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Review Category: Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
5-208 Antenna12011-06-1812
AEA Halo 632010-07-17
Andrews X-50 (similar to Diamond X-50)12009-09-2999
Anli AT3C12003-07-1522
ANLI DC-124H12013-10-1169.99
Anli wh-716 VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna12007-10-31
Anli WH71112014-04-21
Antenex B1443 VHF 5/8 wave NMO mobile antenna42014-04-15
Antenex CB-144/440C dual band mobile antenna42010-01-1749.99
Antenex CWB4405C Wideband UHF Antenna22008-07-1249.99 @ AES (12/04)
Antenex FG 1443 2M Antenna32016-06-18241
Antenex Phantom UHF 3 dB-MEG BLACK32015-07-0550.00 tuned to frequency
Antenex Phantom VHF, Unity Gain, NMO Mobile Antenna - Black32011-04-0272
Antenna Specialists 5/8 wave VHF mobile antenna32019-03-01
Antenna Warehouse 6/8db Dual Band Colinear12006-07-01$59.00
Antenna Warehouse Discone Antenna32005-12-0929.00
Antenna Warehouse Heavy Duty Scantenna52015-01-1239.95
Antennas & More "Pocket-J "42005-07-2422.95
Antennex CWB1443 Wideband NMO Mount Antenna12008-12-27
Anttron 2MB Plus42009-11-20$19.95
AOR DS3000A, Wideband Discone Antenna42011-09-12130.00
AOR SA700022018-02-09279.95
AR-270 Dual Band Ringo 2m/70cm142012-08-1295
Arrow Antenna GP52 6 meter 1/4 wave GP252016-10-2935
Arrow GP 146/440212016-05-1435
Arrow GP14672014-01-2729.00
ARROW OSJ 152/462 ANTENNA62019-05-0339.00
Arrow OSJ Model J146/4401652019-04-2639.95
Arrow OSJ22072017-04-0539.00 + 8.00 S/H
ATOC ATA14422002-04-02
Austin 500C Antenna252016-10-1835.00
Austin Condor32011-03-0429.95
Austin Ferret Base Scanner Antenna82015-06-24259.00
Austin Metropolitan82014-08-1249.95
Austin Pentenna32006-04-0889.95
Austin Spectra Amateur Four Band Mobile 30, 150, 450, 800 MHz52011-04-04$85.00
Austin Suburban 3 & 4 Band Antennas12013-11-2889 to 199 depends on bands
B-Square Engineering 6 Meter Ground Plane42012-06-16$59.95 + S&H
B-Square Engineering dual band j-pole52011-01-3134.95 plus S/H
Blackbird Dual Band J pole antenna12017-03-0339.99
Blue Collar Ants Model 6 Magnetic Loop12013-05-0460.00
Bozak 222 Mhz Amateur base station antenna 5/832016-02-2284.00
Bozak Antennas GP6V146 2m Base Station Omni172016-01-2486.00
Bozak Mobile mag mount Dual Band 2meter 44022008-02-0939.95
Browning BR-17012015-09-10$35
Browning BR-180 2m/70cm mobile antenna42015-08-15$30
Centerfire Antennas62012-03-159.00$-30.00$
Childs Antenna Fiberglass Base VHF/UHF12019-07-17150
Coast Antennas (eBay \"Coastant\") J-Pole12015-04-15$30 delivered (approx)
Combiscan12009-09-0150 euro?
