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Review Category: Amplifiers: RF Power - HF & HF+6M

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
ACOM 10001812019-05-293250 USD
ACOM 1010742019-08-312340 USD
Acom 1011162014-12-222240 USD
Acom 1200 s132019-11-043,749.99
ACOM 1500332019-09-304750 USD
ACOM 2000a982019-10-026850 USD
Acom 600S232019-03-242995
AEA LA-3032012-02-181,395.00
Alpha 374152016-09-10
Alpha 374A162019-02-263600.00
Alpha 7022016-01-161795.00
Alpha 76A42017-10-27
Alpha 76CA152019-03-252695
Alpha 76PA292016-08-031,350
Alpha 77Dx142019-01-124500
Alpha 77Sx192018-08-286,500.00
ALPHA 78382018-03-223495
Alpha 78 & 76 wrapper by John Stanford WB8SVN12016-12-09$279 with shipping
Alpha 8100212016-01-164850.00
Alpha 84101132018-04-045395
Alpha 86202015-03-20New 2200
Alpha 87A972018-08-206500 + shipping
Alpha 89322019-11-053995.00
Alpha 91B492019-07-242798.00
Alpha 95001182019-07-267950. USD
Alpha 99782018-03-063850 + shipping
Alpha PA-76 Standard22014-07-161795
Alpin 100 Mk III72017-11-283200
Alpin 20062016-07-183,500
Ameritron AL-1200572019-02-273310
Ameritron AL-1500702016-05-042845
Ameritron AL-572 (not B)172016-10-241399.35
Ameritron AL-572B552015-07-151400
Ameritron AL-8062014-10-23700.00
Ameritron AL-80A542019-07-181399
Ameritron AL-80B1372019-09-161300
Ameritron AL-8111492019-06-30650
Ameritron AL-811H1782019-10-29899
Ameritron AL-82462019-02-022100.00
Ameritron AL-84212018-09-30300-400 used
Ameritron AL800H132017-01-312,599.
Ameritron AL811HD112015-09-021,199.00
Ameritron ALS 1306 342019-07-08$3,000
Ameritron ALS-1300592019-10-262,899
Ameritron ALS-500-RC12015-08-29$49.95
Ameritron ALS-500M522019-09-30799.00
Ameritron ALS-6001872019-07-261299.99
Ameritron ALS-606 82019-07-221,995-2,399
Amertron AL 80092017-07-221,699.95
AMP SUPPLY CO. LK-500 NTB62019-06-161,595 in 1988
Amp Supply LA-1000-A122014-10-20499.50 in 1988
Amp Supply LK-45062015-02-05899.50 in 1988
Amp Supply LK-500-ZB192016-08-311,295 in 1988
Amp Supply LK-550 (3 x 3-500Z)62017-04-131899.00 +shipping
Amp Supply LK-800C TNY62014-06-21used $2500-3000
Amp Supply LK-887712002-06-15Unknown
Amp Supply LK800-NT22010-02-143,200
Amplifier ZZ75062019-10-17700
Amplitec UG: HF-100/150012011-02-012,200
BTI LK-200062014-11-11795
Central Electronics 600L12004-01-02495.00
Collins 30L-1372019-06-06520.00
Collins 30S-1152019-01-241,556.00
Commander HF-125092018-09-031695
Commander HF-2500322019-10-203995.
Commander HF-2500 Magnum42018-01-244695.
Communications Concepts132011-08-19
CTI Comtec PLA800 HF Linear Amplifier0N.A.1450.00
Cubic 1500ZA22006-04-23
Custom RF Solutions - SPE Expert 1K-FA22015-06-223995
Delcon T21022018-08-30$4000
Dentron 160-10192019-11-10900.00
Dentron 4-572B32014-08-291,799
Dentron Clipperton 10-16012001-01-31699.99
Dentron Clipperton L302019-10-30???
