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Review Category: SWR & Wattmeters & Dummy Loads

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
3rd Party External Meter for Yaesu FT-857D/897D22017-11-27$17
5WT VSWR & POWER METER42017-10-1140
Alden McDuffie QRP Dummy Load0N.A.$49.95 kit; $59.95 assembled
Alinco EM-300 SWR/PWR/MOD. Meter12008-02-25
Alpha 2100 Dummy Load52013-02-061950.00
Alpha 4510 HF Digital Wattmeter212015-07-05745
Alpha 4520 Digital HF Wattmeter92015-07-04795
Ameritrom AWM-35H Remote Peak Reading SWR/Wattmeter22015-05-21159.95
Ameritron ADL-1500 1.5KW Dummy load w/oil82018-07-14$69.95
Ameritron ADL-250062018-08-19199.95
Ameritron AWM-30 Peak Reading SWR/Wattmeter312017-06-29EXPENSIVE
Aries A-SWR46022008-12-0749.95
Array Solutions - Dishtronix Analog VSWR/Wattmeter62012-12-30195
Array Solutions AS-43A Digital meter kit for the Bird 43 Wattmet12010-09-29$189
Array Solutions Powermaster1802019-07-03525.
Autek WM-1772019-08-27132.95
Avair AV 600 Swr/ power meter42012-06-07£69.95 GBP
AVAIR SX-100012004-09-06180
B&W Dummy Load - Wattmeter 334A12018-03-23Out Of production
Bird 43502019-03-01265.00
BIRD 43-P peak reading watt meter72013-09-12525.00
Bird 6100 Series Watt Meter & Load12013-10-12175 on Ebay
Bird 8173 50 ohm Dummyload12005-01-07$500
Bird 8251 Termaline Coaxial Resistor 1000 Watt Dummy Load12017-06-251,060
Bird 8401 Termaline Coaxial Resistor 600 Watt Dummy Load12016-12-11843.00
BIRD HAM-MATE 4352 VHF WATTMETER12013-05-26Unknown
Bird Model 8166 Dummy Load / Coaxial Resistor12016-11-02299.00
Bird Model 8201 Dummy Load32016-11-03600
Bird Model 8329 Tenuline Coaxial Attenuator 30 db12018-04-083000
Celwave 150 watt dummy load12008-12-23
Celwave dummy load12011-01-27 Approx. 35.00
Coaxial Dynamics22012-04-25
Coaxial Dynamics 81021 Dual Element Wattmeter12014-12-31$450
Coaxial Dynamics 8105012016-04-30
Coaxial Dynamics 83000-A82018-03-20340.00
Comet CMX-20012016-10-09$149.00
Comet CMX122010-09-10210?
Comet CMX230022015-10-14224.95
Daiwa CN 410M SWR & Power Meter52009-08-03$100
Daiwa CN-10112013-04-23
Daiwa CN-101L 1.8 to 150 mHz peak reading wattmete382018-07-3089.95
DAIWA CN-410N12014-11-30Not known
Daiwa CN-460M72017-01-22
Daiwa CN-620A SWR/Power Meter22003-11-30100
Daiwa CN-720B/620B42019-09-19
Daiwa CN-801 HP352018-09-19160
Daiwa CN-801 Professional Series 1.8 thru 200Mhz442016-08-31159
Daiwa CN-801 V82015-09-08149.95
Daiwa CN-801HP true PEP reading meter392019-03-03$149.00
Daiwa CN-901 HP42019-08-25139
Daiwa CN103 VHF/UHF Wattmeter82013-04-17100
Daiwa CN620A22009-12-29100
Daiwa NS-660PA102018-07-21£249.99 GBP
Dentron WP-1A12007-12-19Unknown
Diamond SX-100 Pwr/SWR Meter112019-11-01144.95
Diamond SX-100092014-08-03225.00
DIAMOND SX-110022018-05-27262.95
Diamond SX-200 Pwr/SWR Meter302019-10-0750
Diamond SX-20C92016-03-12$89.95
Diamond SX-240C22018-05-10349.95
Diamond SX-400142016-05-30115
Diamond SX-40C PWR/SWR Meter102014-11-1289.95
Diamond SX-600152017-12-21179.95
Diamond SX27P12004-12-0679.
Dosy TFC-3001 SWR/Modulation/Watt meter12013-07-07200.00
Drake W-4 Wattmeter102018-10-24drake w-4 wattmeter
Drake WH7 HF wattmeter32011-02-20
DWM-2 Wattmeter by Applied Engineering Science42017-05-15895
Elecraft W1 - 140 watts computing Wattmeter / SWR Bridge102018-01-1389.95
Elecraft W2 Wattmeter222019-01-14$229.95 Kit $289.95 Assembled
Electro Impulse DPM-3 Wattmeter/Dummy Load22003-06-17
FAT2710 SWR Analyzer12011-01-31
FoxDelta Dual Channel LCD SWR Meter By I2TZK, K7SFN & VU2FD32019-05-0554 LCD unit kit; Assembled $64.
