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Review Category: Microphones for ham radio

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AB5N - HM-36 IC-7200 / -7600 Mic. Modification242019-04-0532.90
AB5N - Icom HM-151 - IC-7000 mic. modification1592019-09-2439.50
Adonis AM-30812015-06-14
Adonis AM-508E12002-02-05169.00
ADONIS AM-70832019-06-21239
AKG D88S32010-04-19$49
AKG C1000S32010-11-19175
AKG D512012-01-2599
AKG D58E12015-08-0930 - 200
AKG D79022010-03-14139
AlexMic for Elecraft KX line from Alex PY1AHD72018-09-28125
Alinco EMS-14 Desk Microphone72015-05-11180.00
Alinco EMS-5712017-05-0220.00
Altec Lansing AHS-202 Headset Microphone12005-10-0520.99
Antlion ModMic12016-09-27
Apex 430 Studio Condenser Microphone42004-01-16about $100USD
Apex 880 Microphone12013-12-1329.95
ARCO cm132017-02-17
Astatic 10-DA Super Sidebander52018-12-1250-100
Astatic 1104 C52013-05-22124.95
Astatic 575-M6 Ceramic Teardrop202019-04-2160 new / 36 Used
Astatic 575M632015-06-2049.00
Astatic 636L/631L52010-03-1445.95
Astatic D-104692019-07-2490.
Astatic D-104 with W9AC FET Transformer mod. 32018-11-2639.95$ plus S/H
Astatic D104 "Night Eagle"72015-08-0699.99
Astatic D104 upgrade kit62017-12-1115.00
Astatic D104M6182017-02-0354.99
Astatic EchoMax 200082012-01-09150.00
Astatic Model 77 Dynamic Cardioid12017-02-1672.50
Astatic RD104E32016-01-2540-60
Astatic Silver Eagle32017-10-28
Astatic TMD107E12005-08-0130.00
ASTATIC \"GOLDEN EAGLE\" D-10432013-01-29149.99
ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone22014-07-0645
Audio Technica AT201022009-08-21169.00
Audio Technica AT202052013-12-2999
Audio Technica AT4033A22008-05-22350
Audio Technica atm 41012012-01-0470 - 100$
Audio Technica atm-25012019-03-08179-199us 249cdn
Audio Technica ATR-130052017-10-28$27
Audio Technica BP40 Microphone12017-06-10$349
Audio-Technica PRO 31 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone12012-10-10$69.99
Audio-Technica AT203512018-12-28128
Audio-Technica ATM61HE12003-01-15120
Audio-Technica ATR20 Microphone22011-10-17just $19.99
Audio-Technica ATR30 Microphone232018-08-2039.95
AudioTechnica AT404012006-04-06299.00
Audix D622012-03-14199
Audix OM-2 hypercardioid dynamic microphone22014-03-22149
Axis CM-3 Hi Output Condenser Microphone232019-10-1949.95
Baofeng BF-S112 Handheld Speaker Microphone12018-11-3010
Bardl BR50012008-04-13199 aust
Behringer B-1 studio microphone202012-03-12155 $
Behringer B-2 Pro Studio Microphone32012-12-30199.95
Behringer C-3 Condenser Microphone12009-01-2689.99
Behringer C1 12019-05-11$50
Behringer Measurement Condenser Microphone ECM8000 12012-07-2360
Behringer Ultravoice XM8500252019-07-2220. USD
Behringer XM1800S32017-12-12$49.99 for 3 Pack
BM-5000 microphone12016-07-1620-29
CAD GXL 2000 Studio Condenser Microphone12008-01-0799.00
CAD M177 Studio Condenser12008-12-12249.99
Canare Star Quad Microphone Cable L-4E6S22015-11-17Varies
Cascade Fathead II Ribbon Microphone12009-07-10$219.00
Elctrovoice Raven22010-03-27199.99
Electro Voice 621L22006-07-31Discontinued
Electro Voice 622L22010-04-01$$$ ??
