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Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Low Power Communication - The Art and Science of QRP32018-02-18$19.95
...he took her to a hamfest by Tom Irwin, AA0ME, SK.32008-01-186.95 plus shipping
200 Meters And Down72017-09-2312.00
3B7C DXpedition 2007 Book12013-06-0765.00
3Y0X PETER I ISLAND DVD (2006)82010-04-13
40+5 Years of HF Mobileering12005-12-15
50 Years of Amateur Radio Innovation12012-04-2839.95
A Family Affair- The R.L. Drake Story42016-05-0529.00
A History of QST Volume 1: Amateur Radio Technology 1915-201312014-01-2034.95
A History of QST Volume 2: Advertising 1915-201312014-01-2034.95
A Year of DX by W9KNI222014-07-1919.95
A52A Bhutan 2000 Video62008-04-0425
Aerials by Kurt N. Sterba12012-06-0311.00 in 1996
Antenna Towers for Radio Amateurs by Don Daso, K4ZA82017-01-29$ 34 from ARRL
Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur by Fred Hopengarten K1VR32012-07-1049.95
Apuntes de Radio22007-04-1030
ARDF (Fox Hunting) USA Championship Video32007-05-0520
ARRL 2019 Handbook Boxed Set12018-10-1964.95
ARRL Antenna Book32013-11-2630
ARRL Antenna Designer\'s Notebook12011-09-2634.95
ARRL at 100: A Century of Ham Radio22014-03-0610.95 (DVD - youtube free)
ARRL Handbook - all years/editions202017-11-16
ARRL HF Digital handbook12007-11-1719.95
ARRL HF Dipole Antennas for Amateur Radio (2019)22019-09-0122.95
ARRL How To Become a Radio Amateur12017-02-161.00
ARRL Log book32007-07-26$5.00
ARRL Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio22015-02-2417.95
ARRL Operating Manual92016-02-1725
ARRL Repeater Directory 2005-2006 (34th ed)142018-12-1310.95
ARRL RFI Book (3rd Ed 2010)12014-08-0529.95
ARRL UHF/Microwave Projects CD12008-11-1224.95
ARRL Vertical Antenna Classics12009-05-0212
ARRL VHF Digital Handbook by Steve Ford (First Edition 2008)12015-08-0618.95
ARRL: Get on the Air with HF Digital22013-07-19$25.95
ARRL\'s Best of The Doctor is in.22018-04-0219.95
Arthur Collins -Radio Wizard12017-09-1239.95
ARVN ARRL/TAPR 2008 Digital Communications Conference12009-02-08$15 per DVD/ $75 six dvd set
ARVN: Digital Voice for Amateur Radio DVD22011-09-1025
ARVN: The Last BIG Field Day; DVD12011-05-2620.00
Basic Antennas - Practical Antennas and Design42013-08-0929.95
Basic Radio - Understanding the Key Building Blocks22008-06-0429.95
Beyond Line of Sight12000-07-1112
BS7H Scarborough Reef DXpedition DVD122012-05-2325
Buddipole in the Field book by B. Scott Anderson, NE1RD12017-10-31$15.00 + $4.35 S&H
Building a Super Station by K1TTT32010-07-2151.53
Calling CQ; Adventures of Short Wave Radio Operators12015-08-012.00
Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide12013-04-0945.00
Carl and Jerry The Complete Adventures from Popular Electronics42008-06-3015.95 each (4 volumes)
Clipperton 2000 Video62008-03-3125
Compendium of Automatic Morse Code12017-10-3175.00
Comunicando desde el fin del mundo12008-07-2930
Constructing H.F. Wire Antennas by Jerry Bustin, KR7KZ82013-04-2814.95-19.95
CW Geeks Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code12015-07-227.99
Cynthia Wall, KA7ITT novels82015-01-096
Digital Communications with Amateur Radio - Jim Grubbs12013-10-196.95
Digital Modes For all occasions By Murray Greenman ZL1BPU12015-11-2224.99
Don C. Wallace: W6AM, Amateur Radio\'s Pioneer32008-08-2129.95
Drake 2-C/2-NT Service CD12011-02-2225
Drake Service CD's by K4OAH72017-05-1019~$50
DX Is! The Best of the West Coast DX Bulletin22013-07-09~20.00
DX The Easy Way by Craig Buck K4IA22016-08-13$18.95
