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Review Category: Third-party Equipment

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
7000 Escort by Portable Zero LLC42021-03-2772.00(5)
73CNC Weighted KNobs for Ten Tec Products42014-07-30120.00(5)
A2 Digital Dial (Radio Adventures)12001-04-12$79.95 Kit $109.95 Tested(5)
almost all digital electronics dfd-1 digital disp42014-02-23(5)
BRK AC powered smoke alarm model 912012015-03-08(4)
Capacitor kits by VE3PVS12015-08-11(5)
Chinese Clone of Kenwood SO-3 TCXO22019-08-01$15.99(5)
Chinese clone of Yaesu TCXO-992020-02-1130(2.7)
Communications Specialists CTCSS Encoders & Decoders52015-03-1728.98(4.8)
DV-Adapter XLB00322013-01-03699(2)
Flex Control Knob42021-07-1399.95(4.5)
Ft-991 Sprint/Escort (991-SEB) by Portable Zero12022-08-14$165.00(5)
IC-7000 EXTERNAL MONITOR12009-11-18129.00 plus 16.00 for shipping(0)
IK2RND REPLACEMENT ICOM RAMBOARD202023-06-23$60.00 includes shipping(5)
K4AVU Buffer Amplifier12010-09-0835(5)
KG6JEV Extender Boards for Classic Yaesu Rigs12006-03-21(5)
LC meter building kit from bdm-electronics12011-01-2534.99(0)
LDG MC-7610 Dual Analog Color Meter for IC-7610 Transceivers12022-03-01$179.99(4)
ManHandle by Ham Radio Innovations KG4YNI62012-07-0639.95 + Shipping ( 6/2011)(5)
MFJ-1275 Soundcard-Rig Interface102016-03-2889.95(3)
N3BA VCTCXO Module292023-03-3175(5)
N9PUP MACHINING FT-817 et al custom knob12020-06-07Aluminum around $43 shipped(5)
Piexx - ICOMPROM ICOM Non-Volatile RAM Module42022-09-2670.00(4.3)
Piexx TU-5px tone board for Kenwood TS-711A/TS-811A52015-07-1159.00(5)
Piexx TU-79PX Tone Encoder22015-07-1159.00(5)
QuickSilver TuneRite-Y for the Yaesu FT85732011-12-3125(3.3)
RF System (Italy) replacement CAR board for Kenwood TS-850S12022-01-06180 Euros(5)
W2FS Keyboard interface for Kenwood Tm-d700a22007-10-23$55.00kit $75.00 built(5)
W4RT "One Touch Tune" for the Yaesu FT-89712004-12-1662.95(2)
W7MLG TCXO Board For Kenwood TS-59032017-02-0249(5)
W8FGU Clear Dust Covers for Elecraft KX322022-03-30$17.95(5)
Z90 Spectrascan Digital Panaadapter12006-12-23(5)