Comet CA-2x4SR462019-11-0569.00
Comet CA-ABC22a22014-12-0275.95
COMET UHV - 472012-08-15119.00
Comet B-10 dual band mobile antenna192015-05-2739.95
Comet C767 Dual Band Mobile (2m & 70cm)42006-05-3064.95
Comet CA-ABC23 2 Meter Base/repeater antenna22010-05-02119.95
Comet CA-Super2222016-05-31134.95
Comet CH-32 \"Miracle Baby\"22018-02-1740 +/-
Comet CP-5M Mobile Mount22018-08-1069.95
Comet CP5NMO22007-08-2869.99
Comet CSB-7900 / CSB-790A112019-05-24115.00
Comet CX-333 Triband Base Antenna392019-05-26169.95
Comet Cx702 Mobile Triband Colinear12011-12-10
Comet DS-150S Discone Antenna52018-04-17$99.95
Comet GP 15 Tri band (144/440/52 mhz) vertical ant502018-06-11149.99
Comet GP-1162019-05-1974.99
Comet GP-3 Dual Band Base Antenna452019-04-1689 (street)
Comet GP-6 - Dual Band282019-03-28150
Comet GP-9 dual band base antenna462019-01-28200 about
Comet GP-93N12011-09-30150
Comet GP-9522019-10-09180
Comet GP-98 Tri-Band Antenna (2m, 70cm, 23cm)52013-03-28199.99
Comet Ht-224182012-04-0947.00
Comet KP-2012018-06-20114
Comet M24-M Dual Band Mag Mount Mobile Antenna112014-03-1139.95
Comet R S 56032011-07-1231.00
Comet SB-14 Tri-Band Mobile Antenna52016-03-2967
COMET SB-522014-05-1750,00
Comet SB15 Triband Mobile Antenna182015-08-2279.99
Comet SB9712007-03-12street price $70 at
Comet SBB-2/SBB-2NMO302018-11-2439.95
Comet SBB-224 Tri-band Vertical 2m/220/440112017-01-1374.95
Comet SBB-25 2M Mobile Antenna82019-08-0349.95
Comet SBB-5NMO182018-02-0854.99
Comet SBB-7NMO 2/440 mobile antenna422018-09-1279.95
Comet SBB-97 Triband Mobile Antenna12008-08-1685
Comet SBB5-PL 2m/440 mobile whip152018-08-10$54.99
Comet SH-95 HT antenna 2m 70cm 23cm12007-02-28Street price 29 to 40
Comet SMA-24 HT antenna572019-08-0919.95
Comet SMA-3 Triband HT Antenna42016-09-2639.95
Comet SMA-50132007-10-1325
Comet SMA-503 HT Antenna82016-10-0429.95
Comet SMA-70372016-07-1330.00
Comet SS680SBNMO12017-01-15
Comet SSB-1 Mobile92019-09-2942.95
Comet TA-312014-08-1859.95
Comet-NCG SS-460SB42017-06-1943.95
Commander Technologies 1151-2N12017-04-04970.52
Commander Technologies 220-8BN12017-04-041035.22
COMPACTenna 2M/220/44052019-03-0399.95
COMPACTenna 2M/44022019-08-0689.95
Compactenna Scan-III12019-10-29$120.00
COMPACtenna V.U.7/800 NMO Mobile/Base12016-01-09149
COMTELCO BS450XL6-B 12019-06-16$300.00
Cushcraft A430-11s22010-05-07100
Cushcraft AR-270 Dual Band Ringo 2m/70cm272019-04-3089.99
Cushcraft AR6 Ringo 6m242019-05-03107.43
Cushcraft ARX-2 Ringo Ranger312014-07-0469.95
Cushcraft ARX-6 Ringo Ranger12006-05-21109 Canadian
Cushcraft ARX220B42019-05-0363.95
Cushcraft ARX270N32002-10-06189.95
Cushcraft ARX2B Ringo Ranger II282018-12-0359.95
Cushcraft ASO-6 (MFJ) Antenna12017-08-05139
Cushcraft CS270M62017-04-2990.
