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Review Category: Amateur Radio Equipment Repair

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
8541 Electronics12008-02-27
Advanced Communications & Electronics22019-03-0345.00
AES Service92011-07-21
affordableradiorepair.com232019-09-02$35 per hour
Alinco62013-09-1675 per hr.
Alpha Amplifier Factory Repair82017-03-10
Alpha/ETO Radio Products Support22011-04-18110
Amateur Radio Service / ARS282013-08-2045 per hour
Ameritron Factory Service352019-03-0985.00 hr
Amplifier Repair & Upgrade by the Amplady62015-01-18
AOR UK Ltd - TenTec DIRECT32009-05-14
AOR US Service Center, California12017-12-14
Array Solutions Repair Service172019-03-08
Audio-Visual Service12008-06-18
B & H Sales, Inc. Derby, KANSAS22014-05-29
Beltronics, Inc.192010-03-08All work @ $75.00 an hour
Best Communications In Ontario California22007-11-16
Borsch Electronics92016-02-26
Burghardt Repair Service1162019-08-2875/hr Jan2011
Castle Electronics192018-11-08Fifty Pence
Certified Electronics, Vintage Yaesu Equipment Repair & Part1142016-01-31N/A
Chuck Rippel R-390A Restorations112017-06-24
Clairmont Skyland Radio & TV Repair402019-08-10flat rate labor
Collins Radio942019-10-16
COLLINS REBUILDERS - Collins S-line Repair by K2LRC1192019-11-06
Crystalaire Aviator Supply LLC42013-04-02
CUPELES ELECTRONICS142010-10-0345.00 USD per hour
Drake 4-Line Blue LED Lamps32018-10-1914.95
Elecraft Repair & Alignment Service82009-03-28
Elecraft Repair & Alignment by W3DVX1052019-10-1160/hr. Const: contact for quote
Elecraft Repair by W3FPR262017-02-17
Electronic Equipment Servicing - WA4GEG1262019-07-22
electronic service pros102012-01-29
ELECTRONIX SERVICING Brooklyn Park,Mn.172018-03-12Reasonable
Exline Signal 42019-07-27
FlexRadio Service And Repair USA62018-04-1685 per hour
FlexRadio Service Center - EU Regio12012-03-04
FTH Group42019-06-14
G&G Communications12016-04-04N/A
Groton Electronics Lincoln, Mass.142005-03-05
Ham Central12003-03-01
Ham Distributors22009-11-22
Ham Radio Boxes402016-08-2845-200 USD
Heil Sound52017-01-25
Houston Amateur Radio Supply172016-04-30
Hybrid Restore22014-09-05N/A
ICOM 746 Series LED Upgrade22019-09-1985 USD
Icom 756PRO Series LED Upgrade182019-06-2975. USD for kit
Icom America Repair992015-09-22
ICOM America Service Center - Southeast272017-09-18
Icom Canada (service)42017-03-11
Icom Europe12015-07-05
Icom IC-756 LCD Replacement22013-01-18Euro 200
ICOM India Service12010-11-11
Icom New Zealand12016-08-24
Icom Service Center Michigan (SAR Technical Services, Inc.)1942019-07-24
ICOM UK122016-01-30N/A
Innovative Circuits (CANADIAN)42018-08-2475.00 Per Hour
Insurance evaluation for electronic damages12002-01-2070 an hour, insurance pays for.
Jahnke Electronics232019-10-17
Jaytron Marine Electonic Repairs22016-06-16
Jeff Covelli WA8SAJ742019-04-26
Jeff Farmer VK5GF Phone: 0408 897018 Encounter Bay Australia12009-08-24
Johnson Radio Restoration Services32016-11-16
Josefs Funkladen32008-06-01
K4EAA Kenwood Hybrid Tranceiver Sales Restoration and Service202017-02-09
K4ICL Tube Equipment Repair22012-04-2855/hour plus hardware costs and
K6ARU Radio282019-09-2560.00hr
K7BHB Enterprises12019-04-0315.00 - 25.00/Hr (SMD)
K9TW Hybrid Service102019-05-14
KD5EVW--Kenny in Texas12017-11-19
Kenwood Repair Service442017-11-30
Kenwood Service East862017-06-20Facility Closed 5/2018
Kessler Engineering, Don Kessler KI6SZ62015-10-28
King Conversions W1QJ62019-08-19
KK7TV Communications402007-02-0480.USD/Hr
Land Air Communications LTD2602019-03-04Varies
Linear Amp UK12009-06-05
LPC Wireless, KI4NR1872017-12-1840/Hr
McVey Electronics22016-06-20
Medway Aerials12006-07-26
MFJ Warranty Service172019-02-22
Midwest Technical Services, Tim Moes WDØFKC722019-10-12Reasonable
Mike Nadeau N1EQ in Maine2332019-11-1248/hour prorated
Mizuho Communications Factory Service12003-06-12
Mobilcom (Northwest Pennsylvania)12009-09-1480
MTS /Malcolm Technical Support1892019-08-1450/hr
N4ATS Radio & Amplifier Repair2122019-10-2565.00 per hour/ rated
N4DA Ham Radio Repair472013-09-1760/hr
N4UQ Alpha Amplifier Repair & Upgrade Service462019-08-13Varies
N9OXO Kit Building (Amie)32009-10-15
Norm's Rotor Service872019-08-06varies
NTF Communications12012-01-05
OLD HAM DAVE122019-04-08varies by service
Paragon Electronic LLC22015-06-11
Paul Hansen Radio Repair422019-01-02
PBI Service - Radio Sales & Service and Tower work22010-01-1650.00
PCS Associates12013-04-30
Precision Collins Services302019-10-0890 Per Hour
Radio Assistance - ITALY12011-11-06
Radio City Inc. Mound, Minneosta32014-08-19
Radio Supply Co12009-01-12
Radio World Canada32016-03-15
Radiocraft Amateur Radio Repairs12011-01-14
Ranger Factory repair12010-09-30
RF Repairs - Australia32015-08-03 depending on work required
Rich Dailey N8UX (TS-850/450 + Icom 765)12006-08-26
Ron Baker - WB4HFN422019-08-16
Rotor Guru - W2HP22019-04-05varies
RTO Electronics, Benton Harbor MI242015-02-06
Sandhills Technical Service Inc.22005-04-25n/a
SGC Factory Repair Service92013-09-20
Small Wonder Labs Repair & Alignment by W3DVX212018-10-0760/hr. Const: contact for quote
SSB Electronic, Gerry K3MKZ52015-12-26
T & T Drake Repair and Service22006-05-30
Technical Specialists, LLC (Tampa)472019-09-2245 per hour +parts
Ten-Tec Factory Repair602019-02-2375. per hr
The antenna farm12011-07-18
The Radiosmith402019-10-06
The Rotor Doctor172019-10-13varies
Vetex Repair Service42009-09-1460/hr + parts
W0EA Kit Building Service12016-08-23
W3HM Radio Restoration Services152019-05-22
W6BN Collins Repair Service12010-11-04
W8NET Amplifier Repair and Restore142012-06-2350.00/hr
WD8BWW BHI DSP Install12018-02-22225
Weston Electronics252011-06-25
Willco Electronics272019-09-12
WOUXUN USA62015-01-18$140.00
Yaesu Factory Service2452019-08-30N/A
Yaesu Factory Service Europe92014-08-19
Yaesu FT-101 Repair72017-10-22Flat Rates - See webpage