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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
9A5N Solid State CW Paddles152019-10-18Euros 220-260
AC7AZ Magnetic return paddles42011-03-22
Alberto Frattini12004-10-15
Alberto Frattini Bug Type J36 Chrome102016-07-19610.00 (435 EUR)
Alberto Frattini Chrome Evolution Chrome Bug32018-03-06475 euro
Alberto Frattini I1QOD Sideswiper Chrome72018-09-17435.00
Alberto Frattini Lamellare Iambic Blade Paddle12012-11-11475
Alberto Frattini magnetic iambic212014-12-15approx 438 USD
Alberto Frattini Marconi 213 chrome Key22015-07-26408 euros
Alberto Frattini Marconi 213 De Luxe32012-04-24400,00
Alberto Frattini Mini Jambic Portable12008-05-02About 350.00
Alberto Frattini Semi Magnetico132016-10-09650USD
Alberto Frattini Sideswiper Magnetic Chrome22019-06-13
Alberto Frattini Single Lever Paddle Chrome Deluxe12016-08-20
Alberto Frattini Verticale12004-01-10
Ameco K-182016-08-2310.95
Ameco K-4122015-09-2016.95
American Morse Bushwacker Sideswiper/Single Lever Paddle Kit242018-11-2399.00
American Morse Equip KK1192019-05-05$30.00
American Morse Equipment12004-05-07$53.95 + $4 S & H
American Morse Equipment Camelback Key32018-10-29159 + 13 shipping
American Morse Equipment Dirt Cheap Paddle Kit (DCP)202019-04-1639.95
American Morse Equipment KK2142019-01-01$65
American Morse Equipment MS252018-12-2074
American Morse Equipment, Porta-Paddle292019-07-06 $69.95 + $4.00 S&H
Autronic Single Paddle62019-08-0817
BaMaKey EHT-I22019-10-12250
BaMaKey TP-II52018-11-14250
BASICOMM CW TOUCH PADDLE22017-11-25177-269
Begali Adventure112019-10-19340
Begali Adventure Mono72019-10-31350
Begali Blade212019-03-24255
Begali Camelback322016-08-2896.00 plus $9.50 s/h
Begali Contour72015-08-05340
Begali Expedition222019-01-21295
Begali Graciella Jr12009-06-09400
Begali Graciella Limited Edition52015-05-29approx. $900.00
Begali Graciella Vertical Paddle412019-04-24490 + $12 s/h
Begali HST Single Lever392019-07-09250
Begali Intrepid192019-06-26590 incl. shipping
Begali Leonessa62018-07-30510
Begali Magnetic Classic542018-02-21248.00 + 9.50 shipping
Begali Magnetic Professional182012-06-14248.00 + 9.50 s/h
Begali Magnetic Traveler Light412018-11-06248 plus $9.50 s/h
Begali Magnum12017-04-19670
Begali Magnum Paddle52017-01-31Euro 540.00
Begali Mono Basic22014-01-01180
Begali Pearl252017-12-23350
Begali Pearl Eclipse Limited Edition32019-06-18€ 510.00
Begali Postal Key32011-11-1296.00 + 9.50 shipping
Begali Sculpture832019-06-18550 + $26 s/h
Begali Sculpture Arrow32016-07-17520
Begali Sculpture Janus22018-07-02€ 510.00
Begali Sculpture Mono Single Lever162019-10-10600
Begali Sculpture Special12011-08-03555
Begali Sculpture \"Swing\"12014-11-01575.00
Begali Signature Edition1032018-10-01330 + $9.50 s/h
Begali Simplex1062019-10-17136.80 + 9.50 shipping
Begali Simplex Basic152019-07-30155
Begali Simplex Mono482016-02-28165.00
Begali Simplex Professional162016-02-23175
Begali Spark262019-10-16108 + $15.00 s/h
Begali Special Edition 60th Anniversary Sculpture42017-01-29700.00
Begali Stealth62015-07-27635
Begali Stealth Limited Edition92012-10-05950.00 (Approx.)