Cushcraft Ringo AR-2222013-07-24unknown
Cushcraft Ringo Ranger AR-45052015-10-3136.99
D&W MFG square halo12003-09-26$45
DBJ-2 Roll-up J-Pole42019-04-0830.00
Decibel DB-224 Series162019-05-05500
Decibel Products DB-20112015-06-09
Decibel Products DB-408 8 bay22010-01-31$500 new used $200
Diamond X 700 2m-0,7m base antenna132018-12-26399.95
Diamond 500 HNA92011-01-25259.95
Diamond antenna DP-GH6232009-04-21139.95
Diamond AZ504FXH Black Slim Gainer Mobile 144/430 Ant42017-08-1039.95
Diamond AZ504SP VHF/UHF Mobile Antenna with Spring and UHF Mount12014-12-1839.95
Diamond CP22E 2M Base282017-07-0459.00
Diamond CR214S12011-07-0359
Diamond CR224A12004-01-31109.95
Diamond CR320A102018-02-2089.95
Diamond CR627B mobile antenna 6m/2m/70cm112015-05-27109.99
Diamond CR8900A162018-03-06110
Diamond D-130J discone382017-10-2879
Diamond D220 mobile discone antenna32018-01-17109.99
Diamond D70712005-07-23180
Diamond F-2112001-02-27129
Diamond F-23A162018-09-16137.95
Diamond F142A12007-07-04
Diamond F22A122018-07-2899.95
Diamond F23H Antenna92017-11-24148.00
Diamond F718 70cm base / repeater antenna72018-02-06229.95
Diamond K-40212008-04-2630.00
Diamond K400C multi axis trunk lip mount202016-08-0769.95
Diamond K412 Mount22018-11-3069.95
Diamond K702M12019-08-1649.99
Diamond K9000TM / K9000RLM Motorized Mount142018-06-19110
Diamond M285 Monoband (144-172Mhz) mobile antenna42019-05-1231.95
Diamond MR73SA22019-04-2126.95
Diamond MR7522018-01-0236.95
Diamond MR75S12015-01-30$36.95
Diamond MR77 2m/70cm Mag Mount Ant.302019-04-1239.95
Diamond NR-2C22003-07-24$39.99
Diamond NR140BNMO22012-11-19$49.95
Diamond NR2000NA Tri-band 2m/70cm/23cm mobile antenna32018-12-1489.95
Diamond NR22L122016-09-12$79.95 Universal
Diamond NR2C22003-05-28$39.95
Diamond NR72BNMO 2 meter and 70 cm mobile antenna202018-04-0541.95
Diamond NR73BNMO Dual Band Mobile Antenna42017-08-2249.00
Diamond NR770HA mobile antenna152017-11-0551.95
Diamond NR770HNMOB362017-09-2659.99
Diamond NR7900a42015-10-0990
Diamond NR950M12006-06-1575
Diamond RH 79512008-06-0430
Diamond RH20542016-01-20$24.95
Diamond RH77CA412019-06-1924.99
DIamond RHF4032013-08-3129.95
Diamond SG-2000HD62013-10-2489.95
Diamond SG-7500 (UHF)12014-03-2665
Diamond SG-7500NMO (Super Gainer series)222019-11-0279.95
Diamond SG-7900A212016-04-06124.95
Diamond SG-7900ANMO22014-12-24$120
Diamond SG-M911 6m/2m/70cm mobile antenna42009-03-2169.95
Diamond SG720052015-04-2855.00
Diamond SG7900382019-03-13119.99
Diamond SG960012007-07-26
Diamond SRH-36 HT Antenna32003-12-18
Diamond SRH-940102019-11-1039.95
Diamond SRH320A HT Ant - 2/220/430412017-07-2149.95
