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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Jetstream JTPS32MAB82019-01-12$100
Alinco DM-30T72018-07-24$149
Alinco DM-320MV12002-12-21
Alinco DM-330FXT92017-06-09$180
Alinco DM-330MVE172018-04-12<-- 100 - 170 euros
Alinco DM-330MVT1512019-08-03219.95 Street $169.95
ALINCO DM-330MW122017-10-26between £77 to £99
Alinco DM-340MVT442019-01-17179.99
Alinco DM-430T Switching Power Supply12019-05-13144.95
All Electronics Auto Power Supply APC-80212001-04-22
All Electronics Corp PS-1012001-04-22
Ameritron 75 Amp Switching Power Supply SPS-7552013-06-18359.95
Ameritron SPS-75MV62017-12-04399.99
Amperor APP 300 25 Amp DC power supply32010-04-2649 or under 30 GBP
Astron BB-30M12019-04-1469.95
Astron RM-35A42016-10-08309.95
Astron RM-50M132017-10-09250.00
Astron RM-60M22016-09-12500
Astron RS-10A52018-10-2277.00
Astron RS-12A92019-04-03
Astron RS-20A572019-05-1199.99
Astron RS-20M252019-04-27130.00
Astron RS-20S12009-11-25
Astron RS-35A972019-11-12150.00
Astron RS-35M1632019-11-12169.95
Astron RS-4A32016-07-18
Astron RS-50A52018-11-28220.00
Astron RS-50M282015-05-25240.00
Astron RS-5L12010-01-22$54.00
Astron RS-70A82014-07-12259.99
Astron RS-70M462017-12-23300
Astron RS-7A122019-04-0481.95
Astron SL-11R32019-05-0396.59
Astron SRM-30M-2 Dual Rack Mount Power Supply12009-03-19385.80
Astron SS-1032006-05-1980.95
Astron SS-1232014-05-3089.95
Astron SS-18102018-10-1794.95
Astron SS-25/M212018-12-16131.60
Astron SS-30/M952019-09-29120 to $160
Astron SS-50/M Switching Pwr Supply112019-05-14199.95 (meters)/189.95
Astron VS-20M22014-11-13160
Astron VS-35M182019-04-27200
Astron VS-50M102012-05-31500 (CDN)
Astron VS-70M92018-03-31$349
Audio Authority 978-xxx22015-01-24$500+
Audio Authority 277 power Supply22012-10-16325.00
Circuit Specialists, CSI25SW-D, 25A Bench Supply12018-04-03$79.00
Collins 30L-1 Replacement Power Supply and soft key relay board 22015-02-0169+s/h; 27+s/h
Daiwa PS-30032016-06-20
Daiwa PS-30492018-12-15
Daiwa PS-400X22014-12-22
Daiwa SS-330W Switching Power supply172019-05-11139
Densei-Lambda EWS1500-15 (15V/100A)22013-07-17500
Diamond Electronics DE 930 power supply12006-03-09
Diamond GSV-3000232019-02-13149.00
Diamond GVZ4000442019-10-17229.95
Diamond GZV-600032014-05-25550
DIFONA SPS-124512007-05-03200
DOSS SPS-840012010-10-22200
DuraComm DPS-5532010-11-17$219
Duracomm EH-30 Switching Power Supply12012-03-11260
Duracomm LP-14n52011-07-16112.00
DuraComm LP-2522011-12-18160.00
DuraComm LPX-2522019-06-23156.00
Duracomm RLP4012BBSCLVD12007-02-14890
Eagle P008CS power supply12010-11-06£25
Electri Pac 12VDC/110VDC Power Pack12002-06-14$79,95
Elix 50 amp PSU12004-02-27200
Emtron EPS-20s42014-08-17
ES4AC-4 22013-09-23$59.95
Gamma Research HPS-1A362015-02-16129.95
Goldsource DF1726 13.8VDC 30A Linear Power Supply52017-04-07$99.95
Ham Contact Power Station 222004-01-3049.95
Hewlett Packard 6261B 24V 50A Supply12014-06-112,700
Icom IC-3PA32007-03-02
Icom IC-3PE22018-10-26
Icom IC-PS1592017-07-25
Icom PS-125772019-10-26299.95
Icom PS-3052007-01-24900.00 Canadian
Icom PS-30052017-05-23
Icom PS-55 Power Supply32011-06-18
ICOM PS8562017-05-21?
