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Review Category: Lightning & Surge Protection/Supression

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AlphaDelta ATT3 G50 Static Discharge Protector102018-05-1654.95
Array Solutions AS-300 Series42017-03-2458.00
Array Solutions Control Cable and Rotator Surge Suppressors52016-10-1771.00
Cushcraft LAC4H22010-08-2749.95
DX Engineering 2KW Lightning Protectors12019-01-19$59.95
DX Engineering Grounding and Utility Enclosure UE-1P0N.A.$39.95
Front Panel Express42015-08-21Varies
Georgia Copper Ground Bars12017-09-14$28 and up - Copper Ground Strap152016-09-0865
Harger GBIS18148 Grounding Bar Kit12016-03-08$79
Home Depot 8 Foot Ground Rod42011-08-1213.00
I. C. E. 309 open wire surge protector52018-10-1946.00
I.C.E Coaxial Suppressor172010-05-1744
I.C.E. Control cable suppressor and AC mains suppression12002-01-27
I.C.E. Model 348 Rotor 8-Conductor Suppressor42010-08-2544
ICE Model 340 Suppressor/Filter12006-04-16
KD9SV Transceiver Front End Saver with Solid State Amp T/R Relay12010-12-1088.95
KF7P Copper Strap12012-08-17
KF7P Ground Rod Clamps12015-08-10
KF7P Metalwerks cable entry panel/single point ground392017-12-1180
KF7P Metalwerks copper ground bar62015-12-23$40
LBA Lightning Dissipator Arrays12010-06-03
LBA Technology Copper Ground Strap12011-02-21
PolyPhaser IS-50UX-C0172017-01-0589.95
Polyphaser IS-B50HN-C172013-08-3069.95
PolyPhaser IS-RCT22014-02-03150
Storm Copper Components Grounding Bar Kit42012-03-2119.61 ($25.99 w/ Callsign Engrav
Times Microwave LP-SPT Surge Protector Tester12015-05-02875