splitter12018-01-31110(5)
AntenX 1:1 balun12010-11-0129.95(5)
Array Solutions 50:75 ohm transformer22001-10-3185 for standard SO239(5)
Array Solutions Baluns402018-06-27Varies(5)
Array Solutions Line Isolator12006-06-2392.00(5)
AS-25-DIN 2:1 50 to 25 ohm Balun12011-05-17350(4)
Balun Design 9:1 for long wires antennas82020-10-12$82.95(5)
Balun Designs122022-08-18$78.95(5)
Balun Designs 5kw 1:1 Feedline Isolation112021-02-24$61.95(5)
Balun Designs 2:1 (100 to 50 ohms) Balun 1.5 - 54 MHz - 2kW - #22014-07-12$92.95(5)
Balun Designs Hybrid Balun #411612018-03-0392(5)
Balun Designs #4114-OCF 4:1 Current Balun32019-05-30$81.95(5)
Balun Designs 1151 1:1 ATU Current Balun12020-03-25$68.95(5)
Balun Designs 1171 1:1 Tuner Balun 72022-08-18Apprx $80 each(5)
Balun Designs 1:1 Feedline Isolation Balun432021-02-2449.95(5)
Balun Designs 1:1 Maxi Choke Balun Dual Core Model 116DT12023-05-2294.95(2)
Balun Designs 4130sv Unun22022-08-11$46.95(5)
Balun Designs 4:1 balun372014-12-1954.95(5)
Balun Designs 4:1 Current Balun 1.5 - 40 Mhz for Dipole / Yagi 332014-04-0666.95(5)
Balun Designs 4:1 Unun #4134s132020-09-1978.95(5)
Balun Designs 6:1 Current Balun 1.5-30 Mhz 3kw Multi band - #61112008-11-0395 - 100(5)
Balun Designs Best 1:1 Balun 1.5 - 35 Mhz Dipoles & Yagis 5kw -162014-12-09$62.95(5)
Balun Designs Combo Balun for OCF Dipoles #4115ocf12013-06-19$97(5)
BALUN DESIGNS Dual Core 4:1 Current Balun 5kw Teflon #4115172016-07-1697.95(5)
Balun Designs FCP Transformer suggested by K2AV22012-08-2982.95(5)
Balun Designs Max Choking 1:1 Isolation Balun 1 -54MHz 5kw152022-07-21$79.95(5)
Balun Designs Mod III 4:1 Tuner Balun 1-30 MHZ 4 KW112014-12-0977.95(5)
Balun Designs Model 1110cu 1:1 QRP Isolation Choke/Balun12012-09-2445.95(5)
Balun Designs Model 55131e For End Fed Half Waves22020-06-2194.94(5)
Balun Designs Models 4125 and 111312016-12-01$60 - $80(5)
Balun Designs QRP 4:1 Balun52011-06-21$46.95(5)
Balun Designs Unun\'s and custom builts242020-05-03Quote(5)
Barker and Williamson BC-712002-08-2275(5)
Bencher ZA-1A 1:1 Balun52018-02-0139.95(5)
Beverage Antenna Wire12015-05-23$0.06 per foot (5)
Buddipole TRSB22009-08-0279.00(5)
Bullet Senior End Fed Antenna12019-05-31169.95(1)
Bux Comm Master Match Baluns112014-06-03$44.95(2.3)
Buxcom UnUn22009-12-2719.95(3)
Buxcomm 1K41WINDOM Balun12017-04-2349.95 at the time, now $69.95(4)
Buxcomm Black Diamond balun32016-11-07(1.7)
CAL-AV Baluns132011-09-1640.00 EB-1(4.5)
Centaur B11W10-5042008-02-2560(5)
Centaur B11Y10-50 1:1 Yagi32008-08-0954.95(5)
Centaur B41LW10-5062003-04-3064.95(4.5)
Chameleon CHA DIY MAGNETIC LOOP STARTER KIT22017-04-2399(5)
