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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AEA CK-232006-11-29
AEA KK-112006-12-29
AEA MM-3 Morse Machine172013-10-01139.95
AEA Morsematic MM-112016-02-14160
AEA MorseMatic MM-212014-01-27
Autek MK-112016-03-21
Begali CW Machine522019-02-21295
CG Antenna PK-4 Pocket Keyer12018-11-20
Code cube132012-12-1479.95
CWKtiny22017-11-0527,00 (Kit)
DAIWA DK-21012018-01-1875
Deluxe Electronic Keyer12008-03-1579.95
DX KEY22003-10-07
Eico 717 Vacuum Tube Electronic Keyer22010-03-0750.00 (Kit, 1967)
Expanded Spectrum Systems Freakin Beacon 252012-07-3040
G4ZLP CW Interface22019-10-26GBP 45.00
Hallicrafters T.O. Keyer52015-05-02TO Keyer
HAM KEY HK5A72019-03-08
Ham Supply/Idiom Press Logikey CMOS Super Keyer III142018-08-2258.95
Ham Supply/Idiom Press Logikey K-5392018-05-08174.95
HamGadgets MasterKeyer MK-1222015-11-18169.00
HamGadgets Ultra PicoKeyer 92017-07-0629
Heathkit HD-1410, circa 1975202014-06-0849.95
Heathkit SA-5010 uMatic Keyer72014-05-28110 (for Kit)
ID-O-Matic by N0XAS22005-11-1820.00
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Logikey K-3 Keyer642014-02-18129.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Logikit CMOS 4 Morse Code Keyer912019-10-1399.95 - 139.95
IQ Keyer by Hobby PCB12019-04-0299.00
Island Keyer 292017-03-1233
Jackson Harbor Keyall Keying Adapter Kit42016-04-11$12.50
Jackson Harbor Press - SMT Keyer Kit12018-04-1515
Jackson Harbor Press - The Island Keyboard22018-05-0419.5
Jackson Harbor Press PK series82013-07-2212 to 20
Jackson Harbor Press Touch Switch II kit22012-08-2112
K1EL K-20 CW keyer and keyboard252007-09-0825
K1EL K1642016-05-25$19.95
K1EL K9 Keyer Chip12001-09-228
K1EL K10PLUS52004-03-2415
K1EL k12 keyer92012-04-1517.00
K1EL K1422013-09-2819
K1EL K40CW Reader/Keyboard/Keyer42010-06-1636.00
K1EL K42 CW Keyboard462019-09-0192.00
K1EL K44 CW Keyboard72019-11-09149.00
K1EL Morse Tutor Touch Keyer22019-10-0822
K1EL PaddleStick CW Keyer with Base Kit32018-03-2859.00
K1EL WinKey CW Keyer172015-11-1430
K1EL Winkey2 Serial Keyer32011-04-1338
K1EL WK2/WKUSB Keyer842019-08-2664 (kit)
K1EL WKUSB-SMT keyer122019-04-03$89 USD
K40 CW Keyboard Kit232009-01-0832.00
Kent EK-4M32006-06-17
Keylite Keyboard & CW Keyer12002-02-1755
MFJ - 561 Paddle12012-02-1129.95
MFJ 407D Deluxe Electronic Keyer62016-04-0979.95
MFJ 451 CW keyer/keyboard42011-12-17129.95
MFJ Deluxe Electronic Keyer MFJ-407D22014-08-24$79.95
MFJ MFJ-492 Menu-Driven Memory Keyer102014-12-0399.95
MFJ-401B Econo Keyer32018-07-31
MFJ-40342011-08-08$59.95 & shipping
MFJ-407E Deluxe Iambic Keyer22019-01-3099.95
MFJ-415B CW BOARD32013-04-0555 +/-
MFJ-490 Keyer-Paddle Combo22018-03-03199.95
MFJ-490X Menu Driven Memory Keyer32009-08-05109.95
MFJ-492 Menu Driven Memory Keyer112017-12-23109.95
MFJ-493 Memory Keyer92018-12-08around 130.
MFJ-494 Super Keyboard22005-06-16300.00
MFJ-495 MEMORY KEYER132019-08-26159.95
microHAM CW Keyer (USB)122018-06-01169 USD
Morse Mate12002-06-05136
MSC Smart Keyer III72015-03-06175
MX-K2 Auto Key22016-09-2934.00
NorCal QRP Club Keyer72014-08-18$15.50
Palstar CW50 Deluxe CW Keyer12000-12-3159.95
Palstar CW50A Keyer52013-01-20119.95
Picokeyer (Ultra)62017-02-2429.00
PicoKeyer from N0XAS892015-05-2417.99
PicoKeyer Plus from N0XAS232015-11-2617.99
Radio Adventures CodeBoy72010-06-0824.95 to $54.95 (kit or assemble
Ramsey CW772012-10-2224.95
ScQRPion Paddle22013-07-22$32/$29.00
SMART KEYBOARD by N4YG62009-08-1860
Super Combo Keyer22005-12-28340
TICK Series of Keyer ICs72019-03-1850
Unified Microsystems XT-4 Keyer32019-01-17$69.95
Vectronics "VEC 201"72013-09-27$25.00 (enclosure $5.00)
Vectronics CK200 Electronic Keyer22006-04-1779.95
Vectronics VEC-22152009-06-0969.95
Whiterook M-64 key/keyer12014-05-1174
Whiterook MK-60 Series12003-09-2342 / $48/ $54
Whiterook MK-65 Series22003-11-0654.00