Begali Stradivarius142019-04-16435
Begali Traveler Light72019-11-05298
Bencher BY-11532019-04-04110 to 395 rrp
Bencher BY-1 Ten Tec 40th Anniversary Limited Edition12008-12-04$169
Bencher Hex Key282017-11-15195
Bencher Mercury Paddle92008-06-27495.00
Bencher RJ-1 Handkey182017-05-12100.00
Bencher RJ-2 Chrome Hand Key202018-07-20120.00
Bencher ST-2 Single Paddle Keyer62010-11-17120
BHC-Z55 Brass Morse Code Key12016-08-29120
Brown Brothers -all OTHER models (btl,etc).152012-08-0330.00
Brown Brothers CTL (CTL, A or B)152018-04-0918.95 in 1964 DISC Now
BSL Paddle MINI12006-10-2726 - $52
Bulldog BD5-817,52017-11-1027,95
Bulldog Keys MRX/CQ100 Serial Cable12010-05-1819.95 plus shipping (without key
BullDog mini-paddles72016-09-1024.95
Bunnell Triumph Straight Key12018-08-23
Chevron Morse Key132019-03-02£375 - £465
Chinese K4 Hand Key52016-06-06$25.00
Chinese miniature brass Morse Key22016-05-2550 to 100
Clipsal straight key12015-12-11100
CT 599 Dual Lever Paddle302019-06-18129.95
CT 599MB by UR5CDX12016-03-02140 on 2016
CT 755 Magnet Tension Single Lever Paddle, Brass edition.82017-10-16105
CT Asia Hand Key32005-12-1173.88
CT Camel Back Deluxe Morse Key32005-02-03199.95
CT Deluxe Straight Key62015-10-29$199
CT Europe Iambic Lever Paddle92010-05-14119.95
CT Ham Iambic Lever Paddle (CT22)162012-12-1699.95
CT Iambic Lever Paddle (CT73)112018-05-07139.95
CT Paddle72009-12-30129.99
CT1 Miniature / QRP Morse Key22014-11-1073.88
CT91 Single Lever Paddle62004-09-05$99.95
CW Morse Micro Morse Key72019-05-19$22.95 USD
CW Touch Key P3 Circuit Card62011-08-2518
CW Touch Keyer Mini Paddles - Model P662016-05-26$39.00 Introductory offer
CW Touch Keyer Model P2 Touch Paddles22006-04-0364.50
CW Touch Keyer P412011-11-04$45.00
CW Touch Tapper TT-152014-02-0325 kit, 35 wired
CW Touchkeyer Model P1972017-05-10$95
CWMORSE PADDLE (3 D Printer Key)32019-05-2537.50
czech army morse key312019-07-15
D-117/K4 Heavy Key "Chinese Army Key"252016-01-2075.00
DinKey portable paddlette382014-10-1130. USD
DK1WE Mini-Squeezekey52016-04-0548 Euro
Dust Cover for Begali keys452015-02-23NA
Dust cover for Bencher Paddles22006-06-23
E.F. Johnson Speed-X Key62013-05-173.50
Earthquake Putty32011-02-05$7.95
EL-KEY (Poucel)12018-03-1818.95
Elecraft HexKey132014-03-14179.95
Elecraft KXPD1 paddle kit52015-03-1169.00
Elecraft KXPD3 \"Precision? Keyer Paddle\"32019-06-04129.95
ElectroInstruments Key-852018-05-23139.95
Finger Tip Tapper132010-03-0129.95
Fischer DFM-112002-12-12~120
Flex-Flyer paddle by KA2BZS42007-01-20475
FT-817 Key12001-06-2525
Fuller Paddle12010-01-23unknown
G0NVT PB213LTSLC142019-07-08200
G3LIV CABLETIDY for GHD Paddles22014-01-31
G4ZPY Model 21 Twin Paddle42010-04-02
G4ZPY Model 56 Miniature Paddles52002-04-13
G4ZPY VHS Twin Paddle42019-10-01
Garrett Verta-Plex Vertical Bug Conversion12018-10-05115.00 + shipping
GHD BUG GH-GN107WS12003-09-21299.95
GHD GD907WS22007-02-23875,00
GHD GF501A Cootie Telegraph Key12018-07-25209.95
GHD GF601A12008-12-06$239.00
GHD GF601MP12007-11-29$239.95
GHD GH-GN507 Paddles52009-07-21$190 USD
GHD GM70722006-06-2289.95
GHD GN 807 Kit12011-06-09149.99
GHD GN-204S12018-04-15219.95
GHD GN207A32008-08-27$349.95
GHD GN407 Single Lever Paddle82017-04-02210 to 290
GHD GN607A Iambic Key12016-09-17219.95
GHD GT501M Straight Key62018-06-21449. - 499.