Chameleon JawsMount42022-10-0439(4.8)
COMET CF-360 DUPLEXER32014-07-23$69.95(5)
Comet CK3M and CK3M5 series of Mobile Coax assemblies12005-06-0737(1)
COMET CP-5M GRB-5M 12014-08-1169.95(1)
Comet duplexer cf-416A32020-11-0449.95(5)
Comet HD-5M Lip Mount22017-07-1469.95(3)
COMET-NCG TYANTPF Vehicle specific fender bracket, no holes to d12016-11-05$19.95(5)
Comtek Systems Array Controller12005-09-27(5)
Comtek W2FMI Jerry Sevick Series Baluns192017-02-2549.95 to $89.95(5)
CWS ByteMark 2:1-HB10012006-04-1659.95(5)
CWS ByteMark BAL-100 2:1 Balun12010-07-02(1)
CWS ByteMark BAL-12.5 4:1 Balun12007-11-3039,95(2)
CWS ByteMark BAL-200 4:1 Balun12007-09-2639.95(3)
CWS ByteMark BAL-50 1:1 Balun12007-10-0439.95(3)
CWS ByteMark HBH50 1:1 Balun Transformer22005-11-2549.95(2.5)
CWS Bytemark HBHT20012003-08-17(4)
CWS ByteMark HMMU50 UNUN12004-01-1879.95(5)
CWS UN-5.5612011-08-24$49.95(2)
Cycle 24 Galvanized Economy Saddle Clamps 12016-07-20$3 - $8.50(3)
Cycle-24 Aluminum42012-08-05(5)
Daburn Insulators12013-03-2018.47 in singles, $14.77 qty 25 (5)
Davis Rope and Cable - Dacron Double Braid Rope32020-12-19 Varies(5)
Diamond BNC to SMA Converter12022-04-03(2)
Diamond BU-50 1:1 Balun (1.7 - 40MHz)42015-07-1452(3.8)
Diamond BU-55 1:1 Balun (3 - 75MHz)12014-12-03(3)
Diamond HRKS Adhesive Backed Mobile Mount22017-11-0869.95(5)
Diamond K400 Antenna Mount22022-01-0673.95(4)
Diamond K550 Luggage Rack Mount12005-12-19$64.95(5)
Diamond MX-72D12019-02-0446.99(5)
Diamond MX72N Duplexer22016-03-1849.95(2)
Diamond S1 bi-directional mast bracket12013-07-2829.95(5)
DX Engineering - Hustler Vertical add-ons12011-10-25(5)
DX Engineering Aluminum22015-03-25Varies with size(5)
DX Engineering Baluns672020-11-2029.95-79.95(4.9)
DX Engineering Boom to Element Brackets32013-08-214.99+(5)
DX Engineering Coaxial Connector DXE-PL25922017-12-262.75(3)
DX Engineering Copper Strap Bonding Clamp DXE-MSC-312013-07-2638.95(5)
DX Engineering CW Optimizer Capacity Hats12013-06-02$59(5)
DX Engineering Feedline Current Chokes112016-12-0749.95+(5)
DX Engineering Fiberglass Poles22014-04-19Varies, depending on diameter(5)
DX Engineering Hairpin Matching Systems22006-12-2624.95(5)
DX Engineering Hot Rodz™ Capacity Hat Kits32011-10-0737.50+(5)
DX Engineering misc antenna components/parts62014-09-26(5)
DX Engineering Radial Wire Biodegradable Anchor Pins STPL-100BD12021-03-21(1)
DX Engineering Set of 5 Guy Rings12012-12-03$7.95 for set of 5(5)
DX Engineering Super Duty Saddle Clamps52013-01-2129.00+(5)
DX Engineering Tilt Base Antenna Mounting System32015-10-2061.95 - 106.95(5)
