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Review Category: Tools & Test Equipment for the amateur radio work bench

Product Name# ReviewsLast ReviewMSRP $Avg Rating
Philips ECG J-500KT Butane Soldering Iron Kit12001-09-2639.99(5)
Peak ATLAS Component Analyzer32001-11-26~$85 incl. airmail(5)
NIKKAI 10 DIGIT 1MEG TO 3 GHZ12002-11-02£69(5)
Heathkit IT-11 Capacitor Tester12003-03-0929.95(5)
Tektronix 453 Oscilloscope12004-01-20$2,050 in 1969(5)
Ideal Test-Pro multimeter 36012004-03-0459.85(4)
Weller SM-1 Solder-Mate12005-02-0610.00(5)
HP 8601a Generator/Sweeper12005-02-08400.00(5)
Mastech MS8203/Circuit Specialists CSI8203 DMM12005-02-14(4)
Wall Soldering Gun LG400C12005-05-2279.00(5)
JBC AD 270012005-06-03399(5)
MW Instruments ProDeterminator Semiconductor Analyser V4012005-06-16~50 (39.90 euros) + options(5)
Weller EC1002S Electronic Soldering Station32005-07-08199.95(3)
40dB Tap Attenuator12006-02-1927.00(5)
HP 3312A Function Generator12006-02-28200 on the used market(5)
Craftsman Single Speed Rotary Tool 572.61083022006-02-28About $40(5)
Hakko FX-90112006-03-3032.00(5)
Tenma Universal Test Center12006-04-28549.00(5)
HP 6114A Precision Power Supply12006-07-06HP = High Price(5)
Eagle 382-301C Coax crimp tool12006-11-0628.95(5)
ELENCO F-2800 analog frequency counter12006-12-0399(5)
Tektronix TDS210 Digital Storage Oscilloscope22007-01-281195(5)
Cognio Spectrum Expert12007-02-083,995(5)
OWON PDS 6062 DSO12007-03-10500(5)
ThermoHAWK-200 Touchless Thermometer12007-04-1534.99(5)
Weller WLC100 Solder Station72007-05-27$42.99(4.1)
Protek 608 Digital Multimeter12007-05-31118(5)
PROTEK ANALOG OSCILLOSCOPE12007-07-11599 to 999(5)
Fluke 87 Series IV92007-09-19(4.3)
Craftsman (Sears) #82141 Digital Multimeter12007-10-1319.99, on sale as low as $9.99(5)
GB multi tester12007-11-11$ 9.95(5)
Stanley maxlife 369 flashlight12007-11-11$39.95(5)
Sprague Tel-Ohmike TO-5 Capacitor Analyzer12007-11-1183.90 in 1960.(5)
Ronson butane torch/soldering iron12007-11-1534.95(4)
Knight G30 Grid dip oscillator12007-12-20(5)
Weller WCC100 Soldering Station12007-12-28120.00(3)
Solder Pro 12082008-01-17109(5)
Elecraft 2T-gen Two-Tone Test Oscillator22008-02-1559(4)
Spectran HF-6080 (1MHz to 7GHz) Low cost Spectrum Analyser22008-03-251,390(2.5)
Thurlby Thandar PSA1301T spectrum analyser12008-03-251,500(4)
Radio Shack heavy duty 230/150 watt soldering iron12008-05-1729.95(5)
Motorola R2003 Service monitor12008-05-25(5)
Military VOM ME-297/U12008-07-01(5)
Radio shack butane soldering iron22008-07-11$10(5)
Heathkit GD-1 Grid Dip Oscillator (GDO)22008-09-0625(4.5)
PWRcrimp from West Mountain Radio112008-09-26$49.95(4.8)
Optoelectronics Cub42008-11-0599(4)
MikroElectronika Easypic512008-12-13129(0)
Tenma 21-7945 Soldering Station22009-01-0229.00(3)
Solder-It Products72009-03-16N/A(4.1)
Caig ProGold32009-03-1915 to 25 or more(5)
Hewlett-Packard 200CD Oscillator32009-03-1920.00 or so(4.7)
Lincoln Power MIG 140C welder12009-06-24625.00(5)
Elecraft XG1 Receiver Test Osc.132009-09-2339(5)
Elecraft N-Gen Wideband Noise Source82009-09-2339(4.8)
M-Cubed Semiconductor Analyser ver 3.152009-11-1049.95 + options(5)
M3 Electronix Component Analyzer32009-11-10$55(5)
M-Cubed Semiconductor Analyser ver 2.032009-11-1049.95 + 6.95 for the case(5)
RF Calibrator for FPM-1 ( NOT A KIT )22009-11-1089.00(5)
FPM-1 Universal Frequency Counter/RF Power Meter Kit52009-11-10169.(5)
Solderpro 70 Butane Isotip Model 797412010-01-2239 on Amazon(5)
XYtronic 137ESD 60 Watt Professional Soldering Station22010-02-10167.95(5)
Owon PDS 502212010-02-14325.00(4)
Extech 22-81612010-05-13(5)
GW Instek model GSP-830TG Spectrum analyzer12010-06-055,518(5)
Electronics-DYI L/C Meter Kit22010-07-2259.95(2)
