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Review Category: Antennas: HF: Verticals; Wire; Loop

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
20 Half square antenna12010-06-2945.00
20M Dipole from Amateur Radio Supply12014-02-1233.90
2W0DAA 40m Dipole12005-08-29
7 Band Windom by QSO-King42012-10-07$82.00
AB7LT 80-6 Meter End Fed 200 watt Antenna12016-03-1139.99
AB7LT OCF DIPOLE12014-11-01
AEA Isoloop62011-10-05150.00 used
AG6IF Talented Balun and Loop antenna162019-03-14$81
AIR BOSS pneumatic antenna launcher412019-06-2159.95
Alpha Antenna 6-160 HF J-Pole382019-08-15149
Alpha Antenna 6-40 Meter Windom OCF GORILLA WIRE System22018-11-28150. USD
Alpha Antenna RESONANT MAGNETIC LOOP (RML-XX)32017-02-21$99-$249
Alpha B680 vertical12013-09-21200
Alpha Delta DX-A282018-04-0359.95
Alpha Delta DX-B332017-05-0469.95
Alpha Delta DX-CC1022018-07-22119
Alpha Delta DX-DD212019-10-0989.95
Alpha Delta DX-DD Antenna22015-07-0899.95
Alpha Delta DX-EE782019-02-18100
Alpha Delta DX-LB (shorty) dipole for 160-80-4232018-12-15$119.95
Alpha Delta DX-SWL/SWL-S SWL Slopers (MW-30 MHz)22017-12-24120.00
Alpha Delta DXLB Plus272019-04-14149.00
Alpha Delta Model DX-OCF No Tuner Off Center Fed 6 Band Dipole42007-06-13Model DX-OCF (300 watts), 199.95
Alpha Delta Single Band Full Dipoles32017-10-13$70
Alpha ProMaster Antenna 252019-06-27299
Alpha ProMaster Sr Base 10-160m 122019-02-05399
Alpha-Delta DX402012007-02-2486
Amateur Radio Supplies 6 - 80m and 6 - 40m Windoms12014-06-29$69.99 and 59.99
Amateur Radio Supplies ZS6BKW32019-07-14120
America Aerial Custom Made Double Bazooka Antennas162012-03-16Depends on Length of Antenna
Antenna Dinamica 80/160 22012-10-18750
Antenna Equipment RC-292 (US military surplus)22014-05-24100$-200$
Antenna Solutions - EFAB MAX Endfed52012-05-02159.99
Antenna Solutions Windoms32010-10-25149.99 to 169.99 +S/H
Antennas & More Classic 40 - 10M Windom52016-11-1499.95
Antennas & More G5RV Multi-Band Dipole352015-08-1739.95, 29.95, 59.95
Antennas & More Omniloop 160-1012013-05-23129.95
Antennas & more TNT Windom102010-03-04129.95
Antennas and More WindomHSQ152011-03-0499.95
Antennas West G5RV Jr.42006-03-09Ebay starting bid $19.95
Antennas4Less HF-319 Magnetic LOOP 12019-10-10149
Anttron 505412002-09-01100.00
ANTTRON 8010B82005-11-3089.95
AOR LA400 Magnetic Loop32018-03-11$516
Array Solutions AF80-FS 80m Vertical12003-07-011,500 class
Array Solutions AS-BB-Series BroadBand Wire Antennas32009-11-13650+
Array Solutions AS-SAL-20 Shared Apex Loop Array102019-01-06795
Array Solutions AS-SAL-30 Shared Apex Loop Array92018-12-02840
Array Solutions Four Square System12005-04-061,300.00
Array Solutions OCF Dipoles - 7 + 2 extra bands132015-02-01350
Array Solutions Triangle phased array22005-11-15
AS-AYL-4 the True K9AY DX antenna with optional Wire/Mast Kit102012-12-02250
AtomicAntenna 6M-80M Windham22010-09-22$59.99
ATX15 loaded whip antenna12001-08-04About £20 UK
B & W End Fed Inverted V122013-06-23200.00
B&W Broadband Dipole242016-04-14279.95
B&W BWD 1.8 - 30 Broadband Folded Dipole772013-03-18200
B&W Folded Dipole AC-5-3092016-08-27219.95
B&W Model AXS-80 Extra Short Dipole12002-05-03127.50
B-Square Engineering 10M-80M 66ft Terminated Folded Dipole112019-07-13250
Barker and Williamson AXS 160 dipole12002-06-05499.95
BevFlex-4X Receive Antenna System112019-09-18349.95 USD
Big Ears 201012011-12-2631.28
Big Shot Pro Sling Shot102018-12-30117
Bilal Isotron782017-04-0659.95 to 179.95