DX Engineering Tinned Copper Braids12013-07-26Varies, depending on width/lengt(5)
DX Engineering U-Bolt Saddle Clamps112017-05-123.99+(5)
DX Engineering Vertical(s) Pig-Tail12013-07-2016.95(5)
DX-Wire HF chokes22009-07-27(5)
DXSR T-500 Balun12005-12-05(0)
Easyup "Y" Chimney Mount22005-09-0824(1)
Elecraft BL1 150-W, 4:1 or 1:1 Balun92005-05-2425(5)
Elecraft BL2 250-W Balun with 4:1 / 1:1 Switch82014-05-1535(4.6)
Electret Microphone kit 12022-04-2515(4)
Erickson Engineering LMZ-5032012-09-0910.00(5)
EZ Hang252019-02-1289.95(3.8)
G Whip 9:1 Unun12014-09-08£25.00 plus p&p(5)
G Whip Balun262020-04-0935 GBP(5)
Gulf Alpha Yagi Mounting Brackets12012-02-18(5)
Hi-Q Giant Quick Disconnect12012-09-0575 - 85(5)
Hy Power Antenna Company GU4-HF-5KW-S 4:1 Balun12019-03-1483.95(5)
ITA MTFT22007-01-1350(2)
Jetstream JTBAL11CG12020-08-1137.95(4)
Jetstream JTBAL11G22020-02-18$37.95(2.5)
Jetstream JTCE1 42015-05-1714.95(1.5)
K1FZ 2-Wire Beverage Boxes12010-11-03$135 for the pair(5)
KG7RO Baluns72010-09-2315 to $25. USD(5)
KISS SSB Counterpoise22017-01-22145(2.5)
KX3Helper Throwing Line Kit12014-04-1126.96(5)
LDG External 4:1 and 1:1 baluns352014-10-1030(3.5)
Mastrant Guy Ropes182021-12-13from 17 / 330ft(5)
Max Gain antenna fiber glass spreaders12019-08-02(5)
Maxcon Line Isolator32018-11-23$39.95(3.3)
Maxgain Systems Inc. fiberglass masts22016-03-31(5)
MFJ 911 4:1 Balun32012-01-16$19.95(3.3)
MFJ 912 4:1 W9INN Balun Box162022-09-0969.95(4)
MFJ Bias Tee DC Power Injector72022-06-1334.95(1.6)
MFJ-343 GumDrop 3/8-24 Mount22019-05-079.95(0.5)
MFJ-4706 Coax Patch Panel12019-10-1389.95(4)
MFJ-915 RF Isolator302022-07-0629.95(4.3)
MFJ-916B Duplexer22018-09-26$24.95(4.5)
MFJ-916BM Duplexer22022-04-01$74.95(2)
MFJ-918 1:1 current balun132023-01-0928(3.2)
MFJ-919 4:1 Current Balun 1.8-30Mhz22022-01-2659.95(1)
MFJ2911 Yagi Boom mounted Balun22020-03-2239.95 USD(2.5)
Mobile Mounts12022-09-2212.95(4)
MTFT -Germany42020-02-0939GBP(2.8)
MyAntenna CMC 130-3K22019-09-30$79.95(4)
MyAntenna EFHW Antenna MEF Transformer (all models)42022-07-06varies(3.3)
MyAntennas CMC-154-3K12018-06-2979.95(5)
N9HRP 4:1 Balun for Windom/OCF Antennas 2KW12010-12-2629.95(5)
Nelson Antennas 9:1 balun102022-07-2037.99(5)
NI4L 1:1 dual core current balun 1500 WATTS RTTY, 5KW ICAS22023-05-11$79.95 and up(2.5)
ON7FU Baluns562022-11-2899 USD approx(5)
Opek AM-204-7C12012-02-04$29.95(5)
Opek AM-204-7SM12014-12-0534.95(2)
Palomar Engineering CB-4-1500OCF32023-04-22$139.00(1)
Palomar Engineers 1:1 Bullet Balun12022-03-1779.95(0)
Palomar Engineers 49:1 Unun22022-11-07$129(1.5)
Palomar Engineers Balun Kit BA-852016-04-1916.50(4.4)
