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Review Category: Filters, RF: bandpass, duplexer, lowpass, highpass, RFI/EMI

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
4O3A High Power Band Pass Filter Series S12012-08-25470
Alden McDuffie CW filter12004-12-1962.90 kit; $72.90 assembled
AMECO HP-75T High Pass Filter42017-11-2114.95
Ameritron ARF-1000X12017-07-10159.95 (YU1CF) BandPass filters12017-10-19220
Array Solutions / Hamation FilterMax12009-09-12800
Array Solutions AS-RXFEP Receiver Front End Protector52019-03-0155.00 USD
Array Solutions FilterMax 422017-03-26$975.00
Array Solutions Filtermax III12011-06-24975
Array Solutions WX0B BPF-6, 6 way HF bandpass filters in one box32007-03-04535
Array Solutions/Hamation AS-41932014-11-09650.
Astatic Para Dynamics PDC108922010-10-0729.95
Barker & Williamson Model 425 Low Pass Filter12012-02-19
Bencher YA1 Low Pass Filter162012-04-2275
Browning BR-FILTER Noise Filter12011-12-06
CALF KC9ON22017-03-3155.00 plus shipping
Comet CF-4160 Duplexer / Diplexer12019-06-17$50.00
DCI DCI-146/444-DX-DB62017-07-28 $169 (US dollars)
DCI DCI-445-10C UHF Bandpass Filter12005-07-07139.95
DCI VHF Filters192018-03-07CALL
DDD-DAISHN Trap filter DTF12013-01-3033 (3129 JPY)
DLW AM Broadcast Band (BCB) Reject Brick-Wall High Pass Filter12016-03-15195
DUNESTAR 400-HPF62015-12-2165.00
Dunestar 60072010-12-17449.00
Dunestar Systems Model 300 Single Band Bandpass Filters32016-08-3073.00
DX Engineering RFI Suppression Beads42015-07-1022.25+
Hex-Beam12010-07-142.50 per toroid
HF BPF with RF amp + ATT12016-03-0845
I.C.E. 402x filter132010-01-1136
I.C.E. AM Broadcast Band Interference12010-03-2328.00
ICE 467 MODULAR TELEPHONE RFI FILTER, 4-WIRE, 50 DB22010-11-0535.00 + shpg
Icom FL-100 500hz CW Filter32009-11-29$100.00 new
ICOM FL-53A i-f filter52012-06-11$190
InDuComm 2M passive bandpass filter11999-12-0336.00
InDuComm Model 400 Series Bandpass Transceiver Filters22000-08-22228. for Combo unit
Inrad HF Triplexer12014-07-21325
INRAD Roofing filter Icom Pro II42012-02-16$200.00
INRAD Roofing Filter ICOM Pro III122011-08-28200
International Radio (Inrad) Crystal Filters482019-01-06115-155
International Radio (Inrad) IF Filters732014-05-18115-155
International Radio (Inrad) Roofing Filters462016-12-18175-200
Jan_Jenca 2 Meter Bandstop (Notch Filter)12018-10-19$35
K-Y Filters102015-04-0624.95
Low Band Systems 12017-09-03$350 USA
LP-2500 LOW PASS FILTER, 2500W12008-11-11$139.95
MFJ-704 Low Pass Filter62012-09-2949.95
MFJ-711 high pass tvi filter12001-11-1524.00
Morgan Mfg (formerly ICE) Bandpass and BCB filters162014-11-1035 to 228
Morgan Mfg (formerly ICE) HF and VHF Low Pass filters72010-12-0540-58
Noble radio Drake filters72019-09-24$49.99
NS 3 KHz Roofing filters for FT-2000/FT-950372014-11-21USD $304.80
Nuova Elettronica LX.909 KIT Scanner Intermod Filter (88-108Mhz12009-09-168 euro plus 5 for the review
Olympix 311000 Ferrite Core12014-03-1217.95
Olympix Low Pass Filter 12013-03-18$219.95
Palomar Engineering42018-03-15$25.00
Palomar Engineers Rf Interference Kit.12007-04-2724.99
Par Electroncs BCST-LPF Medium Wave Low Pass Filter32019-02-2069
PAR Electronics Custom Filters32016-03-08$140-???
PAR Electronics MODE J FILTER12010-06-2189.00
PAR Electronics VHFBP(116-137)HT Scanner-Bandpass Filter32018-02-1479.00
PAR Electronics VHFTN 152-15832014-04-1682.00
PAR Electronics, Inc BCST-HPF MW Eliminate Filter122019-04-2067.95
PAR Electronics, Inc. VHFDN152102018-02-0169
PAR Paging Notch Filter VHFTN152-158382014-04-1696
Radio Shack 2 Line Telephone RFI Line Filter72006-12-2714.49
Radio Shack FM Trap 75 ohm22014-05-038
Remote Rig RF Protection Filter for DSL Modems 1279A-112013-11-1641
RF Inquiry52007-11-02210.95
RF Limited DF-4000 Low Pass Filter12006-03-01
T-4 line isolators112016-08-25$35.00-$50.00
TXRX DUPLEXER 28-70-02A12016-11-15$1000.00
Unadilla/Reyco WA2ZOT/WA2QKU 2000 Watt Lo-Pass Filter32009-07-11125
W2ENY 6-KHz Filter Solution32006-12-18$35.00 Shipped
W3NQN RF Bandpass Filters82015-04-01Varies
W4RT 2.3 KHz Collins SSB filter for Yaesu 817/857/897 series182014-06-18125
W4RT CW FIlter for FT-817/857/897 series - 500 hz32014-11-07114.95
W4RT OBF-ICOM-DIY-50022011-09-29239 - 269
W4RT OPF-ICOM-CW-DIY-30012010-09-08$119
W4RT OPF-ICOM-CW-DIY-50022008-10-26$99
Yaesu MTU - Mu tuning units132018-04-04$400.00