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Review Category: Direction Finding equipment

Product NameReview CountLast ReviewMSRP $
Albuquerque FoxFinder-8012003-02-105 for circuit board
Altai 3.522004-01-13199,95
Altai-144 2m DF receiver12004-01-19
ARN-7 ADF military surplus12019-11-12250 used. Unknown MSP
Beeline RDF Tracking Transmitter22007-04-0859
Byonics Micro-Fox 1522019-05-2575
Communications Specialists (CSI ) , PR-100, CT-112005-08-07300
CRKits PJ-80 ARDF 80m Receiver Kit22014-07-0729.9
Dick Smith Radio Direction Finder12006-01-13
FHL Fox Hunt Loop22016-03-2759.00
Foxfinder Kit32005-11-1065
K0OV Offset Attenuator32013-07-14Varies with parts cost and case
KN2C Radio Direction Finder DF2020T32018-04-19399
Microhunt Foxhunting Beacon22009-05-2259.00
Montreal Doppler III by VE2EMM12006-01-19
PicCon Hidden Radio Transmitter Controller72012-05-0245
Ramsey Doppler DF-1 kit82010-04-23150
Ramsey Switched Phased Array Direction Finder12006-12-07$75
Regency Polaris VHF ADF adaptor12006-02-01used $50 up
Ron Graham 2m DF Receiver/Antenna22004-01-13
SquawkBox T-hunt Transmitter42013-07-15119
Taiyo MF HF ADF TD-C338HS12019-11-12est $2500
VK3YNG VHF Foxhunt Sniffer Mk 4102015-11-27180
WB2HOL Tape Measure Beam112011-10-03< $10 of parts