Electro Voice 63052016-07-10Discontinued (US$ 52.00 in 1952)
Electro Voice 63892016-07-28Discontinued
Electro Voice 66432013-01-05Discontinued
Electro Voice 664122013-05-02100 + used
Electro Voice model # 729 SR22011-08-17
Electro Voice RE-20222015-08-13650 to 790 (not wholesale or dis
Electro Voice RE27192017-03-31List Price: $840.00
Electro-Voice RE-320132018-12-23299
electrovoice nd/767a32014-06-19150$ average
ELECTROVOICE RE41022019-01-08$199.00
EV RE 50 N/D12018-04-17$199.00
Heil / Ten-Tec Studio One32011-02-13129.95
Heil 20th Anniversary Goldline Presentation12003-08-11200
Heil Bluetooth Adapter12014-05-20169.00
Heil Classic292019-04-02229
Heil Fin72019-07-08$196
Heil Gold Elite Microphone82019-05-22$160.00
Heil Goldline1012017-03-12140.00
Heil Goldline Pro292016-05-16130.00 (optional cable extra)
Heil HandiMic Series (new for 2004)342012-09-1280+cable
Heil HC 5.1 Retro Element kit132019-02-2159.00
Heil Heritage112009-04-14$188.00
Heil HM 12 Microphone22016-04-2571
Heil HM-12 Microphone192018-02-1570.00
Heil HM-i for Icom382019-01-2196 (Street)
Heil HM10 (-4, -5, or Dual elements)242017-11-3065 (4/5) or 115 (dual) + 30 (int
Heil HMM32019-04-2985
Heil HMM-iC (Icom)152019-08-0859 (Street)
Heil HMM-K82016-08-1578
Heil HMM-Y72005-12-0778
Heil HS 70672004-02-21$60.00
Heil ICM782019-09-0989.99
Heil LB-1R22015-01-14$98.95 Retail
Heil PR - 3522016-05-13$249
Heil PR 7742019-01-18
Heil PR 780 Microphone182016-06-04N/A
Heil PR 781 Microphone932019-02-28179.00
Heil PR-1082016-11-08275
Heil PR-22 UT Microphone32014-10-31101
Heil PR2812017-09-11149.00
Heil PR30 Dynamic Microphone92019-01-17unknown
Heil PR40 Dynamic Microphone662018-10-25269.00
Heil Pro Micro Single12012-11-14$79
Heil Proline PR-20142018-10-06$169 USD
Heil Proset242019-01-21130.00
Heil ProSet Plus52013-05-16179.95
Heil Sound PL-2 Mic Boom192019-06-2260.00
Heil Traveler Mic152011-08-09 89.00
Heil USBQ22014-11-1690.00
Heil/Ten-Tec STUDIO ONE22008-12-05129.95
HeilSound Microphone Cable & Connectors52017-12-201.00 per foot
ICOM HM-151 for IC-7000/7100132018-02-1799.00
ICOM HM-175GPS32013-11-21275.00
Icom HM-36132019-09-0874.95
ICOM SM 10 equalizer microphone82013-04-20
ICOM SM-20 microphone632014-07-03259
Icom SM-2722016-09-13129,00
ICOM SM-30 microphone322019-03-28195
ICOM SM-50222018-11-28$$$ SHOP AROUND
Icom SM-6262019-09-08119.95
ICOM SM-8312018-06-21159.95
INRAD M62922019-01-2279
K40 Speech Processor microphone22013-05-1650
Kenwood MC 85 Deluxe Microphone132014-07-30
Kenwood MC-50 Microphone212017-11-08120.00
Kenwood MC-60A502019-03-02145.00
Kenwood MC-80182014-08-1685
Kenwood MC-90212018-11-15conversion 190 GB pounds
Kenwood SMC-34222019-10-0139.95
Leson Base Microphone 12016-06-1880$
Marshall Electronics MXL-V57M Large Capsule Condenser w/MXL-57 I32004-01-26350
Marshall MLX V6722004-02-01$399
Marshall MXL 1006BP22005-03-20119
Marshall MXL 200312003-11-02$399
Marshall MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone62016-01-16159.95
Marshall MXL V69 Mogami Edition12011-01-28399/~240
Marshall MXL V7742018-08-21unknown
Marshall MXL-990 Vintage Style Studio Condenser Microphone242016-07-2170
Marshall V177 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone12013-08-26$399.95
MFJ 283K Ear-Vibration Speaker/Microphone12009-06-0334.95
MFJ-285 speaker/mic for Yeasu VX-6R12010-01-18$19.95
MFJ-290Y Replacement Hand Mic42013-01-2519.95 plus shipping
MXL 200172016-09-06169
MXL BCD-122018-04-08$169.95
MXL V-88 Microphone12010-10-25MSRP ~200/used~100
Nady StarPower SP-532014-03-2259.95
NADY Systems SCM 900 Studio Condenser Microphone32007-12-19299.99
NADY Systems StarPower1 Professional Dynamic Microphone92014-07-0665.00
Nady Systems TCM 1050 tube condensor microphone32010-04-01
Neumann U87Ai Large Diaphragm Microphone32015-08-272,799.95
