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Review Category: Amateur Radio Periodicals

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
73 Amateur Radio Today1052012-03-1025.00 Yearly
Amateur Radio (WIA)22003-10-10
Amateur Television Quarterly52014-10-3122. USD year USA
CB Radio/S9 Magazine12014-09-12$2
CQ DL32018-10-08Only for Members of the DARC
CQ Magazine1492019-07-0242.95/yr
CQ VHF82013-11-2425.00/yr
DUBUS Magazine for VHF/UHF and Microwave122019-10-0430.00
Electric Radio142015-01-1632
Funk Amateur52018-10-083,00
Homebrewer Magazine32007-11-1815 US & Canada/$25 DX
K9YA Telegraph62014-08-120.00
Low Band Monitor12003-09-02
Monitoring Monthly32007-11-283.60GBP
Monitoring Times312014-07-1825.95 a year
National Contest Journal62009-11-1318
ONDES MAGAZINE32010-10-217.50Can 4.50Euros
popular communications532017-12-26
Practical Wireless182011-02-13£2.95
QCWA Journal12012-07-06Membership Annually $25
QRP Quarterly102016-04-2520 year US - 23 for DX
QRZ DX Newsletter42014-08-13USA: Mail $40/Yr...Email $25/Yr
QST Magazine2592018-01-2634
RadCom (RSGB)262017-01-0551 GBP / year
Radio Active22004-04-23£2.25
Radio and Communications22004-08-03
radio ref12002-10-3151euros 1 year subsription+6.62e
RCA Ham Tips12014-09-17Free
Repeater Journal22008-01-0610/year
Short Wave Magazine52007-04-03$6.75 U.S. monthly newstand pric
Sprat102014-03-2014 per year in the US
The Canadian Amateur62013-03-04RAC membership in On. $56.50/yr
The Daily DX132015-01-25$49.00 - 1 Year or $28.00 - 6 mo
The DX Magazine42008-07-0122.00 1 yr/6 Issues
The Parasitic Emission32012-04-28Free
The Roudtable Magazine12007-05-09FREE
The Spectrum Monitor Magazine12018-10-0824.00 per year subscription
The Weekly DX0N.A.$27.00
VHF Communications12004-08-03
Worldradio432015-04-0514.79 per year