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Review Category: Antenna Rotators & Accessories

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Portable Rotation Ultra-Portable Rotor system, Model 12PR1A42019-03-03329.00
Alfa-SPID rotor482019-10-311055
Alliance HD-73232019-04-11499.00
AR-30342014-09-15abt 50 euro
Array Solutions AS-RA-S1 Digital Rotator Controller22017-01-22$425
Array Solutions Swinging Side Mount12001-09-22350.00
Audiovox (RCA) VH226F & VH227F12018-05-2299
CATS Quick-Connect Package12010-11-0619.95
CATS RD-180072011-12-18699 w/o controller
CDE TR-412013-06-05$
CDE Ham M72018-07-18??
Channel Master 9521A162018-06-08$79.95
Channel Master 9537 Digital Remote Control Rotator Controller32017-08-2149.99
Channel Master CM-9521HD22019-06-26169.00
channel master HD/9515A52003-02-12
Comet CTC-50M Flat Cable Window Gap Coax Jumper172019-04-0445
Create RC5 Series212018-12-07
DigiMaster GS-232 Interface22018-04-1369.99
EA4TX Antenna Rotator System672019-10-11
FoxDelta ST-2-RS232 rotator interface12013-08-08$65.00
Gemini OR-36022007-02-01$45.00
Green Heron RT-21342019-05-13569
Green Heron Engineering RT-20342019-05-13569
Green Heron RT-21azel22016-12-30889.00
Ham Supply Yaesu Illuminator142018-04-29$19.95
Heathkit HD-1780 IntelliRotor Controller22003-01-29279.95 excluding rotator
HEXLOCK by NN4ZZ22019-07-19$275.00 USD
Hy-Gain AR-4072018-08-04280.00
Hy-gain YRC-312019-02-24399.00
HyGain CD45II122017-04-23389.95
HyGain DCU-1 for Ham IV/V and T2X102016-07-29619.95
HyGain DCU-2 for Ham IV/V and T2X22017-10-01399.95
HyGain DCU-3 for Ham IV/V and T2X42018-06-09449.95
Hygain Ham IV382019-11-09529.95
Hygain HDR30062013-01-01
Hygain TailTwister442019-09-14649.95
Idiom Press Rotor-EZ RotorCard DXA with USB22018-10-20
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Hy-Gain Illuminator292019-07-139.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Rotor-EZ - Hy-Gain Controllers1002018-04-2099.95 - 149.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply RotorCard - Yaesu DXA Rotator Controller332018-03-29149.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply RotorCard - Yaesu SDX Rotator Controllers202012-03-25129.95
Idiom Press/Ham Supply Yaesu G800 DXA Illuminator 32018-11-0319.95
K0XG Ring Rotor22015-06-023400
M2 Orion 2800P372018-04-231429.00
M2 RC2800PX Controller22011-02-28435
MDS RC-1 Antenna Rotator Controller282018-09-10250
NN4ZZ KARlock62012-08-08190.00
NN4ZZ TiltPlate212016-10-07750
NTE U 10562015-09-1554.95
Prop pitch rebuilt by K7NV72018-07-073000.00
ProSisTel Rotators382019-07-03Varies
Radio Shack112016-07-0179.99
RF Connection RFC-2800 rotor cable12017-11-01.80 per foot
Ronard Industries 442 tower side mount12010-03-0529.99
Tennedyne Slipp-Nott32012-05-0689.95
TIC Ring Rotor 1022112012-12-18995.00
Tough-Grid 550, 700 and 750lb paracord12018-06-187.50 - 129.50 depending on type
Unified Microsystems ML-6 LED Rotor Meter Light12016-08-24
VBI-360 BEAM HEADING DISPLAY UNIT202014-02-27250.00
WinRotor USB Interface22011-11-22180 / 129 EUR
Yaesu 1000SDX272014-10-01
Yaesu 2800SDX112013-07-281125
Yaesu 450G242018-02-25259 us,429 cdn
Yaesu 55012007-07-26319.00
Yaesu 550082012-10-03639.95
Yaesu 800S & SDX472016-09-23275.
Yaesu G-1000DXA172018-02-16500.00
Yaesu G-1000DXC82015-10-03600
YAESU G-2700SDX22011-08-121,369.99
Yaesu G-450XL272016-02-02600$
Yaesu G-500A Elevation Rotator12011-01-31$275
Yaesu G-5400B22006-08-27
Yaesu G-60022005-09-08
Yaesu G-650 Rotator12016-07-24400
Yaesu G-800DXA212019-09-17409
Yaesu G450A Rotor82018-07-28299.95
Yaesu, G-2800DXA132015-12-19$1089.00