Generic: 1Mhz-30Mhz 40W VSWR LED indicator Connector MINI SWR di12017-12-1235.00
Ham Radio Signal Transfer by W4BVT12014-10-18119.99
Ham-Mate 2 meter - watt meter12008-04-05more or less $150 in 1980 dollar
Hansen FS-910H SWR/PEP readig Wattmeter42014-11-20??
Heathkit HM-102162015-06-1139.95 (25 years ago!)
Heathkit HM-210312001-01-01?
Heathkit HM-2140 PEP Watt/SWR meter42014-06-06$139.95 - 30 years ago
Heathkit HN-31 Cantenna32018-11-2119.95
Hendricks RF Probe32012-03-12few dollars
Hendricks Tayloe SWR Indicator/Bridge22011-01-0815.00
Hi-Res Communications PDC-1 Peak Reading add-on92018-05-2624.95
Jetstream JTW270 compact crossneedle 140-525 MHz32012-10-1259.95
JETSTREAM JTWVU42015-02-02$120.00
Jetstream JTWXHF32017-12-08108.95
Jetstream Wattmeter JTWVUHF42016-07-23120.00 typical street price
K4DPK PEP Adapter202019-03-0530
Kenwood - SR20012006-10-01
Kenwood SW-2000122018-01-22150
Kenwood SW-210022011-01-24$129 USD
knight kit p2 swr bridge52015-10-2114.95
KOHJINSHA SWR/POWER METER - KP-122019-02-22$400 + $60 (USD) shipped by air
Kuranishi Instruments BR-200 SWR Analyzer52005-01-24429.00
Kuranishi Instruments BR-400 Analyzer32018-02-19570
LDG FTL-Meter72015-04-0379.95
LDG DM-99022014-07-28179.99
LDG DWM-4 Digital Watt Meter82004-05-16$129
LDG FT-Meter482015-03-0649.00
LDG M-7600 Meter92019-04-2379.99
LDG TW-1 Talking Wattmeter22009-02-11149
LNA Technology Peak wattmeter boards32009-08-17$30.00 to 119.95
Luso SWR-X II - SWR Meter 1.9 -50 / 144MHz12008-02-25
MACAW PRM-122012-08-11
MeterBuilder MB-1 Programmable Power Meter182016-03-17699 assembled/tested or $599/kit
Metropwr FX77112019-09-27436
MFJ - 88412014-08-27109.95
MFJ 24922009-10-31269.95
MFJ 812B42012-01-1034.95
MFJ 816 HF SWR Meter/Wattmeter12006-04-0734
MFJ 844 V/UHF SWR meter32008-09-28~60
MFJ 85482018-11-29118
MFJ 870 1.6-60.0 Mhz Grandmaster Meter42017-06-1499.99
MFJ-207 HF SWR Analyzer172016-01-0279.95
MFJ-250 Dummy Loads202018-11-1659.95
MFJ-260C 300 Watt Dry Dummy Load, up to 650Mhz122019-08-0634.95
MFJ-264 1.5Kw dry dummy load142016-10-1365.00
MFJ-265 Dummy Load22018-09-03$219.00
MFJ-267132017-02-15200 in UK
MFJ-815D HF/6M SWR/Wattmeter 2KW22018-12-3089.95
MFJ-818 MFJ Mobile SWR/Wattmeter22018-09-0979.95
MFJ-822 Compact Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter 1.8-200 MHz102019-03-1060.00
MFJ-826B digital SWR/Wattmeter242018-04-05$179.95
MFJ-828 Digital/analog SWR/wattmeter, freq. counter112019-07-13229.95
MFJ-834 RF Coaxial Ammeter42018-05-13$79.99
MFJ-842 Compact Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter 140-525 MHz102013-11-1559.95
MFJ-860 Wattmeter82011-10-28$44.95
MFJ-862 VHF/UHF SWR watt meter12004-09-2250.00
MFJ-864 Cross Needle Meter 1.8 - 60/144/44012010-03-1584.95
MFJ-864 Cross Needle Meter. 1.8 - 60/144/440122017-11-0284.95
MFJ-868 SWR/ WATTMETER322019-04-12139.95
MFJ-870 SWR/Wattmeter62019-07-2679.95
MFJ-873 Grandmaster SWR and Watt meter for VHF/UHF32013-09-16100.00
MFJ-873 GrandMaster SWR Meter.12005-05-03114.95
MFJ-874 Grandmaster SWR/Power Meter62019-01-25149.95
Micronta 144/440 MHz SWR/Power Meter, Cat. No. 19-32032017-08-0739.95 (1993)
Midland SWR-2512009-12-0610
Military ME-165/G Power/SWR Monitor & Dummy Load42017-08-10Bunches of taxpayer dollars
Mini-Circuits PWR-6G+ USB Power Sensor12009-12-25$695
Mirage MP-1102014-06-26235.00
Mirage MP-232013-02-19235
Moonraker SWR-27012019-08-0629
Motorola S1350C Wattmeter12008-08-07
NCG 300022016-05-03
NingBo HF-UHF power/VSWR meter, model DF247712007-07-31100 approx (USD)
