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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
4O3A SAC X Stand alone antenna controler for 21 antennas12013-04-30check website
Alpha DAS Digital Antenna Selector32013-02-22595
Alpha Delta - 2 Antenna Switch162017-12-2249.95
Alpha Delta 4 Position Antenna Switch Delta 4832019-09-2979.99
Alpha Delta 4C Antenna Switch Console72014-07-28139.95
Alpha Delta Model ASC-4B coax switch console for desk top82015-03-24149.95
Alpha Delta Models DELTA-2B and DELTA-4B coax antenna switches12007-07-03Model DELTA-2B (2 pos. UHF conn)
Alpha Delta PathMINDER42009-11-24140.00
Ameritron RCS-10242019-09-25159.00 - 199.00
Ameritron RCS-1252015-10-29309.95
Ameritron RCS-4802019-07-1899.99
Ameritron RCS-8V582019-09-26145
Ameritron SDC-10422016-08-01159.95 Ltd MS-S3 Ham Amateur Radio Remote Antenna Switch.22019-11-09104.00
Antenna Genius 8 ports fully automatic22017-11-05check website
Antenna Mart Remote RF Coax Switches32009-07-14AMQ-SW86-6 is 289; AMQ-SW-86-9 i
Array Solutions 4-Square Phasing System - 40 meters12017-11-30695.00
Array Solutions Band Decoder/Relay Driver for Ten Tec Orion32007-11-11$134.00
Array Solutions Band Master 422015-12-29229.00
Array Solutions Bandmaster III Universal Radio Band Decoder52016-06-13329
Array Solutions BandMaster Universal Band Decoder12008-01-07300
Array Solutions Bandmaster V12018-03-09$379
Array Solutions Bandpasser and Bandpasser _WARC12013-05-19565.00
Array Solutions EightPak92017-07-19695.00
Array Solutions PushButton Controllers PB2 and PB3 12013-06-05175
Array Solutions Rat - Master Controller12015-10-09265
Array Solutions RATPak332018-03-27299.00
Array Solutions RF-10 DPDT 10 KW RF Relay12013-09-23$ 19.95
Array Solutions SixPack482019-02-13250 to $400 depending on configu
Array Solutions Stack Master32002-06-24
Array Solutions Stack Match202015-09-17270 with controller
Array Solutions Stack Match II32014-05-14220
Array Solutions Transco Type Switch12008-11-28$225USD
Array Solutions TwoPak HF and VHF Antenna Switch42016-03-26135
Array Solutions Vertical Phase controllers 2,3, and 4 -square an72014-08-23350 and up
Array Solutions Vertical Phasing Devices32016-10-09300 and up
Array Solutions W9AD 2 Vertical multiband phase system22011-04-29Call manufacturer-
AY Technologies RAS-8x2 Receive Antenna Switch32016-02-04399.00
B&W 595 Anenna switch12002-10-17
B&W 590G12011-01-28
B&W MODEL 37682016-01-17
B&W Model 59322015-09-01Used 15-20 USD
B&W Model CSA-6G Antenna Switch12004-10-1549.95
Bird Model 7181 Coaxwitch12017-01-16500.00
Bird Model 74 Coaxwitch112015-06-02$500.00
Comtek 4-Square Systems162018-12-31319.95-349.95
COMTEK ACB-Series Four Square Antenna Systems22019-11-02400.00 depends on band
Comtek PVS-2112016-10-23$291.95
Comtek SYS-322007-01-03359.95
Comtek Systems RCAS-8 Antenna Switch12001-05-26279.95
ComTek Systems STACK-212005-02-24194.95
Daiwa CS-201 coax switch342018-06-0926.99
Daiwa CS-4 - 4 Way BNC Antenna Switch12008-02-25
Daiwa CS-40132010-06-08Discontinued
Diamond CX 310A 3 Position Coax switch102018-04-0983.95
Diamond CX-210 Coaxial Switch142018-02-0945
Dosy A-SW-4 antenna switch22008-11-24$34.99
DX Engineering CC-8 Control Console32015-05-29$ 149.95
DX Engineering DVA-80-P12017-02-17$439.90