ICT ICT12012-30A12009-07-06
IOTA DLS-55 55 amp continios Duty Switchmode Power Supply172018-07-29$219.95
IOTA DLS-45 Switching Power Supply52006-09-05210.00
Iota DLS-7522019-01-18289.95
IOTA DSL-3012006-07-15180
Jameco Reliapro AC Adapters Ex: #170245 (12V 1A)12014-12-0314.95
Jaycar/PowerTech/Goldmaster MP309932016-07-05AUD219
Jetstream JTPS14182013-07-1950.00
Jetstream JTPS14BCM72015-01-25$59
Jetstream JTPS28342016-08-0979.95
Jetstream JTPS28M112014-05-0599.95
Jetstream JTPS30M62015-04-10129
Jetstream JTPS31MB302019-08-2789.95
Jetstream JTPS35BCM92017-12-16 129.95
Jetstream JTPS45162017-01-27149.95
Jetstream JTPS75BCMMKII52017-08-26249.99
Jetstream JTPST30M 12015-04-15190.00
K1ROD / Collins 30L-1 Power Supply Board22004-12-1779
Kenwood PS-4052014-10-26219.00
Kenwood PS-6012015-12-07429
Kenwood PS53102015-08-24350
Lambda EWS 600-4812011-12-11
MAAS SPS-804112009-06-05
Manson EP 85022006-06-15
Manson EP-925 Power Supply52012-05-14 £99.99
Manson SPS 962022013-04-30600
Manson SPS-9600/9602, MAAS SPS-9600, MyDEL MP-9600.52009-04-24*Start from 219 EUR
Meanwell ENP-350-1212018-01-3090
Meanwell S-250-12 Power Supply12007-01-04
MeanWell S-350-1262016-09-2060
Mega-Watt S-350-12 Power Supply62016-10-0250
MEGA-WATT S-400-12192017-07-1265.00 + 5.00 SHIPPING
MEGAWATT 33 AMP 13.8 Volt DC regulated power supply12013-05-2560 & Free Shipping
MegaWatt Power Supplies S-1200-1222018-01-30220.00
MegaWatt S-360-1212016-08-3037
MFJ - 4175 75 Amp Switching Power Supply32014-12-14$359.00 U.S. Dollars
MFJ Power Supply72012-08-04139.95
MFJ-1317 Switching Power Supply72017-09-1934.95
MFJ-4128 28 Amp Switching Power Supply42016-02-2884.95
MFJ-4230MV 292019-11-0989.95
MFJ-4416 Battery Booster132019-05-19139.95
MG Electronics PS-22 Regulated and filtered power supply22009-02-03
Microset PC 2S-5012005-10-10
Microset PTS15012016-03-22190
Microset TOP-T 2512019-06-14
Milestone Technologies CUP-36 2.4A Switching Power Supply12008-06-0239.95
Minch S-250-1212014-11-1725.92
Motorola R 1011AA12011-06-021011
MSE MS-1228 13,8V 28A32014-08-0899
MyDEL MP 30 SW 11122013-06-02£ 80
Mydel MP 304 Mk 212013-06-21
MyDEL MP-412812008-10-30
MyDEL MP-9626, 120 amp, 13.8v32013-12-14320.00
NISSEI PS-30SW11 switch mode PSU12010-05-21
NISSEI MS-450A 9-15 Volt 45A Switching power supply12008-02-27
Nissei NS-1230D12019-07-06100.00
Nissei PS-300 30A PSU22019-04-02150
PAE-Kx33 AC Power Supply202019-10-0660
Palstar PS-04M12006-11-02£19.95 UK
Palstar PS-30M92015-05-03110
Palstar PS-50M52013-06-28289.00
PowerMax PM4-100 12019-06-01$209.00
Powerstream 12volt 12 volt power supply22009-12-14$145.48
Powertech 309032015-03-01478.90 aust
PowerWerx SPS-30DM202017-06-26160
PowerWerx SS-30DV362019-11-13129.95 (119.95 street price)
Prestone JumpIt22003-07-2470
Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power PD9260C12007-07-12292.10
ProPower PS131022005-08-15about 60$
PYLE PSL522X22012-08-24199.99
Pyramad PS3KX12018-04-1230
Pyramid #PS 35G22004-07-26
Pyramid Power Supply #PS 35G12000-07-01
Pyramid PS-14KX172012-09-0739.99
Pyramid PS-21KX Regulated Power Supply32009-08-22110.00
Pyramid PS-2562016-08-29
Pyramid PS-26K 25 Amp Power Supply302016-06-14139.99
Pyramid PS-35 DC Power Supply42016-03-25?