DXing 101X442008-04-1024.95 plus postage
DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes42006-04-0416.95 sterling
Emergency Power for Radio Communications written by WB8VGE42007-01-0319.95
ER Magazine12015-06-09
Everything You Forgot To Ask About HF Mobileering22005-11-30$8
Fifty Years of ARRL12008-08-072.00
FM101x By AC6V - A Beginners Guide To Using FM Repeaters112008-01-0112.95
From Spark to Space12008-08-2820.00
From Spark to Space, the Story of Amateur Radio in Canada12011-01-082.50
FT5XO Kerguelen DVD82007-07-3125
Getting Started with Amateur Satellites 201312013-07-29$15.00
Gil: A Collection of Classic Cartoons from QST12008-01-2515.95
GPS and Amateur Radio22013-07-1118.95
Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur - Ward Silver12017-09-1222.95
Ham Radio Activities, The Complete Amateur Radio Contesting Manu12018-04-0611.95
Ham Radio FAQ12008-08-3114.95
Ham Radio for Dummies, by Ward Silver112007-02-0321.99
Ham Radio from Indoors12017-01-2417.95
Ham Radio Podclass General Upgrade12008-03-020
Ham Radios Technical Culture72012-12-2827.95
Heathkit Test Equipment Products12014-05-2120
Heathkit; A Guide to the Amateur Radio Products22015-10-01
Heil Ham Radio Handbook 2nd Edition22017-02-16$14.95
Hello World/A Life in Ham Radio (Danny Gregory/Paul Sahre)72009-01-3024.95
Hiram Percy Maxim, Father of Amateur Radio12011-01-085.95
Hogwash for Hamsters22013-06-1815.95
Hollow State Design 2nd Edition Grayson Evans12016-07-04$29.95
How to Chase, Work & Confirm DX12018-11-2315.95 Paperback - 4.49 Kindle
How to Get on HF the Easy Way!12018-07-1815.95
Icom Radio News - Video Series22008-01-120
K4M Midway 2009 DXpedition DVD22010-05-2225
K5D Desecheo Island DXpedition DVD12010-04-09
K7QO books in Morse Code on CD12007-10-30see website
Kurt Speaks Out22015-07-28$20 including postage.
Low Band DXing by ON4UN272017-12-1528
Magic Band Antennas for Ham Radio12019-10-13ARRL Member price $19.95
Mobile Handbook by K4TWJ12004-02-17
Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio22013-07-1615.95
Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book: Edition 312016-03-01$50.95
NIFTY ACCESSORIES QR-FT280022015-11-13Five bucks
NIFTY MINI MANUAL for YAESU FTDX-300012018-06-1423.00
Nifty Quick Reference: Yaesu VX-7R12013-11-17$5.00
Nuts and Volts Magazine22016-12-12$26.95/Yr
Odyssey of an Eavesdropper0N.A.26
On the Short Waves, 1923-194512009-03-0339.95
Oscilloscopes for Radio Amateurs (ARRL 2015)12015-05-2422.95
Pass Your Amateur Radio General Class Test The Easy Way32017-04-2819.95
PIC Programming for Beginners42012-03-1144.95
pocket guide for the yaesu VX7R12009-06-1710.99
PODCAST - 99 Hobbies12006-11-17n/a
PODCAST - Amateur Radio Newsline (ARN)32018-12-29n/a
PODCAST - ARRL Audio News22006-11-20n/a
PODCAST - Ham Nation82014-10-12Service
PODCAST - HamRadioCast Review12006-11-14
PODCAST - HandiHam World Audio Podcast12006-11-14donations
PODCAST - Long Delayed Echoes (LDE) by Jeff Davis KE9V22007-07-28n/a
PODCAST - Morse Resource Podcasts22013-11-16n/a
PODCAST - SolderSmoke42007-07-28n/a
PODCAST - The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast at MyAmateurRadio.12012-01-09
PODCAST - TWIAR (This Week in Amateur Radio)22010-05-31Donations
Practical Antenna Handbook12009-08-2349.95
Practical Transmitters for Novices12001-03-21
Propagation and Radio Science52017-12-29
QST view CDROM52006-03-04$19.95 to 39.95
Radio Handbook by William I. Orr, W6SAI (22nd Edition)92015-09-2030
Radio Rescue (written and illustrated by Lynne Barasch)32006-01-2516.00/26.95 Canada