Diamond SRH519 HT Antenna292019-03-01$30
Diamond SRH70122019-09-0729.95
Diamond SRH77CA Dual Band (2 m /70 CM) HT Antenna562019-08-0929.95
Diamond SRH78932013-02-2630
Diamond SRH805 144/430/1200 Mhz SMA HT Antenna (ducky)162019-04-0439,95
Diamond SRH815 144/430/1200 MHz SMA HT antenna62012-12-07US $36.95
Diamond SRH999 Quad Band HT Antenna102013-06-0759.95
Diamond SRHF1022019-02-09
Diamond SRHF40A42018-08-0629.95
Diamond SRJ77CA22019-11-1224.00 at GigaParts
Diamond Super Gainer SG7500A 2m/70cm112018-05-1679.95
Diamond V2000 Antenna452019-05-29150 - $175 Average (2/2003)
Diamond VX-100032016-06-02
DIAMOND X-200A332018-07-18150.00
Diamond X-200N62017-04-1680
Diamond X-30242019-04-01USD$69.95
Diamond X-300A222017-03-21$139 HRO
Diamond X-40012006-12-07
DIAMOND X-50 2m/440 ANTENNA1142019-09-1899.99
Diamond X-510MA382019-01-04Greater than $200
Diamond X-6000A52017-02-15$189.99 + tax
Diamond X-7000 VHF/UHF/SHF Vertical32008-07-29193.00
Diamond x300N52017-01-30105gbp
Diamond X3200A52018-08-20$230.00
Diamond X500HNA92012-12-02259.99
Diamong K601 Hideaway Trunk Mount22005-05-0358.45
DPD Omni X antenna12018-01-18150
DPD Productions 118-1000 MHz Scanner LP Antenna22019-07-10229.95
Duck Buster 2m/440 antenna42018-07-3029.95
Eantenna EA6J 6m J pole12017-08-12119
ECO 4 elements Yagi beam for 144 MHz12008-12-25ECO ANTENNA . IT
Ed Fong TBJ-1 triband vertical112019-10-0260
Edison Fong PVC pipe 2m/440 omni antenna372019-09-1222
Edison Fong roll-up 2m/440 J-Pole72018-01-0920
Edison Fong UHF Base - 5db Gain 12014-10-1943
Efactor Dual-Band Antenna 144/432 Mhz82017-01-0939.95
EUR-AM 2- meter thru-the-glass antenna12005-04-21$22.00
EUR-AM Pocket Dipoles12005-04-2318.00
Evans EE-3 portable VHF/UHF antenna (2m/220/70cm)62010-04-0424.95
Fenghua Prosound LTD 9/11 dB Collinear Dual band12002-07-2699.
Firestick Model 2M-4 5/8 wave mobile62011-03-0420.99
Force 12 Ruby 27052006-03-0389.95
freqtester 2M Horizontal Loop Pair w/ Phasing Harness32014-09-18134.95
Freqtester 6M Loop32019-06-1499.95
GAREX antennas12011-10-13£10 to £20
Ham Radio Antenna 2 Meter 440MHz Copper J-Pole Antenna12011-11-2534
Ham Stick DB-5 High Gain Dual Band Mobile52006-11-1449.95
Hamstick 2meter Co-linear Mobile Antenna112012-10-2824.95
Hamstick 6m Ground Plane Antenna12005-04-1737
HG Base Scanner Antenna12016-08-1035.95
Hotline H-41B12006-07-27$50
Hustler CGT-144 Collinear Trunk Lip Mount Antenna292015-03-0851.95
Hustler CGT-220 Collinear Trunk Lip Mount Antenna22011-03-0855.50
Hustler DCX Discone Antenna22017-01-1726.95
Hustler G-3 14412012-08-0375.00
Hustler G6-144B132018-12-19149.