Broadcom 3000 Antenna (Terminated 2 wire folded dipole)12015-10-04199.00
BTV, MLA-T (Magnetic Loop Antenna - Top Bands)12019-02-01975
Buckmaster 4-Band OCF Antenna62017-09-04$242.99
Buckmaster 7 Band, 300W, OCF Dipole Antenna302019-10-28192.00
Buckmaster 7 Band, 3KW, OCF Dipole Antenna862018-12-25 324.95
Bushcomm BBA 1KD Broadband antenna12019-04-21$ 1199.00 + shipping
Bushcomm BBA 1kDE22013-01-08Call For Price
Bushcomm BBA-100 HF Broadband Antenna92019-01-09AU$450.45
Bushcomm SWC-100 HF Single Wire32015-01-28409.67
Bushcomm SWC-100S HF Single Wire12008-10-20409.67
Butternut HF2V502019-10-24374.95 USD
Butternut HF6V892019-06-10522.95 USD
Butternut HF9V712019-08-26604.95 USD
Buxcom model 166265 OCF 160 meter thru 2 meter12012-10-22$199.99
BuxComm 40-2meter Windom 4027062015-12-1669.95
BUXCOMM 80-6 Windom92016-07-1359.95
BUXCOMM 802136 Windom22008-08-05119.95
Buxcomm A-802134HP 80 through 2 meters High-Power Windom22015-09-22189.99
Buxcomm T2FD32016-10-06249
Buxcomm Windom 80-6 meters262019-05-0360-70 160 meter sloper72018-04-0954.00
Capco AMA6 Magnetic loop antenna22010-07-27199.95
CCD Antennas122015-08-05189.95
CHA F-LOOP (Chameleon Antenna)322019-04-02350 to 450
CHA F-LOOP 2.0 (CHAMELEON ANTENNA)72018-05-26399.00
CHA M-LOOP22015-04-25675
CHA P-LOOP 2.0 (Chameleon Antenna)82018-07-09399.00
Challenger DX by GAP92014-02-23380
CHAMELEON EMCOMM II antenna42019-04-15115.00
Chief AJ QP-HFX Antenna Slingshot22011-08-2550 +$5 shipping
Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop132018-10-121540
Ciro Mazzoni Midi loop42019-01-161149.95
CLASSIC G5RV Multi Band Antennas12016-06-29$49-99
CliffDweller II152010-11-0239.95
Clifton Labs Z1501 Active antenna / Z1203A Power Coupler Kit32015-04-22210
Cobra UltraLite Multiband Antenna1342019-06-3089.95
Cobra Ultralite Multiband Diploes12017-10-31
Cobra Ultralite Senior by K1JEK142019-06-07$125
Comet CHA-280012015-08-10195
Comet CHA250B1262019-08-23449.
Comet CHV-5X Multi Band Rotatable Dipole Antenna62019-05-18319
Comet CWA 100012009-09-21150
Comet H422502019-02-21300
Cushcraft AP8A112019-04-18
Cushcraft AR-10 Ringo212019-10-2079.95
Cushcraft AR-6 Vertical Antenna42018-06-2099.95
Cushcraft AV-342014-01-28
Cushcraft AV-5R22017-10-30?
Cushcraft D4032017-04-05
Cushcraft MA160V142019-02-19199,95 - 229,95
Cushcraft MA5V 5 band vertical682016-10-11211.00
Cushcraft MA5VA52018-12-21$270.00
Cushcraft MA6V112014-12-06300
Cushcraft MA6VA32018-05-10339.95
Cushcraft MA8040172019-09-20310.00
Cushcraft R-352012-07-22249
Cushcraft R-442013-07-25???
Cushcraft R-5542018-02-05539.99
Cushcraft R-6000662018-11-02310.00 (Street price)
Cushcraft R-7382016-01-10510.00
Cushcraft R-7000752019-05-13389.95
Cushcraft R-7000+22004-01-01
Cushcraft R-81022018-12-23450 to $480
Cushcraft R9 vertical Antenna172019-10-16639.00
Cushcraft Trick-Stick32015-09-299.95
Davis RF Flexweave Antenna Wire82014-11-26Varies with wire size and constr
Diamond BB-7V 80-10 vertical212019-01-26499.00 (Au$)
Diamond BB6W112016-04-28149 euro
Diamond CP-5HS62017-03-23£389
Diamond CP-61062019-01-18239.95 in the US
Diamond CP-6232018-08-09abt $200
Diamond CP6 multi-band trap-vertical422019-08-14320
Diamond CP6AR22019-09-16$419.00
Diamond CP725H42008-09-14$399.95
Diamond DP-GH6232008-05-18$169.00
Diamond KV5 Vertical Antenna52013-11-06AUD 475
Diamond W-728 Trap Dipole12001-08-1910,000 (YEN)
Diamond W-735 Dipole82016-01-1599.99 British Pound
Diamond W-8010182017-09-14120
Diamond W-8040 traped dipole12006-02-28??