DX Engineering DXE DVA-40-P 40m Directional Control Console 22018-03-20124.95
DX Engineering DXE-RTR-1 Receive Antenna Transceiver Interface82014-02-08139.95
DX Engineering DXE-RTR-242019-09-28229.99
DX Engineering DXE-TFS4-40-P Four Square Array22010-11-03$549.00
DX Engineering Receiving Four Square Antenna Switch52019-11-02189.95+
DX Engineering Remote Antenna Switch172013-11-22275.00
DX Engineering Reversable Beverage System12009-04-20129.00
EA4TX - RemoteBox22019-07-31130
EA4TX - Antenna Switch12019-02-18
Elad AMS-33 3-in 3-out swiitching matrix12009-07-08$450 USD
Elecraft KRC2 Universal Band Decoder32012-04-28159
Emtron ES-1 Radio / Antenna Selector22015-04-30
Emtron ES-1SP Radio / Antenna Selector12014-11-26
FA-AS Automatic Antenna Switch for the IC-730012018-10-10100
FAR Circuits Antenna Switch Board42008-10-26$12.00
GOLD LINE 3 Position Coaxial Switch 1KW US Made12015-11-13
Green Heron GH Everyware GHE Select-8 antenna switch22016-07-26$449
HAMPLUS AS-603A Automatic Antenna Switch22018-03-05399.95
Heathkit HD-1480/1481 Remote Switching Unit42014-07-29
Hi-Z Receive antenna array phasing controllers122019-11-02
Hi-Z 4 Four Element Array System12019-08-26$800 (vertical elements not incl
Hi-Z Triangular Array System32018-10-23$705.00
High Power Antenna Switch by SP6CYN32018-12-24250
Hofi antenna switch, series 200022016-10-28
I.C.E. Model 516 - Remote R.F. 6-Switch Assembly62016-01-05184
INAC Antenna Controller LAC-212015-08-27212
Jetstream 3-Position Coaxial RF Switch42015-09-0555.00
Kessler Engineering CX-AUTO52012-04-16389
LDG DTS-4 Desktop Antenna Switch142010-04-2979
LDG DTS-6/6R82011-10-09150.00
LZ1AQ - Active Antenna Amplifier (model AAA-1C)32019-01-27100
LZ2RR MS-S3 Remote Antenna Switch (or Radio Switch)22017-07-20$99.00
Maco KW 3 pos switch12008-11-1324.95
MFJ - 170282019-10-17$ 19.95
MFJ 1700C212018-10-01$99
MFJ 1701 Six Position HF Coax Switch162018-07-2450
MFJ-1702C 2 Position Switch402018-12-1824.95
MFJ-1704 4 Position Switch502016-10-2564.95
MFJ-1707 RF Sensed T/R Antenna Switch12013-10-0499.00
MFJ-1708 RF Sense Transmit/Receive Switch192019-10-1779.00
MFJ-2910 12018-10-25299.95
MFJ-4712 2 Position Remote Antenna Switch102015-09-2879.95
MFJ-4726 6-Position Desktop/Remote Transceiver/Antenna Switch142019-08-17159.95
microHAM - micro DOUBLE TEN SWITCH32007-06-05
microHAM micro TEN SWITCH12003-05-12
microHAM STACK MAX, MICRO STACK SWITCH and INFO Panel32013-03-26
microHAM Station Master92015-11-27429.00
microHam Station Master Deluxe32017-11-27
MS-S7 Remote Antenna Switch.22019-02-27US 156.00
Para Dynamics PDC4-DX Antenna Switch22010-08-0739.95
Paradan Antenna Disconnect Switch32018-11-15100
Quantum Phaser42018-01-04135.00
RemoteQTH one2two Stack Match BIP/BOP12017-03-06325
RF Applications IBS-1 Intelligent Band Switch22004-11-14199
SJ2W 6 way antenna switch22012-12-1540 Euro
SnapTekk 4 Position Wifi Antenna Switch12019-07-03
SSB Electronic USA AS-3000, AS-304, AS-20472016-12-07180.00, 169.95, 269.95 respectiv
Top Ten Devices 6-Way & A/B antenna switches42010-04-18175 & 77, respectively
TopTen Devices Band Decoder & Switchbox102017-11-13180.00
WiFi 4 Port Antenna Switch12018-10-11$45.
Woodbox Radio Switchbox22012-07-25155
workman cx-3172017-09-11approx.20.00