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Review Category: QRP Radios (5 watts or less)

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
1Watter QRPp Transceiver kit12015-11-2246
A & A Egineering K9AY QRP transceiver, 20, 30, 40m versions12013-01-19$159.95
AEA DX-Handy82011-01-04299
Atlas "Twins" TX-110/RX-11022019-07-02
Belcom Kappa-1512001-07-11
Blue Cool Radio82017-02-09310
Breadboard Radio Sawdust Regen Receiver / CPO52018-01-2024.95
C. M. Howes Kit Rigs12002-11-12100
CRKITS CRK-1032015-02-09$55(kit), $65(assembled)
CRKITS CRK-10A CW Transceiver Kit92017-12-0855
CRKits D4D FT8 Transceiver Kit42019-09-0339
CRKits HT-1A CW Transceiver42019-07-21150
DC-3000 QRPVer22019-03-07$350
DCW-1 WRP radio12018-10-01$339.00
DCxxA family of transceivers42009-05-0540
DCXXB Transceivers102017-02-2650
Dentron MLX-Mini12006-11-14
EFE 40 QRP Transceiver52016-02-01125
Elecraft K11382017-09-21279
Elecraft KX1902016-08-02279
Emtech NW-3072005-10-22130.00 (kit with cabinet)
Emtech NW4082014-09-12$120 w case
Expert Electronics SunSDR2 QRP HF +6M SDR Transceiver 5W12018-01-23899.95
Four State QRP Group - Bayou Jumper Transceiver82018-06-2286
Four State QRP Group - Cricket 80a22017-12-2930
FX-4a HF Transceiver32016-06-05395
Galvin Manufacturing BC-611F22002-02-12
Genesis G59 160-6m SDR transceiver22016-03-17349
Genesis Radio G11 QRP Software Defined Radio (SDR)12013-12-15299
GenesisRadio Genesis G302042010-06-01159
GenesisRadio G4022009-07-10149
GenesisRadio Genesis QR2S 30m band transceiver for QRSS12010-07-13149.00
Glowbug 40 QRP transmitter72011-03-0459.95
Glowbug Kits AC-1 Junior62012-12-1099.97
Glowbugkits 1-DER 40 Meter QRP Tube Transceiver32010-08-07$129.95
Hands Electronics GQ40/30/2032015-09-04164.759
HB-1A by BD4RG322017-05-23about US$260
Heathkit HW-7172015-05-0869.95... 1972 price
Heathkit HW-8362019-09-27150. used
Heathkit HW-9142014-09-30basic hw9 (5 bands) 249.00
Hendricks BITX20A SSB Transceiver Kit142013-08-1182
Hendricks KD1JV Weber Tri-Bander182019-04-15200
Hendricks MMR-40 Transceiver32009-05-10190.00
Hendricks PFR-3 Transceiver (40/30/20m)332019-04-16200
Hendricks qrpkits Simple RX by Dan Tayloe12014-03-2350
Hendricks Tayloe Simple Transmitter (TST) 10/15/17m12015-06-2360.00
Hendricks TwoFer Plus Transmitter Cw Kit22015-09-2930
Icom IC-731S12019-05-01
Index Laboratories QRP Plus Transceiver232017-10-18595.00
Juma RX132010-10-0674.80 Euro
Kanga FOXX-3152016-10-25about $40
Kantronics Rockhoud transmitter and 8040-B receiver12005-11-2819.95 (xmtr), $79.95 (rcvr)
KD1JV Appalachian Trail Sprint-III192010-03-17155
KD1JV ATS-3B52009-06-27190 (US/Canada)
KD1JV ATS-412011-08-21225
KD1JV(Melt Solder) Kits: AT Sprint II transciever22004-07-27200
KNE QRP-99 IV12012-02-17400
Lake Electronics DTR Series12003-05-27160
Lectrokit Spiders42012-05-0129.95
LNR LD-1112016-07-07789
LNR LD-5 QRP Transceiver52018-05-22$575
LNR Precision Mountain Topper182019-06-30250
Magnum SSB-10100N.A.249.99
Mantiz FX-252013-08-09185
mcHF32019-08-05approx 300GBP
Meissner Signal Shifter, model EX0N.A.99.95 eh, more or less
MFJ 40T transmitter42016-12-20??
MFJ 90-Series372018-04-11189.95
MFJ 9200 QRP Mini Multi Band Transceiver182017-10-05$250.00
MFJ 93X0 Cub QRP xcvr382016-08-2379.95
MFJ 94-Series722017-03-29239.95
Mizuho DC-7D22003-03-29
Mizuho DC-7X12002-03-14
Mizuho MX-10Z12002-04-15
Mizuho MX-14S42013-04-30350 (varies with exchange rate)
Mizuho MX-1522009-08-25129.95
Mizuho MX-18S42010-07-27329
Mizuho MX-21S72016-11-07350 (depends on exchange rate)
Mizuho MX-28S32008-12-20329
Mizuho MX-6S12007-01-27
Mizuho MX-7S52012-05-04350 (depends on exchange rate)
Mizuho P-21DX12003-05-06about $200 kit, $255 factory bui
Mizuho P-7DX32003-12-05200 as a kit, $255 factory assem
Mizuho QX-2112003-07-31
Mizuho SB-8X12005-11-06approx 800 in 1981
MKARS80 80m SSB Transceiver Kit52013-09-2985 with enclosure
multiPIG+72004-02-23252.00 (approx.)