Diamond WD-33052012-09-13unknown
DK1RP DX-Wire Windom52012-10-26€ 55.00 (abt US$ 70)
DK9SQ Vertical Loop Antenna122013-06-2189
Double Bazooka antenna 80 meter22014-09-10160.00
DX Blaster132013-11-16249.95
DX Commander All-Band Vertical132019-11-12150
DX Commander antannas92019-07-1645
DX Engineering 75/80 Full Size Quarter Wave Vertical DXE-7580F22015-01-06899.95
DX Engineering 160 meter Thunderbolt Monoband Vertical22019-03-161,000
DX Engineering AOK-17M82014-10-29$49.95
DX Engineering AOK-60M - 60 Meter Add-On Kits22017-07-17$84.95
DX Engineering ARAV-1 Active Receive Vertical52017-06-24229.00
DX Engineering ARAV-4P Active Receive Verticals, 4 Pack62019-10-11796.00
DX Engineering ATSA-1 Auto Tuned HF Stealth Antenna System42017-01-12459
DX Engineering Beverage Feed System32013-04-2235.00
DX Engineering DXE-40VA-1 Vertical12007-01-05$199.00
DX Engineering DXE-40VE-1 Vertical22013-11-12259.50
DX Engineering DXE-8040VA-1 80/40 Meter THUNDERBOLT Vertical Ant112017-12-03799.00 INTRODUCTORY!
DX Engineering DXE-80VA-3 THUNDERBOLT 80M Antenna22011-06-23499.50
DX Engineering DXE-AOK-12M 12 Meter Add-on for Hustler BTVs62016-03-0459.95
DX Engineering DXE-AOK-DCF42014-02-2819.95
DX Engineering DXE-HUS-5BTV-P22015-02-23419
DX Engineering DXE-STPL-100BD Radial Wire Biodegradable Anchor P12014-06-3017.95
DX Engineering Heavy Duty Tilt Base DXE-VA-BASE42013-11-28160
DX Engineering MBVA-1P Vertical Antenna42014-04-09449.50
DX Engineering MBVE-1442017-10-29$299.50
DX Engineering Multi-Band Dipoles172017-06-2249.95+
DX Engineering OMNI-TILT Tilt Base22015-10-3073.90
DX Engineering Radial Plate442019-01-2354.50
DX Engineering RBS-1 Reversible Beverage Antenna102018-03-17129.00
DX Engineering RCA8 Receive Eight-Circle HF Antenna Systems12018-12-18449 to $2575 - see options
DX Engineering RF-PRO-1B 22017-12-21$499
DX Engineering Tilt-Base for Verticals232016-03-0439.95 to 59.95
DX160 Portable Low Band Vertical Antenna12003-04-20122 Euros
DXSR MULTI GP II PRO22007-08-14350
DXSR Multi-GP22005-01-29300
DXSR VB-50012007-02-14450 $
DXSR VB-80042007-02-14350
EAntenna DBZ4012016-06-0549.95
Eantenna 4080DXS22019-10-05100
EAntenna EA1015204080DXS12017-09-13150.00
Eantenna EA10152040DXS32016-07-20110.00
EAntenna EADELTA7B12018-03-30330
EARCH 40-6 end fed wire antenna252017-04-10$44 including shipping
EARCHI End-fed HF Matchbox Antenna62019-03-0752 or home brew
ECO 073 Balcony antenna for 10-15-20-40 meter 12014-08-27
ECO 40m vertical22009-01-25599
ECO 5 band vertical.12010-04-05236
ECO 80m Vertical [ART251]22010-04-05247
ECO Antenne ECOMET HF-822011-01-12365
ECO ASAY AVT4 Art.7022009-01-24
Eco AVT2512006-12-10350
Eco trapdipole 10-15-20-40-80m22011-03-1480 euro's
ECO VERTICAL 7+ ART.28392012-12-31460$
Eco Wire Trapdipole 40 & 80m22010-04-0582 Euro plus shipping
EFHW-8010 8-band End Fed Half Wave antenna572019-03-08119.95
EFHW-8010-P 200W 8-band End Fed Half Wave antenna - MyAntennas.c32019-02-17129.99
EGAntennes DB-8012006-09-1055
EGAntennes DIP-4012006-09-1037
EGAntennes DL-17.12007-03-11
EH Antenna Systems112017-12-17120 Euros / 134.usa
eh-antenna 17m backpacker32018-02-23
El Dorado High Sierra12006-10-25545.00
EndFed Antennas 20m QRP42012-09-0644.95
EZ Hang (tm)392019-08-29$89.95
EZ WIRE END FED ANTENNA102018-12-0155 Euro
Falcon Out - 250 F62012-06-28289
Falcon radio Antenna double bazooka22015-07-07Price varies
Fat Spectrum Antenna All band LF HF VHF Vertical132019-01-07489
FingerDimple BKW multiband dipole12010-02-15$39.95
Force 12 Flagpole Antenna182018-11-24$119.95
Force 12 Magnum 160 VX20N.A.1895.00
Force 12 Sigma 40 Vertical Dipole52009-03-16$489
Force 12 Sigma 8052008-04-07589.00
Force 12 Sigma GT5 vertical dipole42012-06-19379.00
Force 12 Sigma-5 vertical dipole72017-01-22349.00
Force 12 Sigma-5 vertical dipole192015-06-23369.99
Force 12 ZR-3 vertical72013-12-16389
Force-12 Sigma 40XK Vertical Dipole122012-05-19289
Fritzel FD 4 Multiband Antenna242018-12-20139.00
FRITZEL FD-332009-10-30
Fritzel GPA 50112011-02-15250
Fritzel GPA-30 10/15/20M Vertical Antenna32011-02-14189 Euro in Europe
G whip base antenna22011-04-29£249.00
G Whip Zepp antenna402016-06-01£39.00
G-Whip 40-10M OSCD 66ft off-set dipole 32015-01-2769.95 GBP
G-Whip Magnetic Balun Receive Antenna12014-01-09115
