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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
3rd Planet Solar HW-8 Audio Amplifier Board22019-07-01$8 for kit
3rd Planet Solar HW-8 Relay Replacment board12015-05-07$8 for kit
Accurate USB 0-500MHz RF Power Meter Kit12013-09-06$59.95
AMP-3 Single Battery Bag12018-04-0257.00
Chameleon Antenna FT-817 Bracket32017-03-11139
Communications Outfitters Expedition backpack for FT-81722019-01-2189.99
Cooler KX TM Heatsink by VE7FMN for Elecraft KX3732017-12-10Model dependant
DIAMOND RHM-5 for FT-8170N.A.170
DYC-817 Speech Compressor232019-07-0245
EFHW Tuner \"SOTA Tuner\"12012-04-1026
Elecraft DL1 Wideband 20-watt Dummy Load72011-06-1125.00
Expanded Spectrum Systems (ESS) Filters for FT-81722003-03-04105
Expedition Pack92010-02-18$129.95
FingerDimple FT817 Kranker knob232019-04-24$20.00
FT-817 ViewRig PortaBase42008-04-2712.99 plus shipping
Ham Central Terminal (HCT)52015-01-06249
Hendricks ALT Tuner42006-11-0525
Hendricks QRP Kits Altoids Longwire Tuner12006-07-1625
Hendricks SLT Tuner32017-11-2760
Hendricks SOTA Tuner72014-10-3130
HF Projects HFPA Ver 4 QRP 35W HF Packer Amplifier Kit42012-10-27249
Icom BP-228 and BC-155A22006-10-0189.99+29.99
iCom LC-156 Multi Bag72011-10-2899.95
Jackson Harbor Press Battery Saver Kit12009-02-224.50 + $3.00 shipping & handling
K-Board from QRPworks12016-08-11Starting at 169$ USD
K8IQY MagicBox32014-07-0744
KD1JV QBSA12007-11-2345
Kelty Raven 41 Tactical Field Pack12013-09-11200.00
Kenwood VOX-4 Voice Processor12005-10-04100
Key Log Go (KLG) by QRPworks22019-01-15$295.00
KG6CYN DDS VFO kit12002-12-29
KI6J Better QRP EFHW Tuner22013-10-0826
KX3PD Helper12014-04-1113.95
LDG Y-OTT Yaesu One-Touch Tune12012-09-0929.95
MFJ-1899T w/bnc HF vertical antenna12016-09-0879.95
MFJ-4114 Rechargable AC Power Supply w/ Battery Pack42013-05-2569.95
MFJ-9214 QRP Wattmeter/Dummy Load 1.8 - 150MHz12016-05-0630
MFJ-971 Portable Tuner32018-07-29$119.95
mighty custom-made pouches and cases12016-10-17Variable
Mizuho BM-612002-11-03approx 12.50
Mizuho CW-2S12002-01-09approx. 90 (depends on exchange
Mizuho KX-QRP32003-11-12approx 80 (¥10,000)
Mizuho M-412003-01-1923.50
Mizuho MS-122002-06-24approx. $40 (4,600 yen)
Mizuho PF-1A12003-05-06approx. 22 (2,500 yen)
Mizuho PL-100012002-05-22
Mizuho PL-21S12002-11-12
Mizuho PL-7S12005-10-28approx 210 (£169)
Mizuho PM-112006-07-02
Mizuho PR-3S12002-11-13
N0XAS PicoKeyer for the Rock-Mite / Hi-Mite22008-12-296.95
N8BX - Weighted VFO Knob For Elecraft522017-05-05$89
NoGaStand - QRP Rig Radio Stands32019-04-0430 - $45
Nor Cal Power Meter Kit12008-09-1480.00
Norcal BLT62007-08-16$25
NorCal FCC-142008-03-29$35.00 US
Norcal S9 Signal Generator12007-12-2930.00 shipped
Oak Hills Research RFL-100 Dummy Load Kit142013-06-2134.95
Oak Hills Research WM-2 QRP Wattmeter Kit412018-04-1389.95
PAE-Kx31 KX3 Heatsink192016-03-1089.95
Palm Radio PPK Portable Straight Key22019-02-2885
Parts Express 520-200 External Powered Speaker12013-07-2820
Peg Leg372018-09-07US$ 16,95
PowerPort WorldPack II42012-07-2167.95 + S/H
PowerPort Worldpouch12006-10-0173.95
ProAudio Engineering PAE-Kx2212018-06-02$74.90 heatsink only, with left
QRP J-38 by KA6IRL12008-01-1789.00
QRPad Stand22014-07-098.95
QRPGuys K7QO Marker Generator12019-07-0115.00
QRPme Tuna Helper12017-04-0130.00
QRPoMeter power/swr/dummy load by NM0S12019-06-0150 plus shipping
QRPworks SideKar for Elecraft KX2, KX3, K3, K3S, and others102019-10-18259.00
Radio Shack Power /SWR Meter.142012-03-20$29.95
RadioSet-Go KX2 Retrofit12018-12-28499
Ramsey Electronics AF-1 Audio Filter12000-01-1169.95
Rework Eliminator(TM) K2 Option Bypass Headers162013-04-0823.50
Rework Eliminator™ K2 Internal Mic Adaptor122014-03-1123.50
TacPack™ for the Elecraft K222001-09-0179.95
Tactical Transceiver Radio Bag12017-04-04182.00
Tokyo Hy-Power HSM-75012003-01-2439
VE3DNL Frequency Marker62004-04-0512
W4RT Electronics 412016-03-1949.95
W4RT Electronics "ONE TOUCH TUNE" for the Yaesu FT-81792006-10-0159.95
W4RT Electronics "One FAST Charger"62009-08-3179.95
W4RT Electronics "ONE-PLUG POWER" for the FT-817112017-02-1159.95
W4RT Electronics One FAST Charger32011-03-0479.95
W4RT Electronics One-Board Filter172012-10-23299.95 (installed)
Whistler PP4000DC Rechargeable/Portable Power Station12007-03-0360
Yaesu FT=817 Anderson Powerpole Adapter42019-01-3115 or make it yourself
YOUKITS DP1 - Power/SWR Meter12015-03-04149