Dentron Clipperton QRO42010-10-11
Dentron DTR-1200 L82015-05-20455.95
Dentron GLA-100072018-01-05
Dentron GLA-1000B212014-10-10msrp gla1000b
Dentron MLA 2500B312019-06-151200.00
Dentron MLA-120072017-02-08
Dishtronix Prometheus112015-11-30$9,250 - 14,000+
DRAKE L-442008-08-07no longer manufactured
Drake L-4B272014-10-19995.00
Drake L-7212017-12-171090.00 in 1981
Drake L7572019-07-27854.95
Elecraft KPA-5001102019-10-311999.95 Kit Form
Elecraft KPA1500 HF+6M Amplifier202019-11-075,995
Elecraft KXPA100 Amplifier142017-11-21699 kit, 749 factory assembled
Emtron DX - 3SP12017-10-07$4999
Emtron DX-1b62010-09-13
EMTRON DX-1d92009-05-023,133
EMTRON DX-1SP22014-11-23$3300 AUD
Emtron DX-2152019-09-203299.00
Emtron DX-3SP92019-02-25$4999
Emtron DX-522005-01-18
EMTRON DX2sp222016-03-134,181
EMTRON DX392014-11-235169.00
Emtron DX432016-05-23
ERE 1201/P12006-09-011100
Explorer ll 1200 Watt linear with step start22008-03-311595GBP (around 2250 Dollars)
FlexRadio POWER GENIUS XL32019-10-29$6995
Galaxy 2000+42016-01-15450. (new in 1965)
GBHS HAL 600 solid state linear amplifier62019-04-232250
Gonset GSB 201 MkIII12008-08-14650 Approx
Gonset GSB-20112009-05-11375.00
HA1YA ME1200-H Amplifier32016-03-01
HA2SB tube amplifiers22015-06-24From 1000 euros
Hallicrafters HT-33A12009-10-14$795.00
Hallicrafters HT-45 Loudenboomer62019-08-15200
Ham Supply Ameritron Amplifier Overlay52019-08-12 $23.95
Hammarlund HXL-1 Linear72013-08-121200.00
Hardrock-50 HF+6M Solid State Amplifier Kit592019-11-07260.00
HARRIS RF-110A22018-02-04
Heathkit HA-1062016-02-16229.95
Heathkit HA-14102014-09-1999.95 & Abt $60.00 P.S.
Heathkit HL-2200122017-03-23850
Heathkit SB 230152019-09-09349.95
Heathkit SB-1000362016-06-05799.95
Heathkit SB-200792019-01-04Original Price $400
Heathkit SB-220/SB-221732019-05-16350.00 - 550.00
Henry 1KD-562019-09-16695.00
Henry 2K Classic132016-09-082,550
Henry 2K-432014-03-223000 new in 1960
Henry 2KD (Orginal)32014-02-23675.00
Henry 2KD Classic172019-09-251,795
HENRY 2KD-5122019-07-03$1,500.00
Henry 3K - Teardrop Meters and 3-500Zs12005-12-09
Henry 3K Classic102013-03-223,195
Henry 3K Premier52019-08-243,695
Henry 3K Premier 887722013-08-123695
Henry 3K ULTRA52005-07-264,295.00
HENRY 3KD AMPLIFIER12013-06-15$1900 (1992)
Henry 3KD Premier12004-10-102,495.00
HENRY 3KD Premier-887742006-10-302,650
Henry 4K ULTRA52019-08-138000.00
HENRY 5K 887722006-06-01$5000+
Henry 5K Classic12008-05-174200
Henry 8K Ultra52016-11-29$7800
Henry Radio Tempo 200152008-06-03n/a
HENRY SS-750 (solid state series)142016-02-261,250
HENRY SS1200 (solid state)22001-02-212,025
Henry Tempo 200032019-01-18350
HF Packer Amp: miniHFPA & miniHFPA2 Edition62018-07-12$349
HF Packer-Amp Homebrew Construction Project262016-01-28124
HF Super Packer Pro - 100 W Amplifier Version 412013-12-15$549.00
HF SuperPacker Pro – 100 W Amplifier Version 222011-03-07429
Hunter Bandit 2000C72019-05-30$349
ICOM 2K422019-03-231,300 (used)
Icom IC-4KL142016-07-106,700
ICOM PW-1772017-03-155000
Johnson Thunderbolt42016-06-25589.50
JUMA PA100-D HF Amplifier32013-02-08460 Euro
JUMA PA100022019-01-172200
Kenwood TL-922A592018-10-061200
KW ELECTRONICS42011-10-24105.00 POUNDS
Linear Amps UK Challenger72015-02-052095 Pounds
Linear Amp UK Challenger 11142015-04-04£1995
Linear Amp UK Explorer 120072018-03-25£1595
LINEAR amp UK Gemini HF-1K142019-08-242500 GBP
Linear Amp UK Ranger 811H162014-12-03UK£895.00
Linear Amp UK Ranger 811K22008-10-26
MACKAY MSR 1020M42010-10-16????.??
Mercury III HF amplifier kit12019-10-162200
Metron 1000(B) or Transworld Electronics hf solid state112018-11-10600
National NCL-2000172018-03-15600?