Radioman by Carol Edgemon Hipperson12010-12-2725.95
Recollections of a Radio Receiver32010-06-0610.00 including shipping (US)
Reflections III by Walter Maxwell W2DU from CQ publishing42016-05-1239.95
Relic (a novel containing elements of amateur radio)12014-03-013.99
RF Components and Circuits12010-03-1758.95
Rothammel’s Antenna Book12019-06-2771.65
Saga of the Vacuum Tube by Gerald F.J. Tyne12008-08-309.95 (1st ed softcover)
See Wayne Run. Run, Wayne, Run.12011-01-084.50
Shortwave Receivers Past & Present - Communications Receivers 1932015-03-0125
Simple, Low-Cost Wire Antennas for Radio Amateurs by William Orr22015-10-06
SIX METERS: A Guide To The Magic Band132014-12-0512.00
Small Magnetic Loops22014-12-1920
So You Want To Be a Ham by Robert Hertzberg 1971 5th Edition12016-10-315.25
SolderSmoke: A Global Adventure in Radio Electronics62010-08-3122.99
Soldersmoke: Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics12016-10-02
South Orkney VP8ORK 2011 DXpedition DVD12011-09-1625.00
Southern California Frequency Directory12005-01-1224.99
Standing Up for Standing Waves12009-08-188
The Amateur Radio DX Handbook 2018 Reprint12018-03-1524.95
The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs (2001)12001-09-0232
The Art & Skill of Radio-Telegraphy by N0HFF32014-03-0511.24
The Art of Electronics, Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill,22005-04-0367.95
The Beginners Handbook of Amateur Radio (3th Edition)12012-02-0221.95
The Beginners Handbook of Amateur Radio (4th Edition)12005-10-1834.95
The Care and Feeding of Transmission Lines 12017-09-1324.95
The Complete DXer by W9KNI112011-08-2819.95
The Complete DXer by W9KNI, 3rd Edition422014-11-12$19.95
The Complete Idiots Guide to DX12007-09-06
The CW Geek’s Guide to Having Fun with Morse Code12015-07-232.99 (e-book), 9.99 (print)
The Elecraft K3 Design, Configuration, and Operation32012-02-23$15 download, $35 printed spiral
The Elecraft K3: Design, Configuration, and Operation.62015-01-0615 download; 35 book
The Elecraft KX3 Book42013-08-2037
The Joy of QRP: Strategy for Success32014-12-0523
The Last Big Field Day52011-12-0420.00
The Secret Wireless War Book. Story of MI6 Communications12009-10-2777.54
The Secret Wireless War-Video22007-02-1633
The Successful Ham Radio Operator\'s Handbook12018-11-07
The Successful Ham Radio Operator\'s Handbook22018-11-2915.00
The VHF/UHF DX Book by G3SEK12000-07-1135
The Wire Book -- by The Wire Man Press Jones32012-05-1712
The World of Ham Radio, 1901 - 195032011-06-23$44.00
Transmission Line Transformers - by Jerry Sevick W2FMI22009-03-3159
TX Factor22014-08-07Free
Understanding Building and USing Baluns and UnunsW2FMI22017-09-08$50
UP THE TOWER - The Complete Guide To Tower Construction72015-10-11$35.00
Up Two - the Adventures of a DXpeditioner by G3SXW82013-02-1319.95
VHF Propagation32015-04-0217.95
Vintage Anthology by WA6VVL22016-03-2319.95
VK0IR Heard Island TV Documentary/Video32005-09-2925
VK0IR-Heard Island, the book42014-07-08
VK9RS Video12000-05-05
VoIP: Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs32005-07-1117.95
VP8GEO South Georgia DVD/Video12005-02-2125
VP8THU South Sandwich 200222007-04-1625
Work the World with JT65 and JT912016-09-1817.95
WRTC Finland 200212003-02-2525
YASME--The Danny Weil and Colvin Radio Expeditions.72007-03-02$24.95
Your Gateway To Packet Radio - Stan Horzepa (Second Edition)12013-10-2312.00
Your Mobile Companion12006-01-2812.00
ZL8R Kermadec DXpedition DVD32012-01-1525
ZL9CI Video62007-02-0525
\"Array of Light\" by Tom Schiller, N6BT42014-04-29$38.00