G-Whip Widebander52015-11-10£69 GBP
G2DYM Trap Dipole62012-05-10220 GBP (312 US Dollars)
G2FHF Skyranger Pro12005-03-27
G3TPW CobWebb Antenna for 14, 18, 21, 24 and 28 MHz Bands302016-10-25379.00
G4YKB Longwire HF Antenna92017-11-10£50-£80
G5RV (ZS6BKW) by W8AMZ 42019-08-2676.99
G5RV MINI102019-07-2427
G5RV Multibander142019-09-23$60.00
G5RV-LLB12006-01-0979.95 CDN $ kit
G7FEK 80-40M SMALL GARDEN ANTENNA72018-12-02$$$cheap to built
GAP Antenna Products Mono Gap182019-09-28119.95 - 229.95
GAP Challenger852019-02-09259.00
GAP EAGLE572018-03-29299.00
GAP Super "C"22003-03-05449.00
GAP Titan1822019-11-03titandx
GAP Voyager IV322019-05-10399
Gees Antenna Farm 75 Meter Double Bazooka Dipole12004-01-09$49.99
Genesis High Frequency Spydercone Antenna22003-04-10120-150
Godar DXR-100012010-09-1299
Gotham Vertical V-40, V-80, V-160282010-09-2014.95 to 18.95 plus shipping.
GP7DX by SP7GXP32017-06-14
GPA 40412009-10-26315 euro
Greyline Performance Antennas 20 ft DX Flagpole Antenna62019-11-01695 usd
GWhip 421 Triband Resonant End Fed12017-11-19£80 - £135
HF 30B12011-03-13369.00
HF Antennas OMNI Loop12012-04-07From $69 to $119
HF High Power Mag Loop by Pracomm12018-11-30199
HF3B Vertical by IT9ZMX22010-03-13400
HFantennas G5RV32007-12-2825.99-38.00 US
HFedz End Fed 6m-40m HF antenna (100W) Ham Radio Antenna22019-10-0644.00
Hidaka Denki 12016-08-06unknown
Horse Fence Broadband Antenna412019-05-2185. 20-80m model $140 160m model
HUSTLER 4BTV1062019-03-08119.99
Hustler 5BTV HF vertical1422019-04-27211.99
Hustler 6BTV Vertical1542019-08-25189.99
HUSTLER G6-270R22008-02-29
Hy Power Antenna OCF 40QM Micro OCF wire antenna12015-09-15101.95
Hy Power Antenna Company62017-01-2845 to 160 (USD)
Hy Power Antenna Company - 40 meter half-square22003-09-0556 plus $10 S&H
Hy Power Antenna Company - Dipoles562019-04-1619.95 - 112.75
Hy Power Antenna Company DL40DX 40 meter Delta Loop22019-10-0463.95 + 14.00 shipping
Hy-Gain SPT-500132018-06-27149.99
Hy-Gain 12AVQ212016-07-19139.95
Hy-Gain 14AVQ322018-03-04189.95
Hy-Gain 18-AVT/W8-A22015-07-16approx $150 in 1982
Hy-Gain AV-18AVQII62018-07-20259.95
Hy-Gain AV-18HT Hy-Tower352018-06-08999.95
Hy-Gain AV-18HTJR Hy-Tower Jr82013-10-20349.95
Hy-Gain AV-18VS342019-09-21119.95
Hy-Gain AV-620 Six-Band Vertical372018-06-20349.95
Hy-Gain AV-640 Eight-Band Vertical642018-10-03449.99
Hy-Gain AV-680 Nine-Band Vertical122018-06-24549.95
Hy-Gain DX-77A Seven-Band Vertical172016-04-14449.95
Hy-Gain DX-88 Trap Vertical152019-04-18369.95
HyEndFed Antenna (multiple models)522019-06-0499
IAC Dual Band Bazooka12019-10-29 218.00
IAC Inverted-L Bazooka Antenna 102019-03-2780-125
IAC Shorty 80 Meter Double Bazooka antenna22019-05-22$179
IAC Standard Double Bazooka62019-04-29$116.00
ICOM AH-710 - HF Folded Dipole Antenna32017-12-22259,95
IK-Telecom W3DZZ+5 12017-04-07100
INAC AX-33012015-08-12980
INAC SET-3 (AH-1430H+AX-310H)12016-03-14885.-
INAC AH-52142019-01-25440
Intenational Antenna Corporation Double Bazooka Antennas862018-10-03200 (160m model) others less
INTERCEPTER 10K 5/8 OMNI32011-03-15$340
International Antenna Corp Dual Band Bazooka42019-07-12218.00
ITA-LWA (LB)12017-04-2399
JDC ANTENNAS42011-01-08$80
Jetstream JTV10/MacoV5832015-01-01100
Jetstream JTV680 Multiband vertical242019-10-12$259
Joplin Amateur Radio Club Antenna Launcher Kit212019-11-0350 including freight in the USA
K4TR Mystery Antenna (W5GI Mystery Antenna)12017-05-16$94.99
K5JYB True Ladder Line Antennas32012-07-2694
K9AY AYL-472019-09-20189.00
KE6CVH - 600ohm G5RV(12awg open wire)62008-06-1328 + s&h
KK4TR - 80 meter Loop32009-02-0569.99
KK4TR G5RV 80 - 10 Meter Doublet32015-03-31$54.95
LBI Windoms12009-08-30149.99 to 169.99 +S/H
LF Engineering L-400B LF/VLF Active Antenna12018-11-23189
LNR EFT-MTR22016-07-0584.95
LNR Precision EF-QUAD182019-07-25$125
LNR Precision End-Fed Half-Wave Wire Antennas2722019-05-2952 to $125 Depending on Band
LNR Precision EndFedz EF-8062016-03-10125.00
MagLoop32015-06-12500 to $2,000 pending specificat
Maldol HVU-8 compact HF/VHF/UHF vertical132017-09-14$349.95
Maldol VK5R jr32009-03-12350
Maple Leaf Studio Antennas202019-11-0385.00
Maple Leaf Studios End Fed Easy-Tenna 160-6 meters242016-07-0541.99 for the antenna alone, 61.