Pyramid PS-36KX192017-10-29$236.25
Pyramid PS-53KX Power Supply142015-03-22257.00
Pyramid PS-9KS32014-01-2735
Pyramid PSV-20052014-02-21100
Pyramid PSV-300132013-12-21165.60
QJ-PS30SW I32017-08-16
QJE Dx PS30SW II52014-11-15120
QJE PS30SWIII42018-03-11119.95
QJE PS50SWIII72014-12-14150
QJE PS60 SW11112015-09-25£130
QJE QJ1927SW12012-12-0465
R&L RLPS30M12019-03-1799.95
Radio Shack 13.8 Volt 25 Amp Switching Pwer Supply232013-01-22$110. ON SALE FOR $ 60
Radio Shack 25 AMP PWR SUPPLY72010-12-26 $ 60 SALE
Radio Shack 3A Switching Power Supply (Cat. #22-507)62010-12-0342.99 as of 11/2006
Radio Shack Switching 13.8 Volt 25 Amp Supply592013-03-29110 on sale 60
Radio Shack, Micronta cat #22-120.12018-03-3139.95
RD Power 1KW-1252018-05-02175.00
RDC-90 Bulldog 90 Amp Power Supply62016-11-21379
Reyed RYD-40-12 Switching Power supply12009-03-1515
RMItaly SPS 1050S 50 amp switching power supply12018-07-05165
RS MFJ-412SP 25A Switching PS w/PowerPoles22013-08-26124.95
Samlex BBM-12100 Battery Backup Module22003-12-1750-70 ish
Samlex PST-300-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter12016-12-22150 class
Samlex RPS 1204CPBT12009-04-1746.99
Samlex RPS 121542009-09-05
Samlex RPS122022014-02-0599.95
Samlex SEC-100BRM 100A N+1 12V w/ Battery Backup12012-01-10
Samlex SEC-1215A12007-01-10149.95
Samlex SEC-12231532019-06-24129.99
Samlex SEC-1235 & 1235M622019-11-13139.95
Samlex SEC-60BRM12014-08-10744.13
Samlex SPS-1204UL132014-12-0329.95
SES AC-4R, or HP-23R, Power Supply Upgrade Kits22007-07-2315
SES Micro M+ Solar Charge Controller22003-05-2335
SGC PS-50 Power Supply32008-07-07459.40
SPS-840062007-12-21105 euro
Steed (formally BaseCom) SM-PS122-2S12004-11-1030
TDK R48-30K12007-01-27$700
TekPower TP30SWII22016-11-26$100
TekPower TP35012015-02-2479.99
TELECOM AV800 switching power supply32009-11-2579 EURO
Ten Tec32016-01-08$199.00
Ten Tec 93752008-01-3189
ten tec model 255 power supply12007-08-07
Ten-Tec 941 Switching Power Supply12010-03-03169.00
Ten-Tec 961, Speaker/Power Supply.12014-08-13230 (1990)
Tenma 72-765532012-07-27350
Tentec 280 Power Supply22007-08-07$200
The Heathkit Shop AC-4R Drake Power Supply Upgrade132012-03-1565
Thiecom PS50-SW-III 50A12013-02-04139
Todd Engineering 45 Amp charger / power supply22010-03-21
Todd Engineering 75 Amp22003-12-01455.10
TODD SPF 13volt 60 Amp! switching supply12003-05-26
Tokyo Hy-Power HP-460 60 amp DC Switching Power Supply32012-11-11$ 474.95
Tripp lite power supplies422019-06-08Tripp lite PR30
Voltcraft FSP 1225 13.8Vdc 25A12010-02-02€ 98,71
Voltcraft FSP-1243 Festspg.-Netzgerät 24VDC 3-5A12010-02-02€ 56,95
Watson Power-Mite 20A Switch Mode Power Supply122016-07-2449 (GBP)
Watson W-25AM112013-11-3092.25 (£)
Watson W-25XM72015-03-10165
Watson W-65XM32018-10-02179.95
Workman PS35142014-09-12$120
Xantrex XPower Powerpack 400R12007-11-16149.99
Yaesu FP 301 power supply12005-05-0665.00 used
Yaesu FP-102322016-05-09$160
Yaesu FP-1030 A 25 amp power supply252019-04-07$250
YAESU FP-12 power supply12014-02-16
Yaesu FP-30182015-02-05200
Yaesu FP-422013-04-20
Yaesu FP-757HD (Heathkit SBA-1400-4)22016-03-06
Yaesu FP800 power supply32019-06-11100-150 used,new 299