GHD GT501MIL12016-12-12$599,95
GHD GT502MIL Straight Key42016-10-17$459.95
GHD GT503A Straight Key12016-09-17259.95
GHD GT504A22013-01-06229.00
GHD GT706kit32019-03-31149.95
GHD Optical Bug -- GD107WS22007-07-13449.95
GHD Telegraph Key162013-10-18
GHD Telegraph Key GH-GD50712007-12-21329.95 (chrome) Key Covers32018-06-1875.00
HA8KF Iambic Magnetic Paddle32019-02-22113 €95
HA8KN single lever key12013-04-2690 Euro
HA8KN single lever key.12016-10-06about 90 Euro's
Ham Key Iambic paddle92013-07-28
Hensley Iambic Paddle52009-06-16500 round $550 square +$50 for
HI MOUND 802 STRAIGHT KEY92015-11-06$289
Hi Mound HK-708 straught key102017-11-2049.95
Hi-Mound 706 paddles112017-06-13125
Hi-Mound BK-100 Bug102019-06-19140
IK1OJM SideSwiper32010-03-28
IK1OJM Mini Paddle42011-07-13
Imel M1 Magnetic Iambic Paddles32006-01-20269.95
Johnson Speed-x 114-500 bug22008-11-30
Jones Keys Brass two paddle keyer42006-09-12190.00
Jones Keys PK-200 Red Base Iambic Paddle52013-05-19$170 Original MSRP
Jones Keys Straight Key32003-12-2707/96 $170 Mfg. Discontinued
Junker D.G.B.M.262018-05-03185
K7SU Straight Key12018-06-27$149.00
K7SU Titan Camelback Straight Key22018-11-01189.00
K8RA Iambic Paddle2302017-02-2065
K8RA P-2jr52017-04-2485.00
K8RA P-4 paddle132014-10-30185
K8RA P-5 Iambic Paddle22012-11-17220.00
K8RA P6 Single Lever Paddle302019-04-26$160
K9LU BullDog Paddle282019-03-0124.95 + $2.50 S&H
Katsumi EKM-15062014-06-30
Katsumi Electric ELE-KEY Model KM-2322016-12-1489.85
KC8GL engraved dust cover for BY series Bencher keyer32017-09-05$48.50 shipped
kd4obq Iambic Key12010-06-06125
KE6RIE Straight Key32006-04-2753.95+4.00 S&H
Kenpro Hand Key12007-06-2260.00 to 125.00 Cdn.
Kent - II82006-05-3198.98
Kent KT-1 Professional straight key162018-12-25135
Kent Single Paddle Key322019-02-02139.95
Kent Straight Key322018-11-23129.95
Kent Twin Paddle Key1262019-05-02149.95
Kent Vail Lever Correspondent22016-09-17125
Key Concepts - LNR Precision Keys - ProPump NT9K22015-04-19250
Key Covers by Ernesto Rodrguez32006-11-02$15.00 to $30.00
KN4JX Iambic Paddles22007-03-1425
KN4YB All Speed Bug42019-10-06175 (in brass, nickel avail)
KN4YB Dual Lever Right Angle BUG Model DL-15012019-07-13150
KXer QRP key12004-11-12$125
LNR Precision - Key Concepts - SKCC Member Keys32017-07-12190
Long Island Mercury by KG2ED112014-04-12500
LTA Model CRDO Paddle and Key combo32004-07-04138.95
LTA BBIO Paddle22015-12-2599.95
MagnaKeyer132019-08-17Price: $80.00 plus shipping cost
March Hand Key11999-11-13150.00
March Magnetic Paddle R3a822019-08-12250. and up
March Vertical Model22005-09-03100
Marconi 365 EZ32018-11-20200-$300 approx
Marconi PS No213A42018-11-02
McMurdo BCE type 502 12016-06-23200
Mercury Paddle - Original N2DAN Key122019-09-26400.00
MFJ KP-20022005-12-1559.95
MFJ-550 Straight Key12018-07-0614.95
MFJ-557 Straight Key & Practice Oscillator12008-11-09$39.95
MFJ-561/MFJ-561K Miniature Travel Iambic Paddle192018-06-1419.95/$14.95
MFJ-564x Dual Paddle Key522019-08-2149.95
Micro-Key by KK5PY12001-09-0620
Military J-38152011-08-14
military K-64 from DDR12009-06-1620
Military Naval Flameproof keys xxx-26003A Type122015-03-2885.00
militay DK 10 from Czech republic12009-06-1620
Mini Straight Key by KC5ILR92018-10-06$19.95
MKIII British Military Hand Key42017-05-31
Morse Express 2004 Christmas Key12004-12-1569.95+S/H
Morse Express Christmas Key 200322003-11-2159.00
Morse Express Christmas Key 200712007-11-1679.95
Morsekeys by VK2DLF22014-09-12220.00
N0SA Paddles582019-11-08290. USD
N3CW Heathkit HD-1410 Paddle Modification Kit32007-06-1746.95 USD (kit)
