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Review Category: Audio Accessories for Transmitter & Receiver

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Albrecht BPA 100G Bluetooth Walkie Talkie Adaptor12012-04-25
Alinco EMS-50 Speaker Mic12018-11-24$20
ALTO - AMX100 - 10 input compact mixer12005-10-14100
ALTO Control 3012008-12-16150
Aphex 23032011-12-04699.00
Aphex Channel Strip22014-05-261299.00
ART Voice Channel32017-06-10350
ART Passive Direct Box12010-06-2935
ART Pro Channel22019-03-16350
ART Tube MP Microphone Preamp72017-07-1264.00
Behringer 1124P PRO DSP22011-07-11$$ 140 Usd
Behringer 1100p 24 band parametric equalizer52010-03-28$150-200
BEHRINGER COMPOSER PRO-XL MDX260022012-01-26139.99
Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Pro132012-06-10380.00
Behringer DI 10022009-03-13$39.95
Behringer DI 12012005-12-28$19.95
Behringer DSP 2024P Virtualizer PRO42016-06-25$$$ 160
Behringer DSP-110 Compressor/Limiter and noisegate72017-05-04$99.95
Behringer DSP1424p12009-10-05100$
Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1202FX12012-03-31219
Behringer EX 3200 ULTRAFAX PRO12008-06-26$$ 110 usd
Behringer GEQ3102 Ultra-Graph Pro12008-12-26160
Behringer MIC-220072013-10-06$130
behringer micro-mix mx400 12018-08-1737.99 (US) typical price 24.99 (
Behringer MICROPOWER PS40012012-12-3040
Behringer MINIMIC MIC80042014-11-2050
Behringer MX-602A42003-03-22119.95
Behringer MX-802 Mixer32009-01-10$$$120 Usd.
Behringer REV-2496 V-VERB PRO12006-03-03$$$360 Usd.
Behringer Tube Composer T195232009-04-21$299.99 Australian dollars
Behringer Tube Ultra-Q T195132015-07-21NLA ($150 street)
Behringer TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC20032018-07-0557
Behringer UB-802172014-01-1059.99
Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro 802412012-11-28
Behringer VX 249672014-09-0699
Behringer VX-2000 Ultra-Voice Processor82013-10-15149.00
Behringer X Air XR12 - Digital Mixer, Compressor, Noise Gate, et22019-01-19249.00
Behringer Xenyx 1202 Fx32009-03-07199.99
Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer/preamp/eq32009-05-0650
Behringer XENYX X1204USB Mixer12018-08-03269.99
BOSS VF-1 Multiple Effects Processor12009-11-24500
Canare Corp. Star Quad Balanced Audio Cable12016-08-08
CloudLifter model CL-112013-01-24179
Collins - HeathKit SB-610C-3 Monitor Scope Remanufactured by K4Z32008-10-26575 includes shipping and manual
Daiwa RF-440 RF Speech Processor32019-04-03
Datong Automatic R.F. Speech Processor32014-08-14
dBx PRO Digital Dynamics Processor.12008-01-19$$$ EHMmm...LET's ASK.
dbx 286A Microphone Processor32019-07-09199
DF4ZS RF speech processors152018-03-2665-130
Drake SP-75 external true RF clipping speech proc.22019-03-21$200-ebay
Electro-Voice 309A Mike Suspension22015-08-28175
ESP-1 Audio Processor12007-03-29$225.00
Focusrite Saffire LE Firewire12009-11-25299
Focusrite VoiceMaster Pro12009-01-19650
Galaxy Audio Multi Mixer JIB/MM12008-12-1379
Heil CB-1 PTT62013-11-2770
Heil EQ-30012010-04-08
Heil Ergonomic Hand Switch HS2452019-04-10$29.00
Heil HB-1 Boom102016-08-0870.00
Heil HBA Bluetooth Adaptor12014-07-19119.00
Heil PL-1T Microphone Boom92013-06-22109
Heil PL-2T142019-01-20120.00
Heil RS-1 scissors boom riser tube12013-05-3028
HEIL SM-1 SHOCK MOUNT22019-01-2080.00
Heil SM2-B Shock Mount12011-01-2895.00
Inovonics 222 Peak Limiter12015-12-06800.00
Joe Meek ThreeQ channel strip12008-07-08299
K6VHF Microphone adapters22019-06-0815.00
Mackie ProFX8 Audio mixer12014-02-14$229
MFJ -1251 Microphone Control Center42015-09-1624.95
MFJ 64412013-11-19$159.95
MFJ-1260 42019-10-1599.95
MFJ-1261 Microphone Switch42015-06-1089.00
MFJ-1262 Mic Control Center72009-07-0279.95
MFJ-1263 Microphone/Radio Switch192017-12-1199
MFJ-640 2 Radio Selector/Mixer32019-08-2049.95
MM1 IMPEDANCE MATCHER82009-01-1117.95
Motu Ultralite mk312009-07-18595
N2GYN Microphone Audio Enhancer42006-06-18$49.95
Nady American Performer12014-06-2324.95
ND2M EQ5+ MINI22007-01-09
ND2M XR EQ5+ Equalizer12012-05-17$43.50
NorthComm Technologies Boom Arm Md. # MBA506-BG12018-02-05299
O. C. White Co. Pro-Boom42010-04-26149.95
O. C. White Deluxe 2-Joint Microphone Arm12015-12-24249
Orban Optimod PC - 1101 computer card12011-01-221,500
Phonic A6100 Enhancer12008-05-14100
Presonus Studio Channel32015-04-15299
Presonus TUBEPre32018-01-05129.95
PTTPRO Switch122013-10-0334.95
Radial ProRMP Re-Amper12009-04-20$115
RDL TX-LM2 Audio Isolation Transformer12012-02-2433 (street)
REA AMM-HF1 Amplitude Modulation Monitor22009-04-13399.95
Rode PSA-1 Studio Boom Arm12015-01-0899.00
Rolls MA252 Mixer Amplifier12016-08-08160
RoMac 10 Band Equalizer82014-03-1939.95
Sangean DAR-101 Digital MP3 Recorder12011-11-11119.95
Sena SR10 Bluetooth Hub12012-01-12199
Shure PS-6 \"Popper Stopper\"12013-05-05varies
Standard Radio SSM-BT1012019-09-1935.00
Symetrix 528E Voice Processor72015-12-06499.00
TalkSafe32009-02-06ca. 220 USD
Ten-Tec 234 Speech Processor22012-04-11
Ten-Tec 715 RF Speech Processor302018-03-06249.00
Ten-Tec 717 Microphone Equalizer/Audio Interface12012-11-03119.00
UR6QW 5 band EQ V.332019-09-0589
UR6QW 8 Band Equalizer - Compressor - Echo processor152019-09-04135.00
W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer / Noise Gate1962019-04-26249.99 assembled or 204.99 kit
W2IHY Dual Band Equalizer/Noise Gate352016-08-13144.99 assembled or 109.99 kit
W2IHY EQ Plus1292019-05-01TBD
W2IHY I Plus Multi-Radio Routing System162019-04-26$219.99
W2IHY Technologies "Ibox" Amateur Audio Interface Box332017-10-2280
Yamaha MG10 10-Channel Mixing Console12015-01-06199.00