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Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
3M DBI-Sala ExoFit Nex Rope/Rescue Harness 22022-12-27$338.00(4.5)
Aluma Tower132022-05-01(5)
Ambient Weather EZ-HD-PTP Heavy Duty Mast to Mast Mounting Kit12018-04-0617.99(5)
AN Wireless282021-01-09665 to $3475(5)
Array Solutions AS-Pen-38.5 Portable Mast12011-11-07795.00(5)
Array Solutions Swinging Side Mount Tower Accessory12001-04-01$350.00(5)
Bayway deals Inc.12007-10-11(5)
Buckmaster Line-Grip 22013-11-267.00(5)
Champion Radio Fall Arrest Harness and Positioning Belt12000-06-2990(4)
Channel master telescopic guyed mast32010-11-22$49.95- $89.95(4.3)
Clark Mast QT9M/HP42013-11-10(5)
Create Roof Towers12003-06-26Varies(4)
CUG Mast Solutions (MM0CUG)42018-08-11(5)
Delhi Towers42011-12-23149 per 10ft section(5)
DK9SQ Portable Tower172021-07-0699(4.5)
DX Engineering Heavy-Duty 4130 Chromoly Steel Masts22017-09-21400.00(3.5)
DX Engineering TB-300 Thrust Bearing12017-02-04149.95(5)
DX Engineering Telescoping Fiberglass Tubing Kits32013-08-14$138.00(3.3)
DXE-SAD-200A U-Bolt Saddle Clamps32012-07-109.75(5)
E-Z Way Tower62018-05-20(4.2)
Easy Up 40\' Telescoping Mast EZ TM 40 U22014-12-23140(3)
Easy up EZ TM 5012020-05-13$200(2)
Elk River Eagle Tower QC Harness12010-09-03235.72(5)
EmComm-Products12007-08-3119.00 per 6 ft section(5)
FLAMMEX PULL12004-10-081200...7000(5)
Force 12 LPT-834 34 Foot Lightweight Telescoping LPT Tower12014-07-183,999.00(5)
Force-12 LPT-1242 Low Profile Tower102022-04-041,195 plus $150 for crate plus s(4.2)
Force-12 LPT-125222008-12-313179.00(5)
French Creek Production 800 Series tower climbing harness 12012-10-14100 - 300(5)
Glen Martin Hazer system232017-08-08$389(3.2)
Glen Martin Towers382019-09-12189 for 8' model(4)
Glenn Martin Hazer tower accessories42009-03-15274 - $361(3.8)
GoVertical Affordable Mast Kits and accessories22019-06-12(5)
Hazer Glen Martin Engineering52012-10-08$360.95(4)
Heights182022-12-20varies depending on model(4.9)
Heights Fold Over Kits12009-11-25$2000 to $3000(5)
Hy-gain ATM-65 64' Telescopic Aluminum Mast12007-08-29189.95(4)
Hy-Gain HG-70HD12003-06-044579.99(5)
Hyendfed 12.5metre mast22015-10-0585 Euros(5)
Hygain HG52-SS82020-01-082000(4.4)
Jackite fiberglass telescoping poles/masts172022-04-1855(4.5)
K0XG Systems - Tower and Antenna Rotation Equipment62015-09-05(4.8)
KE1Q push-up mast system12021-12-05$175 parts for a 40' mast(5)
KF7P Metalwerks Antenna Standoff Arm12017-03-28$60.00(5)
KF7P Metalwerks Coax Standoff Arms182016-11-2430 per arm(5)
KF7P Metalwerks Safety Stand Tower Platform52017-07-17395.00(5)
KF7P Yellowjack Tower Tool22016-11-28145.00(5)
Max Gain Systems / IDC Technology side arms22007-06-2435.00 / 40.00(5)
Max-Gain Systems Fiberglass Push-Up Mast442022-10-07139 + Shipping(4.5)
MFJ - 1908 HD 48 foot Fiberglass mast12020-09-13$289.95(5)
MFJ 1919EX Heavy Duty 18 Foot Push Up Tripod Mast22019-06-12159.95(4.5)
MFJ-1906 Fiberglass Mast42020-10-07139.95(4)
MFJ-1910 33ft. Telescoping Fiberglass Mast22021-07-04$99.(2)
MFJ-1910 33ft. Telescoping Fiberglass Mast0N.A.$99.(0)
MFJ-1965 11-section aluminum telescopic pole12014-10-08199.95(4)