N3ZN key model ZN-542014-11-23375.00
N3ZN ZN-HK72018-10-29$315.00
N3ZN ZN-HKC straight key22013-05-31$ 315.00
N3ZN Keys ZN-1112012-07-01150
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-4A162009-05-12165.00
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-2A32007-02-11225.00
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-3A162011-04-23250.00
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-5A222011-11-20250
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-5B12009-08-01see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-6A62011-02-06175 steel base $190 brass base
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-7A22008-02-08300 plus shipping
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-9162018-04-26see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-9B32009-03-14see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-9CRB12015-01-10345
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-9Z32017-09-01315
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-QRP232019-09-26see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-SL262018-06-14see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-SL112008-09-13see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-SL1B22010-01-08see website for prices
N3ZN KEYS Model ZN-SLR212018-04-26see website for prices
N3ZN Keys-ZN-822011-01-23$325.00
N3ZN ZN-592013-06-04$345
N3ZN ZN-9dx paddle22016-12-07$365.00
N3ZN ZN-Lite12019-10-20265.00
N3ZN. ZN-Minimite Iambic mini paddle.62019-02-05275.00
N3ZNKEYS Model ZN-8A12008-05-20see website for prices
N3ZNKEYS Model ZN-9A282015-05-27see website for prices
N5QVF Magnetic Iambic Key122006-05-31750. USD
new Automatic Paddle Key Keyer CW Morse Code for HAM RADIO12014-11-04$46.00
NT9K Pro-Pump SKCC Club Key112013-03-15TBD
Nye Viking92012-11-2370
Nye Viking KB2 aluminum base plate32016-06-0617.00
Nye Viking Master Key352019-07-2475
Nye Viking Speed-X Keys322017-12-1640 (Approx.)
OK1QO Minijamb CW Paddle22016-06-0735
ON4MAC MacKey - Straight Key12007-07-2575.00 Euro
ON4MAC MacPaddle magnetic repulsion system132008-01-21Not known
ON4MAC MacPuck paddle42011-01-28?
ON4MAC MacTapper Key32008-06-25
Paddlette Mobile Paddle112010-05-1348.95
Palm Mini Paddles842019-09-21120
Palm Pico Paddle212017-08-1885 euros
Palm Pico Single82018-01-15- 90 EU
Palm Portable Key (PPK)92015-11-0270
Palm-Radio Palm Single62015-06-0990 Euros
Pekler Single Lever Paddle12003-10-13
QRP J-3842018-10-0695.00
QRPGUYS - KD1JV Code Trainer12017-11-0315.00
QRPGuys Iambic Mini Paddle (KIT) 42019-09-2915 plus shipping
QRPGuys Single Lever Mini Paddle12017-06-1615
QSK,llc TP-1 Iambic Electronic CW Touch Paddle162019-08-22149.00
R4N-885 Single Paddle Key12019-02-18100
RA1AOM Paddles52019-02-03450.00
RAF KEY MORSE TYPE D52018-10-31Ebay 20 - 50 GBP
RAF W.T. 8 AMP No. 3 MX1 key12008-07-25
Scheunemann Einhebel 232019-07-02329.95
Scheunemann Kleine Handtaste 22018-10-29209.95
Scheunemann Morse Dirigent112019-06-28349.95
Scheunemann Portabel 3 Paddle12018-06-02250
Schurr Einbau Wabbler22004-02-04149.95 + s&h
Schurr Einhebel (Single Lever)32009-05-18299
Schurr Mahogany Hand Key12003-12-31299.95 + shipping
Schurr Mini-Portabel42019-11-04189.95
Schurr MMK Medium Hand Key22019-11-06209.95 (now discontinued)
Schurr Mobil12005-04-03
Schurr Portable Wabbler paddle102019-11-04249.95
Schurr Profi562017-10-02269.95
Schurr Profi M22017-03-21
Scorpion Kit - W5JH42008-01-08$27
Signal Electric Navy Spark Gap Hand Key R-6252016-03-06Originally sold for $5 to $10.