Palomar Engineers Bullet72022-08-1549.95(4.3)
Palomar Engineers CB-4-1500AT42023-04-0185(1.5)
Palomar Engineers Common Mode Noise Filter CMNF-1500HF12018-06-1779.95(5)
Palomar Engineers MC-1-300042023-04-22$89.95(4.8)
Polyethylene Hexbeam Accessories12014-04-2220-40(5)
Powerwerx Programming Cable WXUSB12014-05-2818.99(5)
Premier Kites Fiber Glass Pole12012-04-18(5)
Radio Works212017-03-0649.00(2.5)
Radio Works RemoteBalun12012-08-2265.95(5)
Radio Works T 4 Line Isolator22013-01-3147.95(0.5)
Radiowavz B11-ISO 1:1 Choke Balun12017-05-0445.95(0)
RadioWavz B11I Current Balun12010-10-2930(5)
RadioWavz B14cf 1:4 Current Balun22018-08-1344.95(4)
RAK 1:1 Balun Type BL-50A32023-03-08(5)
Rf-Systems MLB22018-01-1055euro(4.5)
ROHDE&SCHWARZ HF Übertrager (HF transformer)12010-11-26$250.00 USD(5)
Shakespeare Centrepin PL259 Solderless Plug 12021-11-19£11.50 plus postage(5)
Sigma Communications Baluns12005-11-07(0)
SILVER BULLET 1000112021-01-2160.00(4.1)
Sotabeams Antenna Wire Winders12021-10-12$7.99 each (from USA vendors)(5)
Spi-Ro CE-1 Deluxe Center Connector22012-09-079.95(5)
Spiro PB-1-C52017-07-2424.95(3.4)
SSS Solution (Antenna Hardware)12016-01-0838.50(5)
Super Antenna TM1 SuperMount Low Profile Tripod for Portable Anr12017-10-19$69.99(5)
TEN-TEC ACRO-BAT Antenna Connector & Hanger42014-05-16$10(4.5)
The Antenna Ranch AR-1:1b Current Balun22012-10-1449.95(5)
The Antenna Ranch Radial Plate42012-07-0935.00(5)
The Antenna Ranch UNUN12012-03-2949.99(5)
TRX-80 adjustable antenna coil12012-04-1958(5)
TuneMatic Automatic Motorized Antenna Controller52019-10-31289.95(5)
Unadilla Antenna Traps82022-05-07$49.50 per pair(3.1)
Unadilla W2AU Wire Balun182017-06-1926.50(2.9)
Van Gorden Engineering302017-08-02$14.99(2.9)
Vari-Ten Antenna Tensioners22017-05-2074.50 - 145.00 Depending on Mode(5)
Vari-Ten Tensioners - Models 20-50 & 30-10032014-09-08$69.50(5)
Vortex Antenna Systems 1:1 Choke Balun12011-02-2667.99(5)
W2DU Current balun242020-12-10@ 30(2.7)
Walmart Marksman Slingshot Wire Antenna Launcher52011-05-086(5)
WB6ZQZ CSV19 Pneumatic Antenna Launching System142020-11-05119(5)
Winradio LWA-013012014-10-20$39.95(5)
Wireless Screwdriver Antenna Controller32015-12-29$59.99(5)
Wireman #824 1 to 4 Choke Balun (VE2CV design)22022-03-0637.95(0)
Wireman #832 Balun Kit22009-04-1012.95(4.5)
WIREMAN - w2du design - Current BALUN52014-01-1726(3.6)
Wireman 531 Antenna Wire12017-11-24$0.35/foot (2017)(5)
Wireman 830 Balun Kit12010-11-0615.35 kit, $39.35 assembled(1)
Wireman W2DU 1:1 JMP Balun12017-05-2629.95(5)
\"Raincoat tape\" from High Sierra Online42015-07-096USD/ROLL(5)