NEC CQ-30132017-09-13
OM Power OM 2000 HF32014-03-213,450.00
OM Power OM 2500 A112018-04-134,000.00 EU
OM Power OM2000+192019-06-27EUR 3500
OM Power OM2000A+62018-10-305595. USD
OM Power OM2500HF222019-11-09now 3328: later 4397
OM Power OM3500HF52013-05-096500 usd
OM Power OM4000A32016-03-135700 Euro + VAT
OM Power OM4000HF52017-10-23
palstar hf2500e22013-01-04$6495 USD
Palstar LA-1K LDMOS Amplifier192019-09-243795
QRO 3kw32012-09-223,495.00
QRO HF 2000192016-11-123795
QRO HF-100032004-01-14$1695 with QSK option
QRO HF-3KDX62019-03-10$4,595.00
QRO HF2500DX582019-11-054095.
QRP Kits / Pacific Antenna 10W RF Amplifier22017-10-11$55
RAKE 80112001-01-11
RAKE 80212001-06-143400 $ in Italy
Ramsey Electronics QAMP-20 Linear Amp182014-07-0549.95
Ramsey Qamp 40102016-02-07$49.95
Ramsey QAMP-3012013-01-09$50
Raytrack DX-2000L22006-06-08649
RF Kit RF-2K+122019-10-292800.00 aprx
RF POWER HVLA 1K352016-08-032400 Euro
RFpower HFLA60032012-03-181500€
RFPower HVLA700M122017-09-102,000
RM Italy HLA-30532019-10-25698.00
RM Italy. MLA-100 Amp12019-06-06$649 W/O Fans $699 With Fans
RPA1000B 1,2KW52018-11-241800 Euro
SB2-LA22016-02-15$395 in 1965.
SGC SG-500 Smart Power Cube342019-01-091395.00
SPE Expert 1K-FA912019-05-04 2700 Euro
SPE 1.5 K FA SECOND SERIES,42019-07-074,995.00
SPE Expert 1.3K - FA 472019-07-093250 euro
SPE Expert 1.5K-FA82019-03-134800
SPE Expert 2K-FA422018-10-07 4750 Euro
Sunair GSL-1900A12002-06-13
Swan 1200X Amplifier62012-02-18239.00
SWAN 1200Z12007-02-09Unknown
Swan Mark 1 Linear Amplifier32013-07-20495.00
Swan MK II122015-04-221,695
Ten Tec 418 Solid State Linear Amplifier102019-05-03785
Ten Tec Centurion552016-10-081895.00
Ten Tec Hercules 444 (Hercules I)32007-05-24$1895
Ten Tec Model 40542016-11-07149
Ten Tec Model 417 Titan III HF Amplifier142019-03-234295 (US) + shipping
Ten-Tec Centaur302016-02-07749
Ten-Tec Model 416 Titan II72017-06-102,990.00
Ten-Tec Titan 425282017-10-113195.00
TenTec Hercules II332018-05-291395.00
Tokyo Hi-power HL-700B62014-04-121300
Tokyo Hy Power HL-1K72016-12-021000(late 80's w/ tubes)
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.1Kfx82016-01-12$2400
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.2Kfx392019-08-01TBD
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5KFX432017-05-052,980
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1KFX202014-01-19varies w/exchange rate - ¥18
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2500FX12013-10-186495
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2K32006-01-18Varies with exchange rate
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-2KFX42005-12-011400.00
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-450B92017-07-201,000.00
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-550FX42016-03-173000
Tokyo Hy-Power HL-75012002-09-18approx. 250 (¥35,800)
Tokyo Hy-Power HL2.5FX192019-02-246,000
Tokyo Hy-Power Model HL-45B162014-05-21379
Top Band Systems TBL 2000X12011-06-16
TREMENDUS II22008-11-142.500$
TREMENDUS III12003-09-183.000$
Trio TL -91122003-06-26
Vectronics Hf600-QSK 1.8 - 29.5 Mhz Amplifier12014-12-18
Viewstar 2500A / B&W PT-2500A72018-07-222175.00
W6PQL HF Amplifiers12016-12-24Varies on build version
W8JI Tuning Aid TOF112015-02-17
Xiegu XPA125B12019-05-09549.95
Yaesu FL-110 160-10m Linear Amplifier42017-09-09free in cornflake pkts
Yaesu FL-2100B/Z552018-10-052000.00
Yaesu FL-7000272019-06-161895
Yaesu FL2000B62017-12-23
Yaesu FL250042017-12-051,499.00
Yaesu Quadra VL-1000822019-06-204000