Elecraft XG2 Three-Frequency Receiver Test Osc.102010-09-1859(4.9)
Edsyn 951SX22010-10-02119.95(5)
Radio Shack Soldering Stations132010-11-0969.99(2.6)
Precision 612 Tube Tester12011-01-23(5)
Windfreak Technologies RF Signal Generator12011-01-31249.00(5)
RadioShack Adjustable Butane Soldering Iron #64-218822011-02-19(3)
Fluke 8040A Multimeter12011-02-2450-$75 Used(5)
Caig DeoxIT92011-02-289 to 20 or more (varies accordin(5)
M-Cubed LCRZ Meter92011-03-03$169.00(4.6)
Hitachi V-509 60 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope12011-05-25(5)
ATTEN Model 937b12011-06-12(5)
Vichy VC9912011-06-15aprox 33(5)
LDB-TFC2700L Frequency Counter12011-06-20< 100 (with free shipping)(5)
MAT Electronics MUL3333 ESR Meter12011-06-25<50(4)
AVO 832011-08-13(5)
Circuit Specialists CSI-Station1A Soldering Station52011-09-08$40(4.4)
Cold Heat Cordless Soldering Tool492011-09-2019.99(1.1)
AN/URM-25D R.F. Signal Generator Set12011-11-21(5)
HP 410B VTVM12011-12-03245(5)
Coax Cable Cutter12012-01-07$8.99, often on sale for less(5)
Solomon SR-976N Soldering Station22012-01-2239.00(4.5)
Komec 936 Soldering Station12012-02-08(0)
HP Agilent 8901A Modulation Analyzer12012-02-26(5)
Weller Battery Operated Soldering Iron BP64552012-03-2312.00(0.4)
Fluke 27/FM digital handheld multimeter22012-05-14450.00 in 1988(5)
Eico 232 VTVM12012-06-2629.95(5)
Eico 315 RF Generator12012-06-2639.95(4)
Eico 710 Grid Dip Meter12012-06-2629.95(5)
Smart Tweezers22012-06-29299.(5)
Weller PortaSol P1K Butane Soldering Kit62012-08-1355.00 (approx)(3.5)
ESD mat Industrial Grade Engineer's Desktop 60x40cm set32012-09-1325(5)
HP 8924c Service Monitor32012-10-2730,000(5)
Mini RF power meter/counter/LC meter12012-11-19$59(5)
AnaTek Blue ESR Meter Kit52013-01-13$79.00(5)
Atten ADS1102CAL Oscilloscope32013-02-09530USD(3.3)
Wa1eso board extenders12013-02-11varies by model(5)
Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber42013-03-048 -$12 depending on size(4.5)
PreciseRF 2-Tone Generator12013-04-21239.50(5)
CEM DT-337 Clamp Meter 1ma Resolution12013-09-3080(1)
Andy Crimp from Quick Silver Radio Products62013-11-23129.73(4.2)
HP 3200B VHF Oscillator12013-11-25(5)
MFJ-66 Dip Meter Adapter12013-11-2924.95(0)
Henry Radio RF Attenuator12013-12-21130(5)
Xytronic 168-3C Soldering Station32013-12-31110(5)
Victor VC60B+ Insulation tester.12014-01-09Approx. 47 on E-bay.(5)
Digital Frequency Display DD-10312014-02-10135.00(5)
AZD Technology Wideband Preamp12014-03-2320(5)
EZM FG-100 DDS Function Generator12014-04-1536.88(2)
NORCAL FCC-1 Frequency Counter Kit22014-04-2335.00(4.5)
Military TV-7 Tube Tester52014-05-25(4.8)
HP 3586C Selective Level Meter42014-06-1511,000(5)
Mag-Torch MT78012014-06-1834.99(5)
Chicago Electric 41169 Butane Pencil Torch12014-06-189.99(4)
Metcal soldering station72014-07-15100.00 used(5)
Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope12014-08-15750 refurbed(5)
Gooit GY560 Digital Frequency Counter12014-08-1615.07(5)
Almost All Digital Electronics L/C Meter IIB462014-09-1499.95(4.8)
G4HUP Distribution Amp DA1-4HL22014-09-2240 GBP (5)
Fluke 87 series I digital multimeter12014-10-22(5)
Almost All Digital Electronics Precision Frequency Reference22014-12-0249.95(5)
LC100-S Digital L/C Meter32015-01-0236.50 shipped home(5)
Electronics-DIY LC Meter22015-01-2369.95(2)
Hakko 472D22015-02-01$599.00(5)
Rigol 1052 50MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope32015-04-10399 street price(5)
Tektronix 7854 Oscilloscope22015-08-0115,000 new, about 300 used(5)
REK TSG-17 RF Signal Generator22015-08-24100.00~145.00(0.5)
X-TronicTM 4000 Series - Model #404022015-08-25129.80(4.5)
Kenwood SM-220 Station Monitor52015-09-10(4.2)
Heathkit HO-10 Monitor Scope12015-09-2059.95 (1962)(4)