NCG Company 15M62015-01-03329
NCG Company 15SB22015-01-03
NCG Company 7/21/5072017-07-11
NJ QRP Club Fireball 4012000-06-0310 basic, 27 complete
NJ QRP Club PSK-80 "Warbler"162010-06-15$35
NJ QRP Club Tuna Tin 252007-05-1310.00
Norcal 2030 QRP CW transceiver12013-05-22160.00
Norcal 2N2/XX22011-07-30125
Norcal 49er22009-03-1110 only PCB
NorCal QRP Club NC2082008-02-21100 second hand only
Norcal SMK-152001-02-2734
NS-40 Class E Transmitter by NM0S112019-01-3130 (DX $33)
Oak Hills Research 100A512019-04-17129.95
Oak Hills Research 40052015-05-25360
Oak Hills Research 50072008-10-14359.95
OHR Explorer II52012-10-30
OHR QRP 2022001-10-22Not available
OHR QRP Sprint22010-04-07
OZQRP MDT DSB Transceiver (40m)22017-02-2484.00
OzQRP MST-xxx42017-04-3085.00
Peaberry V2 sdr kit32015-03-22$150.00
PSK-10 Small Wonder Labs digi mode transceiver for 10M22003-08-0185
PSK-20 Small Wonder Labs402010-10-1895
PSK-40 Small Wonder Labs32013-09-29115
QRP Kits Inc. DC"XX"A Transceiver32008-05-18$39.00
QRP Labs QCX kit162019-10-01$49
QRPGuys Lidia 40m DC Receiver22018-05-1135.00
QRPGuys Para40set22018-12-10$35.00
QRPme Rockmite ][ Transceiver42016-09-1440
QRPme Super Tuna ][12014-03-07$40 \"Sudden Storm\" Receiver Kit22017-03-1535 \"Two Tinned Tunas\" Transmitter Kit32014-02-1025
QRPver 1v332019-11-11190,- July 2017
Ramsey HRxx QRP Receiver Kits102016-07-2629.95
Ramsey QRP series transmitters102016-03-07$39.95
Ramsey SX-2032011-03-23299.95 (kit)
Red Hot Radio NC-20/RH-2082006-02-17150 + shipping
Risen RS-918SSB (Quanzhou Risen Electronics Co. Ltd)162019-06-17350.00
RS-918-PLUS pocket-sized SDR package92019-09-02505 (Free shipping)
S & S Engineering Ark Series42015-05-25269.95
S & S Engineering TAC-132014-08-09199.95
Shimizu Denshi SS-105S32005-02-28
Small Wonder Labs DSW-II362007-08-20150
Small Wonder Labs DSW40202001-01-23130.00 w/case
Small Wonder Labs PSK 20 Transceiver kit202014-10-03$100
Small Wonder Labs Retro 75 AM Xceiver62014-07-03$69 (board & parts only)
Small Wonder Labs Rock-Mite742017-01-09$25
Small Wonder Labs SW+ Series632015-03-2090.00
Small Wonder Labs White Mountain SSB Txcvr52008-02-09165.00
SoftRock QRP Kit Radio162016-05-20$31 to $38
Splinter QRP Transciever52019-01-1254.95
STM32-SDR interface32016-02-12
Tayloe Simple Transmitter from QRPkits12014-09-2160.00
Ten Tec Argonaut292019-05-24250 (approx.)
Ten Tec Argonuat II, model 53552017-04-09~1300
Ten Tec R4020322016-11-25249.00
Ten Tec R403032016-12-06
Ten-Tec 1300 series QRP kits482014-10-30119
Ten-Tec Powermite 1/2/342016-08-1749.95-79.95
TenTec Patriot12015-06-04299
TenTec Rebel82016-05-15199.00
Tiny Tornado12008-05-1934.00
Tokyo Hy-Power HT-75062009-07-05630 (approx.)
TRAMP -8 QRP Transceiver22009-09-13225€ + 19€ per band module
V3 Frog Sounds HAM Radio QRP Kit Telegraph CW Transceiver Receiv22015-09-0627.91
Vectronics 1340 QRP transciever Kit22004-02-28
Vectronics VEC-1240K QRP Transmitter32011-11-27$29.95
Vectronics VEC-1380K Transceiver12007-09-2959.95
Venus SW-3B CW transceiver22019-10-08188
WA3RNC 40 Meter Crystalplexer 12018-11-17$40
WA3RNC 40 Meter CW Transceiver Quick-Kit22019-05-23$149.00
WA3RNC Acrylic 40 Meter QRP Transceiver32019-08-25$99 + Shipping, +$10 for no sold
Walford Brent12007-11-1768
Walford Midney12005-05-1050
Warbler PSK-31 transceiver by NJ QRP club42011-12-1940
Wilderness NorCal40272017-11-26129.00
Wilderness Sierra262011-11-15245 with 1 band module
Wilderness SST342019-08-0185,00
X1M Transceiver - Chonqinq Xiegu Technology Co., Ltd. 82017-12-23349.95
XIEGU G1M HF TRANSCEIVER32019-10-31299.95
Xiegu X510522019-05-10
XIEGU X5105142019-11-13$650
Yaesu FT-8172942019-10-11769
Yaesu FT-817ND1662019-10-31589.00
YOUKITS - TJ2B 112018-06-15269
YouKits EK-1A42019-05-06149
Youkits EK1C32017-10-31189
Youkits HB-1B QRP CW Transceiver482019-07-05299
Youkits SK-1A12019-10-26219