HUSTLER G6-270R 2m/440 Antenna152017-12-30160
HUSTLER G6-440112016-05-18$129
Hustler G7-144212019-01-04160
Hustler G7-220 (220MHz Verticle)42006-05-16150.00
Hustler mx-272012-03-30? 34.95
Hustler MX-22022012-04-0639.95
Hustler MX-270 Dual Band62018-08-2664.00
Hustler RX-2102015-09-12$20
HUSTLER SF-2142016-08-1616.99
Hustler SF-22032012-10-2816
Hustler Spirit 9db 440mhz repeater antenna22014-03-30650
Hygain GPG-2B12000-03-1249.95
HyGain Patriot AV-64032012-05-10399.95
HyGain V2-R92014-04-29109.95
HYGAIN V6-R22015-01-30180
Icom VHF/UHF Antenna, FA-1443B42013-10-1530.00
ICOM AH-700082010-12-05206.00 (150 street)
Intercepter 10k omni vertical12008-07-26$339.00
IronHorse IHMM270 dual band 2/440 mini-magmount12004-04-2417
James Pole Antennas62011-07-2915
Jet Streem JTH292016-11-06$40
Jetstream JT524SMA12017-05-2418.95
Jetstream JT750532014-08-14$34.95
JETSTREAM JT776SMA52019-01-0419.99
JetStream JT790552012-01-0479.95
Jetstream JT82B12009-09-20$24.95
Jetstream JTB-1 VHF/UHF Vertical262017-02-2384.95
Jetstream JTB-5 Triband antenna42013-10-3089.95
Jetstream JTB2 2M/440 Base Vertical162015-02-2755
Jetstream JTB2B Dual Band VHF/UHF Base Antenna62015-11-1960
Jetstream JTB3132018-11-0344.95
JetStream JTB492011-11-08$89.95
Jetstream JTD-2 Discone Scanner Antenna32016-01-0159.00
Jetstream JTD1 Discone Antenna22019-03-0343.95
jetstream jtm2s12008-08-22
Jetstream mobile dual band antenna JT 77512006-03-12$29.95
JETSTREAM RH77112009-06-2716.95
JETSTREAM SG790052008-01-0279.95
JTM2P VHF/UHF Mobil With Magmount22013-10-06$15.95
JWX Antenna12007-05-2338
K6WLT J-pole12011-11-2539.95
Kathrein Shark Antenna12004-06-05-
Kathrein-Werke K75 16 2 2112003-11-16
KB3KAI 2-Meter Portable Roll-Up J-Pole52007-04-08$30.00
KB9VBR 2 meter J-Pole antenna252019-01-3129.
KB9VBR 440 J-pole Antenna22019-01-3123.00
KB9VBR 6 meter J-Pole antenna12019-01-3187.00
KU4AB E-FACTOR62008-11-0979.95
KU4AB SQ-144 2m square loop282013-08-2737.95
KU4AB SQ-144HV52010-05-1054.95
KU4AB SQ-222 1.35m square loop12005-11-2379.95
KU4AB SQ-432 70cm square loop52009-01-1929.95
KU4AB SQ-50 6m square loop332015-07-0359.95
Laird Technologies (Antenex) QW144 2M 1/4wave whip32014-11-068.70 MSRP (11/2009)
Lakeview 2 meter 5/8 wave12004-08-2132.95
Lakeview 2-meter colinear fixed station antenna # 9007-B12009-02-1136.95
Larsen 1/2 wave HT antennas, 2m & 44042008-12-0328 & 32 approx.
Larsen 1/4 wave NMO Q-SPEC Black52011-11-1413.20 at HRO
Larsen 2 Meter KG Glass Mounted Antenna42016-12-24$55
Larsen glass-mount dual band antenna302018-04-1080 approx.
Larsen Mag Mount42015-02-08$34.95
Larsen NMO 2/70572019-04-2254.00 @ HRO
Larsen NMO-150262019-09-3035 (Street Value)
Loops-N-More 2/432 loops (formerly KB6KQ loops)112017-08-1545
Loops-N-More 6M Loop (formerly KB6KQ 6m loops)262019-01-0885
M2 2 Meter HO LOOP182016-03-1945.00
M2 30-500 MHz Discone12008-09-20
M2 6m HO Loop132016-10-30119.95
M2 EB-144152018-09-10120
M2 EB-432 "EggBeater" Satellite Antenna112010-12-18$159.00 Retail
Maldol AS-20 (Now Comet AS20)42012-10-2822
Maldol AX-5022010-08-30
Maldol AX-7562013-02-1059.95
Maldol AX-9512013-09-21
Maldol EX-107/EX-107B112012-07-1056.95
Maldol EX-510 6/2/440 mobile antenna142013-07-2770
Maldol GHX-55000N.A.
