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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
AEA HAMLINK - Telephone <-> hamradio comms unit22006-09-13Bought it for $75
AEA Radio Link RL-112008-10-07$295
Ameritron AT-102 Tuning Pulser II42018-08-2059.95
Ameritron QSK-5 T/R Switch42008-09-18349
Ameritron QSK5172014-12-26359.00
Amplifier Tuning Pulser112005-08-1741.50
AOR ARD9000 DIGITAL VOICE12005-12-18320.00
AOR ARD9000MkII12010-03-14360
AOR ARD980022005-11-23549.00
Array Solutions QSK-Master132011-08-12375
Automatic Power Control Module -Ebay >> thecrazyham12017-03-24$28
BUX CommCo Lil *52004-03-02$25.00
Byte Runner USB 8COM, USB to 8 port RS23212012-06-24$168
Diamond BNCJ-SMAP Adapter32016-04-1910
DX CONNECTION QSK-2500102019-09-29379
Elecraft K-Pod Control Panel32018-12-23$249.95
Elecraft P3 Panadapter482016-10-04699.95 kit, 749.95 assembled
Elecraft P3TX Transmit Monitor12015-12-13200
Elecraft PX3 Panadapter62017-01-28$499 (kit)
Epiphan VGA-to-USB Video Converter12009-12-24$300
Flex Radio\'s Maestro122018-08-021199
Gator Cases GRB-2U, GRB-3U, and GRB-4U12018-03-2890 to $110
Gems Products K-Line sides12016-07-1949.95
Glentek Remote Control for CI-V ICOM or RS232 Version for Yaesu,12009-10-12$169 for the Icom version and $1
GridConnect FireFly/FirePlug combo12010-03-12140.95
Hamtronics RWWV 10 Megahertz WWV Receiver12004-12-14119.00 plus shipping
Hardened Power Systems Recon G112018-03-19300
iMate keypad for ICOM transceivers12012-12-15$90.
IMD Meter by KK7UQ352017-01-13155. USD
Inrico T320 Network Radio POC12019-01-22200
Inrico TM-7 Network Radio22019-01-05£138 - £190
International Radio - Key Pulser12004-11-08US$ 65
International Radio Service Division Tuning Upgrader12003-11-0155
jetstream jt405c12010-11-2050.00
K4AVU Amp Pecker32016-12-13$70
K4DPK VFO STABILIZER132017-12-07$70.00 Shipped
Kenwood VC-H152007-06-25600
Kiwa MW Air-Core Loop Antenna42017-02-17$400.00
LDG ALK-2 Audio Linear Key Switch42015-06-05$49.99
Lexerd Screen Protectors12019-04-18
Lido LM-100 Remote vent mount32012-10-0714.95
Lido LM-400EXP12010-11-1619.95
Lido Mount Cup Holder Mount for Kenwoods22018-04-0324.95
Lido windshield mount LM-500-2T12017-08-2819.95
Lidomount LM-300 gooseneck seatbolt mount62017-12-0724.95
Lidomounts Cupholder Mount12017-09-1928
LP-PAN / LP-PAN 2462018-03-18250.
Magnum "Sleuth" FM antenna amplifier12003-04-07350 (new)
MFJ Model 1910 fiberglass mast182019-02-28$79.95
MFJ-616 Speech Enhancer222019-08-02170.
MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground242018-08-0389.95
Misty Hollow DDS VFO FOR DRAKE TR-732006-11-03$475
Multi Switcher by NCS12010-09-12359.95
NCS-3203 Multi-RX II12006-06-14249.95
NCS-3230a Multi-Rx12008-12-21$349usd
NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher172011-12-10299.95
Noble Radio PAN3K panadapter for FTDX3K&5K (9Mhz IF)22017-08-19170.00
Palomar LF Converter VLF-A52014-03-1299.95
Pan Adapter MyPanAdapter.com302019-02-1970
Piexx Ic-ex243px12008-06-0459.95
Piexx TS-930E (Digital Board upgrade TS-930uP)112018-01-09259
ProClip In-Vehicle Device Mounting Solutions22010-09-0829.95+
PSKMETER by KF6VSG282013-09-1639.35
Remote Ham Radio (RHR)162019-08-13$99/yr + $0.09-$0.49/min
Repeater Builder USB-RIM Lite22019-10-25$50
RIP-1 Rig Input Protector12005-07-2435
RoMac Auto CW Identifier & Pulser Tuner102016-11-0419.95
RPF Talksafe22009-03-10$220
Sherwood Engineering SE-3 Synchronous Detector82014-07-28549.00
SIDE KX582018-04-0264
SMA to BNC Antenna Adapter by KC2BHO362018-09-2911.95
SSb Preamplifiers12016-04-29495.00
Station Manager+22013-05-20220.00
StationPro II122014-01-07600
StationPro-112012-11-02Currently 122.00 until gone
TenTec T-Kit 125122006-10-01$59.00
The Original 3898 Pecker552019-04-1965.00
Three Rivers Embedded Systems Pan Adapter kit for Omni VII32019-06-05125
Universal QSYer12007-12-29
Vertex/Yaesu CN-3 SMA/BNC adapter22016-10-248.00
W4RT One Touch Tune for ACC port in Yaesu 857/89712011-10-1012
X-Lock VFO Stabilizer102019-01-03(&pound;22.46 ) Inclusive of VAT
ZapChecker by Alan Broadband Company62011-11-1190