Nippon America DM-30112006-08-12No clue,
Nissei NS-508 Desk Microphone52015-09-0799.95
No name condenser mic12016-06-2710-15
Otto Communications V2 Speaker Mic for Yaesu FT-10/5012001-01-1581.93
President Liberty / Uniden BC906W / Bearcat ?12017-09-23about $100
Priemier Pryme Desk Mic82015-01-2969.95
Prostar PSIA-9030SL microphone12009-05-2625.00
Pryme MMC-10012008-05-04$80
Pryme SPM-10122006-07-0829.95
Pryme SPM-10222013-05-2424.95
Pryme SPM-2100 Series12013-05-1854
Pryme SPM-402(A)32006-01-3129.95
Pryme SPM-600 Speaker/Mic12000-12-0224.95
Pyle PHPMC212013-02-26$31.99
Radio Shack "Grayline" Pro Studio Microphone # 33-300152016-06-1229.97
Radio Shack 33-12892015-07-23$39.99
Radio Shack 33-3021 desk mike22006-04-2819.95
Radio Shack 33-303832011-08-2824.95
Radio Shack 33-3042 dynamic microphone12008-01-17$39.95
Radio Shack 33-370 microphone stand22012-03-129.39
Radio Shack condensor mic element Cat# 270009222018-02-125.00
Radio Shack RS 33-3018 Microphone42015-01-1539.95
Radio Shack Shure® Live Performance Premium Vocal Microphone12004-07-22
RadioShack Foam WindScreen #33-400142008-11-093.99
RODE M1 12017-06-12120
RODE M312018-10-29179
Rode Procaster92019-01-03149 euro
Rode PSA-1 Boom Arm12019-10-31$98.95
Sadelta Echo Master Plus Classic102014-01-0374.49 Euro
Samson Q6 microphone32018-03-0649.95
SBE (Belcom) desk top microphone42013-11-26180
Sennheiser e93512011-04-22200,00
Sennheiser MD421 II Dynamic Microphone62012-09-17485
Sennheiser MD441U22019-07-10$1350
SENNHEISER MODEL E-83572015-10-23$149.99
Shengyue BM-800 Condenser Microphone32018-01-27$25
Shure 444472018-08-1980.00
Shure 45092016-02-17129.95
Shure 514B Microphone22008-02-2484.42
Shure 522 Desktop Microphone (Unidirectional)132016-03-2189.00 (Lowest Price)
Shure 526-T62012-06-06
Shure 550L42017-06-08List ~ $102.00
Shure 55S Unidyne Dynamic Mic72011-11-20160
Shure 577B Microphone12006-04-16159
Shure 737A Monoplex12015-06-0539.00
Shure Beta 87A12005-06-19$250.00
Shure PG5212015-12-25149.00
Shure SM58S72016-07-1699.00
Shure SM7B112014-10-20619.50
Silver Salute112015-04-0999.99
Sterling Audio ST5112012-03-09$99.00
Studiospares S194012014-01-05£57.00
Superlux ECO-88s12009-12-3120.00
Technofix UK12018-02-2220
Ten Tec 70112011-09-2828.00
Ten Tec 705 Desk Mic102014-08-1179.95
Ten Tec 70622015-11-1999.95
Ten Tec 709A32017-06-1369.00
Ten-Tec 708A dynamic mike62015-01-2299
Tentec 700C12012-01-06unknown
TenTec 702/703 Hand Held Mic12015-03-31$39.95
Tentec 70312012-01-06$39.95
TENTEC 707 Regal Microphone272015-09-04139.00
turner +2 micrphone82018-02-0275$ in early 70s
Turner 454C32008-09-18unknown
Turner by Telex RK56 (Roadking 56)22010-03-1440
Turner Plus 3292019-01-2375 in 1972
Turner Plus 3b242018-09-0752.00
Turner Super Sidekick212016-07-21175
W2ENY base microphone182019-02-08between $50
W2ENY Boom Studio Microphone22019-03-17$59.95
W2ENY Headset mic92019-07-2429.95
W2ENY HiFi MIC Element12012-11-2720.00
WO3O Condenser MIC +Suspension Scissor Arm12016-01-10109.99 to 239.99
Workman DM91112011-05-16
Workman Electronics32008-11-09$100
Yaesu BH-1A Bluetooth Headset22014-05-21112.48
Yaesu M-1 Reference Desk Microphone22019-05-07$700
Yaesu M-10012018-06-06429.00
YAESU MD 100A8X Dexk-Top Microphone w/Tone Control872019-03-02$125.50 @ R&L Electronics
Yaesu MD-200 Hi-Fi Desktop Microphone512018-04-03$399.00
Yaesu MD1-C8202017-10-21>$100
Yaesu MH 59A8J remote mic242019-03-1782.95
Yaesu MH-1 B822010-08-3139,95
Yaesu MH-27 hand mic72015-07-21
Yaesu MH-34 hand mic92016-10-2431.95
Yaesu MH-34B4B HT Spkr-Mic122018-01-29$34
Yaesu mh-36e8j42014-10-2155
Yaesu MH-67A8J Hand Mic82016-01-2840.00
Yaesu MH31232019-05-1341 Euro
Yaesu speaker microphone SSM-16B12019-04-1624.95
Yaesu Vertex MH-25A8J12007-06-2840
Yaesu YD-14822019-06-1280
Yaesu YM-38 Desk Mike12015-07-14100