Maldol HUV-822009-06-14329.95 us
Maldol MH-209SMA372016-11-2823.95
Maldol MH-25512012-12-0732
Maldol MH-510 6m/2m/70cm HT Antenna162011-01-3038.00
Maldol MH-511 Triband HT antenna132010-04-1833.95
Maldol MH-610162012-03-2449.95
Maldol MSG-1100C Mobile Antenna42006-02-0672.95
Maldol VT-500D12006-06-04
Maple Leaf Communications - Portable J-Pole Antenna - J27032009-05-1124.95 Canadian
Maxrad antennas112014-01-21
Metz 2 Meter Mobile Antenna22019-03-20
MFJ - 1721- UltraLite 2 Meter Magnet Mount Antenna72015-06-08$14.95
MFJ 140232016-06-1929.95
MFJ 1436 RuffRider Tri - bander 6m/2m/70cm22009-05-03$79.95
mfj 171012008-08-1810
MFJ 1717pl0N.A.22.
MFJ 1752 5/8 wave 220 MZ Ground Plane Antenna12014-04-22$34.95
MFJ 1752 Base Antenna 5/8 wave 220 mz12013-05-15$34.95
MFJ Hyper Gain 62" tall22007-01-04
MFJ-1412 RuffRider High Power 144/440 MHz Mobile Antenna72019-08-04$49.95
MFJ-1422 2mtr/440 Rough Rider Antenna and mfj 345 hatchback moun152013-01-1450
MFJ-1432 RuffRider Hyper Gain 144/440 MHz Mobile Antenna 62"112017-04-2869.95
MFJ-1516 Pulsar VHF Base Station22017-03-27$99.95
MFJ-1522 PULSAR 144/440 MHZ BASE/REPEATER12006-10-0879.95
MFJ-1524 2 meter/70 cm base antenna52008-05-05119.95
MFJ-1526 Pular ULTRA MightyGain Dual Band 144/440Mhz72015-09-09$139.95
MFJ-1536 Pulsar Tri-Band Vertical 6m/2m/44032017-08-15119.95
MFJ-1538 Pulsar QuadrupleThreat 2M/6M/220/440 Base/Repeater Ante142017-12-09119.95
MFJ-1714 Long Ranger 2-meter telescopic antenna162018-04-2416.95
MFJ-1717S - High Gain 144/440 MHz Flexible Duck HT Antenna w/ SM132016-12-0521.95
MFJ-1719S Small Wonder HT Antenna52014-01-22$19.95
MFJ-1720S 6M/2M/70cm HT antenna102013-04-1629.95
MFJ-1722 UltraLite 2m/70cm Mag Mount122017-10-0218.95
MFJ-1724B 2 M/70 CM (144-440) Mobile Magmount Antenna212014-10-2716.95
MFJ-1728B 2M 5/8 Wave / 6M Mobile242016-03-1729.95
MFJ-1729 Dual band antenna172017-10-1834.95
MFJ-1734 Glass Mount Antenns42018-05-2244.95USD
MFJ-1738 Glass Mount 144 Antenna42011-06-2029.95
MFJ-1750 5/8 wave ground plane 2m base antenna342019-02-2624.95
MFJ-1756 6 METER GROUND PLANE ANTENNA32017-11-0679.95 (as of August, 2004)
MFJ-1764 Dual 2m/6m omnidirectional92013-11-0349.95
MFJ-1868 25-1300 MHz Discone Antenna w/ Coaxial Cable & Mounting32016-04-2659.95
MFJ-335BM NMO Magnetic Antenna Mount42017-08-1021.95
Midland 18330B - Nmo Style 70cm 5/8 Wave 5db12015-08-15$32.95
Midland X-50 Dual Band VHF / UHF Antenna12013-11-2485
Moonraker MRW-242 \"Mini Miracle\" HT stubby antenna12011-04-0715.00 GBP
MOONRAKER SQBM1000N12016-08-27
mp antenna super-m classic base42017-07-09119.95
MP Classic mobile antenna12018-07-03$60
MPantenna SUPER-M ULTRA Base Station Antenna42016-05-01199.95
MPantenna SUPER-M ULTRA Mobile Antenna32016-07-14119.95
N9TAX Dual band slim jim portable antenna by 2way electronix192018-09-24$25.99
NAGOYA UT-106UV72019-02-1112
Nagoya 77532012-08-0410
Nagoya BA-6100E12017-07-10$40USD
Nagoya NA-62652011-06-05$9.99
Nagoya NA-666152014-02-2820.00
Nagoya NA-701 BNC Dual Band Antenna122019-05-0213.50
Nagoya NA-70262016-01-2512.90 + S/H on eBay
Nagoya NA-771442018-04-1615
Nagoya NA-77432018-04-20
Nagoya NA-77512013-12-0914
Nagoya NA636 Ht antenna12003-01-20
Nagoya NL-770 R62018-07-2028 euro
Nagoya NL-R2 Mobile Antenna52017-08-1213
Nagoya TB-320A22018-05-2859.95
NAGOYA UT-102142015-10-0821.00 (approx.)