MapleLeaf Communications - Shorty4020 dipole22019-07-1560
Marshall MB-3300 Broadband Folded Dipole32008-04-11USD 35
Maxcon OCF Dipole362019-10-1279.95
MCR666 - 7 BAND COBWEB ANTENNA FROM 4 TO 20 METERS22017-05-27£189
MFJ 179712016-11-02329.95
MFJ 1886 Receive Loop52019-08-08$249
MFJ 201042019-10-2359.95
MFJ 2012102018-07-1979.95
MFJ 201322018-06-2279.95
MFJ 201422018-10-2599.95
MFJ 2286 Big Stick Vertical Antenna282018-09-04$99.95
MFJ 2774K DeLuxe Wire Antenna Kit12017-12-1559.95
MFJ 622012009-11-09£60.00
MFJ-1024 Remote Active Antenna22016-01-18159.95
MFJ-17758 80/40 Meter Dipole Antenna72016-12-1979.95
MFJ-1777 All Band Doublet62016-06-04$49.95
MFJ-1778 G5RV222019-10-1139.95
MFJ-1778M G5RV Jr.42018-12-1139.95
MFJ-1786 Super Hi-Q Loop652019-08-18379.95
MFJ-1788 Super Hi-Q Loop572019-05-22429.95
MFJ-1790 10 Meter Groung Plane 12016-04-16$69.95
MFJ-1792 80/40 top-loaded vertical152018-03-12169.95
MFJ-1795 10/15/20/40 Meter Vertical Antenna52017-06-14149.95
MFJ-1796 40 - 2 Meter Vertical Antenna392019-03-30209.95
MFJ-1798 80m - 2m Vertical272019-07-31289.95
MFJ-2990 Vertical Antenna52017-07-05360
MFJ-9232 QRP LOOP TUNER52019-03-11$59.95
Mini-MultiAntenna HT-312005-05-12298
Moonraker EVX400032009-01-07265
Moonraker EVX5000 - 5 BAND HF VERTICAL22006-10-31170 GBP
Moonraker EVX600012007-07-27299.95
Moonraker GP250032013-02-10£199
Moonraker GP2500F (fibre glass version)32013-02-12395.00 ( £250 GBP )
Moonraker GPA-80 HF multiband vertical (approx 6m high)42018-04-06£83.29
Moonraker MTD-2 40/80 Dipole42010-11-2444.95 Pounds Sterling £
Mosley HF Vertical Antenna RV-4C72017-01-07297.95
Mosley RV-6C0N.A.$419.00
Mosley RV-7-WARC32014-10-31466
Mosley RV6C52014-04-04457
Mosley Trap Master V-4-612017-09-2527.95 in 1962
MyAntennas EFHW-4010 4-Band End Fed Dipole232019-11-02$130
MyAntennas EFHW-4010P22019-09-30119.95
MyAntennas EFHW-8010 antenna342019-10-14$139.99
Myantennas EFHW-8010-2K 62018-12-13169.99
MyAntennas EFLW-1.5K52019-08-2469.99-77.99
MyAntennas EFLW-1K32019-03-29$79.00
MyAntennas OCF-4010E-3K12017-07-02$139.99
MyAntennas OCF-8010-E-K Windom-type dipole22016-04-20$149.00 (+/-) MEF-110-2K12018-02-15189.00
N2XE Fly Rod Vertical12005-03-16$699
N6BT Bravo 5K Series Verticals92015-05-25179.00
N6BT Bravo 7K Vertical Dipole52015-01-12289.00
N6BT Bravo 84 Vertical12015-12-17995
N6BT Bravo V8 Vertical Dipole12019-10-28329.00
N6BT Bravo-7KR Vertical Dipole12019-04-29489
N6BT Evolution Antenna - EV-5K12016-01-23375 (approximate)
New Tribe Nifty Throwing Kit - Throw Bag system12006-11-2737.35
Ni4L ZS6BKW/G5RV Optimized Multi Band HF Dipole Antenna22019-04-15112.00
Northwest Antennas42008-11-01$58.99
OCF Dipole Australian made.102006-11-18100 to 130
OCF-401E-3K 12015-07-09125.00
Outbacker OB-8TRI "Tri-Split " HF Antenna12007-06-17$329
Outbacker Outreach Vertical142008-11-01399.95
PA4ARP sloper22003-09-3070
PackTenna Mini - End-fed Half Wave12018-09-1789