Skillman Deluxe H.S.K.22009-11-02
SQ9KFQ Paddles12017-11-14~180.00
STAMPFL #732018-01-03EBAY
Stampfl STM-11 Classic Army 12018-12-25
Swedish Army Key72016-10-11$189 @
Taylor Magnetic Paddles42005-03-16295
Te Ne Ke (iambic paddle)112017-06-2040.00
Telegraph Key12011-01-13n/a
Ten Tec 645 Keyer12012-11-2585.00 (when new)
Ten Tec KR-5 Single Paddle electronic keyer22013-01-13
Ten Tec KR1B22012-07-08
Ten-Tec 604 key/keyer12007-07-10Not current model
Ten-Tec Vibroplex IAMBIC collectors paddle82015-04-12169
TK Soviet Hand Key112019-01-0129.95
TK-F Heavy Duty RF Filtered Soviet Hand Key82011-09-1139.95
TKEY-1 Touch Keyer Kit22019-07-2116 Euros
Touch Paddle Kit22004-09-1212
TS-1 MS military handkey12008-12-08
TW magpad12014-04-14£123
uniHAM UNI-71552018-03-0870
uniHAM UNI-730A152016-08-1879.95
ur5cdx CT Europe dual lever paddle12017-02-23158 plus freight
VGA T-1/T-1A (Belarus)12004-08-19110
VHS paddle by G4ZPY72001-10-17
VibroCube112019-10-10See website
Vibroplex "Code Warrior Junior"362019-07-0699.95
Vibroplex "Gold" Original Bug32018-09-06329
Vibroplex 100th Anniversary Original192015-04-07209.95
Vibroplex 50th Anniversary Vibrokeyer22011-02-15199.95
Vibroplex Blue Racer222018-07-28189.95 (Standard), $229.95 (Delu
Vibroplex Blue Racer Deluxe 1940 - 1967102011-06-26150 - 250 $ on eBay
Vibroplex Brass Racer252019-03-28129.00
Vibroplex Champion122015-03-079.95 in 1946
Vibroplex Code Mite82018-07-0559.95
Vibroplex Double Key (Original Bug / Iambic)12013-02-22499
Vibroplex Dustcover and accessories12014-08-049.95
Vibroplex Gold Hand Key/Iambic Paddle double22005-07-29349 - $799
Vibroplex Iambic Deluxe412019-02-28189.99
Vibroplex Iambic Gold12016-07-25319.95
Vibroplex Know Code32008-06-09189.95
Vibroplex Know Code Key42011-01-15189.95
Vibroplex Lightning Bug272017-11-1480 - $150 on eBay
Vibroplex Original "Presentation" Bug.122015-02-06299.00
Vibroplex Origional Bug252019-10-31170
Vibroplex Paddle62007-01-2717.95
Vibroplex Square Brass Racer112012-05-01149.95
Vibroplex Square Racer162018-02-07139.95
Vibroplex Straight Key - Standard182018-05-16159.95
Vibroplex Straight Key Gold62014-01-06299.95
Vibroplex Vari-Speed62016-08-2029.95
Vibroplex Venus32011-04-17??
Vibroplex VibroKeyer332019-06-14149.00
Vibroplex Wooden Case for Bugs22012-10-0299.95
Vibroplex ZN32017-11-03360
VizKey 90 Degree Paddle102013-02-01143
VIZKEY BUG Left Handed12009-06-12232
Vizkey Camel Back Straight Key402018-04-30148
Vizkey Combo Key12013-04-01varies
Vizkey Cootie Key292017-12-09118
Vizkey Paddle192014-02-1355
VizKey Right-Angle Bug472019-08-04232
VizKey Vertical Bug282019-04-26245
VizKey Vertical Paddle72018-05-08170
VIZKEYS VIZ Vertical Dust Cover12013-01-1460
W1SFR FAT BOY Torsion Bar, model TBF42019-05-06195
W1SFR Mark I Single Lever Paddle12018-02-04450.00
W1SFR model TBCP Torsion Bar Cootie Key/Paddle62019-10-29148
W1SFR Portable Single Lever Key with Station Base32017-12-15$225 (with Station Base)
W1SFR TBKII Single Lever Paddle/Sideswiper82018-12-10245.00
W5JH Baby Black Widow Paddle Kit72011-09-11$39.95+ postage
W5JH Black Widow Paddle Kit362011-05-2357
W6PPP, Wally Jones12018-03-08various
W8FYO Single Lever Paddle52009-02-03300
W9WBL Paddle162011-09-07139.95
WB3EVL Plastic Key Dustcovers362004-10-26
WB9LPU Parkwood Iambic Paddle52004-05-17
Whiterook MK-1132011-03-0312.95
Whiterook MK-2242015-04-2311.95
Whiterook MK-3242012-01-2816.95
Whiterook MK-3382016-05-1816.95
Whiterook MK-3622002-09-097.50
Whiterook MK-44232015-03-0616.95
Whiterook MK-4812001-03-2124.95
Whiterook MK-6422013-12-2954 / $60 / $69
Whiterook MK-6512001-02-2254
Wilson Hand Key12003-07-14Unknown
WK4DS Paddles72010-06-18$350.00
ZACH Magnetic Iambic Paddle82018-04-03170