NAGOYA UT-108UV32016-08-2619.95
National RF Quadrafilar Helix, weather satellite antenna22010-03-20169.95
Niljon Super M Ultra Base Antenna22009-09-14199.00
Niljon Super M VHF/UHF base station tri-band antenna42006-12-03100
Niljon Super-M Mobile Antenna72015-10-28~ 70.00
Niljon SUPER-M ULTRA Mobile Antenna12010-04-24$119.00 (US)
Norwalk Electronics Dominator 5/8 wave vertical for 6m72013-05-12189.00
Opek HR-16 VHF HT Antenna (BNC)22011-08-23$16
OPEK HR-601VU SMA22008-11-2417
OPEK HR-603VU72015-12-2915.50
Opek TS-20 triband12018-01-1599.00
Opek UH2401 UHF Base Antenna22015-10-02$69.95
OPEK UVS-200 Dual Band Antenna152016-02-0169.95
OPEK UVS-300 Dual Band Vertical172017-02-19$ 89.00
Opek VH-1220 2M 5/8 & 6M 1/422018-07-20< 20
Opek VU 1501102015-03-0887.14
Opek VU-1509 VHF/UHF NMO mount antenna22017-01-3115
OPEK VU-154522014-06-03
OPEK VUCM-30112003-11-0220.00
OPEK VUG-27052018-01-2850
Opek VUM-201 Dual band Mag mount52016-02-1420.00
PAR 2 meter loop.192019-06-2864 USD
PAR electronics OA-28B. horizontally polarized 10M Omni antenna52013-01-09Price: $99.00
Par Electronics OmniAngle Antennas272016-05-14
Par OA-2822012-11-08$54.95 AES
Par OA-43262019-06-2864. USD
PAR OA-50 6 Meter Omniangle1102019-11-0799. USD
PRO AM Dual Band 2m/70cm Mag Mount12008-04-2729.99
Pro AM MM270B 144/440 Mobile Magnetic Antenna12007-12-1419.99
pro-fit dg2antpf22015-08-2021.95
Pryme Radio Products AL-800 Telescoping HT Antenna222017-08-1434.95
PRYME RD-7812005-05-15around $20.00
PRYME RD-7SMA 7" HT Dual Band Antenna72006-07-09$22.00
Pryme RD-98 144/440 HT SMA Antenna342013-02-0827.99
Quantum QT-6A VHF/UHF Dual Band Base Antenna22011-05-0279.95
Radiall/Larson Mag Mount NMOMMR12008-08-13$34.20
Radio Shack 2-meter 5/8´s magmount antenna,172010-09-1249.99
Radio Shack 20-176 VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna62013-03-28$25.99
Radio Shack 800 MHz Scanner Antenna152016-08-1319.95
Radio Shack Discone392018-02-0559.99
Radio Shack Mag-Mount Scanner Antenna82014-01-2434.99
Radio Shack TX and RX Telescoping antenna model# 20-006A72012-12-27$15.00
RadioWorks 6 & 2 Meter Longwire Antenna12007-01-19
Rattail antenna booster42015-04-2331.95 USD
Retech RHA-701 dual band 2M/440 HT antenna22018-05-2012.00
Retech RHA-77112013-12-1015
RF Systems DX50012006-06-03370 - $420 with controller
RH770 Diamond / Harvest22014-11-0722
SAL Electronics SE-6H 6 Meter Halo Antenna12017-11-12120
Sandpiper V6.MK30N.A.310 - &pound;155 as of Jan 07.