MFJ191512017-06-11139.95(5) - 32ft Mobile Mast w/Tri-Pod22014-04-03184.99(5)
MM0CUG Masts (CUG Mast Solutions)22018-02-20$ varies depending on model(5)
Nally Towers12015-02-106,980(5)
NBS Antennas and Mast Australia 22016-06-11$ various(5)
Nello N-Series42009-12-2255n(3.3)
Nello Towers22010-10-11(4)
New Wave portable aluminum Masts32012-03-09$99-$199(3)
Norms Fabrication122019-10-13(4.4)
One Man Tower32011-01-05varies with size(5)
Penninger Mast Clamps82023-05-1136.95(5)
Penninger Specialized Antenna Hardware and Aluminum Tubing142019-09-10(4.6)
Penninger Tipper182019-12-10329.95(5)
Phillystran Inc32020-01-240.45 - $1.85/ft(5)
radiozing steel telescopic push up mast12011-04-1215m 50 foot GBP £219.99(5)
Rohn - SSV Tower32010-07-20(5)
ROHN BAS25G12020-10-01$305.99(2)
Rohn H5042021-11-10$169.00(0.5)
Rohn HDBX-48 Free Standing Tower192022-08-21$999 - $1600(4)
Rohn RSL Series Tower Kits12019-08-02Varies by height and accessories(3)
Rotating Tower Systems32001-04-01(5)
Side Mount12017-01-0959(5)
Silcom GLV-05 Galvanized telescopic mast22023-06-02400-700 EUR(5)
SOTABEAMS Travel Mast 10m32017-08-29$78.15(4.3)
Spiderbeam 12.5m high aluminum telescopic push-up mast12022-02-06$529.00(5)
Spiderbeam 12m Heavy Duty Telescopic Fibreglass Pole222022-05-1192(4.9)
Spiderbeam 18m Heavy Duty Telescopic Fibreglass Pole82020-10-26184 Euro (approx $276)(4.3)
Spiderbeam 47 foot (14.5m) Aluminum Mast 52022-07-08579.00(4.6)
Spiderbeam Aluminum Telescopic Mast 10m (33ft) HD12010-12-01489.00(5)
Spiderbeam HD 12m (40 ft) fiberglass pole62022-12-2268.10 EUR(5)
STI Synthetic Textiles12011-06-03(5)
Strumech Towers ( Versatower ) BP60SX42022-08-012500 Br Pfund(5)
The Mast Company152023-02-15aluminum tubes from 4.50; telesc(5)
TOWERJACK52017-03-06about $185(5)
Tri-Ex W-51/WT-51152018-07-101,335.00(4.5)
TriEx - Tashjian Towers42016-09-05Varies(4.8)
Triex LM-35442014-08-062200(4.5)
Trylon - Titan Free Standing72020-05-04(4.4)
Universal 16-50 Tower32014-12-291829(5)
Universal 5- 50 aluminum tower72008-03-01869.00+base@ $109.00(4.7)
Universal 8-50 Tower (obsolete)12009-04-26unknown(4)
Universal 8-80 HD12007-05-03(5)
Universal HD 21-7042011-11-10(4.3)
Universal Tower 4-3012009-07-31389.00(5)
Universal Tower 4-4042017-08-05~ $750 w/base & rotor plate(5)
Universal Tower 9-3022016-07-18600(4)
Universal Towers 04-model-21-3012008-12-01900(5)
Universal Towers Manufacturing12016-09-13Universal Towers(1)
US TOWER MA-550 , MA-770 SERIES TUBULAR TOWERS72022-08-251400, 2400(4.4)
US Tower 15-4032021-11-11$1200(3.7)
US Tower HDX Series Towers62016-02-22(4.8)
US TOWER MA-40 SERIES TUBULAR TOWERS72015-07-07$1,565.00(4.3)
US Tower TX47242013-06-244219.95(4.5)
US Towers ALM-3122020-05-211699.95(5)
US Towers MA-85012007-01-245000(5)
US Towers TMM-433 crank-up72011-12-182,400(4.6)
US Towers TX Series Crank-ups222018-05-093,054.00(4.3)
Uxcell 5.95M 12 Sections Travel Fishing Pole12011-09-1220 incl shipping(5)
W8IO 4.5 foot tall roof tower, Model 45-06522016-02-20310(5)
W8IO 8 foot tall roof tower, Model IO-810-06522015-10-14390(5)
Watson TFM 40-2 Fibreglass Telescopic Mast12007-02-19(5)
Wilson 40 foot tubular crankup tower22021-01-31Unknown(4)
Wimo Low-Cost Fiberglasmast22018-11-0630(4)