Palstar LA30 12018-07-29395.95
PAR Electronics, Inc EF-10/20/40892015-08-2159
PAR / LNR PRECISION EF-40/2052014-05-1395.00
Par Electronics EF-30 End-Fed dipole12014-10-22$65
PAR Electronics EF-SWL Antenna442017-01-2675
Par Electronics HF-Rectangles12017-10-10Varies
PAR Electronics, Inc EF-20/40 Dual Band QRP antenna232010-06-1259
Pixel Technologies Active Magnetic Loop Antenna PRO 1B 572019-08-02500
PKW 408012007-02-23
Pro Antennas I-Pro Home42013-01-15229GBP
Pro Whip Antennas - Pro Whip 160-6m222016-03-30£75
ProAm Valor Micro Dipole32002-05-31
Q-TEK PENETRATOR132008-11-09305
QRV Helitrix Dipole12001-08-3135.00
Radio Oasis G5RV 80-10m62016-10-1262.00
RADIO WAVE-10-80 WINDOM22012-09-1380.00
radio wavz 80 m short22013-06-1348.00
RADIO WAVZ EFH 40-20-1022016-04-1869.95
Radio Wavz FTD-90 Folded Terminated Dipole12013-10-17289.00
Radio Wavz Scout 20-10 Multi Band Antenna12018-04-02289.95
Radio Works Carolina Windom 80852015-12-2789.95
Radio Works Carolina Beam 80 Special72012-06-09125
Radio Works Carolina Windom 160252014-02-07135
Radio Works Carolina Windom 4052017-01-01$130.00
Radio Works Carolina Windom 40 Plus62006-11-23$110.00
Radio Works Carolina Windom 40 Short32013-03-23139.00
Radio Works Carolina Windom 8052015-07-0599.95
Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 Compact52016-01-30$189.95
Radio Works Carolina Windom 80 Special242013-09-16145
Radio Works Carolina Windom Compact 4032015-11-19140
Radio Works Carolina Windom CW40LP42009-10-11115
Radio Works Carolina Windom Short 8062013-03-23115
Radio Works CW 62012015-07-12125
Radio Works G5RV122012-04-2759.95
Radio Works OCFD MAX22011-07-0780.00
Radio Works Super Loop III102019-10-02129
RadioMaster (NASA) P-3012010-07-05$79.95
Radiowavz 10 METER DOUBLE BAZOOKA DIPOLE32018-06-2829.95
RadioWavz 160 m Double Bazooka52015-06-09125
Radiowavz 17M Double Bazooka12017-03-1945.95 Manuf price 37.95 HRO
RadioWavz 20 meter Dipole82016-11-1637.99
Radiowavz 20 METER DOUBLE BAZOOKA DIPOLE82016-01-0135
RADIOWAVZ 30 METER DIPOLE22010-09-2747.99
Radiowavz 40 METER DOUBLE BAZOOKA DIPOLE282017-12-27$45
RadioWavz 40m End Fed Half Wave42014-03-2047.99
Radiowavz 75M Double Bazooka82018-11-2579.99
Radiowavz 80 METER DOUBLE BAZOOKA DIPOLE142018-07-0980.00
RadioWavz Carolina Windom62019-02-17$75
RadioWavz Double Bazooka82018-07-1539.99 - 130.00
RadioWavz Double Bazooka VS Folded Dipole12007-11-0439.99 - 98.00
RADIOWAVZ DX 80 (OCF) WINDOM192017-08-27$75
Radiowavz DX40SH12019-09-23105,95
Radiowavz EFH 40/20/10 M End Fed Half Wave Antenna12012-05-1689.95
Radiowavz G5RV Jr.262018-11-1725
Radiowavz G5RV Lite232018-03-0141.00
RadioWavz G5RV Mini42013-02-2725.00
Radiowavz HyperHanger92017-03-1879.95
Radiowavz Pathfinder MK-122018-09-16$129.95
RadioWavz SATERN 4 Antenna22008-03-08110.00
Radiowavz SATURN Series Fan Dipole72019-02-03$350.00 - $150.00
Radiowavz Windom 16062014-01-11125.