Signal Stuff Super Elastic Signal Stick112019-10-2020
Sirio 506062017-07-0695
SIRIO CX 4 68 70MHz Vertical22019-05-05Around £70
SIRIO GPA 40-7012016-06-19$80.00
Sirio SD 1300 Discone12013-04-05
Sirio Tornado 6m 5/8 vertical22018-09-27$89.00
Slim Jim portable 2 meter antenna by N9TAX402019-02-0719.99
Smiley 2 meter Stubby Duck72015-08-1116.00
Smiley 270A Tri-Band HT Antenna182017-02-0725
Smiley 2m Half-Wave Telescopic Antenna for HTs72016-06-1525.00
Smiley 2m HT 5/8 Slim Duck monobander (220 and 440 monobanders a112018-04-3020
Smiley Slim Line 440 MHz12012-12-0117.00
Smiley Super Stick II VHF 5/8-wave telescopic vertical32015-10-2123
Smiley Super Stick IV UHF 5/8 telescopic mono band for ht22014-07-0120
SPECTRAL ISOPOLE102010-02-1989.95
Spectral Isopole Vhf 144 Antenna22006-11-1399.00
SQBM4040P QUAD BAND 10/4/2/70CM BASE ANTENNA12016-09-24
SQBM500 MKII Dual Bander Super Gainer 2m/70cm22015-07-23£70 in UK Feb 2009
STI-CO Flexi-whip32016-06-1440.00
Super-Elastic Signal Stick12017-04-2820
SURECOM SC95132013-03-2120
Three Ring Halo Antenna by W8SMD22002-01-15100.00
Tram 1081-SMAF12016-07-2918.95
Tram 114322014-03-13
Tram 1150 136-174 Mhz12004-01-0430
TRAM 1180332017-11-2722
Tram 1181 mobile antenna12015-03-24$20
Tram 118562016-03-2117.99
Tram 1190 Glass Mount 2M Mobile Antenna22009-03-30
Tram 1191162019-06-0119.99 + Shipping
Tram 1400 VHF Base Verticle82018-02-0845.99
Tram 1411 Broad Band Discone Antenna32008-12-2539.99
Tram 1480 VHF/UHF Collinear Base Antenna452018-04-22around 70.
Tram 1481382019-08-25150
TRAN- MAX UVS-20012004-05-3148
Tran-Max BF2M312007-08-11129 AUD
Trident V4M0N.A.£59.95
Ventenna VT-27 2M/440 Dual Band222019-02-23102.
VHF Loop 2M-CD12019-02-23109.95
VHF Loop 6M-F12019-02-25129.95
W-300 Watson 2m/70cm Base Station Vertical22013-11-17
WA7SPY 1.2Ghz12002-09-0350
Watson W-2000 Triple Gainer Tri Band Colinear22018-04-23120 approx (£59 UK)
Watson W-77LS 12018-08-0820 US £16 GBP
Watson WSMA-450 Micro Gainer12006-08-2515.00
Watson WSMA-88112011-03-3059.95 CDN
WB5JIO 2 meter Square Halo22006-07-0945
WEP-12 VHF/UHF BNC Flexirod HT Antenna22008-03-0924.95
Wilson 2 Mtr 5/8 Wave Mag Antenna272016-02-2540.95
WIMO Big Wheels for 6m, 2m, 70cm42018-10-1963(70)-65(2)-100(6)€
Wimo Dualband Collapsible Dipole12012-08-07Euros 26
WishRing HH-900022019-11-05$39
Workman BS150 2m Base Station Antenna52012-03-06$39.95
Workman SMA146-44542010-04-2115.00
Workman T-73412007-04-0225.00
Workman UV-32542011-08-2516.00
Workman UVS-200302016-11-2259.99
Workman UVS-300282018-01-2888.00
Workmen UV-325102013-10-14$40.00
WT4E - Efactor 144/432 Dual Band Omni Antenna22012-04-0349.90
WT9H Dual Band PVC J-Pole52010-07-2635.00