Hakko FX-888D soldering station52015-10-07107(5)
Heathkit SB 614 monitor scope32015-11-10(4.7)
Velleman DVM810 mini multimeter12015-11-2410(0)
Watt''s Up WU100 DC Power Analyzer42015-11-2559.00(3.3)
Hakko FR-300 Desoldering System12015-12-15305(5)
Almost All Digital Electronics Digital Frequency Displays82016-03-0749.95(5)
Peak LCR Passive Component Analyzer52016-03-1179 UK - 130 US(4.8)
MFJ-224 2-Meter FM Analyzer42016-03-18180.00(2.5)
MFJ-4422 DC Volt/Amp Meter with Power Poles12016-04-0135 USD(1)
Elenco XP752A Variable Voltage Supply12016-04-30233.25(5)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) 8656B RF Signal Generator22016-05-06(5)
Hewlett Packard 8654B12016-05-07(5)
SMT-Pro Station Monitor22016-05-20219.50(5)
Wave tek 2000 series of sevice monitor12016-08-04$100-$ 400 used god cond.(4)
IFR service monitors 1000-1500 series12016-08-04$300-$1000 depending on model(5)
Cushman service monitors12016-08-04$50-$400 used at ham fests(5)
Hakko 936 ESD Safe Temp Controlled Soldering Station202016-08-2575 to 90(5)
Weller WTCPT Soldering Station102016-08-25130.00(4.9)
Harbor Freight Wire Storehouse12016-08-3140(4)
Sencore IN/OUT-OF-Circuit Capacitor and Inductor tester22016-12-03$4000(5) XDM NSE15-2 noise source12017-01-07120.00(4)
Peak ESR meter42017-02-16$169 (US)(4.8)
Peak DCA55 semiconductor analyser12017-02-1640 GBP(4)
MFJ-7404 Coaxial Cable Stripper12017-08-05$19.95(3)
Signal Hound USB-SA44B spectrum analyzer and measurement receive62017-09-09 919(4.7)
Geppetto Electronics 10 MHz GPSDO12017-09-29289.99(5)
Electronics Revisited, LLC12017-10-07(5)
MFJ 762 Attenuator12017-10-2689.95(5)
Kenwood SM-230 Station Monitor42017-11-051099.95(4.3)
Auburn Metrology Lab22018-02-23(5)
Weller WES50/WES51 Soldering Station172018-02-24139.99(4.8)
TPI-1001-B Signal Generator12018-04-13395(5)
Logger Head Tools Bionic Wrench32018-05-2329.95(4.7) DMMCheck32018-05-2435.50(5)
ComTekk Signal Generator22018-07-1549.95(3)
EVB brand ESR/low ohms meter42018-08-02&lt;100 assembled also in kit fo(4.8)
Rigol DSG815 Signal Generator12018-08-281709 GBP + tax(4)
Victor Frequency Counter VC-3165112018-10-1689.95(4.5)
Rigol DSA815 Spectrum Analyser52018-11-101295(4.6)
Dremel Cordless62019-01-25$79.95 - $99.95(4)
WalMart Hyper Tough 4 Ft. Led Shop Light 5000 Lumens12019-06-28 $21.84 US(5)
Fluke 87 V Multimeter142019-08-31$443.00(4.8)
Mega32812019-10-06$15 (with case)(5)
Siglent SSA3021X Spectrum Analyzer12020-04-051595(5)
DX Engineering DXE-UT-808X Stripping Tool for RG-8X42020-05-1942.95(4)
Uni-T UTG932E12020-08-02$129.99(5)
MFJ-856 Line Noise Meter w/ 3 Element Beam102020-11-02150(3.3)
Weller WESD51 Soldering Station (WESD51D for 240 V version)42020-11-11158.00(4.8)
KKmoon 0.5MHz-470MHz RF Signal Generator22021-02-0679.99(4)
RCA Institutes RF signal generator22021-02-28Unknown(1.5)
Simpson 260 VOM282021-03-08200.00(4.7)
DE-5000 LCR/ESR Meter 22021-03-08130(5)
Fluke 73 / 77 Series Digital Multimeter202021-03-12151, Model 73; $199, Model 77(4.8)
Elecraft XG3 RF Signal Source82021-04-05169.95(4.8)
MFJ-886 Frequency Counter42021-05-29120(5)
MFJ -852 AC Line Noise Meter112021-06-0799.95(2.2)
Controleo3 Reflow Oven Controller12022-02-07US$139(5)
BK Precision 2630 Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator12022-04-152195.00(4)
IFR 2020 series RF signal generators12022-04-30Used $800 to $1200(5)
IsoTip8000 lithium 12022-06-20$80.24 - $105.24(1)
HP-8935 CDMA Service Monitor12022-08-201500.00(5)
Elecraft CP1 Directional Coupler52022-09-1039(5)
HP-8640B122022-10-05Available used.(4.5)
Hakko 808 Desoldering Station152022-10-14175.52 from
TinySA Ultra12023-03-28130(3)
Leo Bodnar Electronics GPSDO Precision Frequency Reference152023-03-30250(5)