Radiowazv G5RV-E92019-08-1435.00
RadioWorks Carolina Windom 16042011-02-20160.00
Radioworks Carolina Windom 160 Special32013-07-13124.95
Radioworks CW-62012005-12-29$90
Radioworks Superloop 40142009-11-13120
RF Systems DX-1 Pro Mk II32010-10-16470
RF Systems T2FD12017-06-18300
Rf-Systems DX-One12010-09-08400
RF-Systems MTA & GMDSS22010-06-28165 euro
Rippletech 40 and 80M OCF Dipole antennas12011-10-15A$135 / A$159
Rippletech 80m-160m Sloper. TZ-SL8-1612016-01-17AUD $189
Rippletech TZ-V-432010-10-12329.00
Rippltech TZ-WD-1520 and TZ-WD-20408012011-10-17AUD 169 and 249
Ronard Chimney Mount12006-09-2522.36
Ross Radio; Antenna Ground Radial Lawn Staple Anchor Pins772016-07-0712.49
S9 Antennas model S9v.18 vertical 10-40M52015-05-21249.
S9 Antennas Radial Plate102010-06-1219.95
S9 Antennas S9v672016-11-11175 to 249.
S9 Antennas S9v Junior22017-10-1649.95
S9 Antennas S9v.43 HF vertical Multi-band 80-10m222018-04-26299.
SandPiper "V" RANGE MKIII42015-08-12from 65GBP up to 195GBP
Sandpiper Multiband Dipole12013-06-21£200-£250
Sandpiper MV10262018-09-25(£135 sterling)
Sandpiper V27.512010-06-01£105-160.00p
Sangean ANT-6022010-08-0914
Serio Boomerang 11-10 Meter Base Antenna12017-07-1089
ShakeSpear Pogo Stick Vertical32008-08-2169.95
Shakespeare 393 Marine HF SSB Vertical32017-04-07395.00
Shakespeare AT-1011 Tactical HF Vertical72014-11-181000.00
SIGMA Mantova Turbo22010-07-1280
Sigma Euro-Comm LW4012019-02-1270.96
SIGMA Silver Rod Venom 5/8 Wave22019-07-1860 (£35)
SILVER BULLET MINI72018-03-07$ 35.00
Sirio 201692019-08-09130
Sirio 202012013-07-24190
Sirio 82792018-12-02aprox £75 GBP
Sirio Gain Master172019-11-09$180
Sirio GPE 27 5/832015-04-1490.00
Sirio Starduster M-40052017-10-14$78 via Ebay
Sirio Vector 4000102013-12-20£60 ish
Sky Loop 40, 20, 15, 10m - 128\' wire with 2.5 Balum12016-10-2498
Snowdonia Radio Company (SRC) HF-36072019-03-2994 Pounds Sterling
Snowdonia Radio Company, SRC X80. Vertical, HF, Multiband Antenn112016-05-23 £45.00 - UK Pounds
Solarcon A-992012019-03-0357.99
SOLARCON ANTRON 30512001-02-1499.00
Solarcon I-MAX 2000992018-07-2280 SHIPPED
Sommer T-2542002-09-02260
Sommer T-25S12003-05-10
Spi-Ro AS-292018-09-27$64.95
Spi-Ro D-4222006-12-19$109.95
Spi-Ro D-44 Pro42016-10-25123.95
Spi-Ro D-5212008-12-02124.95 (with PB-1-C balun)
Spi-RO LS 40K Dipole22007-03-02$57.95
Spi-Ro LS-160K52013-11-1466.95
Spi-Ro MD-1712005-02-04$28.95
spi-ro mfg. d160 (160m)12001-07-09$ 41.95 kit--$45.95 assembled
SPI-RO sloper VS-6452011-09-09110.95$
Spiro D-34 Trapped Dipole12004-11-21109.95
Spr-Ro MD-612004-12-29$25.95
Spr-Ro VS-5332006-02-04$94.95
SRC 8010 HF mobile antenna12011-08-03£60
Steppir BigIR Fluid Motion general coverage vertical62006-03-24479
SteppIr BigIr Vertical582019-02-14759
Steppir Fluidmotion dipole42015-05-04479
Steppir SmallIR Vertical82017-05-16439.00
SV8-PLUS HF12017-12-27 650,00
SWSD-1 - Single Wire Single Direction Beverage Antenna System 12017-09-29145 usd
Taylor Made TMRF401012014-10-27£34.99
Ten-Tec Broadband Antenna12005-05-23$249
Tennadyne T3W9012017-08-02499
TENNADYNE TD-9052016-08-29$250
Tennedyne TD-16012013-03-02275.00
TET-Emtron TEV-312012-08-19270
The Mast Company Vertical Antenna Kit22014-10-01125.