NISSEI RX-203 SWR / POWER METER12010-05-2450 pounds sterling
Nissei RS-102 / MFJ-872 1.8-200MHz SWR Watt Meter12011-03-29
Nissei RS-4092018-01-17£35
Nissei RS-5052018-11-0789.99
NISSEI RS-50212010-06-0989.95
Norcal Power and SWR meter kit22009-12-01$80
Nye-Viking RFM-003 SWR/Peak Power Meter52009-03-09350 ( Production discontinued )
Nye-Viking RFM-005 SWR/Peak Power Meter32017-06-04350 ( Production discontinued )
Oak Hills Research RFL-100 Dummy Load Kit172017-02-1334.95
Oak Hills Research WM-2182013-08-1089.95
Opek SWR-642006-10-0149.00
Osker Block SWR-20032016-09-19
Palomar Engineers M-82712014-11-06Unknown
Palomar Engineers M-84022007-09-14
Palstar DL1500 1500 watt Dummy Load122019-07-1779.95
Palstar DL150HP Dummy Load up to 2500 watts32017-09-22795.00 USD
Palstar DL2K Dummy Load412017-05-04Suggested Retail Price $159.95
Palstar DL5K82016-03-14350
Palstar PM2000A Wattmeter332019-08-01159.95
Palstar PM2000AM122019-08-01149.95
Palstar WM150192014-06-06100
Palstar WM150M62009-08-03119.95
ParaDynamics PDC1117 Dummy Load12007-01-31
PLA2 Passive Load Array by Applied Engineering Science12014-04-26895
PowerMaster II52019-09-29525.00
PreciseRf DDS-112016-05-17125.50
QRPGuys LED Tuning Indicator 12019-09-0220
Radio Shack 21-534 CB/High-Frequency Ham Power SWR Meter162016-08-14$49.99
Radio Shack MTA-20 Power/SWR Digital Meter112016-07-21$120.00
Radio Shack RF Dummy Load cat #21-50612018-03-3021.99
RadioCraft 3000 Pro232017-06-21$349.95
RadioCraft 3000 RF Sentinel Multifunction Wattmeter 1.8-54Mhz42013-07-10279.95
REA Amplitude Modulation Monitor AMM-SD162017-02-06200.00
RF Applications P-300092007-01-03$299.00
RF Applications VFD392018-04-24249.00
RF Limited PW-3000 1.6-30Mhz 30/300/3KW SWR/PWR Meter22008-11-30140
RF Sentinel by Radiocraft Watt/SWR meter 3000W22007-09-24279.95
Sharman SWR-001 SWR/Power Meter 1.6 - 60MHz12016-08-22
Siltronix FS-301 12014-03-21
Siltronix FS-600A22015-06-24unknown
Struthers AN/URM-120A112018-01-291,700 (!!) new, 50-150 used
SURECOM SW10242019-10-2250
Swan SWR-1a22001-07-20Unknown
Swan WM-150022015-05-29Unknown
Swan WM-300062011-09-17
TelePost Inc. LP-100A Digital Vector Wattmeter by N8LP1742019-08-13450.
Telepost LP500/LP700 by Larry N8LP132018-12-28Approx 800 - 950
TELEWAVE MODEL 4482014-09-17715
Ten Tec T-Kit Model 1202 Dual Band Wattmeter72008-02-1350
Ten-Tec 1203/239 300w Dummy Load Kit132009-07-2229.95
TenTec 1225 Watt Meter-HF-Kit102013-12-13159.00
Vanco 144/430 Model SWR 962006-04-04
Vectronics PM-3032014-10-30$79.95
Watts Electronics Bird 43 PEP Adaptor kit22017-11-18$50
WaveNode CS-1 Remote Sensor for 0 - 2000 watt range and 1.8 -12010-02-2565.00
Wavenode WN-1 PC controlled HF-UHF wattmeter152007-08-07190.00
WaveNode WN-2 Wattmeter/Modulation Monitor292018-12-08385 Complete
WaveNode WN-2d Digital RF SWR/Wattmeter132018-10-10450.00
Welz SP-10X22008-06-20
Welz SP-15M52017-12-21
Welz SP-22062011-06-09
Welz SP-35022012-10-23
Welz SP-43012008-12-19
Welz SP-45M22019-04-07
WELZ SP-60022018-06-28?
Welz TP-05X12008-02-25
West Mountain Radio Whatt Meter42009-05-13$69.95
WoodBoxRadio DSW-15012010-06-29249
Workman SWR-2T12017-09-1615.00
Workman 104 VHF-UHF SWR Wattmeter172019-07-1128.99
Workman SWR-3P dual SWR/Watt meters22017-01-08
Workman SX-144/430 SWR-Wattmeter192019-03-1550
Yaesu YP15072009-02-28150
Yaesu YS-20012014-03-21
Yaesu YS-2000102017-07-23yaesu ys 2000
Yaesu YS-50062018-02-06130
Yaesu YS-60 Peak-Reading Wattmeter232019-10-30129.99
ZETAGI Professional Line Model 700 SWR & Power-Meter12017-11-27