The Wiremans Flat-Top52015-12-1449.95
Thunderpole Silver Rod five eigth wave22009-01-2725 apprx
TITANEX VERTICAL DIPOLE 8010E12006-03-24900 $
Trident HFV 122007-10-29£150
True Ladder Line 125ft Doublet.142019-06-01124.00
trueladderline 40-10 Meter Dipole22016-11-0269.00
Tunable Preamplified Loop Antenna for Longwave Band12005-10-0868
UK Antennas 17m End Fed12019-11-04£45.50
UK Antennas 40m Monoband Endfed Half Wave12019-08-1951.50
Ultimax DXtreme242019-03-1385.00
ULTIMAX monoband bazooka dipoles42017-08-07between $38 and $175 acording th
ULTIMAX100 End Fed HF Antenna712018-12-2985.00
Ultralite Jr. from K1JEK62011-09-2689.95
Unadilla W2AU/W2VS Multiband Dipole172014-04-2785
Unadilla \"KW\" Antenna Traps52011-09-1947.00
UniHat CTSVR (short low-band vertical)42016-11-06579
VAN GORDEN 'ALL BANDER'192014-12-1329.95
Van Gorden G5RV382017-02-1728.95
Van Gorden G5RV Jr172010-09-2034.95
Van Gorden PD4010 parallel (fan) dipole 40M-10M62005-09-0439.95
Van Gorden Shorty Dipole52008-04-0845
Van Gordon Engineering SD-4012004-11-2139.00
Van Gordon Shorty All-Bander dipole122011-01-23$44.95
VB 800 Vertical antenna12003-11-17440.00 €
W2AU Antenna 75-40 Antenna Kit12009-08-31$85
W3DZZ by LA1IC12005-06-20
W5GI Mystery Antenna - K4TR Antenna Mfg & Wireman252018-10-2753.99 to 172.99
W6LVP Receiving Amplified Loop with transmit/receive switchbox492019-10-19295
W6MMA's St. Louis Vertical Kit12007-05-2250 to $60
W7FG Tuned Doublet Antenna182019-10-2435 to 75
W8AMZ 1/4 Wave 40M Vertical Wire Monopole22012-11-26$39.00
W8AMZ ZS6BKW /G5RV282019-05-08 $ 68.00
W8AMZ 160 METER REDUCED 1/2 SLOPER112019-03-2259.00
W8AMZ Dipole Center Insulator Kit12011-05-0312.95
W8AMZ G5RV Jr. 10m-40m Multi-Band HF Dipole Antenna 2Kw252016-01-11$38.99
W8AMZ G5RV Multi Band 10-80m Dipole HF Antenna NEW\132016-09-0757.99
W8AMZ Wire Dipoles & OCF (Windom)62014-10-15Depends on frequency
W9INN - 40-80-160 Meter Sloper52007-11-24
W9INN 160 80 40 Dipole52008-03-29
W9INN 40-80 METER DIPOLE72019-10-1877
W9INN MPD-5 5-Band 10-80M112007-03-19
W9INN-Space Saver Diapole-42' SSD-5-42'82011-05-25135.95
WA2NAN True-Talk G5RV2512019-08-0490
Waters & Stanton 80PLUS-2 80/40/20M Antenna32010-05-2479.95
WB6ZQZ Pneumatic Antenna Launcher102014-09-03100
Wellbrook ALA-1530 Active Magnetic Loop Antenna252019-03-10200 £ + charge
Wellbrook ALA-330 active magnetic loop antenna62015-11-30£145 or 250 euros ready to use
Western HF-10342019-07-0372 UK pounds
Wilson Creek Antennas BB3KA antenna72009-10-29
WIMO G5RV dipole 31m22015-10-3087.45
WIMO GPM-1500 Multiband22007-07-11250.-
WIMO Windom antenna12004-09-2669 euros
Workman BS1Ham12010-08-24Workman
Yaesu YA-30 Folded Dipole162019-03-03269.00
Yo-Yo-Vee Model Six by HamRadioFun.com12008-05-13$69.95 plus S&H
Zero Five 33 ft 10m - 80m vertical12017-06-24$350
Zero Five 36\' Broadband Vertical12013-07-12289.00
ZERO FIVE Antennas42018-08-10
Zero-Five 6-80 Meter Groundplane Vertical72019-02-22409
Zero-Five Antennas 40m verticals182019-07-28299.00
Zero5 Hi Q 80mtr loading coil for 43\' Vertical12014-12-12199.95
ZeroFive 30 Foot 10 to 80 Meter Flagpole Vertical152018-08-04619
ZEROFIVE 57 Foot 20-80 Meter Vertical12015-09-29899.00
ZeroFive Antennas202019-11-03309
ZeroFive Antennas Multiband Vertical1102019-08-16469.00
ZeroFive Antennas 10 - 40 meter multiband vertical102017-10-15190.00
ZeroFive Antennas 10 Meter 1/2 wave vertical22005-10-08
ZeroFive Antennas 12 - 80 meter 33 ft multiband vertical72010-07-12349.95
ZeroFive Antennas 20 Meter 5/8 wave vertical82014-05-05299.00
Zerofive Antennas 27 foot 10-40 meter Multi-Band Vertical152019-05-13279.00
ZeroFive Antennas 30-160 meter 50-ft, vertical22010-08-20599.00
ZeroFive Antennas 40M full size vertical42019-10-17269.00
ZeroFive Antennas 6 Meter 5/8 Wave Vertical12009-01-27129.00
ZeroFive Antennas 80M full size vertical72013-01-161000.00 and 2200.00
ZeroFive Antennas Custom Insulated Vertical Mount32007-06-18
ZeroFive Antennas heavy duty foldover vertical antennas mount142009-01-2280.00
ZeroFive COLOSSAL 5K22015-11-08299.00
ZX Yagi GP-3 HF Vertical 20/15/10m0N.A.160